Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 1 - 7 Cardiff Devils

Just 2and a half hours to face off when the Devils travel to Sheffield hell bent on extending their winning streak

Join me (OJ) from 6pm onwards as MNL brings you blow to blow coverage

Score predictions & comments as usual to

Carl calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Scotts says 4-2 to the Devils

Its cash only at the Steelers tonite as the Arena is being updated so lets hope everyone arrives early

Thanks to those of you who alerted me to my scoreline problem including Carl in Carmarthen and George in North Bay, Ontario

Apologies for my non appearance at 6pm

Been trying to contact everyone

Face Off now 7:45

One of the Devils fans coaches has broken down

Will update you when I get more info

Sam calls it 2-1 to the Devils

Donna & Megan predict a 5-4 win for the Devils

I am informed that either the working coach or the team coach will go back for the fans on the broken down coach

Jed in Islamabad will have to say up late to catch this game

Bus broke down at Tamworth

PAK2305 has fingers crossed for a 4-3 win for the RED ARMY

I don't know whether the face office was delayed by the coach breakdown. I had assumed it was to do with CASH ONLY at the Arena

Samuel M calls it 5-4 Devils

Steelers take to the ice for warmup

Devils out for warm up

Welcome to George Michel from North Bay, a coconut for anyone who can tell me whose father he is.

15 minutes of warmup left

Ruth calls it 4-2 for u know who

Stephen has the Devils winning 5-3

Jonothan Phillips is warming up for the Steelers so we assume he will play

1st coach of Devils fans has landed

Warmup over

Not many Steeler fans in Arena

I have no news on the whereabouts of the 2nd coach

Ice ready

Andy Carson is tonights referee

Teams take to the ice


Both teams have 14 skaters plus 2 netminders

Jason Hewitt not icing as his wife is expecting

Steelers netminder will be refererred as Moose

We are off

Devils start strong

Devils start well but don't shoot

Gametim2 2:02

Devils penalty - Finnerty - holding @ 2:26


Steeler in crease @ 2:43

Devils exerting pressure although SH

Very agressive PK by Devils

Gametime 4:01

Devils back to full strength

Zero atmosphere


A rocket from Weller

@ 5:04

Assist Matzka

Devils goal was at 5:04

Devils penalty - Adams - slashing @ 6:36


Gametime 7:03

Moose save @ 7:22 from Michel

Devils back to full strength

Devils PK unit awesome

Finnerty nail Domish


Goal scored by Finnerty

@ 9:49 Finnerty assists M Smith & Hill

The 2nd Devils goal was on a delayed penalty


Adans fron Voth

Time out Steelers

I believe goal time was 11:20

In fact it was 11:38 scored by Adams, assists Voth & Hill

Steelers icing @ 11:58

Campbell trying to wound up Voth

Lyle save @ 12:12

Devils penalty M Smith - hooking @ 12:37

Another Devils penalty giving Steeler 5 on 3

Adams - tripping - 13:04

Steelers ppg on 5 on 3

Scored by Talbot

Steelers goal was @ 14:36 when there was 1 sec of 5 on 3 left

Devils pen Finnerty; Steelers pen Simon = both roughing @ 14:36

Talbot from Simon and Legue for Steelers goal

Devils back to full strength

Steelers icing at 15:32

Fantastice save by lyle @ 15:44

Big save by Moose from Pelle

Devils icing @ 16:27

Lyle save @ 16:33

Its end to end hockey at the moment

Domish floors Voth

At las Steelers penalty - Dowd - tripping @ 17:10


Devils 4th goal @ 18:09 scored by Pelle assist Matzka a ppg

Give me time to engage overdrive on the pp chaps

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period Steelers 1 DEVILS 4

Stevie Lyle has almost finished his crossword

Had a listen to Steelers radio, they are not happy

Devils we are greedy we want another 40 minutes just like the last 20 minutes

I feel sorry for the fans who missed that 20 minutes as the 2nd bus has just arrived

What a shame but I am sure the scoreline will cheer them up

SoG 1st period Steelers 11; Devils 12

Ice is ready for 2nd period

Officials are out

Both teams are back

We are off for 2nd

Gametime 21:05

Steeler pressure

Had pass @ 21:58

Lyle save @ 22:19

Steelers coach Simon either gave them a good talking to or he has found a different team this period

Devils go close @ 24:49

Normal Devils service resumed

Gametime 24:06

Lots of errors from Steelers when put under pressure


Scored by Sam Davies assist Michel & Macrae

Awesome 5th Devils goal @ 24:56

There are more turnovers from the Steelers than my mother used to make withg appl;e in them

All Devils I am told

Steelers had a good couple of minutes but the Devils now in control again

Devils offside @ 26:36

Gametime 27:04

Devils playing very very well says Chris S

Weller nails Campbell

Devils fans making so much noise they have had to turn the PA volume up

Gametime 29:02

Steelers are dangerous when they can keep the puck

30 more miles Devils

Can Devils Facebook stop stealing MNL updates

Steelers penalty @ 30:07 - Simon - hooking

Get that pp into overdrive u Devils and give us a goal

Devils to go 5 on 3

Steelers penalty @ 30:43 - Legue - tripping


MOOSE save @ 31:38

15 secs of 5 on 3 left

Steelers back to 4 skaters

Steeler back to full strength

That Devils pp was sub-standard I am afraid to say but nevermind

Matzka goes close @ 35:03

Steelers penalty - Bolibruck - tripping @ 35:46

Hill goes close at the 36 minute mark

Steelers penalty - Globke - charging

plus 10 min misconduct @ 36:28 for Globke

Devils go 5 on 3 again

Gametime 37:01


Devils 6th goal scored by Kenton Smith assists Finnerty & Weller at 37:36 a ppg

Steelers back to full strength for now

Devils penalty - Finnerty - hooking @ 35:58

Final m inute of 2nd period

Michel goes close

End of 2nd period Steelers 1 DEVILS 6

On Steelers commentry they are saying that this is the best performance they have ever seen - Jono of the Panthers

Simms saying its down to Steelers being so bad

About 150 fans at Sheffield

A message to the Cardiff Devils Facebook If you want our updates, ask first or link to us and say where the updates are coming from.

Texters cannot work out why the Steeler fans are boing, whether it id directed at their team or Carson

Ice ready

Period will start with 58 secs of pp

Darren get back here from the States you a missing a brilliant DEvils team

I am almost tempted to return myself

Gareth the link to the radiuo coverage in on the thread on the forum

Devils back

Yes I did get excited calling Sam Smith Sam Davies

Steelers back

3rd period starts

Sog 2nd period Steelers 4 Devils 12

Steelers fans are sulking says The Stub

Lyle save @ 40:49

Devils at full strength

Devils icing @ 41:19

Play stopped for Steelers high sticks @ 41:33

Gametime 42:05

Steelers fans have gone quieter if that is possible

People in Barnsley have phoned up asking the Devils fans to be more quiet

Steelers icing @ 43:23

Voth goes close

awesome Lyle save @ 43:43 followed by handbags involving Voth & Campbell

Another Lyle save @ 44:09

Devils coasting

Steelers penalty - Phillips - holding @ 44:30

Come on u Devils give us another ppg

Devils offside @ 45:02

Gametime 46:03

Steelers back to full strength

PP average according to Chris S

Steelers fans quieter than the Vipers used to be

Phil Hill having a good game again

Gametime 49:03

Steelers go close

Whether that was close to scoring or close to going home I don't know

Andy says game is end to end but Devils killing the game

Devils offside @ 50:15

Globke is back after his 10 minute misconduct

Puck out of play @50:46


Voth assists Macrae & Weller @ 51:38

Assist goes to Sam Smith not Macrae

There have been 7 fantastic clinical goals from the Devils

Steelers fans leaving to chants "Can we play you every week"

Lyle save @ 53:17

The DEvils forechecking has been brilliant all night

Gametime 54:04

We need another goal for the fans who missed the 4 in the 1st period

Get a message to the bench

Franny doesn't answer his phone when I ring him

Moose being peppered with shots, that is cruel

Stevie Lyle had to make a save, luckiliy he put the magazine he was reading down in time

He's now picked it up again

Stevie try the Sudoko you have plenty of time to finish the difficulkt one

Steelers penalty - Legue - holding @ 55:48

Legue actually got 5 + match for throwing a water bottle

Devils now have a pp until the end of the game

57 minutes gone

Last 2 minutes of game


Final minute

Steelers commentry gone on and on about Steelers being bad

Final score Steelers 1 DEVILS 7


George in North Bay thanks for sending Tylor over to us, to many of us he is the spark plkug of the team

Devils MoM - M SMITH

No news on Steelers MoM - maybe it was not awarded

Steelers MoM - Jonathan Phillips

A big thanks to our texters at Sheffied - Any, Devils2001, The Stub and Chris S

Wishing everyone a safe journey home that all from me, Chris is with you on Saturday when the Blaze are at the Tent and I will be back on Sunday if we can rustle up some texters at Dundee - GOOD NIGHT