Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 4 Coventry Blaze

Goood evening everyone. Gazza272 here swapping the cold commentary box of the tent. To the lovely warm Match night live!

Both teams have taken to the ice for warm up!

So you can send your e-mails in now if you want to give a score prediction or any other sort of prediction or comment. you can send those over on

Lots of variables for this evenings encounter. Paul Thompson would absoloutly 'love it' Kevin Keegan style to end the streak. Where as the Devils have an added incentive of a world record to chase as well as keeping their top spot in the league standings!

Good to see the Red Army is following on MNL this evening.

Gareth Jenkins feel tongiht could be a bannana skin. While Paula Lewis And Lee Batman are settling down for a bit of MNL action. lets hope the boys make the desicion not to watch Dancing on ice a good one :D

We also have Carl Jones predicting a 6-1 Devils win...... Although he also thought I was OJ :P

Reports coming in from the rink that the 25th anniversary shirts are nice! Hope to get a peak at those soon!

We have some more exiled Devils fans who are tuning into MNL tonight, Dan Clarke Hall is in Weston Super-mare and Chris Pearce who is simply bored at work. Both though are predicting Devils wins \o/

Keep the e-mails coming. team news cov without lee,weaver and fussey. James pease still playing though. so question to e-mail the answer in. James Pease: True or false?

Some more Coventry team news, Jeff Smith still out and none of the ENL squad have travelled with the Coventry team this evening.

Intro has started the crowd is looking very good. PJ estimates that there are 50 of us fellow Blaze fans down to cheer their team on.

Estimated that there are still a good row of cars trying to park to get into the rink. Seems Devils fans have booked tickets in the Coventry away end. Let's hope the big happy hockey family all play nice and have some well meaning banter

Both teams in the huddle. This baby is about ready to roll....

and we are off :D

And Weller throws the first big hit of the night :D

Pelle Intercepts the puck and has a chance but Jaegar is equal to it this is followed by a Soderstrom penalty for Slashing.

Pelles effort is described as 'a beautiful individual effort'

Devils seem to be keeping the same strong work ethic that won them the game mid week. Good to hear

Coventry doing a good job of keeping shots away from Jaegar on the powerplay

Devils powerplay described as 'not great so far' by one of our merry band of texters.

Cov kill the penalty

But straight after Jaegar makes a great glove save from a matzka shot!

Voth throws a big hit on Zanon :D

Antoher shot by Weller this time hitting Jaegar in the stomoch. PJ reporting that the Blaze are looking better than they did in their last visit to the tent.

Blaze creating the best chances so far apparantly...

However i'm also being told that Pelle is looking sharper than a stanley knife

Seems the Blaze away contingent is doing its best to out shout the Devils fans

Jaegar touches the puck onto the post while two tip shots just go wide for the Devils

Inches lads.... Just a couple more the right way and we can get a lead!

A Luke Fulghum shot almost decapitates Lyle!

Ryan Finnerty and Jason Robinson having words. Looks like Finnerty has his target for the evening, or Robinson isnt happy about the Carlsson incident in the last game.

Zanon getting fiesty with a cross check to the back of a Devils player. But no call. Should have been called

Devils pressurising the Coventry Defence who take an icing call

Zanon takes a high stick call at 15:29

No blood drawn so its only a 2 minute minor.

Oh wait Blood was drawn. So it is now a 2+2

and it was at 10:29 not 15:29

Texters who needs them :P

Sam Smith making a nuisance of himself infront of Jaegar on the Powerplay.

Chambers now takes a penalty. Devils will go 5 on 3

5 on 3 for 51 seconds. Lets make it count!

Devils not moving the puck quickly enough on the powerplay

Massive scramble in front of net. But that pesky puck wont cross the line.

Weller now hits the post! It is creeping slowly more toward net.

Cov back to 4 skaters :(

And now back to full strength :(

Good news though, Birbrear is back after getting his cut sewn up.

Blaze are playing the best PJ has seen them this year. I knew they would save it for us!

G causes a turn over and Greg Owen rifiles a one timer only to be denied by the big paw of Stevie Lyle

Texters gone quiet. So as a score update Sheffield are currently 6-0 ahead of Edinburgh and it isnt even the end of the first period yet.

Zanon is going back to the box this time for Cross checking. Weller has a word with Dan Carlson abotu something. If he didnt like the punches Finnerty through I doubt he would like Wellers.

Blaze kill another penalty. Seems like they might have a case for thinking this will be their night? Especially as Fulghum just had a half chance but shot wide

And now Coventry hit the Pipes!

Thats the end of the first period ladies and gents with the Devils and the Blaze tied at 0-0. Sounds like Coventry have come to play and will the Lack of Powerplay goals cost the Devils in the end? Keep it tuned to MNL to find out.

Some scores from aruond the League. Newcastle and Braehead are drawing 1-1. Steelers are beating Edinburgh 6-0. And Belfast currently 2-0 up against Nottingham.

Belfast now 3-0 up against the Panthers.

Teams are back on the ice. The shot count was 10 on Lyle and 16 on the coventry Blaze

Been some trouble in the period break. There are no pies in the cafe again for the second weekend in a row! Sort it out Planet Ice!

Devils go offside early in the second period.

Devils take a penalty. Birbrear will sit 2 minutes for interference.

No news is good news when killing a penalty I suppose!

Devils have a goal dissallowed as Dean Smith had alreayd blown the whistle for the goalie covering hte puck up. But the Deils have killed the penalty.

Kenton Smith takes a shot from the Blue line which is easily saved by Jaegar.

Jaegars net said to be living a charmed life. Weller and Voth both go close again.

Devils hit the post again! will it be one of those days? :(

Although sounds like the Devils are gathering momentum. Blaze only have 13 skaters. will they tire?

Dean Smith takes a tumble by the boards and looks a bit shakey. Here is hoping he's ok.

Antoher penalty called on the Blaze. This time Robert Farmer will sit for 2 minutes.

the call was for hooking.

Blaze score a shorthanded goal. They got a 2 on 1 chance after a sloppy line change.

Jaegar saves a rocket of a shot from Weller. the coventry goal came from Dan Carlsson.

Coventry kill their very fruitful penalty.

And another Devils goal is dissallowed not sure why not just yet.

Text coming in claims the play was whistled down for the puck being caught in the side netting first. Stop being so whistle happy please dean :P

Gone very quiet on the text front...

Finnerty is getting angry/frustrated.

Devils fans wanting Finnerty to drop the gloves to get the team/fans going.

Selmser gets a 2 minute penalty for holding of the stick!

Get the power play going Devils, a goal and the momentum swings back our way!


the Devils work the puck around and Birbrear is back post to tap the puck home!

andddddd the Blaze re take the lead :(

Ross Venus takes the puck straight from the face off into the Devils zone and unleashes a great shot that hits cross bar and goes in.

Blaze seemed to be more fired up after the Cardiff goal than the Devils did.

Blaze go offside at 37 minutes.

Soderstrom (!) going coast to coast but the shot was blocked.

Another 2 on 1 break for the Blaze but Chambers mis handles the puck


when you have a mountain to climb use a Hill to do it :D

assists go to Finnerty and Weller at 37:58

By the way it was Phil Hill who scored if no one could make out my excitable, non sensical ramblings :P

So at the end of the 2nd period it is Cardiff Devils 2 Coventry Blaze 2. e-mail us at to tell us what you think the third period will bring and how your handling this tense affair.

Carl Jones on e-mail is e-mailing in info from the panthers game. It is currenty 6-1 to the Belfast giants against the Panthers. After the 5th goal Kowalski threw his stick down the tunnel in a hissy fit! All is not looking well in Pantherland at present.

More Drama in the Nottingham camp, it seems Rockies bar was too much of a temptation for some Panthers players and coach Corey is benching them this evening. Fair enough I say!

Another EIHL record is broken tonight. This time by the Sheffield Steelers who just hit their 13th goal of the evening against Edinburgh.

Not good reading of the shot counts. 18 shots on the Blaze and only 5 on the Devils net.

Teams back on the ice for the start of the 3rd period.

Tony wants Michel and Maccrae to be the Devils heros in this third period.

Tony wants Michel and Maccrae to be the Devils heros in this third period.

No news as yet about this third period. Maybe both teams are a little edgy.

Devils line changes still looking ropey in this third period :S

Lots of Shots from the Devils but Jaegar eating them up.

Stuuuu has a chance that goes close.

He actually hit the pipes. Thats a hat trick of chimes for the devils this evening.

So Coventry get that all important next goal. Brad Crucikshank with the marker.

was yet another 2 on 1 breakaway. Seems some players are away with the fairies back there.

Big Test for the Devils in these last 15 minutes.

Pelle gets a 2 minute minor for slashing.

not what the Devils needed really. Although it seems a Blaze player should have sat with Pelle as there was a mele in front of goal.

Smith evens it up now though. Coventrys Aaron Nell gets 2 for hooking, if he hadnt have taken it then Matzka would have been clean through.

13 minutes to go in this hockey game. need a big answering goal Cardiff....


Devils score 4 on 4. Phil Hill getting his second of the night this time assisted by Kenton Smith at 47:58

Sounds like a cracking game in the Tent this evening.

game now back to 5 on 5


Max Birbrear gets his second of the night. a Pass into the crease sees the man from Khazikstan direct it home!

Jaegar would want it back by all accounts. The puck trickled through his legs.

Matzka and Weller with the assists.

goal timed at 49:27

Penalty shot to the devils!

birbrear to take it.

and he misses :(

or more Accuratly it was saved by Jaegar.

Gone quiet again. Although I will be happy if it stays quiet now :P

Jaegar scrambles the puck off of the line!

its getting tense in the tent. 53:08 is the game time.

Stuuuuuu has a breakaway but Jaegar is equal to the shot and saves it.

5 minutes left in this hockey game.

Coventry's heads have dropped a little. however you can never ever count a Paul Thompson team out. They always have extra in the tank.

And that message is hit home. Aaron Nell makes it 4-4 a scrappy goal and he picks up the puck and puts it home :(

2 minutes left in the game. Can either side find a regulation winner?

Blaze make it interesting! They have been assessed a slashing minor with 1 minute to go.

Robinson Slashing at 58:36

30 seconds left!

Into Overtime we go! In terms of the streak still nervy. However its good to still pick up a point. Sheffields last league win was based upon continually picking points up. But here's hoping for the extra one.

Overtime will start with the Devils still having 57 seconds of 4 on 3 powerplay.

Carlson has a brekaway saved by Lyle!



Captain Ryan Finnerty keeps the Streak alive :D

Weller with the assist on the goal. I think Weller has 3 assists tongiht!

Jaegar Man of the match for the Blaze

The Devils certainly put us through the mill this evening. It seems they are trying every concieveable way to get a win these past few weeks.

Also sounded like Thommo still has it in his locker. Sounds like the Blaze played their part massively and deserved their point.

Unsure of the Devils MOM at present, will come back and add it if anyone tells me who it was.

Another long trip to scotland tomorrow. Hopefully 23 will be better than 22.

Just like to end with a thanks to all my texters this evening. Ger-Devils, Andy, John 'Wildthing' BBW, PJ Blaze. Diafols, and Rich. Really really sorry if i missed anyone out. It's been a long evening and i'm excited. :P but rest assured everyone who does it is appreciated MNL couldnt run without you guys.