Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 0 - 4 Cardiff Devils

All set up ready to go

Make sure you join me OJ from 6pm onwards

Score predictions as usual to

Fans will be glad to know that the team entered Scotland at around 3pm so will get to the rinkk in good time

Game time in 90 or so minutes so its time to finish of the tea, put the beer on ice (optional) and pull up a chair as we give you hockey from Glasgow as we enter the 2nd week (or is it third) of the modern ice age.

Moray Hanson has the whistle tonight so lets hope he keeps his pea underused

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PAK2305 calls it 4-2 to the Devils and wishes everyone a safe journey home

Ruth cheking if we have moved, no prediction from her yet due to cold weather

Carl are u out there I had a funny e-mail from you earlier suggesting you were in sunnier climes

My Clan texter's bus just crashed into a car - everyone OK thank goodness

Devils are at the rink

Angela goes for a 5-3 win for the Devils

No prediction from me tonight I am still enjoying the success of my 12-0 prediction last week.

Ruth calls if 4-2 Devils

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We were hoping that would have been back up but there seems to be cobwebs in the system somewhere

It will be interesting if Dundee can get to Cardiff on Sunday, I assume their biggest problem is getting to the Forth Bridge.

For those of you in Dundee it is now raining in Cardiff and thawing

Warm up underway at Braehead

Tonights MNL coverage will not be as comprehensive as usual as we are down to just one texter - Chris Devlin, a Clan fan who is armed with two mobiles

Our gratitude goes to Chris who has stepped into the breach and I must say is as keen as mustard

David in Belfast predicts a 5-1 win for the Devils

Panic starts to kick in, lost contact with my sole texter

Warmup now completed

David I hope all games are played this weekend, Devils got to Glasgow OK today

Phil calls it 5-3 to the Clan, bless him

Carl says 6-1 to the Devils, thats more like it

Gareth thinks tonight will be a pivotal game to determine whether he are title contenders

Now snowing in Llanelli

There is a severe weather warning for South Wales with heavy snow working eastwards

Ice is ready awaiting teams

Teams slow taking to the ice

Teams finally appear

Braehead Arena like a morgue

We are away for the 1st period

No 1st minute goal for the Devils this week

Snowing in the Alps (Caerphilly)

NNo news is good news I suppose

DEVILS Goal @ 3:31 Matzka, assist Birbraer

No news is good news

Penalties Clan Phillips hooking . Devils Finnerty - holding stick @ 3:53

Devils in control of game

Clan penalty 2 minute roughing, Devils Voth 2+2 roughing

Clan on pp

Devils return to full strength

Apologies no Clan player identified and no gametime given

Devils now under pressure from Clan

Gametime 13:03

Devils penalty @ 13:30 - Michel - hooking

DEvils PK squad in action kill penalty

Gametime 16:43

Dareen in Ohio says its snowu=ing thee and he predicts a 3-1 win for the Devils

Devils penalty - Finnerty - hooking

Apologies Finnerty penalty was at 17:00

Ruth is that Rhys Meredith?

Devils return to full strength

Andrew snaps Carl's 6-1 Devils win

Had neglected to bring you all the predictiona

End of 1st period Clan 0 DEVILS 1

Clan improved as game went on but best chances go to Devils

Ger-Devils who has been pigging out at an Indian Restaurant predicys a 4-2 win for the Devils

We are indebted to Geraint as he found us our texter at Braehead - Chrius Devlin

Smalles crowd to date at Braehead

2 Devils fans spotted at Braehead

Glynne wants 2 points and a 4-2 Devils victory, but I am sure he would take the 2 points with any score

Teams back for 2nd period

Gone very quiet

No news is good news

It worked last time

Devils creating half chances apparently

We must up the tempo as it will make the trip home much more bearable

Devils have gained ontrol of game but have nothing to show for it

Clan rooted in their end zone

Come on u DEVILS give us a goal

Devils hit crosbar

Clan penalty @ 28:01 - Chaumont - interference

Lets get that pp into overdrive u Devils

Clan return to full strength


Nice to hear that the Devils D is very organised

Clan playing a dump & chase game which is unusual for them

Gametime 15:03

Devils still dominant @ 37:15

Devils penalty @ 38:00 - Pelle - interference

Game stopped due to damage to plexi

Play resumes


Devils 2nd goal scored by MacRae assist Michel @ 38:32

That 2nd Cardiff goal was a SHG

Perras at fault for goal I am told

At the end of 2nd period it was Clan 0 Devils 2

3rd Period starts

Come on Devils lets cash in the 2 points, a quick ccarry out and onto the bus

Gametime 44:02

Clan still resorting to dump & chase


Awaiting full details

Scored by Matzka assist Richardon @ 45:53

Glynne is a goon

Not happy with 2points on the road he wants some bigs hits thrown

We have to look after our Celtic cousins from the north as we want them to take points off our rivals

Starting with the Capitals on Sturday night when the Giants hit the Scottish Capital

Devils penalty @ 47:25 - S Smith - slashing: Michel 10 minute misconduct + Game- abuse of official

Lets kill this penalty Devils

One minute killed

Lyle playing well


4th Devils goal @ 53:51 - Finnerty assist Hill

Glynne says this is the best Devils team for years, I will have to go and have a look for myself

Gametime 55:51

Lets run that clock down, start the engine - driver

Its all downhill home to Cardiff

Last 2 minutes

Gametime 59:02

Devils penalty @ 59:16 - M Smith - interference

Final score Clan 0 DEVILS 4

Too easy says Chris our Clan texter

That is Stevie Lyle 3rd shut out in less than a month

Clan MoM - Bruce

Devils Mom - Scot Matzka

Our thanks to Chris Devlin our texter at Braerhead

Godd 2 points , safe journey home for the team and those 2 Devils fans spotted at the rink

Thats all from me OJ, join me on Sunday night when hopefully the Dundee Stars can get through the snow to the Tent in Cardiff Bay