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Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Hull Stingrays

Looks like hockey at last as the Stingrays make their way to Cardiff Bay

Join me OJ from 6pm as we bring you the last game before Xmas

Score predictions as usual to

You can also send me your comments on the major events of this morning

All systems go awaiting news on arrival of Stingrays

Latest news is that it will be an 8pm face off

I have just got in from the pub

No score predictions yet or comments on the events of the day

Stingrays have arrived at the Tent

Getting my texters briefed

PAK2305 calls it 3-2 tp the Devils

Carlo thinks it will be a 5-4 win for the Stingrays as the events of the day tale their toll

Face Off now resheduled for 8:15

At least the Stingrays are in Cardiff Bay

WE will try and bring you coverage of what Paul Ragan says in the interval after the 1st period

Very quiet on the predictions side and nothing been said about the purchase of the Steelers by Paul Regan

I am too long in the tooth to accept being in the same camp (bed) as the Steelers

They haven't forgiven us for the drubbling we gave them at Wembley

Warmup underway

Will all you fans buy a ticket in Fridays EuroMillions so that this club can remain in the hands of DEVILS fans.

Tim Darnell is down to have the whistle tonight, awaiting confirmation

We are half way through warmup

Keith calls it 4-2 to the Devils and he is trying to get over the shock of the Devils and Steelers in the same camp

Maybe we should base one team at Bala and the other at Llangrannog

Donna & Megan in Bridgend calls is 5-3 to the Devils and wish us all a Merry Christmas

I didn't know that there were nice people living in Bridgend, you learn something new on MNL every game night

Michael, I am with you all the way, as you said can you imagine Liverpool and Everton in the same camp or if you want a S Wales angle Cardiff City and Swansea City having the same owners

Get real everyone, this is only the first step in the demise of the Devils as we now them

Can theu raise from the dead a 2nd time you ask, well I don't know

Personally I believe the Devils should play in a league that they are financially comfortable in, the three Scottish clubs will nor survive in the EIHL , neither will Newcastle

We are OK, Donna is going to buy extra EuroMillions tickets

A reduced import quota, reduced wage cap would lead to extra opportunities for British players thereby increasing our international standing

Warm up finished

Ice ready

This is going to start before 8:15

Stingrays take to the ice, they are keen tonight

Devils take to the ice

Anthem time

Small crowd tonight

Happy Christmas from Michael in Rhoose to all Inferno members

So there are nice people in Rhoose as well, you will be telling me soon that there are nice people in Barry

Darnell has the whistle

Devils start with 3rd line

Here we go for the 1st period

End to end start to game

Devils offside @ 1:23

Matzka and M Smith just floored each other

Gametime 2:05

Stingrays offside @ 2:33

Stingrays save from Matzka

Now a save from Weller @ 3:30

Boucher makes another save @ 4:05

Stingrays penalty - Read @ 4:51 - hooking

Stingrays SHG

Scored by Kalmikov @ 5:08

Unassisted that Stingrays goal

Devils icing @ 5:35

Stingrays kill penalty

Boucher keeping Stingrays ingame

Devils pp over, it was dire

Puck out of play : 7:02

Another Boucher save @ 7:11

Stingrays icing @ 7:56

Its all Devils but nothing to show for it

Pelle shot deflected out of play @ 8:50

Poor Richardson pass leads to Devils icing @ 9:40

Devils penalty - Finnerty - interference

@ 10:23

Michel nails Cloutier

Pelle shot out of play @ 11:20

Gametime 12:03

Devils return to full strength

Stingrays icing @ 12:28

Angela thinks that if the Devils play badly or lose fans will put it down to Steelers purchase

Stingrays icing @ 13:25

Boucher dislodges his net @ 13:41

Anyone not knowing would have thought the Devils were the team that had just come off the bus

A few choice words are called for

Stingrays penalty @ 14:38 C Mitchell - holding

Boucher save @ 14:44

Get that pp into overdrive u DEVILS

We want a DEVILS goal now

Boucher save @ 16:18

Stingrays back to full strength

That Devils pp was a little bit better

Birbraer goes close @ 16:43

Stingrays penalty @ 18:17 - Dulle - holding

Lets be having that ppg u Devils

Final minute of 1st period

PP a shambles

Stingrays penalty @ 19:38 - Coburn - hooking

38 secs of 5 on 3

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Stingrays 1

Devils will start 2nd period with 17 secs of 5 on 3

Tim Darnell is ref Angela

NO PR yet under 10's on ice at the moment

Watch that hole you youngsters

Paul Regan appears with Brent Pope

Angela nevertheless thought Devils would win 5-3

PR says we need Steelers in the league

Did he pay anthing for them I would like to know

Also who picks up their debts as BP doesn't do debts

PR says hes trying to move the sport on

PR refers to how well Braehead and Hull are doing under other EIHL team owenership

EIHL needs to get to 12, v14, 16 teams so league needed Steelers

PR confirms that no finance will be transferred fro Devils to Steelers

They will be runas 1 company with the same budgets

PR says he staying with Devils

PR says all EIHL teams must spend the same irrespective of receipts

How the hell does that work?

PR says "we will have another chat in 6 or 12 months" as he is not going anywhere

SoG for 1st period 2 on Lyle, 26 on Boucher

Says a lot for our sharpshooters doesn't it

Teams return to the ice

Come on u Devils make this pp count

Feedback from fans at the rink is that PR talked bobbins, utter bobbins

2nd period underway

Stingrays return to 4 skaters

Stingrays return to full strength

Stingrays icing @ 21:45

TVs at Tent turned off

Devils penalty ' 24:44 - Matzka - holding

Puckout of play @ 25:06

Stingrays icing @ 26:17

No atmosphere at Tent

Colder than Murrayfield rink my texters say

Penalties Clutier (Stingrays) & Macrae (Devils) @ 26:24 - slashing

Matzka returns

Macrae & Cloutier return to the ice

Boucher save @ 28:26

Terrible Christmas fare being served up at the Tent tonight

Stingrays penalty - Dulle - holding

@ 29:11

Minor was interference not holding

Boucher making save after save, stopped at least three on this pp so far

Bury that biscuit u Devils

Boucher save @ 29:58

Chris S thinks he has early stages of frostbite

Stingrays penalty - Sladok - slashing, Devils penalty - Finnerty - roughing @ 30:27

Stevie Lyle probably has frostbite as well

Boucher save @ 31:21 followed by handbags

Gametime 31:40

Stingrays hit pipes on breakaway

Tendler that was

Penalties killed

Stingrays penalty - Read - interference

@ 34:07

35 minutes gone

Dodgy pp


At last we score

Devils ppg scored by Adams @ 35:58 assists Finnerty & Michel

Stingrays penalty - Lake - hooking @ 36:55

DEVILS GOAL ppg from Pelle

Another ppg @ 37:27 - Pelle assists Macrae & Birbraer

Devils offside @ 38:37

Final minute of 2nd period

Devils penalty @ 39:25 - K Smith 2+2 = hooking & roughing

Stingrays penalty - Coburn - roughing also @ 39;35

Davies sitting out minor

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Stingrays 1

There was a handbags convention at the end of the period that ref Darnell watched closely so we might have more penalties

Teams return to the ice

Devils penalty @ 40:00 - Adams - roughing

Stringrays penalties - Cloutier 2 +2 - charging & roughing @ 40:00

We off for 3rd period

Matzka hits pipes @ 40:45

Stingrays hit pipes

A new game maybe!!

Devils go on pp

Stringrays back to full strength

Gametime 42:05

Penalties - Bannister (sTngrays): Hill (Devils) - slashing @ 43:03

Penalties - Bannister (sTngrays): Hill (Devils) - slashing @ 43:03

Devils penalty @ 44:30 - Adams- interference


Assist Hill @ 45:23 a SHG

Correction no assist for Hill

Gametime 46:02

Teams back to full strength

5 on 5 for a change

Stingrays penalty - Tendler - slashing @ 46:46

Handbags @ 47:10


Scored by Pelle

Devils 4th goal @ 47:37 a ppg from Pelle unasisted

Stingrays icing @ 48:32

Getting a bit heated on the ice, it might warm Chris S

Lyle save @ 49:58

He is there after all

Devils penalty @ 50:20 - Michel - slashing

Stringrays goal @ 51:32 disallowed

Stingrays penalty - Bannister - hooking @ 51:32

Handbags @ 51:51

Sladok skates into Weller and ends on his ass

Finnerty v Sladock centre ice

Fight @ 52:25

Sladok claims take down but Finnerty threw the better punches

No much of a fight really

Darnell now caught in the headlights

Finnerty 5 mins for fighting Sladok 5 mins for fightinmg Hill minor - slashing All times at 52:25

Stingrays offside @ 53:23

Stingrays offside again @ 53:42

Bannister back for Hull

Lyle save @ 54:18

Hill returns for Devils

Matzka hits pipes for the 3rd time tonight

Give him a coconut

Maybe he 'd rather a goldfish

Devils score @ 56:03 - disallowed as net was off its moorings

Weller it was who scored but Boucher had moved his net

Stingrays offside @ 55:26

Gametime 56:03

Devils back to full strength

That was Finnerty & Sladock returning

Devils offside @ 57:31

Final 2 minutes of game

Lyle save @ 58:20

Devils icing @ 58:29

Stingrays penalty - Esders - holding @ 58:37

Boucher save @ 59:24

Puck out of play @ 59:40

Final score DEVILS 4 Stingrays 1

Good 2 points for Xmas

Our thanks to our merry band of texters - Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Ger-Devils, Andy Devils and Chris S

Stingrays MoM - Christian Boucher - what a surpise

Devils MoM - Jon PELLE

Thats all from me - OJ- have a Merry Christmas and make sure you join us on MNL on Boxing Day as we bring you the Devils game as Coventry