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Basingstoke Bison 5 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Hey hey! A big welcome once again to MNL, if there's anyone out there give us a shout!

Devils are tonight missing Brad Voth who is still recovering from his should injury picked up last weekend against the Phoenix. No word on whether Towe has recovered from injury or whether he's travelled with Team GB...

Bison tonight without Greg Chambers who is their most prolific points scorer, he's away with Team GB. Bison still without a full squad after the mess with the last owners.

Let's hope tonights result is better than the various results over the past few weeks. Hamilton winning the Forumla1, Wales losing to South Africa, BAH. Wonder if Calzaghe can pull off the result against Jones tonight in New York...

Infact, I wonder if he'll be wearing his Devils jersey :D

Just a warning to anyone out there, tonights service could be very limited depending on the phone reception available at the Bison rink :(

As our game hasn't started yet, Edinburgh currently leading the Stingrays 2 goals to 0. Hopefully Voth will be back for tomorrows game so he can show Stefishen a thing or two. Failing that, maybe Campbell can use one of his now legendary checks on the Steishen... :D

Not long to go and not getting any info out of our volunteers at the rink tonight :(

Seems we do have signal! Huzzah! Not sure we have many viewers tonight mind...

And a one minute silence being observed for rememberence day!

Sounds like the ref for tonight might be Thompson.

Anyone alive out there? Any score predictions? Any advice on life? Email us!

A score prediction from the forums! DCdad's going for 6-3 Devils!

And the puck is dropped! COME ON YOU DEVILS!


Goal Devils, 45seconds in from Prpich! YES!

Paul on the email says Devils to win 6-2!

Goal Bison! Stewart at 53seconds! NO!

Trying to get more updates on these goals folks, news is filtering through slowly!

Not sure if the goals are showing for anyone else out there, if not, hit F5 and hopefully it'll auto update!

Bison penalty. Curtiss Patrick at 1:53 2mins holding!

Further info on these 2 goals, seems my first texter was wrong!

1st Goal - Devils goal at 45seconds, Hartwick from Silverthorn.

2nd Goal - Bison goal at 1:03, Stewart from Braff.

Bison goal! Details coming. Shorthanded.

Second Bison goal Miller from Read 3:03 shorthanded.

Cap on the email says Devils to finally get a 4point weekend. Let's hope so Cap.

Devils have called a time out after the Bisons 2nd goal!

Danny on the email says Devils to win 5-3...

Seems like the timeout might have helped matters!

Anymore score predictions out there? go go go!


Not sure who the Devils 2nd goal has come from or who scored. Yet!

Devils 2nd goal. Hill at 9:33. Assists to MacIver and Towe. Huzzah!

Sounds like the Devils 1st goal actually came from Prpich, but has been miscalled as Hartwick... The mystery deepens!

Texters at the game saying they saw Prpich put the puck in the back of the net...

Kerry on the email says Devils to win 5-3 as well!

Devils bench penalty! 13:57 2mins. Cowmeadow sits the penalty.

Anyone know why Cowmeadow seems to be the player always sitting the too many men calls? Seems a waste to sit him out for 2mins. If you know, email me!

Devils successfully kill the penalty! Sounds like the timeout was a good call by Adams!

It's gone awfully quiet again folks. Make something happen Devils!

Aha! Devils penalty Latulippe. 2mins slashing. Time details coming...

Latulippes penalty called at 18:19...

Bison penalty. Miller 2mins interference at 19:15. 4on4 for the final minute!


Devils 3rd goal details coming shortly! I hope :E

Devils 3rd goal. Jarvis from Prpich at 19:47

And that's the end of the 1st period. Devils lead 3-2 and will start the 2nd period with 15seconds of penalty killing to be done!

Shots on goal for the 1st period. Bison=9 Devils=13

Anyone out there? Awfully quiet tonight on the email and the forums. Give us a wave!

We've got a Devils fan all the way from Belfast on the email! Always knew the Giants were crap :D

Word from the game says the goals are going in a bit too easily on both sides. Great game to watch, but defensively it's not so great.

2nd Period about to start. Don't forget Devils have 15seconds of penalty killing left to do!

19 seconds of penalty killing sorry!

Hello to Keith once again, all the way from Aberystwyth. any score prediction out west Keith? :)

Keith says Devils to win 6-3! Anymore predictions out there?

Rebecca from Belfast says Devils 5-3 winners. Lots of people predicting the same score tonight!

Devils penalty. Jarvis 2mins tripping at 25:43

Brad on the email says Devils to win 6-4! Number of Bison players coming up mate!

There's still some confusion reigning over this Devils 1st goal. Not sure how we can get the true scorer unless they change the call at the game?

Shannon from Wolverhampton says Devils to win 5-4! We've got Devils fans from all over the place! anyone out there in any other interesting locations?

Word is Bison have 12 players, 1 netminder and a backup. So 2 line hockey for Bison tonight...

If you didn't know, Devils average attendance so far this season is 1414, up a massive 400 on last season!

Afraid there's nothing much happening at the game at the moment, so i'm rambling again :(

Turns out Shannon on the email is also from Northern Ireland. Just how bad are these so-called 'Giants'? :D

Sam from Pontypool on the email says Devils to win 5-2!

Steelers 2-1 Phoenix after the 1st period! Come on the Phoenix!

Hughes runs Aubry! Game has been stopped for aubry to receive treatment!? Sounds like he's ok though!

Peter on the email has gone all out. Devils to win 8-2 with Prpich and Jarvis to get hat-tricks. There's always hope Pete :)

Capitals are beating the Stingrays 6-1! I hope they don't keep their form up for tomorrow, we'll need a miracle otherwise!

Devils penalty. Towe 2mins hooking at 36:49!

Towes penalty comes at 34:49 not 36! Apologies folks!

Devils successfully kill another penalty!

Word is Aubry looks fine after the Hughes incident! Prpich forechecks Braff behind Reiter and almost scores! Come on the Devils!

And that's the end of the 2nd period. Score remains the same at 2-3 Devils!

Same on the email who predicted a 5-2 win says the final 2 goals to come from Silverthorn, Campbell or Hartwick!

Game got a bit heated after Aubry was hit by Hughes, but no penalties called. Prpich is looking very threatening and deserves (another?) goal! The defence is looking more comfortable and it's an entertaining game, despite no goals. you heard it here first!

Word is Stefishen had a fight with Kerr up in Hull after a high sticks call. with any luck he's had a match penalty!

Anymore score predictions out there then? Any advice on anything? Give us a shout!

3rd period has begun!

Devils penalty Doug MacIver 2mins high sticking at 40:33

Simon on the email says Devils to win 5-3 and Calzaghe to win in the 5th round!

Shots on goal for the 2nd period were Bison=9 Devils=13

Bison goal :( Miller at 42:50 with assist Stewart.

Bisons 3rd goal was on the powerplay! I'm getting all my texts out of order here so you'll have to bear with me!

Mistakes can be filed in the forums :)

Russky on the email says Devils to win 5-4 in OT with final goal from Silverthorn. Calzaghe to win on points and face a re-match at the Millenium Stadium in May...

Bison penalty! Details coming!


Penalty and goal details coming!

Devils 4th goal. Campbell at 47:00. Assist to Tyson!

Devils 4th goal was on the powerplay, still awaiting details of the calls though!

Devils 4th goal at 47:19. Hopefully we'll get some updates on the penalty call!

Bison penalty was called at 47:10. Kurt Reynolds 2mins roughing!

Devils penalty. MacIver 2mins tripping at 50:10

An email from Graham saying that game highlights will be avaiable from Tuesday at sure you bookmark that one!

Damnit. Bison goal at 51:55

Bison goal comes from jersey #3, Assists to Read and Stewart.

Bisons latest goal comes on the powerplay and we're back to even!

Devils really need to work on their defence by the sounds of it. 2nd powerplay goal for Bison of the evening :(


Sounds like the Bison 4th goal came from Peacock!?


5th goal towe 52:08 Assists Hill and Latulippe

Devils 6th goal Silverthorn at 52:30 Assist Prpich!

5th goal 52:09. 6th goal 52:19. Scorers are still correct though :)

Whoa! Bison 5th goal! Details coming!

Sounds like one hell of a game, just hope we can keep ourselves in it!

Bison 5th goal. Cornish at 54:37. Assist Miller!

Russky asks if both defences have gone AWOL. Damn well sounds like it mate!

Ooooooooooooh! Prpich hits the pipes at 57mins! Come on you Devils!

Final minute of the 3rd period! Score still reads 5-6 Devils!


30 seconds left. Bison have pulled Reiter!

Come on Devils, Empty net goal!

And that's it folks. Devils win 6-5! Phew...

Devils man of the match - Derek Campbell!

That's all for tonight then guys, don't forget to join us tomorrow for the Edinburgh Capitals vs Cardiff Devils game!