Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 1 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils visit Belfast for this top of the table clash

Score predictions as usual to

Tonight were are indebted to a band og Giants fans who have kindly offered to help us out at MNL - thank you all

WE hope to bring you a bumper MNL as I have no fewer than 1- texters eagerly awaiting face off

10 texters that should have read

Warmup underway

Darnell is the referee I believe

Angela calls it 5-3 to Devils

Giants scratches are Dagleasish, C Hemmingway, Seeley and Hiffman

Just Symmonds for Devils

Keith is hoping for a 3-1 win for the Devils

Warmup over

This is a league game Keith

I would have thought you would have rowed across the Irish Sea from Aberystwyth for this game Keith

A win would do nicely tonight to go along with the THREE I had at Ffos las this afternoon

My virgin texters are scurring into the O

PAK2305 calls it 5-3 to Devils

With 10 minutes to face off The O looks busy according to Nicola

Geraint says 3-2 Devils

Ruth goes one better with a 4-2 win for the RED ARMY

The away section of the O is completely vacant except for a couple of Giants fans on loan

I have asked David Mercer to sing the Welsh Anthem for us

Carl calls it 4-2 to the Devils

The other Carl - Jester on the Forum is leading my Devils texters tonight

What has Whitchurch done wrong to have all this snow, our road is still full of snow and they havn't got a flake in West Wales

Big crowd says the Jester

Darnell takes to the ice

Giants are out

Devils too

Brett Hemingway and Brendan Benedict icing after missing last nights game

We are away for 1st period

Murphy save

Early pressure from Devils

Giants icing @1:08

Murphy save was off a Weller shot

Devils penalty - Birbraer - hooking @1:45


Jacobsen stops a Devild SH breakaway

Lyle covers from Cook

Devils return to full strength

Gleed misses with a clear chance

Giants penalty - Gleed - interference @ 4:26

Devils penalty = Matzka - tripping @ 4:42

Devils Weller had a penalty as well 16 earlier

Its 4 on 3 for the Giants

Bayrack misses empty net

Both team back to full strength

Gametime 7:21

Devils icing

Even game so far

Looking back I don't think Weller had a penalty

Benedict puts a hard hit on K Smith


Murphy spilled the puck and we score

Macrae was the scorer

@ 9:11

Assists for M Smith & Michel

Cook hammers Finnerty

Amazing save by Murphy

Murphy save was from Pelle

Puck out of play @ 11:45

Late predictions coming soon

Donna & Megan calls it 3-2 Devils

Lyle save from Benedict

Russky sees a Devils win in O/T

Maybe Keith we should put some spiders in the sinbin, they would go in there then

Minor handbags @ 12:44

Anti Lyle chants have started

Words being exchanged at benches

Devils offside @ 13:43

Game getting niggly

Gametime 14:17

Giants penalty - Welch - hooking @ 14:50


Devils penalty - Finnerty - slashing @ 15:43

Devils go close

Icing @ 16:41

Giants go on pp

Devils back to full strength

Devils under pressure

Jacobsen hits pipes

Devils icing @ 18:07

Save from Lyle

That save was from Garside

Last minute of 1st period

Giants penalty - Welch - tripping

End of 1st period Giants 0 DEVILS 1

SoG Giants 9: Devils 11

Even period by all accounts

WElch tripping minor was @ 19:50

Apologies I am trying to do three jobs at the sametime

Other jobs finished

Ice is ready

Officials back out

Both teams back

2nd period starts with Devils on pp


ppg scored by Pelle assist Weller @ 20:44

Assist for Birbraer as well

Devils icing @ 1:38


Pelle again

Devils 3rd goal was at 22:43

Giants penalty @ 23:39 - Prudden - tripping

Correction that was a Devils penalty for Richardson

Giants pp crap

Its their fans reporting

Devils back to full strength

Giants penalty - Lambert - hooking @ 26:11

Giants return to full strength

Giants penalty - Shields - interference @ 28:49

Gametime 29:30

Shields penalty was for a blatant Hill dive

Giants kill penalty

Or non-penalty if you belive texters

Ponting demands a review

Devils penalty - K Smith @ 31:38

Interference was the call

Big save Lyle from Lambert

Devils back to full strength

Gametime 34:02

Devils penalty - Finnerty - tripping @34:15

36:03 Lyle saves from Mason

Gametime 36:03

Devils return to full strength

emailers think there have been a lot of penalties - not really 5 monors against Giants, 6 minors against Devils

Neil & Ryan we are well on thw way to your 4-1 win for Devils

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period Giants 0 DEVILS 3

Devils all over the Giants like a rash

Giants texters impressed by Devils PK unit

Giants denied clear shots on pp

On the otherhand Devils creating multiple chances on theirs

There was one Devils pp when Murphy was called upon to make 6 saves

SoG for 2nd period will be interesting

Our texters David R, Chris, Brian, Nicola, Kieran and Gareth doing well on their debut for MNL

Old hands Carl(Jester) and David Mercer doining their usual fine job

Apologies in advance as I will use the words sent by a number of my texters

O Scoreboard showing a load of crap, b****cks as 19 SOG for each team

There is no way that the Giants out shot the Devils in the 2nd period

Maybe they favour Lyle more than Murphy because that what those SoG do

Ice ready

Officials return

Devils come out followed by Giants

Big crowd at O tonight will try and get attendence figure

Off for 3rd period

Devils go close to adding to their tally

Lyle saves from Lambert

Big save by Murphy @ 41:53

Crowd estimated as being around 2,500

Devils penalty - K Smith - hooking

@ 42:04

Lyle save @ 42:15

Devils return to full strength

Devils all over Giants says Nicola

Giants pp was absolute rubbish

Run the clock down lads

Gametime 47:02

Big save by Lyle @ 48:22

Save was from a shot by Jacobsen

Gametime 49:04

Stevie Lyle a brick wall says Gareth

Giants go offside @ 50:11

Giants exerting pressure on Devils

Lets have another goal u Deviuls that should see them Giants off

Hanbags - what did you get for Xmas

Penalties - Mason (Giants): Voth (Devils) - roughing minors

Kenton Smith also got a minor so Giants go on pp

All penalties @ 51:03

K Smith penalty was for hooking

Voth penalty was slashing

Correctio Voth penalty was roughing

Lyle save @ 52:02

Both teams back to full strength

Lyle denies Lambert for the 3rd time


Devils 4th goal @ 53:28 on a delayed penalty

Devils 4th scored by Macrae

Devils penalty @ 54:27 - Macrae - hooking

Giants Goal - Bayrack @ 54:52

Giants goal was a ppg

Giants penalty _ Mason - hooking

There is a correction to Devils 4th goal it was scored by Matzka, assists Finnerty & Pelle

Murphy covers up @ 56:57

Lyle denies Welch on breakaway

Mason penalty at 55:00 killed and he returns to the ice

Last 2 minutes of game

Last minute

Carl my texters think Devils will go on to win league

Gareth says Giants were totally outclassed

Final score Giants 1 DEVILS 4

Bring on 2011 I say

Devils MoM goes to Stevie Lyle

Many thought it should have gone to Weller who was magnificent

Final SOG Giants 35 Devils 30

Giants MoM - Bayrack

Our sicere thanks go to Nicola, David R, Jester, Chris, Brian, Kieran, Gareth and David M - a brilliant job

Thank you Belfast

That all from me, don't get too drunk over New Year (Chris S) and join us at MNL next Sunday when the Vipers come to Cardiff Bay