Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 3 Nottingham Panthers

Just over 90 minutes to go until the Devils try and reach the semi finals of the Challenge Cup :)

Chris with you tonight and as always I can be reached before/during the game at

No idea why this thing is struggling to update itself once again, but if stuff isn't showing, hit F5 :)

First prediction of the evening is in, Devils to win 7-3 says Simon :)

Howard says Devils to win 6-4 :)

Just over 45minutes to go, hopefully start getting some team news through shortly :)

Warmup underway

30minutes to go until we start, it's very very quiet at the moment so i'm assuming almost everyone is at the game :)

Warmup over, no one seems to be missing for us \o/

I'm far too nervous to have an actual prediction :)

Whilst I think we can win, it's going to depend how we react after Sundays loss, and with the Panthers desperate to turn things around as well, it's going to be very close i'd have thought

Faceoff has been delayed until 7:45 due to traffic chaos outside the rink

Panthers have their new import in for tonights game already, that's a damn quick turnaround, he was only announced this morning!

Andy French is also in the crowd, what the heck!

Gareth says he doesn't care what the score is, as long as the Devils score at least 1 more :D

Jess predicting Devils to win 5-3, Ben says Devils to only win 5-4, rubbish! :P

Andy French is chief referee I think or thereabouts, he's the fool who banned Voth for 3 games after Clark skated into him

Incase you haven't seen that video, it can be found on the boards, or at the link to the right

15minutes to go now until the new faceoff

Steelers take the lead only 2mins in against the Vipers...

Darnell is on the ice with his other officials, hopefully he won't be forgetting the rules tonight

Both teams out on the ice

Pope did some sort of speech about our winning streak before the teams came on, but no one really seems to know what was said

Macdonald is the healthy scratch for the Panthers tonight as the new guy takes up his place

Anthem time :)

Steelers leading 2-0 after 4mins now

I put money on the Steelers tonight, hopefully they won't be letting me down like the Blaze did :(

Anthems are done, it's time to win :D

Daniel says Devils to win 6-3, wahay :)

Another big crowd in the tent for this game :D

And the puck is dropped, here we go!

Devils fans are watching Rick Strachan to see if his extremely wobbly head is what's confusing the Panthers bench

Panthers get the 1st chance of the game, Lyle save at 1min


Devils 1st goal timed at 1:16, Pelle from Birbraer and Matzka :D

Panthers already wound up, Clarke goes for Hill...

Devils penalty coming...

Devils penalty at 1:52, Hill 2mins for hooking

1min of PK killed, Devils playing well

Panthers offside at 3:03

Devils back to full strength \o/

Devils 2on1 break, Birbraer and Hill, Birbraer takes the worst shot ever and puck goes out of play, apparently he was no where near the goal :)

Very very wide shot from Birbraer

Steelers now leading 3-0 after 13mins, but they're playing to a terrible crowd again

Panthers putting pressure on the Devils, but we're holding up so far...

Both teams forechecking very very well

Lyle getting peppered with shots at the moment, Devils fans worried

Loose puck in the Devils crease, Lyle somehow makes the save but we have handbags

6mins gone

Panthers offside at 6:30

Seems no penalties after that Lyle save


Devils 2nd goal timed at 7:04, Weller from Birbraer and Finnerty :D

Devils very close :(

Voth comes close but "misses the back post tap in" :(

Puck in crease again, more handbags but Lyle makes the save at 8:23

Panthers were offside at 8:07, so the pressure is back on us :(

Texts coming through slightly out of order, may leave some of them out unless it gets very quiet :)

Panthers pushing forward very very hard

Matzka hasn't been spotted since he was nailed by Lepine :(

Another 2on1 breakaway for the Devils, but again Birbraer misses, this time an empty net :(

Devils called for icing at 10:19

Fans go nuts at the icing call as Michel was very clearly the first to the puck

Both teams are creating lots of chances, but Devils have had the clearest opportunities to score

Matzka has still not reappeared, Macrae is double shifting :(

Tkaczuk very good at faceoffs, has won all bar the opening faceoff :S

Lots of stoppages at the moment, puck keeps going out of play

Devils called for icing at 12:23

Also, i'm not disappointed Macrae is double shifting, but I need to find out what has happened to Matzka!

A lot of neutral zone play from both teams as they struggle to push forwards now

Panthers goal :(

Panthers 1st goal timed at 15:47, Galbraith from Tkaczuk

Lyle saved the initial shot but spilled the puck and couldn't cover it up again

Hill nailed at the boards, Panthers penalty coming

Panthers penalty at 16:21, Galbraith 2mins for boarding

Devils fans not best pleased with the goal or the penalty call

Devils powerplay not so spectacularly, Kowalski save at 17:01

Devils have 1:21 left to get that 3rd goal :E

Devils struggling to get set up on the powerplay

Panthers shorthanded break and almost get a 2nd :(

Finally Devils create some chances with the powerplay

kowalski save at 18:19

2 seconds of powerplay left, that's enough time for a goal i suppose :P

Devils powerplay wasn't so good, Panthers all over us now, Lyle save at 18:58

Panthers penalty coming...

Panthers penalty timed at 19:03, Tkaczuk 2mins for hooking

Panthers PK is very good, very aggressive like the Devils

But it's the end of the 1st period, Devils lead 2-1

Devils will start the 2nd period with 1:03 of powerplay, hopefully we can convert that into another goal

2 penalties for the Panthers in the 1st period, 1 penalty against the Devils

John says there's talk that Matzka is just suffering from a dead leg, hopefully that's the case!

Crancis has said in the period break that Matzka will have a skate at the start of the 2nd period and see how he feels

That should of course say Francis :P

Roughly 5mins to go until we start the 2nd period

Once again, Devils will start the 2nd period with a powerplay for 1:03, then Tkaczuk will reappear

Officials are back out, maybe 1-2mins until we start I guess

Both teams back out :D

12 shots on Kowalski, 13 on Lyle for the 1st period

And here we go with the 2nd, come on Devils!

Panthers kill the penalty, 21mins gone

Matzka is back on the ice and playing, good news :)

Finnerty tries a wraparound, Kowalski kind of saves the puck, but it's loose and then Darnell blows the whistle...

Not sure what time the save came at, no one is giving me times on the texts :(

Panthers offside at 21:51

Another Birbraer breakaway is saved, this time at 22:31

Kowalski playing pretty well by all accounts

Matzka was indeed suffering from just a dead leg, hurrah for the Physio :D

Steelers currently leading 6-0 up in Sheffield, but infront of a terrible crowd of 1875...

unless the gamesheet is telling lies...

But it's end of end in Cardiff, both teams are creating chances but Kowalski seems to be making the most saves

Devils have sussed Tkaczuk out, now it's our turn to win all the faceoffs :D

Michel absolutely nails Neilson, maybe Pelle could score another goal to remind Neilson that he didn't want to sign him... :P

Devils called for icing at 26:15

Matzka is getting pushed around a bit too easily and doesn't look entirely comfortable :(

Devils are all over the Panthers at the moment, but Kowalski is playing a blinder

Panthers fan on an empty net after beating Lyle, phew!

Both teams are just skating back and forth the length of the ice as play switches from end to end

Michel nails Kowalski!

Lepine jumps in to take Michel on...

God damn this thing, if the other updates are missing, hit F5

Devils penalty timed at 30:29, Michel 2mins for elbows

Nonsense call from Darnell, but Panthers score a 2nd :(

Panthers 2nd goal at 30:40, Clarke from Neilson, powerplay goal

Some fans at the rink singing for no more goals :D

Panthers too many men call... isn't called

Panthers penalty at 32:23, Neilson 2mins for interference

Come on Devils, we need a powerplay goal!

Kowalski clears the puck into his own bench at 32:56

Devils powerplay really isn't working too well tonight, Panthers keep getting breakaways

Handbags everytime Kowalski makes a save

Birbraer comes close, but hits the pipes :(

Panthers take the lead...

Panthers score a shorthanded goal, oh yay :|

Devils passed the puck out of the Panthers zone, Panthers get possession and score...

Panthers 3rd goal timed at 33:53, Hereema unassisted...

Voth is on a mission, hitting everyone in sight, Beauregard is the first victim

Panthers are indeed back to full strength now

Weller has just killed Galbraith, whilst Lepine tries to get Voth to fight, Voth declines...

Devils are all over the shop at the moment

Panthers icing at 36:34

Darnell blows the whistle far too early to deny the Devils a 3rd...

Voth 'scored' but Darnell says he whistled first, fans are going nuts

Panthers penalty at 37:40, Lepine 2mins for delay of game

Apparently Darnell blew the whistle as the puck floated under Kowalski, players certainly aren't happy either

Panthers fans are getting upset at some of the chants from the Devils fans :D

Final minute of the 2nd period, Devils powerplay still struggling

Weller shot saved

Darnell calls the Devils offside despite the puck not crossing the blueline...

Kowalski save at 39:44, Panthers back to full strength and now it's the end...

End of the 2nd, Devils 2-3 Panthers :(

Darnell is far too quick on his whistle and is driving everyone insane :(

Both teams back out for the 3rd period...

Shots on goal haven't been announced at the game, but they look suspiciously wrong on the gamesheet...

But, the puck is dropped and we're off for the 3rd period, come on Devils!

First chance of the 3rd goes to the Devils, but Kowalski saves

Panthers icing at 40:49

Michel comes very very close to nailing Kowalski again :)

Devils offside at 41:53, Voth the culprit :(

Devils pushing hard for another goal, but it's still end to end when we lose possession...

Panthers back to winning all the faceoffs

Darnell missing calls for both teams now...

A faceoff in the Panthers zone leads to a breakaway for them, luckily Lyle makes the save

Another big save from Lyle, Panthers all over us...

Devils penalty at 44:33, Bench penalty for too many men

Not sure who's sitting, but we seem to be making some really basic errors at the moment

Devils get a 2on1 breakaway but lose possession at the last moment :(

20 seconds left of PK

Devils back to full strength, come on guys :(

poor passing from the Devils leads to another icing call at 46:45

Devils half a stride off everything at the moment

Game getting really scrappy, we need something to spark us into life!

Devils turning the puck over far too easily...

Panthers penalty coming...

Panthers penalty timed at 48:38, Myers 2mins for hooking

Finnerty and Voth currently look far too interested in winding up the Panthers than actually playing :S

Powerplay looks better, but only 1min of it to go...

Penalty killed, no goals for us :(

Weller is the best Devils player by a mile, texters wondering if we should play him as a forward to save us from disaster

Devils very slow on the line changes, but Panthers are just defending their lead and choosing when to attack

Panthers are playing Stingrays ice hockey, boring as hell

Devils starting to look very tired :(

54mins gone, fans can't see where a goal is going to come from...

Voth shot saved at 54:04

Devils with plenty of possession but no chances :(

Some fans calling for Voth to be benched as he's just not helping us at the moment :(

Devils are permanently attacking, but just not creating enough chances around Kowalski

Puck goes out of play at 55:13

Panthers defending like crazy, really playing well it would seem

Kowalski save at 55:43

Penalties coming for Finnerty and Neilson...

Handbags after another washed out goal for the Devils :(

Panthers penalty at 56:40, Neilson 2mins for cross checking

Devils penalty at 56:40, Finnerty 2mins for roughing...

into the final 2mins, if you can;t see Finnertys penalty, hit F5

Kowalski save at 57:57, wish texters would watc hthe time :P

Both penalties finished, just over 1minute left...

When is Lyle going to get pulled, that's the question...

Devils icing from another terrible pass at 58:57

Weller with the terrible pass this time

Lyle save at 59:02, Devils look absolutely knackered

Lyle pulled, but Devils go offside at 59:20


Holy Batman!

Devils 4th goal timed at 59:30, Pelle unassisted at the moment...

That should be 3rd goal, sorry :)

Apparently no assists for our 3rd goal yet...

It finishes 3-3, Cardiff and Nottingham are through to the semi-finals :)

Panthers man of the match goes to Lepine

Details of our 3rd are changed

Devils 3rd goal timed at 59:30, Weller from Birbraer and Pelle :)

Devils man of the match goes to Weller :)

That draw means we now go through to the semi-finals, but have to play the Giants over 2 legs :(

I'm off, but incase you need more confirmation of who we're playing, check the game thread which can be found at

Hope everyone enjoyed, Chris out.