Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

Chris here again tonight, and as always I can be pestered before/during the game at

Both teams out for warmup, hopefully only Symonds missing for us...

Just been mentioned that next weekends fixtures have changed, we're now playing Hull on Friday! I think that's down to it being a live Sky game?

I have absolutely no idea why the updates aren't working for me without hitting f5, but if it goes quiet for anyone else just hit f5 i guess and we'll hope the server doesn't implode

Murrayfield absolutely dead at the moment, rubbishly cold as well...

It's the Vipers 'drive for 5' event this weekend, but I think they've only managed 1000 ish to each game across the weekend :S

Solitary Capitals fan that's texting me says it looks like just Symonds missing for us

First prediction from Ruth - Caps 3-6 Devils \o/

Another prediction from someone with no name, i'll just call you Jeffery says Caps 2-3 Devils

Simon says Devils to win 2-5 again tonight

Russky didn't actually give me a prediction...

Warmup over in the freezing north

Another very very small crowd for the Caps according to our texter

Seems a small number of Devils fans have been spotted building a fire in the corridor to try and warm up

Angela says 3-5 Devils victory tonight :)

Russky says 3-6 to the Devils, but they need to play with more intensity and be more physical tonight...

Not related to our game, but Prpich just ran Kowalski in Whitley Bay and then had a fight with Neilson for it :)

David and Greg both saying Devils to run out 3-5 winners, here's hoping!

OJ Says Devils to win 3-8! That would be good, but have we ever won by such a margin up in Edinburgh?

Apparently this thing doesn't like it when i click 'add' too much

Incase it didn't display - OJ Says Devils to win 3-8! That would be good, but have we ever won by such a margin up in Edinburgh?

Gaz G says Devils to win 2-4, Weller to get his first goal :)

Keith says a 2-5 victory as well, lots of people predicting we'll score 5 goals again tonight!

Right, officials on the ice, that's the last predictions I can put up!

Both teams on the ice now, the completely unbiased Hanson is ref tonight...

Of course when I say unbiased I do of course mean he's horribly biased to the Caps

Anthems done

Ceremonial puck drop done

Here we go, come on Devils!

Not sure how much info i'll be getting through tonight, so I may just end up rambling utter nonsense to fill the gaps

According to the gamesheet, Capitals have more players than us...

Capitals score :(

Capitals 1st goal timed at 2:01, St Jaques unassisted

Shot came from the blueline...

To back OJ's prediction up, Devils have indeed won by such a margin once before, winning 4-9 on the 20 Feb 1994...

It's end to end up in Murrayfield at the moment, both teams creating chances and both netminders playing well so far

After last nights game, we have 4 players in the top 10 point scorers for the league again...

Pelle at #1 with 41pts, Matzka at #5 with 36pts, Michel at #6 with 33pts and Birbraer at #10 with 31pts \o/

Macrae is over a pt per game as well, 25 games played, 27 points including 25 assists!

There appears to be nothing happening in Murrayfield, so it's probably end to end

K Smith top points scoring D man tied with Neilson at the moment, except Kenton doesn't have an ego that threatens the very existence of the universe

And it's just been confirmed, end to end up in Edinbrugh


And Gaz G wins an imaginary prize for his prediction...


Devils 1st goal timed at 8:28, Weller from Pelle and Birbraer :D

That was Pelles 42nd point for us!

Birbraer moves upto #8 in the top 10 points scorers, 32pts so far!

It's gone very quiet again from our game

Devils penalty timed at 13:34, Weller 2mins for tripping

Hanson probably called that because Weller dared to score against the Capitals *cough*

There's been a change to the Capitals first goal as well, incase anyone is keeping a note it should now read...

Capitals 1st goal timed at 2:01, St Jacques from Cingel

Penalty killed...

wait no, it's not been killed, but...


Devils 2nd goal timed at 15:29, Pelle from Matzka! \o/

A shorthanded goal!

Pelles 43rd point, Matzkas 37th point, Pelle top of scoring table, Matzka now upto 3rd!

Awfully quiet again, trying to think what else i could ramble about

End of the first, Capitals 1-2 Devils :D

We may have coverage problems looming...

The person i'm relying on for texts tonight is the father of one of the Capitals players and it seems he's picked up a knee injury in the 1st...

So i'm not too what's going to happen, but apologies if I do suddenly have to say we have no more coverage :(

Unless anyone knows of anyone else up in Edinburgh that would be prepared to help us of course?

On the hunt for backup texters, not too sure what's happening up in Edinburgh just at the moment...

I don't think the 2nd has started yet, so I still have a couple of minutes to try and find a backup :E

The eliteleague website has just changed Pelles points total to 42 points...

And we also have an additional assist on our 2nd goal, should now read...

Devils 2nd goal timed at 15:29, Pelle from Matzka and M smith - SHG

Officials and both teams back out for the 2nd period

I'm still getting updates at the moment which is good...

May have a couple of other people texting, but not 100% yet, hopefully we'll be able to keep going

I'm not sure if the 2nd has started yet, i'm assuming so

Murrayfield isn't a PI rink, so it's unlikely the zamboni has exploded or the whole ice pad melted

But yes, we've started, couple of mins into the 2nd

Early pressure from the Devils...

End to end again

That's 2 caps fans texting me now, i think we're saved :)

5mins into the 2nd, both teams playing well and creating chances

There was only 1 penalty in the 1st period, that's some sort of miracle for Hanson isn't it?

"Nothing has happened this period" - sounds like a brilliant game so far this period :P

Hand pass by Finnerty is the most exciting thing to have happened yet, roughly 27mins gone

Shots on goal for the first, 13 on Reid, 8 on lyle

Devils are playing better than the Capitals, but there's nothing happening...

Well this does sound like a thrilling game

no penalties, no goals so far in the 2nd

No hits either by the sounds of it

A penalty!


Capitals penalty at 29:02 I think...

Seems to be some confusion about this penalty

The gamesheet says the penalty was timed at 31:02, Mckenzie 2mins for tripping...

But texter says Capitals penalty at 29:02, Schafer 2mins for high sticks

There's been only one call...

Bugger it, there's been a penalty in the 2nd period to the Capitals for high sticks



Devils 3rd goal timed at 32:08, Michel from Finnerty - PPG

That's an even strength goal, a shorthanded goal and now a powerplay goal for the Devils :D

That penalty must have been timed at 31:02 then

I can't remember the html code for sparkly colours to do ENL updates

*** ENL Devils 1-0, but i'm not sure who they're playing against! ***

*** And now it's 1-1 ***

Voth trying to mix it up apparently, maybe his hand is fully healed now then?

*** ENL guys are playing against the Bristol Pit Bulls tonight ***

Devils penalty timed at 35:39, 2mins for too many men

Not sure who's sitting that for us

Another Devils penalty coming :(

Devils penalty at 36:16, Hill 2mins for tripping

Capitals 5on3 for 1:23

Apparently that penalty on Hill was announced as a cross-checking call...

Both penalties killed now anyway, phew

*** ENL Devils 1-2 Pitbulls :( ***

Hill steps out of the box and gets a 1on1 opportunity but a great save from Reid denies him

End of the 2nd period, Capitals 1-3 Devils

Shots on goal for the 2nd, 9 on Reid, 12 on Lyle

*** Enl Devils 2-2 Pitbulls - 16mins gone ***

*** Now the ENL Devils are 3-2 up... ***

Officials back for the 3rd period

Here we go with the 3rd, come on Devils!

Additional assist on the Devils 3rd goal, should now read...

Devils 3rd goal timed at 32:08, Michel from Finnerty and K Smith - PPG

*** End of the first, ENL Devils 4-2 Pitbulls, sounds like it got quite interesting towards the end of the period ***

Still not a great deal happening :S

Texters all saying it's quite dull at the moment

Anyone know if Latulippe is playing for the Stars yet?

44mins gone, Hay misses an empty net after Lyle goes walkies

Other than that, Devils look in control of the game

Final score up in Whitley, Vipers 2-4 Panthers

Even with Prpich the Vipers don't seem to be able to win, and they haven't brought in that dodgy looking dman yet!

Brilliant teamwork from the Devils here...

Hill checks Cingel straight into Lyle

Lyle ends up in our nets with Cingel ontop of him, Hill tries to blame someone else

Lyle finally gets back up, just over 46mins gone and that's the most exciting moment in the 3rd period so far...

Game photos from last night have just gone up - here

Still no penalties or goals in the 3rd period

Someone do something damnit!


Capitals score a 2nd :(

Capitals 2nd goal timed at 50:44, Kim from Cingel and Hutchins

16 seconds later...


Devils 4th goal timed at 51mins exact, Matzka from Pelle and Birbraer :D

Lomas floors Weller!

That had to be an illegal move

Turns out I had the shots on goal wrong for the 2nd, 12 on Reid, 9 on Lyle it should have been

5th penalty of the game!

Capitals penalty at 55:04, Perreault 2mins for delay of game

Devils penalty at 55:34, Pelle 2mins for netminder interference...

4on4 i guess, but...


Devils 5th goal timed at 56:07, Finnerty from Hill and Weller

Finnerty backhand over Reid :D

Both teams back to full strength

Capitals score a 3rd :(

Capitals 3rd goal timed at 57:39, Schafer from St Jacques and Taylor

18:34 gone, Capitals pull Reid

Forgot to add the Caps 3rd goal :(

But that's the end of the game, Capitals 3-5 Devils

Final shots on goal, 13 on Reid, 9 on Lyle

Devils man of the match goes to Pelle

Capitals man of the match goes to Reid

Hope everyone enjoyed, that's all from me though

Chris out.