Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 0 Belfast Giants

Sooooooo Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to Match Night Live. Gaz here in the chair for the first time. We are around 40 minutes away from face off and i'm awaiting our loyal band of texters to report in

Until face off I'll be keeping you all abreast of goings on at the Motorpoint arena in Sheffield where the Steelers take on the Vipers. It's currently 0-0 there. We will also be trying to keep you up to date with all other goings on around the league :D

And dont forget you can always E-mail us at to give us your views on anything, score updates, questions, who you think is going to be eliminated from X factor! Maybe your a Cardiff city fan in need of severe consoling or a Swansea fan who has fainted with joy and is only just coming around. anything we are here at our usual home.

Text from PJ our resident Coventry Blaze fan exiled in Cardiff 'if Coventry win tonight Paul Thompson will reveal our new signing to replace Jeff Smith'

Any guesses on who it is?

Sheffield go 1-0 up through Rob Globke who scores shorthanded.

And our first E-mail of the night comes from Dan who is hoping the Devils manage to take the game 5-3 with Tylor scoring 5 points. :D

Rumour from Coventry that Scott Basiuk is the Blaze mystery signing!

It's no Craig Weller but would be very good temp cover for Coventry given his winning experiences in Sheffield

10 minutes till face off! keep those score predictions coming in to Especially if you are a viewer from Belfast this evening!

We have Simon calling a 4-2 win and Gareth Jenkins calling it 5-4 to the Devils. The 5-4 would certainly be value for money at the tent tonight! Loving the optimism anyway \O/

good to see the Belfast faithful E-mailing in tongiht as well. Bit contrasting in views David says 4-1 Giants where as Stephen is hopeful of a result but feels its a difficult place for the Giants to come too!

Hot News just come in on E-mail from Carl Jones Stating that Nathan Craze Starts tonight in net for the Giants!

Confirmed that Craze is starting netminder and we are underway at the Tent. Stephen Murphy is on the bench dressed. Guess Craze just got the nod

Game has started at a very fast paced, It is end to end at present!

Giants icing 2:41

Lyle makes an easy save from A cook Slap shot

Thank you to David Mercer from Belfast who has informed me that stephen murphy has a muscle tweak and is being rested


Gerad Adams goal time 3:43 assists from Matzka and Birbrear

Matzka wrist shot saved at 4:10

Devils goal was their first shot on goal!

Doug Christiansen is keeping up his old trick of leaving a man high on the Devils blue line, but pass is too long and Giants give up an icing call

Suprised Christiansen only leaving 4 D-men in his defensive Zone considering it is Craze in net.

No disrespect to Craze but I thought Christensen might want to protect him more

Matzka in again but Craze is equal to it!

Ross Dalgleish getting a bit fiesty! Not surpised really the guy will be playing for a permanent contract

After a frantic start the game is now being played in the neutral zone apparantly

Giants starting to look more dangerous now and Devils not clearing the Zone when we have the chance :|

Finnerty goes on a break and almost gets clear but is caught by the Giants D man

Symmonds is partnering Kenton Smith in a regular shift tonight so I am told

Devils go offside at 9:36

Atmosphere not representative of the big crowd sadly!

Devils giving away continuous icings as Giants camp in the Devils Zone

Devils only get out of the zone to make a line change. Finnerty trying to get a jump by having words with Welch

Finnerty and Welch both sit 2 for roughing

Giants miss golden chance, the puck is fired accross net with lyle giving up the entire left side of the net. But Giants fan on it.

Kenton Smith Slashing at 12:41

Giants Hit Post!

Kenton Penalty killed!

Lyle Covers the puck at 14:54. Both Giants PP and Devils PK looked good

Devils break 2 on 2 but Matzka gets excited and goes off side :(

Giants then break 2 on 1 but the Devils D man gets a stick on it to break it up :D

Penalty coming up on the Giants

Tim Cook 2 minutes for slashing

penalty at 16:21

there is a nameless number 6 playing for belfast that we believe to be Jacobsen making he re debut

Devils go offside at 17:07

Devils working the Powerplay well

Puck takes a wicked bounce from the boards and ends up out in front. However no Devils player can finish :(


it's that man again Jon Pelle :D

Maccrae and Matzka with the assists

Goal timed at 18:28

Devils get big momentum swing from the goal to end the period

But that momentum will have to be stored for the 2nd period as thats all she wrote for period 1. Ends Devils 2- Giants 0

Apparantly Start of the game was even, then the Devils had to ride out a good 10 minute of Strong Giants pressure. Then the Devils ended with some of their own

Scores from around the league: Nottingham 1 - Edinburgh 0. Sheffield 4 - Newcastle 0. and Coventry 0 - Braehead 0

Dundee storm into a 3-0 lead against Hull up in Dundee Ice Arena! :O

Devils back onto the ice at cardiff Bay Arena

Voth and Finnerty link up but the shot goes over!

penalty on Michel upcoming

Sorry pen is on Kenton Smith for tripping at 21:48

Giants struggling to set up on the powerplay. Brad Smyth sniffing for rebounds however

Penalty killed

Giants very much offside. Lino wasnt going to call it so Dean Smith had to intervene and do his job for him

Brad Smyth looking lively for the Giants

Game itself is not looking so lively and has gone a bit sloppy

Texts from the game indicate Mason is playing for the Giants but Garside is not.

Devils icing 27:13

Tylor Michel with a superman Dive to take the puck off of the line and save a certain goal!

If Captains and alternates are allowed to have C's and A's is Tylor allowed an S for Superman?

Further confirmation that in relation to me Saying mason WAS playing it appears in fact he is not and continues to reside on Belfasts quite large injury list.

Adams takes a high stick to the face. Goes to bench in pain but no call.

Despite being in pain G merely wipes the blood off of his face and gets ready to ice again

Giants penalty at 30:06. Was a retaliation to a Devils play that wasnt called

Shots on goal in the first period: Devils 10, Belfast 10

Welch was the Giant who took the penalty for cross checking

Jon Pelle nailed Centre ice away from the play. No call

Giants with an excellent PK shape kill the penalty

Pelle Wrists one into Craze glove at 32:01

Craze starting to give a few juicy rebounds up. Devils cant capatalise

Giants apparantly lacking the cohesion that they produced in the first period

Finnerty and Welch trade slashes off the play. Hangover from their altercation earlier in the game

Rave Reviews coming in about Alex Symmonds play this evening :D

Devils ice the puck as the Giants have started to refind that cohesion at 35:47

Devils ice the puck as the Giants have started to refind that cohesion at 35:47

Cook punches Pelle on the back of the head but no call. Devils then hit the post!

Craze glove save from Mark Smith at 37:34

Penalty upcoming on Max Birbrear

But quick as a flash Brad Smyth is sent to the box

Birbrear was called for Interference and Brad Smyth called for Diving

And thats the 2nd period down. Sounded a bit more sloppy than the first but Devils remain 2-0 in front!

Before I go to buy some bread and milk very quickly: scores around the league time. Nottingham 5- Edinburgh 2. Sheffield 8 -Vipers 0 (end of game there) and Dundee 4 - Hull -0

Oh and Blaze 3 - Braehead 1 :P

So worries from the rink from our textes range from a man being able to eat a Galaxy bubble chocolate to the fact that Lucy Fur is there at the game but it isnt the 'same' Lucy Fur!

Both teams return for the third period

Penalty on Maccrae at 40:15 for Hooking

Birbrear fails to convert a 1 on 1 breakaway chance

Penalty Killed

The hockey has gone end to end. Craze this time denies Tylor Michel a 1 on 1 breakaway

Walton in Box for the Giants for hooking at 43:41

Tylor Michel fails to tuck away a juicy rebound on the power play :(

Hoffman checks Voth after the the Whistle face first into the boards. Voth comes away with a 2 minute slashing penalty, hoffman gets nothing. The Slash was before the check

Craze robbs Matzka with a glove save

50 seconds of Giant PP left

Penalty killed :D Giants were in the offensive zone for most of the PP but didnt take shots.

exact quote from the game 'we got a game on our hands now. end to end now its back to 5 on 5'

Cook Flattens Voth :(

Michel tries to return the favour of a big check but ends up flattening himself. Giants getting most of the pressure but Devils good on the break

Penalty to Giants: Cook 2 minutes for Cross checking at 50:12

Apparantly Cook cross checked Pelle in the crease as Pelle was about to pounce on a rebound

You know what to do to teach him a lesson Jon......

Hoffman being a man mountain on the PK for the Giants apparantly

Finnerty chasing Walton for some fisticuffs now. Walton not wanting any of it and is hiding behind Smith

Giants kill Penalty

Gone Quiet from the tent :| I guess no news can be considered good news at the moment though!

Dan Welch gets an interference call at 54:34. He apparantly hurt Adams when Adams was tryign to get up off of the floor

Checked Adams while Adams was on his knees against the Boards

Our Powerplay has lost all its rhythm apparantly. Gerad Adams being touted as MOM by one of our texters

Giants offside at 55:03

Craze robbs Matzka with the glove hand again!

the save was at 55:50

3:33 left in game! eeeeek

Belfast kill the penalty

Birbrear apparantly looking out of sorts in the third period

Craze asking the bench if he is to be pulled.......

Lyle covers loose puck 57:33

Giants call a Timeout

Craze Pulled

Gone Quiet again! 2 minutes left.....

Devils icing 58:08

Puck covered by bodies at 58:34. Anyone else finding these last 2 minutes painfully slow? Devils icing again at 58:44

Pelle skates out of zone but cant convert his chance


Birbrear slots home the biscuit into the empty tin with 29 seconds left :D

Craze returns to net

Pelle And Matzka with the assists on Boom Boom's goal

And that is it ladies and gentleman. a massive, massive win for the Devils who now take 7 wins from their last 8 games!

Hilly and Maccrae show the team spirit by going straight over to Lyle and giving him a big hug awwwwww

Craze gets Giants MOM

Devils MOM goes to Coach Adams :D

Shouts of What a goalie for Lyle ring out at the Tent

Well thats it from me. Thanks to all of our texters this evening, PJ, Shaz BBW, Azir, Rich and TheStub! And sorry if i've missed anyone out. You all must have blisters on your fingers!