Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 2 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Make sure you join me OJ from 5pm as we bring you the Stingrays v Devils from Hull

Game predictions as usual to before face off time at 6pm

My Hull texters Keith and Dave J have reported in

Devils have until recent been playing football in the rink car park

A 5-3 win for the Devils llokks popular tonight thanks to Ruth, Donna abd Megan

Carl goes 1 better with a 6-3 win for the Devils

David Mercer sees it 5-3 to Hull

Teams take to the ice for warm up

Many fans in Haoloween fancy dress including some Devils fans

I have pointed out to my Stingray texters that that is how Devils fans dress all the time

Dan lets hope you are right, he thinks Devils will have a poor 1st period but get their act together later and secure a 7-3 win

With nothing on ih-update I can tell you Panthers are winning 2-0

Ger-Devils also goes for a 6-3 win for Devils

Penner & Langdon went toe to toe at Nottingham - called a draw

Panthers now winning 4-1

Trouble between Blaze and Stars in warm up - no further details

Craig Weller is the new D according to some, 95 NHL games for Phoenix and Minnesota. Played in AHL last season

Devils in White, Stingrays in ORANGE

So lets squeeze the pips out of them

Sorry, I did say I would switch the NMLbias dial to medium in view of having Stingrays texters

McMorrow at centre of pushing andshoving during warm up at Coventry

We belive that Carson is the referee at Hull

Warm up over at Hull

A couple of Stingray fans have dressed up as Brad Voth

Ruth thinks they have dressed up as Jimmy the Jock

Tune in to MNL as it looks as if ih-update is down again

Ice is ready at Hull awaiting teams

Not icing for Hull - Mitchell, Lake and Esders

Ruth - you have upset my reporter at the Capitals - Brad Voth doesn't look like Jimmy the Jock, Voth is uglier

Devils take to the ice

Referee at Hull is as expected our dear friend Michael Hicks

Stingrays are out on the ice

Comments on MNL always welcomed send them to

Stingrays sweaters make them look like Steelers in disguise

We are underway

6-8 Devils fans in attendence

Welcome to MNL to the Birbraer clan

Early pressure from Hull results in Devils icing

Only Richardson not icing for Devils

Hull penalty

Uusivirta - inteference @ 1:46


Scored by Voth, assists Hill & Finnerty a ppg

Devils penalty @ 2:26 - Symmonds - holding

Hull go close on pp

Devils introduced to the tune of The Adams Family

Voth messes up a great sh bnreakaway chance

Penalty killed by Devils

Gametime 4:33

Devils are trying to play a quick breakout

Alaright so long as you D stands firm

Giving up neutral zone is a dangerous game

Devils penalty @ 7:15 K Smith - hooking

Hull 2 on 1 - save Lyle

Steelers take a 1-0 lead in Edinburgh

Devils pk seems to be in gear

Devils return to full strength

Great save by Lyle at back post

Devils penalty @11:27 - Adams - slashing

That penalty came after some big hits by both teams

Hull penalty Uusivirta - hooking

@ 12:26

Gametime 12:52

Devils on pp shortly for 1 minute

Devils penalty @ 13:18 - Pelle - slashing

So much for a Devils pp

Devils now have 4 skaters

Gametime 14:03

Stingrays go on pp

Long shot by M Smith saved by Boucher

Devils pk good

Gametime 16:29

Its end to end

Good game by all accounts

Always is when you are winning

Sramble in front of Devils net - cleared

Boucher saves well from Hill

Hicks is referee

Lyle save @ 18:44

Lyle called upon for a series of saves late in 1st period

End of 1st period Stingrays 0 DEVILS 1

Capitals 0 Steelers 1 after 1st period

SoG Hull 12 Devils 13

0 0 after 1 period at Coventry - Fulghum given 2+10 - check from behind @ 17:42

To solve the confusion Hicks is the referee at hull, my texters reported that the game programme had Carson as ref, this was corrected as soon as Hicks came out of his hole

Had their first snow of the winter in Ottawa las night

Is it snowing where you are?

If that had been snow in Llanelly on Friday night - Parc y Scarlets would have been buried

Devils fans who dressed up didn't win a prize

Teams return to the ice

WE are away for 2nd period

Pelle beats Boucher but hits pipe

A voth shot deflected damages ceiling

Now 2-0 Steelers at Edinburgh

I have nightmares about Hull - explain later

Now 3-0 to Steelers

It was at Hull I tried to register Robert Millette for his first game - I shouldn't have bothered

Hull penalty @ 21:54 Lowe - roughing

The wheels have come off the Capitals bus now 4-0 to the Steelers

Save Boucher a weak shot from point - no bother

Great save Boucher from Voth

Hull return to full strength


@ 24:00

Pelle pops in rebound

Assists Birbraer & Nacrae

All the clear chances seem to be going to the Devils

If you read this Paul its like having two of you - Paul is a Blaze fan who texts for us from games at the Tent

Sam Smith messes up a clear chance

Boucher saves from Macrae

Capitals score to make 4-1 to the Steelers

Devils playing a great road game says Keith in Hull

Its taken them a long time to learn

Boucher making save after save

Stingrays need plan B

Devils penalty - bench minor - too many men @ 27:55

Yes Paul that was a compliment, these two Stingrays texters are calling it as they see it as you do

Lyle called upon to save a slap shot from point

Devils doing well on pk

Finnerty killed 20 secs on his own playing keepe pucke

HULL goal Silverthorn @ 29:41

A ppg wide angle shot trickles past Lyle

Now then get it back u Devils

Against the play but it counts

Glove save Lyle from Dulle

Hull penalty @ 10:44 - Gaisins - hooking

Silverthorn goes close for Hull on sh

Good Hull pk

Hull return to full strength

Nice glove save by Lyle from Kalmikov


Devils 3rd goal scored by Sam Smith, assists Macrae & Michel

Lyle saves from Dulle

Devils 3rd goal was a classic break out of d with trailing player buring the biscuit

Boucher covers up as Devils recover their game

Still an open end to end game but Devils creating the better chances

Gametime 37:16

Blaze take lead at 31 minutes

Hull have upped their game

Hull penalty @ 38:04 -0 Sladok - x-checking

Lets have another one

Its 4-1 to Steelers at end of 2nd in Edinburgh

Devils camped in Hull zone

Boucher save then Hull have sh chance

End of 2nd period Stingrays 1 DEVILS 3

No snow in Aberystwyth or Caerphilly, there wouldn't be any in Caerphilly with all the hot air up there

Yes Caroline were are indebted to Keith and Dave at Hull for their excellent work

Plus Willie Nicholson for his updates from Edinburgh

*** ENL Devils take a 1-0 lead

Dundee tie up the game at 1-1 in Coventry

Paul is our reporter at Coventry

*** 10 mins gone at ENL game still 1-0 to Devils

SoG 2nd period Stingrays 9 Devils 12

Biggest cheer at Hull so far goes to the Cheerleaders for their interval routine

Do you remember the times at the WNIR when the visiting team used to come out in the intervals to see what nonsense Phil Harrison has us doing - me & Heather included

Remember the night Heather was Goldilocks and I was one of the dwarfs

I rember League officials telling us we shouldn't be doing it as it intefereed with the game

Devils will start 3rd period with 2 second pp

Snow seen outside City Hall I am told

End of 1st period at Coventry it is 1-1

Only one set of kids have been brave enough to come to our door tonight

I had stuck a photo of Paul Heavey on the door

I have Mike MacWilliam on standby in case they break through Heaves

Ice is ready for 3rd period at Hull

*** 1-0 to ENL DEvils after 1 period

** ENL Devils playing Chelmsford Chieftains

Players return to the ice

Keith says Stingrays need an early goal if they are to get back into this game

3rd period underway

Hull return to full strength

Run that clock down Devils and get out of town before the Hull bogieman gets you

Save by Lyle

Stevie not giving up many rebounds tonight

Another clean save by Lyle

Light goes on for a split second - no goal

That was the Devils net

Great play by Devils but Sam Smith can't finish it off with a goal

Hull have lots of possession but not creating chances

To keep some of our regulars happy I am trying to find out if Ben is having any shifts

Double save from Lyle

Game has become a bit scrappy with too many icings

Voth playing well by all accounts

Gametime 45:44


@ 45:45

Devils penalty @ 45:56 - Symmonds

Hooking was the call

Lyle makes another fine save with no rebound

Stingrays pp not much cop

Voth & Cloutier have words

There was a loose puck and everyone and their dog jumped in

Hicks didn't go anywhere near, he doesn't like dogs

*** ENL DEvils now winning 2-0

Stars take a 2-1 lead at Coventry

Voth running over anyone in his way Uusivirta goes flying

Hull fire puck over plexi into crowd

Gametime 50:47

Hull looking very tired

Hull goal @ 52:29 - Lee Mitchell

Assist Silverthorn

Simple tap in for Mitchell

Devils penalty @ 52:09 - Finnerty - hooking

Hull have come alive again

2-2 at Coventry @ 48:52

Gametime 54:06

Gametime 54:34

Devils net dislodged

Campbell thown out at Edinburgh

Devils have never stopped skating tonite says Keith at Hull

Gametime 57:14

Phil Hill goes close

Steelers win 4-1 at Edinburgh

*** ENL Devils 2 Chieftains 1

Blaze take 3-2 lead at 54:17

Max hits the cross bar @ 58:57

Lyle save @ 59:54

Final score Stingrays 2 DEVILS 4


Our thanks to Kith and Dave at Hull, they did a brilliant job and we are indebted to them

Hull MoM - Lee Mitchell

Also thanks to Willie at Edinburgh for the updates from there

My reporters in Hull tell me that Voth's performance was amazing and that Macmorrow and Penner should have been there to see how you can intimidate a team without staged fights

Thats all from me OJ until the next time, Chris is on duty next weekend as I go racing