Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Newcastle Vipers

Make sure you join me OJ as the Newcastle Vipers invade the Tent

Will be live from 6:30 and remember score predictions to before face off at 7:30pm

Welcome to mid week MNL as the Devils battle against the Vipers.

All the signs are that we will have a bumper crowd tonight as the Devils Marketing Corps have put in a great effort to attract newbies to the Tent

In half-term a good family crowd is anticipated

MNL texters making their merry way to Cardiff Bay after a busy day earning their corn, ie not like some of us who are retired and lazying around waitinf gor the EIHL action to commence

Score predictions as usual to

Apparently Butetown tunnel is closed

Allen calls it 7-3 to the Devils

David in Belfast sees a clear 6-3 win for the Devils

Ruth says 5-2 to us

Mike Thorn tells us that there are massive traffic problems in Cardiff Bay

Trying to contact texters to see if they are anywhere near Tent yet

Sam sees a cloe game with the Devils winning by the odd goal in nine

Traffic problems getting worse by the minute - trying to find out if the Vipers have got there yet.

Total grid lock in Cardiff Bay - which always happen when the Tunnel is shut

Just spoken to a neighbour who took close on 2 hours to get from the Bay to Whitchurch

I can't see this game starting on time

To add to our problems the ice looks in a hell of a state

I am told that the Vipers have been in Cardiff since 5pm - lets hope that they are at the rink not in an hotel in town

MNL is still trying to find someone to help us out with texts from Dundee tomorrow night. If you are going to the game irrespective of allegience why not help us out at MNL. If you can help e-mail me on

Still awaiting texters to report in

Revised face off - now planned for 7:45

Apologies for the deathly silence but none of my texters have confirmed arrival yet

I'm getting info from a steward at the rink

Ice apparently is better than at the weekend - we will see

Darnell has the whistle tonight

Vipers take to the ice

Texters now arriving at rink as Devils make an entrance

Keith says 4-2 Devils

You haven't missed anything Keith face off delayed

Anthems done and dusted

David were played the Stingrays in their first game and they did well against us

Minute silence for longterm Devils fan who passed away at the weekend

We are off

Voth starts on 3rd line with Mcrae and Sam Smith

Vipers penalty @ 44 secs Schwarz - delay of game

Michel on D

Effinger save @ 2:05


Devils 1st goal a ppg @ 2:22 scored by Birbraer assist K Smith

Vipers goal @ 3:11

Scored by Carrol

Assists Hartmanis & Forsbacka

2nd assist on Devils gial - Matzka

Voth appears on 2nd lkine as well

Vipers penalty @ 4:50 - Stayzer - hooking

Devils icing @ 8:03

Vipers look pretty good going forward

Decent crowd but no atmosphere

Its up to the regukars to create it

Steelers 1 Panthers 0

Matzka had great chance on a turnover deep in Vipers zone

Devils passing letting the down - where have we heard that before?

Game stopped due to problems with ice

There a hole by the boards

These rabbits get everywhere

That Steelers goal was an eng don't know why

Ice fixed at the Tent

Kenton Smith has a great chance but doesn't take shot

Shoot on sight I say

Massive check on Pelle

Everyone piles in

Pelle injured

Michel in a fight

Pelle goes to changing room

Darnell has his pad and pen out

Loads of penalties coming

Carroll checked Pelle in the back into boards

Michel & Birbraer in sinbin

All this timed at 13:13

Michel fought Carroll

Vipers penalties - Schwartz 2+10 for check from behind, Carroll 5 min major fighting

Devils penaltyies - Michel 5 minute major - fighting; Birbraer minor - roughing

After all that we have 5 on 5

Devils icing @ 14:52

Birbraer returns for the Devils

That should have woken up the crowd

Devils finding it hard to establish a foothold in Vipers zone

Gametime 16:04

Pelle returns to the bench


Devils 2nd goal scored by Birbraer assist Matzka @ 16:20

Add an assist for Pelle on that goal

Vipers goal

What is the point you go ahead and the concede within seconds

Vipers 2nd goal scored by Mahovsky assist Forsbacka and Stayzer @ 17:14

Cook up on line change, Symmonds left out there on the ice on his tod

Michel & Carroll return after their major penalties

Last minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Vipers 2

Period can be summed up as Devils offensively look very sharp, Vipers defence looks good.

I suppose it means Devils will score goals but they will leake goals as well

Vipers 1st goal came 49 secs after Devils scored, their 2nd goal came 54 seconds after Devils goal

Mark Richardon will be out for 3-4 weeks, undergoing surgery on Friday

After a wet cut we have big puddle

Teams slowly make their way out of the dressingrooms

SoG for 1st period Devils 16 Vipers 6

Stevie Lyle could grow rice in his crease

We are off for 2nd period

Devils penalty - Voth 2+10 check to the head @ 20:25

1 minute of penalty killed

Weak call that by Darnell, there was no check just a difference in height

Vipers cannot get into Devils zone

Devils return to full strength

Gametime 23:48

Good save from Effinger @ 25:03

Devils lines are even more messed up now with Voth in sinbin

Penalties @ 16:22 for Finnerty and Forsbacka - roughing

It wasn't much of a roughing - just handbags

Paul our Blaze fan who texts us at MNL for all home Devils games has noticed that the penalties on the clocked are out of step in favour of home penalties

0.5 second difference apparently

Vipers hooking minor @ 28:03

Penalty was at 29:03

Gametime 33:46

That hooking minor was against John Schwarz so he has gone back to the naughty boys room from where he just got out

Devils set up on pp but do not take shots

delayed pen against Vipers

Hartmanis - slashinh at 30:59

Vipers have killed Scwarz penalty

Devils missed out on 5 on 3 advantage by not giving up the puck on that delayed penalty

Vipers back to full strength

Voth back

Gametime 33:08

Blaze winning 5-2 after 2 periods

It would appear Kenton Smith is now injured

Devils penalty - Finnerty - hooking @ 34:02

Devils kill penalty

Birbraer on breakaway shoots wide

Gametime 36:22

Vipers ice @ 37:14

Voth hits post with a slap shot from face off

Gametime 37:05

Vipers offside @ 37:56

Forsbacks cheks Mark Smith behind play

Last minute

Finnerty has words with Forsbacka

9 secs of 2nd period left

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Vipers 2

I will repeat my earlier apopeal - is there a hockey fan out there who will be at Dundee tommorrow night who is prepared to help us out with MNL if there are email me at

Where MNL goes others follow if you are a Vipers fan or for that matter a hockey fan and your team are playing the Vipers you can get your fix at,uk Daniel will be happy to oblige.

Come on u Devils lets have some "Devils" hockey this period, the journey to Dundee will go much easier cwith 2 points in the bag.

Ice is ready

Teams return

WE are off

Vipers 3rd goal scored by Forsbacka

@ 40:11

Assists Carroll & Schwarz

Come on u Devils

Devils are imploding - offense wise

Effinger save from Birbraer @ 42:12

We want a Devils goal NOW

Devils penalty - Voth - elbows @ 43:06


SHG assist Pelle

Devils 3rd goal @ 43:35

2nd assist goes to Stevie Lyle

25 secs to kill

Fantastic diving pass from Pelle to set up goal

Devils return to full strength

Vipers icing @ 45:39

Puck out of play @ 46:10

Onetime shot from Matzka saved

Pelle goes close @ 46:30

Gametime 47:34

Kenton Smith is now icing, it might have been equipment problems

evils have upped their offensive game

Michel floors Stewart - thats my boy

Devils penalty - Michel - roughing @ 49:14

Darnell obviously doesn't want any checking tonight

1 minute of penalty killed

Devils clear zone

Devils return to full strength

Finnerty wants a piece of Stayzer

Devils all over Vipers now

Gametime 54:02

Effinger has trouble with equipment and goes to bench

Lyle save @ 54:15

It looks as if one of the linesmen is injured

He is carrying on

Devils icing @ 54:37

Adams clears puck off the line

Easy save for Lyle @ 55:39

Tylr Michel now operating as a forward

Puck off the ice @ 56:26

Face off in Vipers zone @ 56:57

Devils slowing it down for the crucial pass

Lyle clears stright to Viper but makes save

Gametime 57:43

Michel looking for the winner

Vipers penalty @58:27 - Carroll - delay of game

Devils time out

Time out called by Vipers not Devils

Devils on pp


Devils worked the puck and Pelle buried it

DEvils 4th goal a ppg scored by Pelle assists K Smith @ 59:02

Now a Vipers time out, so the first one was a Devils time out after all

Effinger lifted

Devils icing @ 59:44

Final score DEVILS 4 Vipers 3

Attendence 1,700



Our thanks go to our "A" team of texters - Sharlene, Andy Blaze, Paul, Johnwildthing and Merthyr Devils

Thats all from me OJ I still haven't given up hope to bring you MNL from Dundee but it looks unlikely

Join us at MNL on Saturdays when the much improved Stingrays hit Cardiff Bay