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Nottingham Panthers 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Remember to join us at MNL as we bring you the game from the NIC on Saturday night

OJ will be with from around 6pm for the game that sees the debut of Craig Weller

Welcome to MNL

OJ here in the MNL hutch to bring you tonights eagerly awaited debut of Craig Weller

Texters are already at the NIC reporting that the Devils fans are in fine voice

Score predictions as usual to before 7pm

First predictions in 6-4 says G Yoxall

Angela sees a 5-3 Devils win

Russky forsees a 4-2 win for the Devils

Any of them would do nicely

Both teams are into their warmup

Both teams are well into their warm up

You will have my undivided attention now - left the pre-wedding meeting to do my bit on MNL

Soin and heir gets married next Saturday

Even son and heir

The tension is getting to me.

Mr Weller looks massive on the ice

For those of you who collect such things - Craig Weller is wearing #12

A good number of Devils faithful have made the trip to Nottingham

Well over 100 Devils fans in NIC

Warm up over

Dr Strangelove forecasts a 5-3 win for Devils

A special mention must be made for my gang of new texters - Michelle, BBW and Cookies_naughtyboy alnong with Emma and my regular correspondent JohnWildthing

Finishing touches to the ice

Glynne calls it 4-2 to the Devils and our boys coming out on top in 4 fights

Glynne (Wanabee2) is a fight mad

Refereree appears

Good crowd at NIC so lets send the majority of them home depressed

Dean Smith has the whistle

Stephen says 6-4 to the Devils

Devils fans in full voice

E-mail very few tonight I wonder why?

Where are you Keith Ruth, Carl Donna etc?

Devils take to the ice to a resounding welcome from the travelling fans

Panthers come out in relative silence

circa 5,000 in NIC

Last post being played at NIC

National Anthem being played

Ready to start game

Puck is dropeed and we start

Myers lands hit on M Smith

No Richardson for Devils, no Galbraith for Panthers

Weller lands his first hit @ 1:30

Gametime 2:30

Weller making his presence felt already

Devils penalty @ 3:26 - Pelle - interference


Panthers hit a post @ 3:45


SH goal at 4:29 by Birbraer


Devils PK seem to be in gear

Lepine puts hit on Birbraer @ 5:49

Devils killed that penalty with ease

Good save by Kowalski from Matzka

Voth puts massive hit on Bellamy

Devils penalty @ 7:34 - Finnerty - tripping

Devils penalty @ 9:09 - Michel - tripping

K Smith loses puck to Myers who misses

Good save by Lyle

Save was from Neilson : 11:09

Devils return to full strength

Hill punches Myres penalty coming

Penalty @ 12:22 - roughing

5 on 3 for P:anthers again

Devils doing well under pressure

Lyle save from Zion @ 13:31

Voth has SH chance, save Kowalski

Devils kill penalties

5 on 5 at last

Gametime 15:08

Pelle goes close @ 15:42

Save Kowalski from M Smith @ 16:26

Panthers icing @ 17:31

Panthers allowed to get away with a lot by Smith

Puck out of play @ 18:39

End of 1st period Panthers 0 DEVILS 1

More of the same in the 2nd period but less penalties please

Teams return to the ice

Theresa , no it is not Huw getting married but my eldest Iwan.

2nd period underway

Devils icing @ 20:48

Puck out of play @ 21:29

Panthers penalty for interference Meyers @21:41

Get that PP into gear u Devils

Devils hit pipes

Devils need to shoot more when on pp

Panthers return to full strength

Lyle save @ 23:59

Ref Smith misses trip on Michel

Pelle shot saved by Kowalski @ 24:27

Myers lands hit on M Smith

Clarke ends up in Devils net

Penalty called

Adams minor @ 24:59

Penner misses a sitter

Panthers penalty @ 25:50 - Beauregard -- slashing


Devils 2nd goal @ 25:56

Scored by Michel unassisted

Weller has clear 1 on 1 but misses

Weller robbed Neilson but great save from Kowalski

Another Kowalski save @ 27:25

Devils barmy army now in full voice

Devils penalty - Hill

Penalty @ 29:05

Panthers p;enalty - Penner at sametime - delay of game

Devils offside @ 30:30

Both teams back to full strength

Lepine trying to land some hits

Save Kowalski from Weller

Lyle save @ 32:25

Devils digging deep, battling hard at NIC

Gametime 33:15

Everyone has fallen in love with Weller and thats the lads

Weller hits Myers again

FIGHT - Penner v Adams

Not much of a fight

Both get roughing minors @ 34:54

Penner took out K Smith after an icing call and Adams steps in

Penner gor an extra minor for x-checking

Devils go close

Kowalski save @ 35:35

Devils penalty - Weller

Hol;ding minor @ 35:48

Michel block

Panthers goal

@ 37:45 - McDonald

Devils at full strength

Assist for Nikolov on Pan thers goal

A correction Adams DID NOT get a penalty

Panthers return to full strength

Weller nails Myers yet again

Myers off to dressing room, the bells are ringing

End of 2nd period Panthers 1 DEVILS 2

Fight after buzzer

Handbags really, someone shoved Lyle and Weller steps in

Someone tried to trip Stevie Lyle as he came off, only Devils still out there was Weller

Penner trying to egg on Weller, penalties might follow

Penner it was that hit out at Lyle as he left the ice

Watch out in the 3rd if referee Smith doesn't call that penalty

I used to hate playing at Nottingham. I remember one game that we were winning easily and in the last minute of the game we put the back up netminder on and send 5 youngsters out and was told by Lawless not to open the gate.

Luckily it didn't explode totally but there were some very startled young squad members on the ice

SoG after 2 periods Panthers 21: Devils 28

Iceman falls over to cheers all round

ih-update DEAD again .... RIP

20 more miles and then homeward bound u Devils

It will be interesting how many will be in the Tent tomorrow

Teams are back

So are the officials

No penalties called for the incident at end of 2nd

Off for 3rd period

250 Devils fans in Nottingham

Panthers penalty @ 41:32 - Norton


Save Kowalski @ 42;30

Devils penalty - Voth

Penalty @ 42:37 - inteference

Ref Smith has called some stupid penalties tonight on both teams by all accounts

Devils kill penalty

Panthers penalty - Penner

Slashing at 45:05

Great save by Lyle

Panthers are getting away with murder, Devils doing well to keep their cool

Its a fast and furious game now

NIC very loud

Panthers penalty - Neilson @ 46:54 - tripping

Kowalski save from Pelle

Weller floors Ryan

Devils go close

More saves from Kowalski @ 49:16

Voth nails Neilson

Gametime 51:03

Adams takes a big hit - down

He is up - OK

No shits for Davies and Symmonds tonight

Kowalski saves from Birbraer

Devils breakaway foiled

Gametime 51:58

Devils penalty - Matzka - slashing @ 51:57


PK solid

Panthers Goal

PPG with 10 secs left in pp

Time out called I don't know which team - Panthers I think

Panthers 2nd goal scored by Ryan , assists Bellamy & SO Else

Gametime 55 minutes

Finnerty & Myers poenalties @ 55:01 - delay of game

Getting very niggly now

Panthers penalty @ 55:52 - Bellamy - delay of game

Gametime 57:02

Final 2 minutes

clarke lands hit on Matzka

Final minute

Voth v Penner

Just handbags really

Gametime 59:09

Panthers penalty

Lepine - roughing

Devils penalty - Finnerty - Holding both @ 59:09

Full Time Panthers 2 DEVILS 2

OT for league game 1 point each for CC

O/T starts with 3 on 3

Devils p;penalty @ 60:53 - Bench minor - too many men

Voth sitting penalty

Good save by Lyle

Unconfirmed reports that Symmonds is injured

Gametim2 62:04

DFevils return to full strength

Lyle keeping Devils in game with another fine save

Gametime 64:01

End of O/T now penalties

Devils first

Birbraer misses

Ryan for Panthers

Lyle save

Pelle next


Lyle saves from Beauegard

Michel next


Lyle saves from Zion DEVILS WIN

Devils treavelling army rock the NIC


Panthers MOm - Nickelov

Well done to the Devils and a big thank you to the 250 odd fans who made the trip

Big thank you to our texters - Michelle, Emms, BBW, Naughtyboy and Johnwildthing

Sog on goal Panthers 46 Devils 30

No wonder Stevie got MoM

Thats all from me OJ I am looking for a dark room after that stress

If you can't get to Cardiff Bay tomorrow night (What a night that is going to be) join me here on MNL