Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 3 Sheffield Steelers

OJ here in the MNL control room, welcome as we see the Devils take on the Steelers

Big crowd anticipated for tonight as pre-sales have gone well

Remember game predictions to before 6pm face off

Two early predictions - Allen W sees a 6-2 Devils victory whilst Ruth thinks that the Devils will win by the odd goal in 5

Warm up in progress at the Tent

Very quiet on the e-mail front - maybe everyone's gone to the game

Texters arriving at the tent including Devils2001 who reprted from Whitley Bay last night, thats what you call committment to the cause

Devils shooting well in warmup, scoring at will, but its a double edge swaord as Stevie Lyle is trying to stop them

Full squad for the Devils

Currently checking through the Steelers - a few missing

My texters are doing a head count for the Steelers

Glad you made it home Derek a 6-3 win would do very nicely, Thanks again for your sterling efforts in Whitley Bay last night.

Without these volunteer texters there would not be a MNL and I would have to do the washing up, ironing etc

Where was MNL when I lived in Tenerife? It used to cost me a fortune ringing people who were at the WNIR

Warmup completed

Last off the ice should be shot

Globke, Thomas & Phillips did not play last night and Domish didn't appear in 3rd period

Those of you who think I am going to type in Mushukovs every time the Steeler net minder makes a save is in dreamland

He will be Ervins - we are close friends so I can use his first name

No Domish, Globke, Thomas or Phillips for the Steelers

Glyn M has his fingers crossed for a Steelers win, on penalties if need be

Stephen calls it 5-3 Devils

I am hoping to bring you scores from the games not covered by ih-update at Edinburgh and Dundee using out MNL roving reporters

Capbell has to be watched tonight without Sawyer and Voth protecting his hand

In Wales Glyn is short for Glyndwr we don't have Glynn

Steelers have 12 skaters

Gareth G calls it 6-3 Devils

Simon D says 5-2 Devils

Thank you Glynn we will call Ervins by his nickname Moose

Young Symmonds might have to step up to the plate tonight

Sam Smith is big enough

I wonder if the Devils get boxing coaching like in my days in the dressing room

PA system almost non existent

Ice looks terrible

Its Sunday, work for most of you in the morning

1 or 2 n in Glyn

Get it all off your chest now before we start

Tim Darnell has the whistle

Hicks in Hull, they will enjoy that

We are off

Quick line changes by both teams

Voth tips a shot from point just over bar

Devils penalty @ 2:53 - Michel - kneeing

Giants Peacok hurt at Coventry

Steeler pp non existent so far

Devils return to full strength

Caps 1 Clan 0 - ppg

Steelers penalty - Campbell - hooking @ 5:12

Pelle sets up Birbraer but it jumps over Max stick

Steelers kill penalty

Devils pp poor

Lyle saves from a Steeler breakaway

Campbell mouthing off at Voth on bench


Devils 1st goal @ 8:12 assists Michel & S Smith

Cas now 2-0 up

Steeler penalty - Tait

Tail - minor - slashing @ 8:52

Devils penalty @ 8:52 Voth 2+2 x-check + Roughing

Great glove save by Lyle

Devils kill penalty

Steelers icing @ 12:01


A gift pass out of the corner by a Steeler buried by Pelle @ 12:14

Assist to Matzka

Pelle buried the rebound aftyer Mayzka shot

Paul says it was a cock up by the Steelers - oh what a pity

Gametime 13:42

Voth is back from his 4 minutes in sinbin

Campbell slashes Voth at face off - no call

Steelers icing @ 14:19

Campbell going mental

Voth has none of it

Now Caps 2 Clan 1

Devils offside @ 15:43

Gametime 16:02

Steelers penalty - Sarich - tripping @ 16:35

Hill at back post shoots high

Phil Hill should have scored then as noboby knew where the puck was

Steelers go offside on a 2 on 1 break @ 17:45

Steelers kill penalty

Last minute

2-1 Caps at end of 1st period in Edinburgh

0-0 at Coventry

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Steelers 0

Steelers did create some chances but Devils on top although Pelle & Hill should have scored

We are greedy 2-0 and we want 4-0

Stephen the best answer to Campbell is for the Devils to pilke on the goals and leave the gooning to him

Does anyone know how Campbell got back into the UK?

You try getting into Canada or USA in similar circumstances

A mate of mine was refused entry and it took months to find out why and almost another year to clear it up. And that wa over an unpaid parking ticket

Now got email saying Devils Goal I know we are good but to score in the period breaks is taking it too far

Has anyone on Orange tried this new T Mobile/Orange best network option yet?

We do seem to suffer with network problems from the Tent

Devils return to the ice

Now Caps 2 Clan 2

Steelers are also back

We are away for 2nd period

Steelers seem to have upped their game this period

Steeler gift Voth a turnover but Brads pass doesn't connect with the Devil at the back post

Steeler pressure

Baze 1 Giants 0

Devils penalty @ 23:26 - Birbraer - hooking

Devils should be wary of sh attacks as that one gave Steelers a breakaway opportunity but they went offside

Devils back to full strength

Can get the go ahead ppg at Edinburgh to lead 3-2

Steelers penalty @ 27:25 - Bench minor - too many men

Lets get the pp into overdrive u Devils

Moose giving up a number of rebounds

Steelers finally clear their zone

Steelers kill penalty

Good allround performance by the whole Devils bench I am told

Caps equalize for 3 3

Steelers penalty @ 30:13 Bolibruk - holding

Caps now go 4-3 in front, sounds like a cracker

Devils do set up but can't get any SoG


Hill shot rebounds to Voth at back post the rest is history

Devils 3rd goal @ 31:23

Assists to Finnerty and Michel

So initial shot can't have been by Hill

Steelers carry the puck well in neutral ice but it ends there thankfully

Steelers called for icing when clearly it wasn't as Devils had touched it - Talbot having a strop

Michel floors Campbell

DEVILS GOAL - Michel @ 35:37

Assist Sam Smith

Tylor shot as he was falling to the floor, what a player Man City will want to sign him next

Steelers goal - Tait

Steelers 1st goal @ 36:18

Assist Squires

Steelers GOAL - Squires

What r u doing?

Squires from Bolibruck & Dowd

That 2nd Steelers goal came from a slap shot going wide the Squires got his stick to

Caps 4 Clan 3 after 2 periods

Steelers penalty @ 39:18 - Dowd - slashing

Devils penalty - Michel @ 39:18 - slashing

Steelers penalty @ 39:50 Munn - elbows

Devils penalty @ 39:54 - Matzka - interference

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Steelers 2

Tim Darnell obviously had penalty calls burning a hole in his pocket in the last minute of that period

We might be in for some rough stuff this period as G was not impressed by the elbow thrown by Munn

Its now 4-4 at Edinburgh

We are off for 3rd period

We have 3 on 3 to start period

Steelers penalty @ 40:15 - Sarich - hooking

Steeler look the better team on 3 on 3

Michel returns

Devils back to full strength

Devils on pp

Munn having words with Voth

Puck out of play @ 43:10

Steelers back to full strength

Voth wrists one from point Moose saves

Adams goes for Simon after whistle @ 44:13

Adams (Devils) Simon (Steelers) roughing minors @ 44:13

I seen a bigger scuffle in Chapel

Devils penalty @ 44:55 - K Smith - holding

Steelers goal

Steelers 3rd goal scored by Legue ppg

Steelers goal at 45:36 - scored by Legue, assists Talbot & Tait

Blaze now 2-0 against Giants

Steelers penalty @ 46:16 - Hewitt - roughing

Steelers penalty @ 46:16 - Dowd - slashing

Devils offside @ 47:34

40secs of pp left

oor passing from Devils

Steelers kill penalties

Devils penalty @ 48:25 - M Snith - hooking

Devils return to full strength

Moose saves from Matzka

Steelers icing @ 51:51

There are some wicked slashing going on off the puck - no calls though

Getting more physical by the minute

If there is anyone out there going to Dundee on Thursday or a Dundee fan prepared to help us out at MNL email me at

Its end to end as Steelers step up their game again

Errors creeping into Devils game

Devils penalty @ 52:53 - Matzka - slashing


1 minute killed

Gametime 54:01

Pelle stealing puck off Steelers - carry on Jon

Devils back to full strength

Gametime 55:04

Steelers on all out attack

Gametime 56:03

Welcome Keith cross everything you have

Steelers penalty @ 56:09 - Talbot - hooking

Clan score eng goal to go 6-4 ahead

5 forward on pp for Devils

Man in the crease @ 57:44

Puck out of play @ 57:51


Devils 5th goal @ 57:57

Slap shot from point

Assist Michel

Final 2 minutes

Caps 4 Clan 6 final score

Time out Steelers

@ 58:24

Moose lifted

Matzka got 2nd assist on Devils 5th goal

Last minute

That 5th Devils goal was a ppg

Steelers penalty @ 59:27 - Campbell - roughing

Final score DEVILS 5 Steelers 3

Decent crowd at the Tent were served up a good game

Steelers MoM - Squires


Our thanks go to Sharlene, Paul, Merthyr Devils, Devils2001 and JohnWildthing at the Tent and Willie at Edinburgh and David at Coventry

Join on Wednesday on MNL when the Vipers are in town

Thats all from me OJ until the next one