Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 1 Coventry Blaze

Its now our turn to play hosts as the Coventry Blaze make their visit to Cardiff Bay

Join me - OJ - later as the Devils seek to extended their wn streak to 16 games

I will be here in thge MNL box from around 6pm so please send me you score predictions or any othe comment, gossip or rumour to

Looka as if we will have a bumper crowd tonight, game selling out fast.

Carl on his way from WEst Wales to the Tent predicts a 4-1 for the Devils

Mr & Mrs Fender Bassman have gone down with the virus so are looking at MNL to bring them a Devils win as a tonic

Chris S is not texting tonight but watching the game with family

We could run a book on how long he can last without texting me

My money is on 5 minutes of gametime

Pree game texts do not count

Scarlets took a drubbing in Turkland

Apologies game was in Jackland not Turkland , they were well beaten nevertheless

Score predictions plus any other comments to me at

To answer those who are enquiring why Brad Voth never iced las night after his 10 minute misconduct my understanding is that it was a precaution knowing who the referee was.

If that is the case then the EIHL has got a serious problem on its hands

Greg calls it 5-3 to the Devils with goals from Michel (2), Weller (2) and Sam Smith

Blaze fan Lance fears a 6-2 win for the Devils and a bathering for the Blaze

Warmup in progress

Texter are slow getting to the Tent hence lack of news

6 minutes of warmup left

All seats at the Tent sold

Unclear whether there are any standing tickets left

m plaints about icy car parks being dangerous

Steelers win 5-3 at Nottingham

That would have gone down well in Lace City

Devils have to win to retain 2nd spot

Zamboni preparing the ice

PLaying surface not car park

Come on U Devils lets see a performance to send the big crowd home happy

Anyone down west, can you confirm that there has been a big thaw? email me at

No course inspection at Ffos Las tomorrow so I am off racing

Don't worry I will be back in my cubby hole in time to bring you MNL and the Devils game in Belfast (7:30 Face off)

Some kind Giants fans have offered their services as texters

If you know of any Devils fans making it to Belfast get in touch with me

Ice is ready

Told its a sell out

Big contingent from Coventry

Its a long way to go home with your tail between your legs

"Good Old Days" in the 2nd race maybe worgh a punt, you can take it for granted that I will not be backing "Our Bob" in the 5th race or "Master Fiddle" in the 6th

Back to serious stuff

waiting for the teams to take to the ice

Stephen calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Not many predictions tonight, they are all at the Tent

Into time

Dean Smith is the referee

Record breaking viewing figures for MNL

Someone must love us

I hope the network doesn't play up tonight

Last night was a nightmare with texts arriving out of sequence

On duty tonight are Sharlene, Andy, Paul, Rhys, JohnWildthing and Ger-Devils

I get worried when its quiet

I suppose its the Anthems

WE are underway

Devils pressure early on

Devils pen alty @ 3:45 - Weller - interference


Watch their breakout

Blaze penalty - Robinson - holdind stick @ 4:56

Michel goes close

Devils go on pp

Intense Devils pressure

Give us a goal u Devils


Works everytime

PPG scored by K Smith @ 6:08

Assis goes to Finnerty

Blaze leaving one skater high

Voth goes close

Hits pipes

Now Birbraer hits pipes @ 7:20

Weller shows his class in D

Paul says Blaze are **t and hes a Blaze fan

Blaze offside

Stingrays winning 6-4 at Newcastle


Birbraer I believe

Awaiting confirmation of that goal

I think that was a rogue text

Still 1-0 usual problem with network

Gametime 13:20

Confirmed score 1-0

Blaze had their first real shot @ 12:13

Blaze fans clapping their 1st shot

Weller bring it out and goes coast to coast

End to end

Thats all I have been told in minutes

Chances to both teams

Not enough hits from the Devils

Final minute of 1st period

Pelle fires high @ 19:34

Blaze icing @ 19:44

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Blaze 0

Great save by Jaeger on the buzzer to end 1st period

Devils playing well but only have 1 goal to show for it

Chris S breaks his vow of silence in the first interval

Devils apparently are playing much better than last night

No goals yet between Clan & Giants

Apologies Michelle I didn't mention your prediction of a 5-2 win for the Devils

Also Keith in Aberystwyth calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Stephen "Afistfullofpebbles" won at Ffos Las last January but has an apprentice on board who has never won a race. In fact he only had one ride before.

That said I will have to keep an eye on the bookies as Jomjo has 3 runners in that race

Lets get back to Ashes cricket

I do like to upset the Aussies

Its like the old days when we loved to get one over the Steelers

The powers up high have told me that I mustn't take the mickey out of the Steelers anymore - they are family.

Teams are back

Clan v Giants 0-0 after 1 period

Off for 2nd period

Blaze miss an empty net on a rare attack

Gametime 22:11

Game is boring by all accounts

Not a game to put in front of a sell out crowd

Tylor hit someone

Another Weller hip check would do nicely

Blaze penalty - Zanon - x-checking @ 24:20

Lets get that ppg u Devils

PP stuttering

Finally into gear

Jaeger save from Voth @ 25:20

A Hicks free rink being enjoyed by both teams


Devils 2nd goal scored by Macrae assist Pelle a PPG

Goal timed @ 26:22

2nd assist to Weller

Devils 2nd goal announced as score by Pelle

Paul Sullivam messed up that announcement goal was scored by Macrae

Macrae fires over @ 28:02

Devils bench minor tmany men @ 28:06


Blaze D spoil a Devils sh breakaway

Blaze icing

Blaze pp is crap

Devils encamped in their zone

Devils back to full strength

Good Devils pressure again

Jaeger saves from Matzka

Jaeger is the only reason Blaze still in this game

Smith is letting a lot go unpunished

The total opposite to Hicks

Devils penalty @ 33:10 - Birbraer - interference

Pelle hits dide netting

Its Devils pressure and they are SH

15 more secs to kill

Devils back to full strength

Pelle or was it Finnerty misses on breakaway

Lyle has to make a save

Gametime 35:40

Finnerty goes close

That was after Blaze had their best chance of the game

Devils chanting "You have been Tylored"

Now told Macrae has scored - is this another rogue text

DEVILS 3rd Goal scored by Macrae, assists Michel & M Smith

Timed at 37:17

Final minute of 2nd period

Clan take the lead over Giants

The evening is getting better by the minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Blaze 0

We believe that Weller got a delay of game minor at buzzer - awaiting confirmation

SoG for 1st period Devils 12 Blaze 9

Devils penalty for Weller confirmed - delay of game @ 40:00

Just 20 more miles and Devils can start planning for tomorrows game against the Giants

2nd period SoG Devils 10 Blaze 7 making it 22-16 so far

Clan 1 Giants 0 after 2 periods

Teams are back for 3rd period


Pelle assist Matzka


Devils kill penalty

The delay of game penalty at 40:00 was called against K Smith not Weller

Devils penalty @ 43:41 - Matzka - delay of game

Devils 2nd goal now reads Macrae from Pelle and Weller

They keep on changing everything but I can confirm that its 4-0 to the Devils and that what counts

Murdy has replace Jaeger in net for Blaze

Devils return to full strength

Rendition of James Pease has swollowed Brian Lee

Penalty shot Devils

Weller brought down

Weller hits post

Murdy actually saved that penalty shot

We believe Jaeger pulled after 4th Devils goal

Pulled is a bit off the mark as without him Devils would be in double figures


Finnerty & Carlson

Finnerty batters him into submission

Finnerty reacted to x-check on Adams

Can't have been much of a fight as Finnerty gets a minor

Apologies Carlson (Blaze) 5 minutes - fighting: Finnerty 2 for a slash , 10 minutes for instigating + 5 mins - fighting all @ 49:20


30 secs killed

Devils PK in fine fettle tonight

Penalty killed

Now 4 on 4 I assume

Can majors be co-incidental?

Keith how can anyone in Aber support Arsenal? The only Arsenal they supported was that of the FWA

Blaze shooting from long range as they cannot get into Devils zone


Voth shoots and scores

Devils 5th goal scored by Voth, assists Davies & K Smith @ 56:46

Blaze Goal

Myers replaces Lyle with the SO gone

Blaze goal @ 57:18 - Fulghum assists Chambers & Carlson

We thought we were missing Michel but he has reappeared safe & sound

Last 2 minutes

Mass exodus to beat the rush

Last minute of game

Gametime 59:22

Final score DEVILS 5 Blaze 1

Devils MoM Stuart Macrae

Blaze MoM - Owen Fussey

Our thanks to our merry band of texters - Sharlene, Andy, Paul, Rhys, JohnWildthing and Ger-Devils

Join me tomorrow night as I bring MNL from Belfast thanks to the assistance of Giants fans who have volunteered to help us

That all from me OJ hope you visit us again soon, well tomorrow evening