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Cardiff Devils 7 - 1 Dundee Stars

Welcome to MNL as the Dundee Stars visit Cardiff Bay to taklen on our very own fantastic Devils

OJ here in the MNL box as the Devils seek their 20th win on the bounce

Score predictions as usual to

A full team of texters are currently doing their finger warmups

Its very quiet out there no predictions so far

It will be interesting to see how big a crowd we get in the Tent tonight

Can I say well done to all the fans that travelled to Nottingham last night. I can assure you that it makes a hell of a difference to the team.

In my days on the bench the biggest problem was to remind some of the players that there was a game on and we wern't there to listen or even join in the chanting.

Last night was MNL 2nd highest viewing figures

Stephen thinks the lads will be tired so he predicts a 4-1 for the Devils

Still waiting for my first text

To be perfectly honest I don't know whether the Stars have arrived yet

By magic my texters report in, Stars are there and warmup underway

Tim Darnell is the man in charge tonight

Awaiting team news

Last night there were no scratches fror the Devils whilst the Stars had a few missing

Where are these predictions, you can't all be going to the Tent

Warmup completed

Stephen to me darts is like watching a washing machine go round and round

Gareth says 4-0 to the Devils and yes I have recovered from last night and the slatting I got from some

Am I safe calling the Stars Scots or is it better not to mention it.

A big welcome to our Celtic cousins

I do miss my trips up to Scotland both those with the Devils and to visit family, but the family I had up there have gone back to live in Ottawa

Not icing for Stars are - Phillips, Kinos, Mclean and Beca

And Jay Latulippe is missing as well

Zamboni doing its best to get this game to face off on time

Gareth Gardiner says 7-2 to the Devils

Gareth J I got slatted for calling Giants fans Irish

I also used an adjective before Irish to criticise them asking, begging the Panthers to beat the Devils t help them out

Will know let it rest as the Inferno Mods might sack me

Sarts on ice and now the Devils

Full squad for Devils other than the departed Ben Davies

Anthem time

Sarts have 12 skaters plus 2 netminders

For those of you worried I have decided not to undertake MNL in elsh tonight, we will keep that for a Giants game

Devils looked flat in warmup I am told

Ready to start

We are away

Nothing much yet

Stars icing at 2:02

Kurda save

DEVILS GOAL - Finnerty


Stars player hit Fiunnerty after he scored so Voth laid into him

Assists to Hill & Lyle @ 2:21

Penalties - Voth - major - fighting: Nebus - major fighting @ 2:21

Ready the Forum David

Stars penalty McCluskey - interference @ 4:30

Devils penalty - Michel - netminder interference

Michel penalty was @ 4:13

Apologies Michel penalty @ 4:50

All Devils whilst its 4 on 4

Finnerty chasing everyone

Stars back to full strength

as are the Devils

Devils all over the Stars

But fair play to the Stars they have come to play

Symmonds icing with Weller


2nd goal for Finnerty

Assists Hill & Adams @ 9:03

Voth had returned before 2nd goal

Stars creating chances

But they have Lyle to beat

Vipers take the lead over Blaze

Save by Kudra off Weller this time

Devils penalty - Adams - interference @ 11:13


20 secs to kill

Devils return to full strength

Stars penalty - Zarb - high sticks @ 13:33

Kudra gloves a Devils slap shot

Stars penalty - Makaway - x-check

5 on 3 for Devils for 1:13

Makaway pen @ 14:20


Assists Macrae & Weller

That was a ppg @ 15:15

Stars still on the bus says Ger-Devils

Gametime 17:02 as Lyle covers puck

Stars penalty - Harper - hooking @ 17:18

Weller assist on Devils 3rd goal changed to Finnerty


PPG assists to Macrae & Weller @ 18:24

Last minute

Pelle has equalled Devils club record for EIHL goals

End of 1st period DEVILS 4 Stars 0

Chris S says Pelle has broken Prpich record with his 36th of the season

Devils can win this league on their own, they don't need any help from anyone

Blaze now losing 2-0 to Vipers after 1st period

Jonothan Weaver could be back for the Blaze before end of month

Jason there is no commentary of Devils home games

Worth a look at ih-update league table - nice isn't it

They might have the colours the wrong way round though

On this Irish issue can I claim A P McCoy as being Welsh

He wins enough races at Ffos Las to qualify

1st period SoG Devils 17, Stars 8

Teams back on ice

we are off for 2nd period


Another rebound buried

Devils 5th goal scored by Matzka @ 21:13, assists Pelle & M Smith

Devils bench minor @ 21:38 - too many men

Stars taking shot after shot on pp

Devils back to full strength

Devils in 1st or maybe 2nd gear

stars icing @ 25:50

Devils are goal hungry tonight

Stars offisde @ 25:45 - deliberate so back into their zone go the Devils

Devils 1st line on fire as Birbreaer, Pelle and Matzka play tic tic passing

Stars are out of their depth

Stars penalty

Hooking call against Forsyth @ 27:29

Lets have a PPG u DEVILS

Passing but not shooting doesn't get you goals

Shoot, SHOOT

Voth & Zarb have words

Zarb didn;t like Hill digging for puck but backed off when Voth came over

Ger-Devils is bored, Devils are cruising

Stars kill penalty

Readers of this blog must understand that much of what is reported is the exact words of texters

eg Stars out of their depth is not a MNL editorial comment

Blaze now losing 4-1 at Newcastle

Lets have a goal Devils

Stars penalty @ 32:29 Suderman - holding

A PPG is called for

Good save by Kudrna

Chris S bet the Blaze to win - silly boy

1 minute killed by Stars

Stars have a 2 on 1 Lyle saves

Stars back to full strength

Lyle messes up behind net, puck bounces out but luckily D cleared

Voth floors a Star

Now a fIGHT

Zarm elbowed M Smith and Voth ko'd him

Penalties coming

Devils penalties - Hill - slashing: Voth - x-checking

All these @ 36:28

Voth gets additional minor for roughing

Its 5 on 3 for Stars

Puck out of play with 12secs until Hill returns

Devils back to 4 skaters

Final 2 minutes

Dundee Goal

Scored by Cartwright @ 49:18 a ppg

Assist for Wishart

You don't let up Devils, always bury the opposition not matter how easy the game is

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Stars 1

Dundee goal was a shot straight thro Lyle

Voth fortunate to get away with 2+2 I'm told, Zarb's threatrical dive from a single punch helped

Very quiet tonight on the email front

Tonight attendence estimated as around 1,500

Lets get a quick couple of goals get Lyle out and run the clock down

Wednesdays visit to Sheffield to play out half brothers will be much tougher

Thinking about it I don't want the Steelers as half brothers, if it have to be something let them be our step brothers

Seem to be 2 less Stars for 3rd period

Myers in net for Devils

3rd underway

Zarb is missing

Devils penalty - Matzka - interference @ 41:06


Devils penalty - Finnerty - hooking

@ 41:39

Apologies no Devils goals, texts from 1st period now coming through

Stars penalty @ 41:43 - Cartwright - hooking

Stars pp is awful

One Devils penalty killed

Now 4 on 4

Stars penalty @ 43:14 - inteference - Nebus

Devils back to full strength

Now on pp

Stars also at full strength

WE may have to get some medical help for the Devils as obviously they cannot go to the sinbin on their own a team mate has to join them as soon as possible

*** ENL DEVILS winning 2-1 at Oxford after 2 periods

Thanks to Michelle for that news from Oxford

Matzka fires over @ 48:10

Game gone really flat

Can't we have a streaker or a hole in the ice to excite us

3rd period an anti climax for fans

although many of them will be grateful for a quiet night after last night in Nottingham

Ger-Devils is bored, we must get him a jigsaw or some bricks to play with

Blaze pull back to 4-5

Chris there might be hope for you after all


Devils 6th goal @ 52:00 scored by Macrae assists Michel & S Smith

Stars penalty - high sticks - Cartwright @ 52:20

All 4 goals for Blaze scored by Brits

Paddy Power gives you double odds Chris is a Brit scores the winner

Kudrna loses his stick but Devils can't find the puck

Steelers win 9-0 in Edinburgh

Gone boring again

I should get a medal for dealing with these delayed texts - Cardiff Bay is the pits for network problems

Gametime 57:20

Stars icing @ 57:52

Start the car mother

Stars 10 minute misconduct @ 57:40 - Kudra - served by Dolan

That misconduct was @ 57:52 - apologies

WE ARE NUMBER 1 being chanted at Tent

Kudra looks broken


Kudrna had been kicking the pucks out of the air, misses one and Devils score - a la Chris Newton

Goal was @ 59:40 scored by Voth, assists Hill & Richardson

Final score DEVILS 7 Stars 1

Stars MoM - Peter CARTWRIGHT

Devils Mom - Ryan FINNERTY

We are now sitting proudly at the top of the league

Its up to us and noboby else to make sure we stay there

Big thanks to my team of txters, they did a brilliant job as usual - Sharlene, Rhys, JohnWildthing, Adny, Paul and the bored Ger-Devils

Blaze lose 5-4, Panthers win 3-0 at Hull

Thats all from me - OJ- join me on Wednesday night as the Devils take on the Steelers in Sheffield