Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 5 - 6 Cardiff Devils

The next instalment in Devils remarkable winning streak will come to you from Nottingham

Why not join me - OJ - from around 6pm for this crunch league game

Score predictions along with other general comment to as usual

I am still on the look out for more texters for tonights game as I like having backups as there can often be network problems

Russky calls it 3-1 to the Devils

Ruth thinks the Devils will win 3-2

I'm ready but nothing from my texters yet

Gavin is in Hooters so at least I know where one of them is at.

Apologies Gavin that was Emma in Hooters

Nothing from Chris S yet but knowing students he has just got up

PAK2305 sees a close game and the Devils winning 5-3

It will be interesting in knowing how many Devils fans have made the trip to the NIC

Ruth I should be OK once Chris has signed, but knowing that Luke is there helps

Fans outside NIC waiting for the doors to open

Tonights referee is De-Wilde whoever he may be

Is he a Dutch exchange ref?

No games for Hicks this weekend

Warmup in progress

Penner is icing for Panthers

Mystery solved, tonights on ice officals are from Finland

Well al least ref and one linesman

With a bit of luck Michael Hicks has gone to Finland

Warmup over

It would appear that Alex Symmonds is back for the Devils

Why are people asking me whether MNL has gone down?

If there are problems email me at

Emma and Chris have reported in

Ruth are there any problems with MNL as far as you are concerned?

Devils fans chanting has started, they seem to be in good voice

Away block seems full

Donna & Megan in Bridgend predict a 4-3 win for the Devils

Ice is ready

Intro music starts

150+ Devils fans is the estimate

Chant competition in place

Officials take to the ice

TCW purring away calling for the Panties to halt the Devils run

We shall see

Devils take to the ice

Lyle in net for Devils, Kowalski for Panthers

Panthers come out

Massive crowd at NIC well in excess of 5,000

ON TWC they want to know if Voth will drop his gloves

Anthem time

Come on u Devils a good on the road performance is needed, just like the recent game in Belfast

Clever, stay out of the box and frustrate those pussiecats

Anthems done

Devils start with 3rd line and we are away

False start I believe

Now we are off

There was a problem with one of the goal lights

Devils offside after 19 secs

Kowalski save at 46 secs

Galbraith goes off in pain @ 1:36

That will teach him for trying to check Voth

Whistle down for a Panthers hand pass @ 2:10

End to end hockey

Myers trying to start trouble

Kowalski save @ 3:38

**** ENL Devils winning 1-0 at end of 1st period

Good save by Lyle

Penner wants to fight what a surprise

Panthers penalty - Penner

He ran Lyle

That was @ 4:40

Roughing was the call

Neilson hits Voth, voth skates away

Weller gor a roughing penalty at sametime

The noise at NIC makes it impossible to hear announcements


ppg by Pelle @ 6:20

Its was a PPG as Penner gor 2+2

Assists for Birbraer & Matzka

Panthers icing @ 6:57


Devils 2nd goal @ 7:34 scored by Sam Smith, assist K Smith

Panthers penalty Kowalski - roughing @ 7:34

2nd assist on Devils 2nd goal goes to Macrae

Kowalski apparently punched Michel

Panther penalty - Bellamy - slashing @ 8:44

Devils 5 on 3 for 53 secs

Bllod on the ice being cleared

Hill left the ice not sure if it is his blood

Whether that blood was caused by Bellamy slash I don't know

It is confirmed as Hill's blood

Zamboni now on ice

Just before that incident Zion left the bench and went to dressing room

Finally we re-start

Lets get that pp into overdrive u Devils

Michel floors Muers @ 9:19

Panthers back to 4 skaters

Panthers back to full strength

Lyle save @ 11:00

Devils pp didn't get out of 2nd gear

Voth shor goes out of play @ 11:10

Penner tripped himself

Weller then floors Penner

Zion is back - must have been equipment problems

Gametime 12:39

Panthers fans finally make some noise

Pelle nails Nikolov

TCW reported the MNL will be covering a different game to them

Kowalski save @ 14:09

Devils penalty @ 14:30 - Macrae - holding


Save by Lyle

Handbags @ 15:44

Panthers just played 20 secs with 6 skaters - missed by officials

Penalties coming

Panthers - Ryan - roughing minor

Devils - Michel 2 + 10 @ 16:06

Panthers goal scored by Zion 16:06 ppg assist for Galbraith

Devils penalty - Finnerty - roughing @ 16:25

Birbraer fllors Galbraith

Lepine also got a roughing minor @ 16:24

Devils back to full strength

Ryan roughing minor at 16:44

I am sorry these penalties do not make sense

Final minute of 1st period

Hill is back

Puck out of play at 19:41

Birbraer hits pipes oin the buzzer

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 2

To sort out the confusion @ 15:44 - Michel got 2 for roughing and a 10 minute misconduct for instigating, Ryan got a roughing minor

It wasn't Lepine who got a roughing minor at the sametime as Finnert by Heerema @ 16:25

Even with just three texters the texts are arriving out of sequence

That said you cannot change the score the DEVILS are winning 2-1

Devils were playing well until they got into penalty problems

If they stay out of the box they will win

You would think that NIC would have a better PA system my texters reort that they cannort hear/understand anything that is announced

The pathetic Irish are out in force on TCW pleading for a Panthers victory - they must be worried

Imagine admitting that you team needs help from other to suceed

That said there are Steelers fans at NIC shouting for the Devils

Unconfirmed reports that Penner is playing his last game for the Panthers

If that is true give him a wide berth

Not cousins half-brothers Glyn

SoG Panthers 13; Devils 10

2minutes until 2nd period

Panthers return to the ice followed by Devils

A bit of confusion on SOG they might be the otherway round

I have had conflicting texts

Off we go

Lyle save @ 20:26

Gametime 21:04

Panthers have started 2nd period stronger

Lyle save @ 22:05

Weller is not his usual brilliant self so far tonight

Kowalski saves from Pelle @ 22:54

Devils go close @ 24:05

Weller started throwing more hits

End to end at the moment

Gametime 25:39

Panthers offside @ 25:47

Devils penalty @ 25:47 - Voth - hooking


Great save by Lyle

Kowalski denies Hill @ 26:35

Devils penalty @ 26:59 - K Smith - slashing

Panthrs have 5 on 3 for 53 secs

Lyle save @ 27:39

Devils have Voth back


Panthers goal @ 28:33 scored by Galbraith

Assists on ppg go to Clarke & Neilson

Give up these stupid penalties u DEVILS

Michel returns at next whistle

Kowalski saves from Weller

Panthers penalty @ 30:10 - Beauegard - holding

Michel back

Powerplay not operatiing too well tonight

Getting better but not in top gear yet

Come on u Devils give us a goal

Voth v Neilson

Penalties on their way

Voth gets 5 for fighting: Neilson gets 5 for fighting; K Smith & Bellamy - minors for roughing all at 32:06

Panthers back to full strength

Devils penalty @ 32:54 - Finnerty - hooking

Lyle save @ 33:06

Devils have 1:49 to kill


Panthers penalty - Heerema - hooking @ 33:06

Kowalski save @ 34:03

Kowalski saves from Pelle @ 34:25

Its now 4 on 4

Finnerty returns Devils go on pp

Lets get that pp into overdrive and get a goal

Panthers back to full strength

Panthers goal

Panthers rd goal @ 36:12

Scored by Heerema assist Galbraith

Devils defence has gone walkabout tonite

Panthers score their 4th Goal

Times @ 37:07

Scored by Zion

Assist Ryan

Lyle save @ 37:30

Panthers all over Devils

Final minute of 2nd period

Panthers penalty - Lee @ 39:42 - holding


A ppg scored by Pelle, assists Matzka & Macrae @ 39:55

End of 2nd period Panthers 4 DEVILS 3

Neilson having a go at referee at end of period

That is not allowed, he is not a C or an A

A playing coach cannot go to the referee in the interval

On 3rd Panthers goal 2nd assist goes to Lee

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 17: Devils 12

This is the kind of game you have to come out in the3rd to win if you want to win the league

No more penalties please and TWO goals thats all we want from u DEVILS

*** ENL Devils winning 5-12 after 50 minutes

Carl that is my understanding of IIHF rules player coaches cannot enter referees room during game

I stand to be corrected by TCW if they want rto argue, I will get by IIHF rule book out, an old edition I grant you

Teams return to the ice

3rd period starts with 5 on 5 , what a change

Lyle save @ 40:49

Panthers penalty - Zion - hooking @ 41:32

Lets have that ppg u Devils

Hill hits pipes

1 minute of pp left

Kowalski save @ 43:11

Kowalski save @ 41;32

Panthers return to full stregth

Kowalski save @ 43:34

Myers goading Finnerty

Kowalski dislodges net @ 43:42

*** ENL Devils win 5-1

Devils icing @ 44:12

Richardson best Devils D by a mile

devils whistled down for high sticks @ 44:50


Devils goal scored by Pelle assist Matzka @ 49:23

Panthers goal

Scored by Lachowicz

Panthers goal at 45:28

Assists for Bellamy & Ryan

Come on u Devils you do the hard work and then give it away

Devils offside @ 46:09

Panthers fans being moved out of the away block - about time too

Kowalski save @ 46:44

Panthers penalty - Levers @ 47:28 - tripping

We want a PPG u Devils

Half pp gone

Panthers killing penalty with ease

It looks as if it is only the forwards have turned up at NIC

Pathers return to full strength


Don't let them score this time

Devils 5th goal @ 50:26 scored by Michel assists Adams

High sticks @ 51:24

Panthers icing @ 51:50

Lets get that goahead goal u Devils

Kowalski save from Pelle @ 52:23

Devils penalty @ 52:31 - Birbraer - tripping


Devils offside @ 52:55

1 minute of penalty killed

30 secs of pk left

Devils return to full strength

Devils penalty @ 55:09 - K Smith - hooking

Are we trying to give this game away?


Scored by Weller, assist Michel & Macrae @ 56:18

52 secs of pk left

Panthers score but net was off its moorings - no goal

Devils penalty - Weller - high sticks

Panthers Penalty Beauregard - holding

Devils back to 4 skaters

Devils back to full strength

Gametime 57:20

Final 2 minutes

Panther bench minor - too many men @ 58:18

Panthers offside @ 58:30

Final minute of game

Weller back

Panthers bench minor - too many men 59:17


FInal score Panthers 5 DEVILS 6

What a game

Where is that dark room

Apologies for missing some penalty times but it was hectic

That is the most items I have ever blogged in a game

Devils MoM - Weller

Panthers MoM - Lachowicz

Where is that DARK ROOM

Correction Panthers Mom Meyers

Our thanks go to Emma, Gavin and Chris S at the NIC

Join me tomorrow night when the Dundee Stars hit Cardiff Bay and the Devils roll on and on

Thats all from me OJ until Sunday night