Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Dundee Stars

Why not join me (OJ) from 5pm onwards as the Dundee Stars visit the Tent

This is a revenge match for that embarrasing defeat we suffered in Dundee

Score predictions as usual to before face off at 6pm

No predictions so far, hopefully all of you are making your way to Cardiff Bay to see this amazing team of ours

Both Stephen and Jed calls it 6-1 to the Devils

Texters making their way to the rink

Jed in Phnom Penh in Camdodia wants 2 points and a big shout from Emma and the kids

We will have to see what we can do.

Are there any players family out there tuning into MNL if there are e-mail us at

Ian Stonebridge calls if 5-3 to the Stars. Regretably you cannot live the game live online so you will have to put up with biased MNL

Trying to locate my texters for upto date info

Tried Pizza Hut, Ger-Devils is not there

Warmup is well underway

Keith where are you these days

It will be interesting what reception Jay Latulippe gets tonight

Do Devils fans still give a rousing reception to returning players?

In my day it was a trade mark of the Club and opposing teams couldn't believe the welcome given to returning Devils

So long as he doesn't score!!!

Do any of you remember netminder Chris Newton escape for Peterborough that night at WNIR

Let me know if you do -

Have you noticed that the EIHL websire score service has written off tonights games and feature next weeks

I suppose the EIHL are praying that this weekend never took place and the problems raised by last nights game at Coventry was just a bad dream

Warmup finished

It will be interesting what coverage will be on ih-update

Fans will have to rely on good old MNL which always brings you the hockey as it happens

End of the 2nd at Nottingham - Panthers and Stingrays tied at 3-3

Meyers took a beating off Sladock in 1st and hasn't appeared since

Grave news coming out of Newcastle where the smallest crowd ever seen at Whitley Bay are at tonights game against Blaze

Vipers short=benched as well

Vipers players have apparently been told to seek contracts with other teams

Unconfirmed story that Steelers are losing 2-1 to the Clan

Lawrie Stars drummerboy sees a Stars win in OT by odd goal in five

Stephen you are correct, Devils were giving their usual beating to the Pirates, Chris Newton had had enough and stepped aside to let Steve Moria to score from the blueline

The Peterborough team left without Newton in protest

Tent slow to fill up tonight

I always had problems getting the team on the bus at Peterborough and the worst culprits were coaches Lawless, Kanewisher and Heavey. WE left Kanewischer one night but he caught up with us in the take away

I am rabbiting on waiting for the teams to appear

Now 2-2 at Sheffield

Gareth wants the Devils to give the Stars a righ going over as revenge for that loss in Dundee

Stars have brought enough players 18 skaters + 2 netminders

Dean Smith has the whistle

Womders will never cease Finnerty and Latulippe shook hands

As you probably gathered teams are on the ice

Devils start with 3rd line against Stars 1st line

We are away

Devils come close in first 20 seconds

Loads of fans coming in late - traffic problems

Forsyth blocks pass on Devils 2 on 1

Stats hit pipes

Gametime 2:23

Devils shooting on sight, Kudra save

Stars tried to lob Lyle - weird

Devils having more of the play but Stars creating chances

Would appear that Stars are going with 4 forward lines

Kudra giving up rebounds

Referee Smith floors a Star skater - good hit that

Devils penalty - Voth - hooking @ 5:27


Devils offside @ 6:16

Devils penalty Matzka - slashing @ 6:31

Stars on 5 on 3

Stars offside @ 6:55

Devils back to 4 skaters as Voth returns

Devils back to full strength

Stars Goal - Latulippe

Latulippe assists Kinos @ 8:37

pelle chance Kudra save

Gametime 10:30

Kudra saves again from Pelle

Michel floors ZArb

Zarb goes off bent over

Zarb was awarded assist on Stars goal

But hes gone to dressing room

Latulippe's elbows raised

Latulippe now has a go at Ben Davies

Kudra giving up plenty of rebounds

Gametime 14:03

Lyle saves from Stars breakaway

Michel punches Latulippe

Stevie Lyle shut out lasted 130 minutes 53 seconds so his record of 165:53 from last season still stands

Stars penalty @ 15:40 - Suderman - x-checking

Lets get that ppg you Devils

Devils offside @ 16:07

Latulippe might have had a good welcome but his is now being boed

Devils offside @ 16:52

Poor pp from Devils, 5 secs left

Stars return to full strength

Stars icing @ 18:04

Final minute of 1st period

Devils icing @ 19:08

Lets equalise before the interval

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Stars 1

Devils started well but fell off their game as period went on

A few choice words are need me thinks

Stingrays win 5-4 after penalties at Nottingham

Lets hope the news of Panthers defeat get to the Devils dressingroom and that encourages them to pull their finger out

Vipers winning 1-0 against Blaze

Teams return to the ice

2nd period starts

A false start referee wouldnt drop the puck as there was too much surface water

Out come the squeezzes

Finally we are underway

Stars icing @ 21:10

dams skates into Devils net, Stevie jumped out of the way

Vipers 2 Blaze 0

gone very quiet

Devils chasing the puck mob handed - why don't they spread out

Finally a goal at Edinburgh, Giants lead 1-0

Finnerty break saved by Kudra

Puck loose in Stars zone slap shot from blue line save Kudra

Now 4-4 at Sheffield

Lyle foils Stars breakaway

Appologies to Ladislav its Kudnra not Kudra as I have been calling him

I am confused what he is called but he is making save after save

I was right in the first place it is Kudra

Mad scramble in front of Stars net but Devils can't get the biscuit over the line

Devils have upped the tempo, so lets find another gear

Zarb has not appeared since Michel hit him

Stars icing @ 31:33

Stars standing up well to continuous Devils pressure

Good crowd in Tent tonight so lets give them a goal u Devils

Another Stars player down

He gets up gingerly

Gametime 33:55

Handbags on display

Gerad Adams want Latulippe

Devils penalty - Sam Smith - he started it

Confusion - who has had penalty

Penalties coming

Devils - Sam Smith - Roughing @ 33:40


Time of goal 34:04

Assists Pelle & Birbraer

There was a Stars penalty @ 33:40 - Nebus - Roiughing

Nebus actually got 2+2

Powerplay goal for Devils

Voth has taken a dislike to Kinos

Michel now floors Ceman

Stars return to full strength

Stars penalty Suderman - X-check @ 37:34

One minute of penalty killed by Stars

Stars kill penalty

End of 2nd period - DEVILS 1 Stars 1

Vipers win 3-1 so lets hope they can survive their problems

Teams return to the ice

Come on u Devils put us out of our misery and bag these two points

Ice is wet again so has to be brushed/squeezed

Still no Zarb

We are off for the 3rd period

Tylor you are a bully pick on someone your own size, Zarb is only 6ft 6in

Devils Goal - Birbraer @ 41:07

Max buried a rebound


Matzka @ 41:34

Breakaway for Devils 3rd goal

Time out Stars

Assists on Devils 2nd goal to Pelle & Matzka

3rd goal assists to Pelle & Birbraer

Stars penalty @ 42:19 Nebus - holding

Stars return to full strength

Devils penalty - Voth - Boarding @ 46:36

2+ 10 for Voth

It was checking from behind

Stars pp weak

Finnert cocks up breakaway opportunity

Devils kill penalty

Kudra saves from Pelle

Now Birbraer & Pelle have a 2 on 1 chance Max shoots instead of passing

Stars penalty @ 49:40 - Cartwright - tripping

Hill & Latulippe mouthing off at each other

Stars offside @ 50:32

Stars kill penalty

Stars offside @ 52:09

Stars icing @ 53:31

Stars icing again @ 53:56

Run that clock down u Devils

Devils penalty @ 55:15 - Weller - x-check

Stars offside @ 55:49

One minute of Weller penalty killed

Thankfully there hasn't been a working pp in the Tent tonite

Devils return to full strength

Gametime 58:30

Last minute

Final score DEVILS 3 Stars 1

Stars MoM - Kudra

Devils MoM - MACRAE

A big thank you to our texters at the Tent my normal team of Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Ger-Devils, Paul and Andy Blaze and also to Rhys our rookie texter well done everyone

Thats all from me - OJ - join me next Saturday when those nasty Steelers come to town