Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

OJ here at MNL HQ to bring you the eagerly awaited visit of the Sheffield Steelers to Cardiff Bay

Make sure you join me from 6pm as we bring you this crunch game between the EIHLS current form teams

Score predictions as usual to before face off at 7pm

Early predictions are: 6-4 Devils says Gareth John 5-3 Devils - Rhys Williams Ruth calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Keep those predictions coming

Have we got any predictions from Steelers fans who couldn't make the trip as they haven't got a passport

Less than 60 minutes to face off

If you are debating whether to go down the Bay get on your bike

Its like it will be a sell out or near sell out tonight

I have a full team of texters well not really I haven't got Paul tonight, those I have can't wait for this crucial game to start

Very slow on the predictions tonight

We must welcome Chris S back to Cardiff and he's on texting duties tonight.

The level of MNL bias will reach record levels with Chris reporting on the action in the tent.

Something tells me that I am going to be very busy tonight

We could be lucky, Hicks' whistle might not have a pee in it

Warmup underway

5 mins of warm up gone

Shows how keen the texters are

Good walk up crowd by all accounts so we might have a FULL sign

I'll never forget a game at the WNIR against Medway in 1988/9 season when the place was full to bursting. You just could move anywhere its must have been 5 deep at the barriers and if the Fire Service had turned up we would have been in trouble

Simon calls it 6-2 to the Devils and a Steeler taking a beating from Weller

Warmup in last 5 minutes

2 minutes of warmup remains

Warmup over

Capitals winning 2-1 against Panthers in 1st period

Zamboni on its last laps or should that be legs

Not many Steeler fans have made the trip to the Bay

Officials take to the ice

AWaiting teams

Tent is full except for visitor block

That is the least number of e-mails I can recall

Everyone must be at game or out partying

Teams ont po the ice


Anthems over

For those who missed it Mr Michael Hicks is in charge

Trouble with network tonite

Game has started

Devils penalty @ 2:08 - Weller - slashing

Steelers penalty - Hewitt - slashing

Hewitt penalty was boarding @ 2:31

Devils go on pp as Weller returns

Steelers back to full strength

Gametime 4:44

Devils penalty @ 6:02 - Adams - slashing


Devils penalty - Matzka - hooking @ 6:40

5 on 3 for Steelers

Steelers Goal a ppg

Steelers goal scored by Globke

Devils back to full strength

Steelers goal was in fact scored by Clark assist Simon @ 7:27

Steelers penalty - Thomas - interference

@ 9:23

Lets get that goal back u Devils

Thomas was a late blindside hit on Michel

Devils penalty - Macrae - hooking @ 10:13

That was a rubbish call by Hicks who sadly has already started to ruin this game

Devils penalty - Finnerty - roughing @ 11:11

Sheffield ppg scored by Tait

Thats a 2nd 5 on 3 ppg

Steelers 2nd goal scored by Legue

Correction 2nd Steelers goal was scored by Tait

Steelers player flat out on ice

2nd Steelers goal @ 12:15 scored by Tait, assistrs Bolibruck & Campbell

Clark was hit by Voth

2 + 10 for Voth

Check to the head @ 12:38

Devils penalty - Finnerty - slashing

Another 5 0n 3 for Steelers

Finnerty penalty was at 14:30

At least the 5 on 3 was only for 8 secs

Devils have 5 skaters

For how long I ask

Minor penalty count is Devils 7 Steelers 2

Lets have a goal u DEVILS

Steelers penalty

Munn - hooking @ 18:42

Lets have a PPG u Devils

When do we want it - NOW

Devils finally creating chances

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Steelers 2

Devils will start 2nd period with a 42 second pp

Come on u Devils get your act together, Panthers are losing in Edinburgh and Blaze to Hull

An impartial reporter says that whilst Devils fans are blaming Hicks the real culprits are the Devils themselves

Apologies for some disjointed reporting but all texters are having network problems tonight

Lyle wa only called upon to make 2 saves in that period.

Steelers come out for 2nd period

Hicks returns to a chorus of boos

Devils back on the ice

2nd period underway

Steelers kill penalty

Devils hit pipes

Gametime 21:22

Devils putting Steelers under pressure at last

Lyle save @ 22:19

Devils seem to be getting on top but no goals yet

Devils pressure but Mushakovs lets call him Moose playing well in Steelers net

Hill misses from the slot @ 23:23

Steelers penalty - Dowd - roughing

Dowd penalty was @ 24:01

Voth back soon

Voth is back


Scored by Michel

Teddies tossed

awaiting details of Devils opening goal

PPG @ 24:46 scored by Michel assist Finnerty

A second asist goes to K Smith

Hundres of teddies tossed

Still clearing the ice

Game re starts


Voth v Campbell

Take down Campbell, not many punches thrown

Campbell & Voth really had a dance now have 5 minute majors for fighting @ 24:56

There have been bigger fights on Strictly Come Dancing

And Ann Widdicombe is a better dancer than the two of them

Devils icing as Steelers get back to full strength

Sorry that last one doesn't make sense

Devils penalty - Adams

Adams 2+10 @ 32:09

Minor was for a hook

Always address a man with a whistle - SIR

It has become the Hicks Show again

Devils penalty - Finnerty @ 35:06 - holding

Steelers penalty @ 35:06 - Campbell - hooking

Gametime 35:31

Steelers icing @ 36:45

Steelers back to full strength are as the Devils

Crowd eagerly awaiting next instalment of penalties from Hicks

Last 2 minutes of 2nd period

Last minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Steelers 2

Which League table is correct EIHL or ih-update

If its the EIHL then Devils must win as they will go into 2nd place in league as Capitals have just beaten Panthers 5-4

Ice ready for 3rd period

No it isn't there is something wrong with the ice

Too much walter I presume

Teams return anyway

There is a big hole in the ice

Right down to the sand

Repairs ongoing

Still inspecting the ice

Ben Simon, Steelers coach shaking his head

Pub for an hour then back to finish game!!!!

Fire Extinguisher been deployed

Repair ongoing

Any snow and ice in Caerphilly to fill this hole, ours in Whitchurch has melted.

Now everyone having a llok at this hole which is 1 foot by six inches

No snow with 25 miles says Ger-Devils

When will be have a proper ice pads in Cardiff

WNIR had a temporary ice pad, the Tent has a temporary ice pad

G Adams skates away shaking his head

How can anyone be confident the Planet Ice can deliver a proper ice rink?

Teams look as if they are going to dressingrooms

Teams stay on benches

They are going to resurface the ice

What good that will do heavens knows

ZAmboni now on ice

Will probably breakdown

Steelers want game called off

Rink staff confident that a resurface will get rid of the some amount of sand on surface

The hole looks right dodgy, it is on the edge of the faceoff circle by the benches at the bowl end of the rink

Ice is looking dodgy

But thats what you will get from Planet Ice milking the cash cow

Looks as if we are going to finish game, players warming up

3rd period finally underway

Gone very quiet, I hope they haven't fallen down the hole

Gametime 44:00

Devils exerting pressure

Moose saves from Pelle


Voth we think

Voth assist Birbraer @ 44:40

Add Weller to that 2nd Devils goal

Steelers bench minor - served by Squires

Time of penalty 44:40

Misconduct penalty against Steelers bench that last penalty

Get that pp into gear u Devils

Steelers penalty - Domish

We think

Seeems to be confusion at the Tent

Major skirmish

Steelers penalty - Domish 2+2 - Roughing Devils - Voth 5 + Game - boarding

@ 46:24

Will we ever finish this game

Finnerty goes close @ 48:50

In all that confusion Adams is back

In 30 secs Steelers get 1 minute pp

Hull win 3-1 at Coventry

Checking ice again

Steelers on pp

Devils return to full strength

Gametime 52:02

Gametime 52:32



Devils 3rd goal scored by Matzka assists Birbraer & Pelle @ 52:19

Steelers penalty - Simon - high sticks @ 52:23

Steelers back to full strength

Gametime 56:20

No news is good news they say

Massive hit by Birbraer on Talbot

He is seeing more stars than there are in the galazy

Last 2 minutes

Gametime 58:44

Steelers timeout

@ 58:44

Steelers penalty Globke - holding Devils penalty - Finnerty - holding

Pewnalties were also at 58:44

Moose pulled

Great save by Lyle

@ 59:23

Final score DEVILS 3 Steelers 2

Thats my boys

By my calculations we go 2nd in league

Steelers MoM - Mustukovs - Moose to his mates

There is no truth in the rumour that fans are now fishing at the hole in the ice

Trying to find out who was Devils MoM

Devils MoM - WELLER

Our thanks to our merry band of texters - Sharlene, Andy Devils, Ger-Devils, Devils2001, JohnWildthing, Rhys and Chris S

Thats all from me OJ make sure to join us at MNL next Saturday night for the crucial CC game against Nottingham Panthers, regrettably I will not be with you but I am sure we will have someone here in the MNL hutch