Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 4 Hull Stingrays

If you can't get to the game make sure you join me OJ at MNL as we bring the visit of the Stingrays to Cardiff Bay

Score predictions to befor face off at 7pm

For those of you that haven't heard tonights face off has been put back to 7:30 as the Stringrays are stuck in Traffic

Will update you when I have more information

Just had a look on the M$ traffic cameras and it looks fine, I hope they are not held up further afield

No sign of the Stingrays in Cardiff Bay yet

Stringrays have just arrived at The Tent so we should get away at 7:30

Harry calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Geraint says 5-4 Devils on the day that the City went top of the league

Gazza also sees a 1 goal victory for the Devils 3-2

You now have an extra 30 minutes to get your score predictions in with fo at 7:30

I hope management realise that it shouldn't start before 7:30 after issuing the revised face off time and asking The Inferno to pass the word

They have finally realised the THE INFERNO reaches fans that other Websites don't

The Inferno the Heineken of websites

Lets have thise predictions otherwise I will have to rabbit on for the next 50 or so minutes

Its Capitals 1 Steelers 2 in Edinburgh after 1 period

Capitals had a frew pp opportunities but having trouble burying the biscuit

No sign of Stringrays taking to the ice yet

Both teams have now made an appearance

Iam am told that there was a crash on the M4 between J32 and J33

I didn't look there assuming they would have come off before J33 but I suppose to get to the Tent J33 is the best option

I am still on the lookout for texters from the game at Hull tomorrow, MNL will be covering the ghame thanks to Keith in Hull who again has volunteered to help us out

E-mails very few and far between this evening

If you can help out on Sunday e-mail me at

Warmup drawing to a close

No news on referee so far, maybe we can do without one, it would give better entertainment than a constant whistle

Warmup over

Referee Wilson not very popular with the Capitals fans

I wonder who we have tonight

Dean Smith has the whistle in Cardiff

Gareth I don't know who is scratched yet

Some of my texters have only just arrived due to traffic problems

Devils will announce a new recruit on Monday

Capitals 1 Steelers 2 at end of 2nd period

Thanks Clare, I have been told that your friend has the whistle in Hull on Sunday

Richardson the only scratch for the Devils

Devils take to the ice

Lets get two wins this weekend and regroup with an additional D next week

Teams on the ice - anthem time

We are off

Devils penalty @ 0;25 - K Smith x-check

Hull penalty - Davies - elbows 0:45

Devils back to full strength

Stingrays back to full strength

Devils hit pipes

Birbraer scores - DEVILS SHG

I believe Devils penalty was Symmonds - tripping

DEvils goal scored by Birbraer assist Macrae @ 5:21

Devils penalty was @ 5:14

Devils back to full strength

Capitals equalise with ppg now 2-2 in 3rd

HULL goal ' 8:57 Slack, assists Kalmikov & Uusivirta

Capitals take 3-2 lead with another ppg

Hull penalty - Read - slashing @ 12:02

Now 3-3 in Edinburgh

Devils icing

Pushing and shoving involving Voth & Sladok

Hull penalty - Sladok - high sticks 15:36

Devils penalty - Matzka - slashing @ 15:50

Its monsson weather here in Cardiff, why didn't we have this rain on Sunday to keep the Trick ot Treats indoors

Hull penalty - Grundmanis - holding

Devils penalty = Birbraer - roughing

Both @ 16:05

Devils penalty @ 16:53 - Finnerty - elbows

Matzka returns



Devils goal scored by Adams

Awaiting details of Hull goal

My texter says Lyle kicked it in

Hull goal credited to Kalikov assist Uusivirta @ 17:36

Devils goal Adams , assists Michel & Matzksa @ 17:23

Finnerty returns

Birbraer returns

Final minute

These texts are getting to be a nightmare with delays etc

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Stingrays 2

O/T at Edinburgh 3-3

Devils penalty - Voth - 10 minute misconduct @ 20:00

Voth slap shot the puck after buzzer

My understanding is that Hull scored to make it 2-1 to them and Devils scored seconds later to tie up the game 2-2

Its now penalty shots at Edinburgh

Steelers win on penalties

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Devils penalty @ 20:10 - Birbraer - hooking

Devils penalty ' 22:04 - K Smith - holding

Old habits tie hard, Devils back to old ways - cannot stay out of the sinbin

At this rate we will be killing penalties all period

Devils kill both those penalties and have 5 yes 5 skaters

For how long I heard someone say

Hull penalty - Kalmikov- interference @ 25:11

*** ENL Devils lose 6-1 to Invicts Dynamoes

ENL Devils travelled with a small squad by all accounts

Hull back to full strength

Ben Davies and Sam Smith not getting any shifts tonight


Scored by Birbraer


Devils 3rd goal @ 28:15 Birbraer assists Matzka & K Smith

DEVILS GOAL - Michel @ 28:42

Assists Macrae & M Smith

Voth returns to the ice

Gametime 30:06


Devils 5th goal @ 30:47 scored by Michel, assists Macrae & S Smith

Gametime 34:20

Gone quiet after that goal burst

Both teams now attempting to play hockey, scrappy penalties a thing of the past

For how long I ask

Hull penalty @ 36:53 - Coburn - holding

Devils pp creating lots of chances

Hull kill penalty

Final minute

End of 2nd period DEVILS 5 Stingrays 2

a quiet 3rd period an extra hours sleep sets the Devils up for 2 points in Hull tomorrow

10 points out of 12 in nine days I think we all would have taken that before this group of games

Ice ready for 3rd period

Still on look out for some fans to help Keith with texts from the reurn game at Hull on Sunday

Disappointing crowd for tonight Challenge Cup game at the Tent

3rd period starts

Devils penalty @ 41:54 - Pelle - delay of game

Kill Kill Kill

1 minute killed

Gametime 43:07

Devils return to full strength

Devils penalty - Symmonds

Hull goal @ 44:16 scored by Uusivirta, assiosts Davies & Coburn

Symmonds penalty was for tripping @ 45:03

Hull penalty @ 45:15 - Dulle - hooking

Devils penalty - Michel - boarding @ 45:38

Hull goal

Devils time out

Hull 5th goal a pp goal scored by Tendler, assists Read & Silverthorn

Devils implode again

That 3rd period was set up for clever defensive hockey running the clock down

Michel returns

Michel is hitting anything that moves

Now 5 on 5

Birbraer goes close

Devils exerting pressure on Hull

Fisticuffs aroung Hull net

Apologies beforehand these texts are getting worse

DEvils Goal

Scored by Pelle

Hull had a penalty @ 52:07 - Tendler - tripping

Devils ppg @ 52:26 scored by Pelle assists Michel & Birbraer

Its not the texters fault but the network is delivering texts out of order

I was told about ppg before I was informed about penalty - from the same texter

Gametime 54:33

This only happens from the Bay - maybe its down to Torchwood

Hull hit crossbar

Gametime 55:33

Dave a Stringrays fan has offered his services on Sunday, thanks very much

Last 2 minutes of game

Hull penalty @ 59:34 - slashing

PPG @ 59:49 scored by Pelle, assists Michel & Birbraer

Hull MoM - Matti Uusivirta


Apparently the 7th Devils goal was a 5 on 3 ppg

Details of penalties yet to arrive

Our thanks to texters - Sharlene, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthing and Andy Blaze

Thats all from me OJ, why not join me tommorrow night was we bring you MNL from Hull