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Cardiff Devils 8 - 1 Newcastle Vipers

Welcome to MNL - OJ here on duty as your host tonight

Devils intent on extending their unbeaten run welcome the Newcastle Vipers to Cardiff Bay

Score predictions as usual to

I know its a day late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all from MNL

There is evidence that we will have a bumper crowd at the Tent tonight

Daniel asked me to plug the Vipers updates website which can be found at

Devils will have a tough game tomorrow as the Stars hit form, they are currently winning 2-0 at Nottingham

Penner and Latulippe both thrown out @15:40 with 5 + Game at NIC

Penner for roughing, Latulippe for spearing

A coconut for the first to say who the referee is at NIC

Give that man a goldfish as well - its Hicks well at least he isn't at the Tent to spoil our night

Paul Watson thinks Vipers will win 5-4 in O/T

We will see in 3 or so hours

Daniel forecasts a 5-3 win for the Vipers

Panthers pull one back

Texters are making their merry way to the tent

They are taking some time getting there as they still have their snow shoes on

Not a single prediction from a Devils fan so far

They are all still drunk or gone to Cardiff Bay to see their brilliant Devils in the flesh

Warmup in progress

Big crowd expected, very few tickets left

Simon calls it 6-2 for the Devils, thats more like it

Panthers v Stars tied at 2-2

No Ben Davies for Devils

3 Vipers fans spotted

Unconfirmed reports that Jay Latullippe speared Corey Neilson in the face hence 5 + Game

Carl at the Tent calls it 6-0 to the Devils

No Davies, Symmonds for Devils

Hartmanis is back for Vipers

Keith calls it 5-1 to the Devils

Many comments re Ben Davies

To be honest it is nothing new and will always happen when there is a high import quota.

Cut number of imports by 2 and we would have opportunites for you Brits

Personally I think the number of imports should be cut each year for the next three years

Ice now being prepared for the start of this first game of 2011

Vipers come onto the ice

Darnell has the whistle tonight

Devils onto the ice

Intro time

Panthers take 3-2 lead in 3rd


Ready for the off

Hare's running

We are off for 1st period

Devils create a 3 on 1 chance, miss

Pelle has a shot, wide

Save from Macrae breakaway

Vipers netminder saves from Michel

Lino hits Vipers D

Darnell now flattenned

Devils penalty - Voth - hooking @ 2:29


Vipers go offside on pp

another Pelle shot saved

Close to a sell out at Tent

away block full of Devils fans

Devils back to full strength

Devils PK very good

Gametume 5:02

Adams fires high @ 5:10


Lyle has made some nice saves

Devils hit pipes

Birbraer hits post

Devils putting pressure on Vipers


Devils 1st goal @ 7:22 scored by K Smith, assists Finnerty & Hill

Good save Lyle

Gametime 9:04

Vipers penalty - Forsbacka - slashing

at 9:58

Get that pp into overdrive u DEVILS

Devils fans a bit quiet tonight

Puck out of play in Devils zone


Devils 2nd goal scored by Macrae

Assists for S Smith and Michel @ 13:06

Vipers penalty - Sample

Another Vipoers penalty

Devils on 5 on 3

Devils Goal

Sample - hooking @ 14:44

Stewart - interference

Stewart penalty was @ 15:01

Devils 3rd goal scored by Michel @ 15:13 a ppg

Devils penalty @ 15:40 - K Smith - holding

Weller nail Prpich

Wow what a ckeck

Steelers go 1 up against Blaze

Michel goal was unassisted

Vipers penalty coming

18:19 - hooking - Sample

Last minute


Devils 4th goal @ 19:57 scored by Birbraer assists Weller & Pelle a PPG

End of 1st period DEVILS 4 Vipers 0

I think I got you all the penalties but what counts is FOUR goals for the Devils

Vipers return to the ice

SoG Devils 12: Vipers 8

Vipers player that was taken out by on ice official early in the game is hospital bound

2nd period starts

Can't name the injured Viper player except he was a tall D

Devils icing

Panthers beat Stars 6-5 after penalties

Gametime 23:13

That will help tire out the Stars

Awesome save b y Stevie Lyle

Steeler winning 1-0 at Coventry but reports say Blaze are doing well

Pretty even so far in this period at the Tent

Long range shooting by Vipers

Gametime 25:09

Devils seem to be sitting on their lead

OK so long as Vipers don't score

Devils now putting pressure on Vipers

Devils recycling the puck in Vipers zone - impressive

Lookimg for that opening to shoot

Effinger makes good save and eases pressure

Gametime 28:35

Pelle showing his skills but unlucky

Devils fans resort to ole ole ole as Pelle makjes his fancy moves

Gametime 30:03

Deviuls penalty - Finnerty - roughing @ 30:08


Macrae has a sh chance, pad save by Effinger



SHG assist Adams @ 31:18

Now 2-2 at Coventry

Pelle goes close

Game has livenen up with both teams throwing hits

Devils icing @ 36:21

Good save by Effinger

Devils maintain pressure on Vipers

Effinger is the only reason we haven't got a cricket score

He is playing well

Gametime 38:27

Fastest most boring period ever says JohnWildthing

Last minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Vipers 0

Sue I am trying to find out which Viper player was injured when he collided with ref Darnell

Injured Viper player was John Schwarz

Correction on Devils 5th goal it now reads Birbraer from Pewlle & Weller

Schwarz is still in dressingroom refusing to go to hospital

3rd period starts

Sog 2nd periuod Devils 15, Vipers 5

I don't know what Schwarz hust in his collision with Darnell

He is 3 x bigger than Darnell

Probably twisted his knee

Giants win 2-0

Devils penalty @ 41:45 - Adams - high stick


Vipers goal

Bad bounce off boards stright to Viper in front of net

Vipers goal scored by Rzesulto unassisted @ 43:29

Weller missed the puck apparently he is human after all

PPG that was

Lets get it back u Devils

Another good sve by Effinger

Vipers deserved thgeir goal says Devils2001

Gametime 27:03

Lets run that clock down and get out of there u Devils

End to end shooting gallery at the moment

Gametime 48:12

I wonder if the Devils are leaving tonight, 3 hour bus ride to Manchester makes the trip to Dundee easier tomorrow

Schwarz has concussion

Whether its the Steeler version or the real thing I can't tell you

vipers penalty - Holland - hooking

Myers in net for Devils @51:23

Penalty was at the sametime

Devils pp sub-standard


They must have seen what I said

Assists Voth & Hill @ 53:30

Clan winning 3-0 at Edinburgh, Capitals only have 6 imports with an 18 year old Brit in net

Devils penalty - Finnerty - roughing @ 56:04

Last 2 minutes of game

Devils return to full strength

Myers playing well


Devils 7th goal scored by Voth

Assists Hill & M Smith @ 59:26

MAX hattrick goal

Birbraer assists Richardson & Matzka @ 59:50

Steelers now winning 4-2 at Coventry

Vipers MoM - Prpich


Final score DEVILS 8 Vipers 1

Devils2001 says Vipers were better than the score suggests

Alternatively scoreline shows how good the Devils are

Our thanks to our texters at the Tent - Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Andy, Ger-Devils and Devils2001

Blaze lose 5-2 at home to Steelers

Thats all from me (OJ) why not join Chris tomorrow night as the Devils attempt to extend their winning run and take revenge over their last defeat at Dundee. Until the next time Good Night