Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 12 - 0 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL its OJ here in the well heated control room

I am still finalising my list of texters as some have had to give up the ghost of travelling long distance to this game.

It is still snowing heavily here in Cardiff, the major roads are pretty clear but there are horrendous traffic problems due to the severe weather

For those who can't make the game, especially my texters, the have the luxury of the Devils battle with the Stingrays being shown live on SKY.

If you cannot get near a SKY transmission why not join me here on MNL

Score predictions to before face off at 7:30

Have you all got your Dave Simms Bingo cards at the ready

I will try and be the adjudicator on any "Housey" calls

I think to be fair the gametime should be recorded when any Simmsy phase appears. You can use pre game, 1st interval, 2nd interval and post game for those nuggets uttered outside active gametime

Three texters reported in so far so we should be OK

Cardiff Airport closed due to snow

Now the problems start with Cardiff gridlocked

No score predictions so far

Remember to relay your sightings of Simmsy's buzz phrases to us at MNL by emailing

Ice is ready

Warmup underway

Sorry for the delay in bring you news of the warm up.

10 minutes of warmup left

Symmonds only scratch for Devils

Bannister ices for Stingrays

News of a very small crowd at the Tent tonight

With all of you at home watching this on SKY I think I am going to be busy with Simms Bingo

Maybe they should have invited the All Blacks to the game so that they all catch a cold before tomorrows game

Ger-Devils is letting me down again, he's in Pizza Hut and neglecting his texting duties

There must be someone out there to e-mail me, Keith, Carl, Ruth etc where are you

Whats the maximum number of pairs of socks have you worn? Paul is trying to break the record in the Tent tonight

Warmup over

Zamboni - bless her - on the ice

Drew Bannister wears sweater no 7 for Stingrays

Newbridge to Llanbradach in 60 minutes thats one disspointed absentee fan reports

It would appear that the biggest problem traffic wise in on the M4 between Newport and Cardiff and north of Cardiff ie Caerphilly has had a big dusting of snow

Zamboni on its final circuit or is it final legs

I can bring you a MNL exclusive - Ger-Devils has finally had his pizza, hes's eaten one piece now hot footing it to the tent

Crowd estimated as less than 500 brave souls

Stingrays keen to take to the ice

Waiting for intros

Stingrays take to the ice

They are keen

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Darnell has the whistle

I wonder if he will whistle down evry hit tonight

Crowd has grown all of a sudden to between 750 and 1,000

Ger get into the Tent they are about to start

Don't drop your pizza

There is no bread left north of Ponty

Anthem time

They are going into the traps

The hare is running

We are off


Hold on it might be MacRae

Macrae was the scorer

Sladock fell on his backside Macrae was away and slotted the biscuit home

Assists from Michel & WEller

Another Macrae breakaway @ 1:56


Devils 2nd Goal at 2:03 scored by Macrae assists Richardson & Michel

Time of 1st Devils goal was 17seconds

Devils Penalty - bench minor - too many men @2:54

Devils shg breakaway saved

Birbraer checks Bannister

Devils penalty @ 4:12 - Weller - hooking

Devils back to 4 skaters

Stingrays hit post

Devils return to full strength

Gametime 6:29

Devils penalty @ 6:44 - Adams - tripping

Stingrays posing offensive threat hence Devils penalties

Stringrays shoot wide

Devils kill penalty

Devils icing @ 9:12

Devils offside @ 9:29

Two late predictions 5-2 says M Davies, 4-2 says Derek C

Devils icing @ 10:18

Anyone come up on the Bingo yet

Devils winng almost all face offs

Michel flattens Dulle

With a name like that would expect him to avoid the hit?

Stringrays showing most offensive threat

Hull penalty at 13:11 - delay of game - Uuisivrta

Someting like that, not Jones anyway

Devils set up in Stingrays zone but no shots taken

Hull kill penalty

Weller misses back post chance from tight angle

Voth and Weller combined well for that Weller chance

Devils retaining puck much better now

Last 2 minutes

Stingrays have great 2 on 1 chance, Devils D with excellent block

Gametime 18:54

Female fan got hit in the face by puck


Devils 3rd goal scored by Sam Smith

He was all alone in front and buried the Digestive

Assists from Weller & Macrae @ 19:02

15 secs left in 1st period

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Stingrays 0

Devils almost scored on the buzzer

Devils denied a 4th goal by the butt end of the netminders stick

Are there anyone out there in the Monmouth/Ross?Hereford area? What is the weather like or more importantly what are the roads like? E-mail me at

I can't believe that nobody has e-mailed me re Bingo

Dave Simms might has lost his voice, we can but live in hope

I am glad I am indoors in the warm, me and my stinking cold

My son had a wife I had a daughter in law and a cold. Is that a fair deal I ask

Both teams return to the ice

We are off for the 2nd period


Sam Smith @ 20:11

Assist Macrae

Still waiting for the ambulance for the lady hit by puck

Devils penalty Matzka - hooking @ 21:03

Lyle saves from Read

Gametime 22:20

Weller nails Coburn into boards

Devils kill penalty

Gametime 23:33


Scored by hill assis Finnerty @ 24:48

Finnerty took shot netminder stops it it trickles thru his legs and Hill taps it in

Additional assist to Voth on that 5th Devils goal

Stingrays penalty Uusivirta - interference


This is Brad Voth 300th EIHL game

Stringrays return to full strength



Assist Weller

Also assist for Pelle, goal timed at 27:22

Just to confirm score DEVILS 6 Stingrays 0

Devils icing 28:17

If Hull relied on Stingrays defence to keep the Humber out the city would be under 20ft of water

Devils 5th goal changed to Finnerty, assist Voth

Stingrays penalty - Esders - hooking @ 28:43

Lyle fils a Strinrays sh chance

Stringrays look good going forward but crap in defence

Gametime 31:06

Gametime 31:21 as Boucher gloves a slap shot from point

Shame for the brave fans that have made it to the Tent that the game is not competive anymore due to Hulls failings on D

Gametime 33:30

Pelle & Matzka on a breakaway, Matzka misses empty net

Matzka misses a sitter says 3 of my texters, there is some collusion there me thinks

BINGO - Laura registers " The goaltenders faced more rubber than a dead cat on the M4"

Gametime 36:10

Bannister looks like a player who hasn't been on the ice for months

Teams now trading shots @ 36:31

Gametime 37:25

Devils not breaking a gut

3rd period will be a stinker unless Stingrays score a few of if the Devils really go to town

Hull Penalty - Bannister - hooking @ 37:54

At least we know who is is ih-update says #7


Birbraer takes first shot but its Weller that nets it @ 38:31 assists Birbraer & Pelle

Last minute of 2nd period

Hulls NHLer in bin, Devils score thats sums it up nicely

end of 2nd period DEVILS 7 Stingrays 0

Final score should be 12-0 with 5 goals in 3rd

I am not a statistican for nothing you know

Claire, that is very interesting I didn't appreciate there was a time lag on Sky coverage via internet

What Claire was saying was that MNL was warning her that there was a goal on the way so she better pay attention

I assume that there isn't a delay on SKY TV coverage

There might be of course. It is a problem with horse racing on Sky (At the Races) which is is some 30 seconds or more behind.

3rd period underway

SoG given as Devils 10 + 8, Stingrays 9 + 18

It must be shots on not shots by

Ambulance finally arrives after 50 secs, lady has a splitting headache and a gash on head

Hope she is OK

Gametime 43:15

As predicted 3rd period has become a non event

Either that or my texters fram frozen

Paul doesn't think the Stingrays have thrown a check all evening

Sladok turnover gives Devils another chance

Finnerty has taken a fancy to Bannister

Hattrick for SAM SMITH


Michel with 9th goal

9th Devils goal was on a delayed penalty

PELLE scores

Deviuls 8th goal Sam Smith assist Weller @ 47:36

Waiting details on 9th and 10th

Devils 9th goal @ 47:46 scored by Michel assist Macrae

Devils 10th goal was Hill, assists Birbraer & Adams @ 48:12

That was Gerad Adams 100th EIHL assist

Gametime 50:20

My reporters are adamant that Pelle and not Hill scored 10th goal

Stingrays penalty - Dulle @ 50:37 - slashing

Kalmikov breakaway week shot not even on target

Weller hits pipes

Gametime 52:01

I hope we got all the key scores to you, that was hectic

Stingrays kill penalty

3 goals in 36 seconds

Gametime 53:11

Only teasing

Devils penalty @ 53:24 - M Smith - interference

Pelle goes close sh

DEVILS GOAL _ Finnerty

A shg

Hull messed up their line change and Finnerty was away

SHG @ 54:47 scored by Finnerty assist K Smith

Devils return to full strength

Gametime 55:33

Stingrays penalty @ 55:51 - L Mitchell - slashing

A ppg would do nicely

Stingrays kill 1 minute of penalty

There it is DEVILS 12th Goal

Matzka I think

@ 57:48

Assists Macrae & Pelle a ppg

Last minute

Final score DEVILS 12 Stingrays 0

I told you it would finish 12 -0

Stingrays MoM - Tendler

Someone had to have it

Who will get Devils MoM Sam Smith with hatrick or Stuart MacRae with 2+4

It goes to Sam Smith

My texters have lost all faith in SoG stats

I hope that those brave fans who went to the Tent on such a miserable night enjoyed the goal fest

It will be interesting what Mr Simms has to say about that performance

He will probablyput it all down to a poor Stingrays effort

Well done to my texters - Ger-Devils, Andy Blaze and Paul

No more games this weekend so goodbye from me OJ until next weekend when we expect the Devils to keep this wonderful winning sequence to continue

Devils in Glasgow on Friday night we hope to bring MNL to you