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Dundee Stars 1 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as your very own Devils have travelled 466 miles north to Dundee to take on the Stars

OJ here in the MNL studio as the Devils seek to extend their unbeaten record

With 22 stright leaguw wins the Devils are on the lookout for win #23

As you can imagine not many if any Devils fans have made the trip to Dundee so tonight were are indebted to Spaceman a Stars fan who has once again offered to help us out.

We also have Steve J a Devils fan who lives in the Borders and had taken his sons to Dundee to see the incredible Devils.

Steve an avid MNL logger had supported the Devils in the late 1980 early 1990's before moving to Scotland.

Score predictions as usual to

Other comments will be welcomed as I try and give you as comprehensive a coverage as possible.

Moray Hanson is the referee tonight, confirmation later

I now know from expeience what MNL puts you through on gamenights.

Last night I was at a function so had to rely on MNL for updates

I did have some funny looks

Russky calls it 6-2 to the Devils

Ruth is slightly lerss optimistic and predicts a 5-2 for thr Devils

Gareth would rather we were playing the Capitals but still has his hopes pinned on a 4-2 for the Devils

Dan C-H calls it 501 to the Devils

5-1 that was

No news on the Devils bus trip up to Dundee

Sharlene scorelines of 7-3 give me nightmares but if it is in our favour I can live with it

Ger-Devils calls it 5-2 to the Devils

Devils left at 6:30 this morning apparently

Its a 10 hour coach ride

So lets hope we can hold off their early onslaught in the oening period, get rid of our bus legs and go on to claim that win

Both Angela and PAK2305 call it 5-3 to our very own Cardiff Devils

If you know of anyone at the game that can help us out e-mail me at

Warmup underway

JohnWildthing needs to be shot as he predicts a 5-4 Devils loss as our players are tired

John cross everything you have as I think we will need some help to continue the run

That said the Devils could repeat their exploits at Belfast and Sheffield and play a canny roadtrip game

Not wanting to upset my crew of texters my new found Devils fan Steve is sending me photos of the warmup. What a service

There doesn't seem to be many fans there but I suppose its early yet with 30 minutes to face off

5-3 is a popular prediction as Donna & Megam opt for that score

Keith goes for a 4-3 Devils victory

Gareth T also goes for a 4-3 win

Lulke calls it 6-1 for the Devils

About 250 fans there are the moment

One Welsh flag and three Devils fans

The 3 Welsh fans are my texters

Steve hasn't seen any othewr Devils fans but thinks if there are any they are probably in the bar

1 minute of warmup left as the players start to leave the ice

Steve sons happy as all the Devils players signed their programme

Steve you are representing all of us tonite in Dundee

Ruth C calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Dundee Arena now filling up

I suppose they have their cake for tea before going to the game

Kevin C and family all go for a 5-3 Devils win

I think it is going to be either very very close or the Devils blow them away with another of their incredible performances

That is we win by 1 or 6 or more

Stephen goes for a 7-3 Devils win

Andy says 5-4 to the Devils with either Pelle or Mcrae netting the winner

Rhiannon in Dayton, Ohio calls it 6-4 to the Devils

Ice is ready

Lights are dimmed

Teams take to the ice

Hanson is in charge

Crowd estimated as around 800

Puck is dropped and we are away

Devils exerting pressure in the opening minute

Long shot by Stars goes wide

Lyle save @ 18:00

Lyle save from Dolan

Gametime 2:42

All long range shots at the moment from both teams

Birbraer goes coast to coast but weak shot

Good shot from Weller @ 3:46 saved by Kudrna

Bit hit from Zarb

Sam Smith took that hit from Zarb

Hughes has a clear chance, misses target

Devils penalty Birbraer @ 6:15 - tripping


Devils PK doing well keeping Stars outside their zone

Devils back to full strength

Stars managed 1 shot on that pp

Voth & Hill combining well, but Voth shoots directly at Kudrna

Gone very quiet at Dundee

Gametime 12:40 end to end but scappy

Good save Lyle from Nebus

Stars are creating chances bur ppor finishing

Stevie Lyle keeping it goallwss as well

Breakaway for Birbraer - Kudrna save

Hill shoots wide

Matzka has glorius chance @ 14:30

Devils penalty Finnerty @ 14:35 - slashing


Lyle save from Hughes

Pelle hits pipes

Devils back to full strength

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period Stars 0 DEVILS 0

First period finished with Devils under pressure

Crowd grown to 900+

Steve my Devils texters says he now appreciates the hard work put in each game by the regular texters

SoG Stars 11; Devils 9

Keith you of little faith, after a 9-10 hour bus trip a galless 1st period s what you want. Devils can now go on to win game

Good games elsewhere Viper v Clan 4-4. Capitals putting up a fight at Hull although Hull have just scored 2 quick goals to make it 5-1

Steelers 2-1 up at Coventry

***ENL Devils take a 1-0 lead against Bristol after 3 minutes

Steve getting carried away and predicts an 8-2 win for the Devils, well he is there at Dundee,

Come on u Devils lets get going

Bag 2 points, big happy trip home, Monday off, hard session Tuesday, light skate Wenesday morning then blow those PussieCats away

Chris S is hosting the CC game on Wednesday I might break my self impose exile at go to the game.

If my cold is better that is. Missed the racing today as I didn't want to stand in that pouring rain for 3 hours

** ENL Devils now lead 2-0 after 8 minutes

Teams return at Dundee

Off for 2nd period

Satars penalty Wishart - tripping @ 22:27

Get that pp into overdrive u Devils

Kudrna saves from Voth

39 secs of pp left

Stars back to full strength

Devils pp never got going

Stars penalty - Suderman - slashing

Pelle goes close

Sudermann penalty wasz @ 23:22

Weller shot saved

Stars penalty - Marshall @ 24:39

Devils 5 on 3 for 44 secs

5 on 3 I meant

Marshall penalty was hooking

Maclean blocks good Matzka chance

Sars return to 4 skaters

Devils camped in Stars zone

34 secs left on Devils pp

Michel shoots wide

Stars back to full strength

Beakaway by Dundee but no shot taken

Gametime 28:43

Pace of the game has picked up

Hill misses right in front of net

Stars breakout Lyle saves

Gametime 29:45

Devils have 2 shots blocked on the goal line

One deflected onto pipes and out

Devils looking the better team

Devils penalty - Michel - tripping @ 31:21


Gametime 32:55

Devils return to full strength

Devils penalty - Adams - hooking @ 33:56

Stay out of the box

Stars penalty - Cartwright

Interference was the call against Cartwright

Both penalties I think were at 33:56

Both penalties killed

Macrae hits pipes

Gametime 37:30

Bad miss from Voth

Hughes shoots wide for Stars

Lyle save

Stars fans getting noisy

Last minute of 2nd period

Kudrna saves from Sam Smith

Stars finishing this period on top

Huger shot from Weller that Kudrtna saves then drops

End of 2nd perios Stars 0 DEVILS 0

As the Meerkat would say "Its Simple" Devils flat out for 20 minutes to protect that record you have worked so hard to create

SoG Stars 14: Devils 8

Gareth says the SoG are the other way round ie Devils outshooting Stars 25-17

****Last I heard ENL Devils 4 Bristil 1 after 1 period

Teams return to the ice for 3rd period

3rd period starts

Hughes hit on Birbraer behind Stars goal

***ENL Devils 4 Britol 2 after 28 minutes

Texters have battery problems at Dundee

Devils 3 on 1 breakaway, Birbraer shoots too high

Stars penalty - Latulippe @ 44:23

Now give us a PPG u Devils

Zarb gets a penalty as well, 5 on 3 for Devils

Latulippe - tripping, Zarb - unsportmanlike conduct

Stars keeping Devils out of their zone


A ppg for Devils @ 46:18 scored by Macrae assist Pelle

Kinos elbows Michel @ 48:03 nothing called

Its end to end

Gametime 52:02

Pressure from Dundee

Big hit by Hill on Latulippe

Lyle save

Devils penalty : 52:04 - Adams - hooking

Big shot from point by Hughes, Lyle save

Matzka intercepts and is away, hits cross bar

Gametime 53:12


Stars penalty @ 53:32 - Kudrna - delay of game

Stars time out

Gametime 54:27

Finnerty puts Latulippe in Devils net, nothing called

Stars back to full stength

Gametime 56:37

Stars pushing for equaliser

Devils penalty - Michel @ 57:07

Slashing was the call


Stars Goal

Staars goal @ 57:14 a ppg

Scored by Cartwright, assists Hughes and Makaway

Final 2 minutes

Stars camped in Devils zone

Last minute

Devils penalty @ 59:14

Richardson - holding

Correction - tripping

Massive save by Lyle

End of regulation Stars 1 DEVILS 1

O/T here we come

Stars start O/T with 1:14 of pp


We are away for O/T

Stars peppering Devils net

Devils back to full strength

Gametime 61:22

Pelle shot saved

Gametime 62:12

2 minutes left

Save Lyle

Gametime 63:45

Godd chance Nebus

38 seconds left

Good shot from blue line by Pelle

End od O/T Stars 1 DEVILS 1


matzka misses

Hughes - saved

Pelle - saved

Ceman - saved

Birbraer - - misses

Dundee Score

Stars win 2-1

Latulippe was the scorer

The Devils run ends in Dundee where it started in October

Devils Mom - STEVIE LYLE

Our thanks go to Sars Spaceman and Steve J our Devils fan in the Scottish Borders

Stars MoM - Kudnra

Thats all from me OJ , make sure you join Chris on Wednesday for the CC decider against the Nottingham Panthers