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Coventry Blaze 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Why not join me - OJ - from around 5pm as the Devils travel to Coventry for the away leg of back to back games against the Blaze.

Merry Christmas everyone, you have 3 hours to sober up before this eagerly awaited game.

Score predictions as usual to before the 6pm face off

An hour to go before face 0ff and my texters are arriving at Coventry Arena

On duty tonight are Andy, Paul and Ger-Devils along with MNL boss man Chris S

A bumper crowd of Devils fans have made the trip to Coventry

No predictions yet

Bluebirds have done their bit (won 2-0) its up to the Devils now to make it a miserable Boxing Day for Coventry

Hope all fans got to Coventry safe, M42 is an outdoor skating rink by all accounts

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I suppose many will be going home over the next day or so so lets hope this thaw does arrive

I need a thaw in WEst Wales for Tuesday race meeting at Ffos Las to go ahead

Warmup underway

Remember on trains on the Valleys lines on Monday due to strike action

Talking about strike action my texters are threatening to take action as it is freezing cold in the Coventry Arena

Devils came out late for the warmup

BBC weatherline says it will not freeze overnight in Swansea or Carmathen

Carl is it going to freeze in Carmarthen

I heard the Towy is frozen, just like 1962/3

PAK2305 forecasts a 4-2 win for the Devils

Were are my usual emailers you can't all be still drunk from Christmas Day.

Knowing you lot you probably are still drunk.

Blaze bench definately not short

No updates on Steelers v Panthers available so far (5pm face off)

Its 1-1 at Sheffield, thanks Sharlene

For Devils nly Symmonds is not icing as Voth returns after ban

Not icing for Blaze are Cruikshank (banned), Soderstrom, lee & WEaver all injured

Warmup over

Blaze have calledup a number of the ENL players along with their ENL import

I am told that the Steelers v Pnthers was a delayed face off and they are still in the 1st period

Its 2-1 to the Panthers after 17 mins

Blaze have James Pease on the bench, it will be interesting whether the Devils will skate around him losing minutes) or through him

I belive that Blaze ENL import Kohvakka is also on the bench

A former Junior Devil Gareth wen now plays for the ENL Blaze after playing for the Blaze for many years

Michael Hicks is the referee

Structural changes being made to the sinbins

Blaze have 2 way players Henry and Scott plus Pease and Kohvakka

Ruth calls it 3-2 to the DEvils

We will soon see who has eaten and drunk too much over Xmas.

Who will Farmer fight tonight? He is 0-6 so far bless him

Lets hope Weller doesn't flatten James Pease as he is likely to damage the ice if he falls over

Devils emerge to the "Adams Family" music

Maybe they should plkay Fireman Sam for the Blaze

Devils fans in good voice

No where near a sell out at Coventry

Blaze take to the ice

3-1 to Panthers at end of 1st

Carl calls it 5-2 to the Devils

I am now confused as Andy says its a masive crowd, Chris says its not a sell out

Maybe they are at different games

Anthems done & dusted

Here we go

Devils start with 3rd line

Jeager save from Michel @ 0:30

Again at 41 secs

Blaze offside @0:56

Good early pressure from Devils

Hill flattens Nell

Jaeger making save after save


Scored by Matzka assist Weller

@ 2:16

M Smith shot deflected out of play @ 3:06

Texters think the goal may be given to someone other than Matzka - deflecion in front

Hill nails Fussey

Puck out of play @3:46

Lyle makes a big save, his first @ 4:02

Another Lyle save

No updates on ih-update

Devils icing @ 5:55

Laeger saves from Birbraer @ 6:05

Blaze fans upset as Weller pushes one of theirs over

Robinson dislodges net @ 8:27

Nice save from Lyle @ 9:15

Can't have a pea in Hicks' whistle as game allowed to flow

Blaze goal by Fussey

Fussey from Robinson @ 10:25

Woeful defending

Adams nail Cowley

Blaze penalty - too many men @ 12:09

Joe Henry sits the bench minor

Blaze goal came about with a long pass down the middle of the ice

Jaeger save @ 12:52

We are making Jaeger look good

Pur the biscuit past him now

Devils icing on pp @ 13:58

Finnerty shot out of play @ 14:12

Blaze kill penalty

Blaze offside @ 14:49

Devils D all over the place

Devils penalty - Birbraer - slashing @ 16:15

Devils KILL

Devils net dislodged @ 17:15

Devils return to full strength

Big save by Stevie Lyle

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period Blaze 1 Devils 1

Weller rescued DEvils at the buzzer after a 2 on 1 Blaze breakaway

Big turnaround at House of Steel, Steelers now winning 4-3

Thats got rid of the bus legs and the first course

The general concensus is that the Devils winning run will come to an end unless our D get their act together

Unconfirmed rumour that the shaky defence is down to the Smith brothers not happy with the presents they got from each other

SoG Blaze 10, Devils 14

Team are back on the ice

2nd period underway

Blaze penalty - Farmer - tripping @ 20:14

Get the pp into gear you Devils

Devils offside on PP

Half pp gone


PP isn't up to much tonite

Penalty killed by Blaze

Good save Jaeger from Pelle @ 22:24

Devils offside @ 23:26

Poor marks tonight for defence, passing and powerplay

Jeager saves from Voth

Gametime 24:03

Devils penalty - Voth -netminder interference @ 24:45

Weller is the only D worth his salt tonite

Devils offside @ 25:17

Robinson nails Michel

Devils back to full strength

Hill floors Robinson

End to end at the moment

No clear chances created by either team

Lyle save @ 27:48

Jaeger save @ 27:56

Voth misses cross ice pass in front of net

Devils penalty - Weller - holding @ 29:03

Penny has dropped with Hicks that he is refffing the Devils

Michel nails Robinson - sweet revenge

Jaeger save @ 30:23

Texter Rhys not impressed by Blaze hoice of music

Deviuls penalty - Adams -x-check @ 30:47

WEller returns

Tge real Hicks is back, that was a terrible call

Selmser goes close

Devils back to full strength

Michel seems to be on D

Mark Smith seems to be missing

Devils penalty @ 33:11 - Finnerty - hooking

Voth given a 10 minute misconduct at the sametime

1 minute of penalty killed

Devils return to full strength

Gametime 36:04

Mark Smith returns

Weller rattles pipes

Blaze penalty - Henry - hooking

Penalty was @ 36:30

Jaeger save @ 36:58

Ice marking almost non existent

Devils pp is dire

Can they opt for a scrum instead

Blaze return to full strength

Final minute of 2nd period

Michel nail Robinson again

Blaze icing @ 39:41

End od 2nd period Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

Very poor game says Chris S wit no atmosphere at all

SoG 2nd period Blaze 10 Devils 12

teams back

3rd period starts

Over 100 DEvils fans at Coventry

Blaze clear puck off goal line

Jaeger save @ 40:47

Devils go close again

Puck cleared of the line for a 2nd time

Jaeger making save after save

Come on u Devils give us a goal - NOW

Devils seem to have woken up

Ger_devils says 150 Devils fans

43 minutes gone

Maybe the team have heard that the Giants are losing 0-2

Blaze icing @ 43:32

Another Jeager save @ 43:54

Gametime 44:22

Lyle save @ 45:21

Devils D having problems clearing the puck

Blaze penalty - Nell - hooking

Time of penalty 46:26

Jaeger makes a cracking save

Devils not putting a skater in front of Jaeger

Jeager spills puck @ 47:51 Finnery digs for it


Scored by PELLE


Assists Weller & Matzka @ 48:24

Macrae hits pipes @ 48:58

Michel nails Zanon

The Devils have woken up for sure

Jaeger save @ 49:50

Weller hip check floors Fulghum

Jaeger save @ 50:21

Devils fan wins "shirt of his back"

Fusseys shirt it is

Huge Jaeger save @ 51:03

Weller hits Jaeger with a rocket

Blaze icing @ 51:47

Robinson floors Matzka @ 52:05

Lyle save @ 52:31

Blaze fans moaning about Hicks- join the queue

Blaze offside @ 53:32

Blaze goal Fussey @ 54:05

Assists Robinson & Owen

Devils D is being torn apart by Blaze

Blaze offside @ 54:58

Devils are taking too long to shoot

Voth is back but benched it would appear

Devils penalty @ 56:11 - M Smith - hooking

Lyle save @ 56:58

Stevie Lyle making some good saves

Blaze penalty @ 57:36 Zanon - tripping

Final 2 minutes of game

Devils penalty - K Smith - tripping @ 58:07

What a stupid penalty as we were about to go on pp

Hanbags at 59:13

Since his 10 minute misconduct Voth has been benched and Ben Davies taken his shifts

Blaze back to full strength

End of regulation Blaze 2 DEVILS 2

O/T here we come

Blaze start O/T with 8 secs of pp

Clan now winning 3-0

O/T starts

Devils back to 4 skaters (full strength)

Jaeger save @ 60:59

Blaze 4 on 2 breakaway folied

Gametime 62:02

Jaeger save @ 62:27

Jaeger save from Weller @ 63:16

Blaze offside @ 63:43

Final minute

Lyle save @ 54:06

Weller shot too high @ 64:38

End of O/T Blaze 2 DEVILS 2

Now penalties

Matzka misses

Fusssey misses

Pelle scores

Birbraer scores

Network up the creek

Fulghum misses

DEVILS WIN 2-1 con penalties

Owen scored for Blaze

Final score Blaze 2 DEVILS 3

Pelle & Birbraer score for Devils, Owen for Blaze

Devils MoM - Scott MATZKA

Blaze MoM - Owen FUSSEY

Another win and another 2 points

Thanks to our band of texters Chris S, Ger_Devils, Rhys, Paul, Andy and James

Thats all from me OJ but if you can't get the Cardiff Bay tomorrow night join me here at MNL

A correction on Blaze Mom it goes to Robinson