Match Night Live
Newcastle Vipers 3 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Join we at MNL from 6pm onwards as the Devils travel to the North East to take on the Vipers

Score predictions as usual to

Good evening from me (OJ) to MNL as we bring you the Vipers v Devils from Whitley Bay

The good news is that Brad Voth is out there for the warm up

Full squad icing for Devils except for the departed Justin Sawyer

There is no truth in the rumour that Shhan Hope and Brent Pope were coming out of retirement

Shannon wanted to play but found out that his Free Bus Pass wouldn't get him to Newcastle

Al;len Winton calls it 6-4 to the Devils with a Pelle hat-trick

Ger calls it 4-1 to the Devils

Carl in sunny Carmarthen sees it 4-3 Devils

Glynne calls it 4-2 and sees it kicking off - well he would wouldn't he

I hope you are right Donna & Megan who call it 5-2 to our beloved Devils

John Wildthing sees plenty of goals and the Devils winning 7-4

4-2 Devils is a popular prediction, Ruth has now joined that camp

Andrew sees a 5-3 Devils win as our pp finally get into gear thanks to Vipers visiting the sinbin

Lee says 6-4 Devils

* Devils fans have made the trip I am told

Warmup over

I might have a problem with my texters one says 8 Devils fans the other says 6

Our thanks in advance to Devils2001 and Derek C (+ son) our texters up north

Helen has her prayer mat out for a new D before Xmas

erek has just remindered me what Whitley Bay rink is like

I dread to think what it is like now as it was horrendous in my days

I will never forger when John Lawless was cut in the face by a nail sticking out of the boards.

A guy came on with a hammer and flattened it, I suppose the couldn't remove it or the whole place would collapse.

POK2305 wishes the boys luck and lets have some goals

If there are only 8 Devils fans there I know that there are 30 in Newcastle for my sons stag nite

I tried to encourage them to go to the game, I wonder

They probably lost their money at the Greyhounds this afternoon, well that helps to sober them up

Ice is ready awaiting teams

Very small crowd, the few Devils fans will not have any trouble out shouting them I can assure you.

Both teams take to the ice

Keith finalkly joins us and predicts a 4-3 win for the Devils

The Devils team came out to "Here come the girls"

Trying to find who the ref is, it is not Carson, Darnell or Hanson they are elsewhere

Hi to Sam nd the girls from Derek

WE are off

Its referee No 10

Is that Dean Smith?

Vipers icing


End to end stuff led to Devils goal

Devils 1st goal scored by Kenton Smith @ 2:44

Unassistted that goal was

Ref is Dalgliesh

Gametime 4:15

Devils have come out with all guns blazing, shooting on sight

Still a wide open game @ 5:55

Super save by Lyle @ 5:55

Thats OK Keith everyone has to work, not me though

Save by Vipers netminder @ 8:11

Devils are awesome says Derek

But can then bury the biscuit I ask

Vipers penalty @ 9:31 - Forsbacka - hooking

Vipers kill penalty with ease

Vipers Goal

Breakay goal for Vipers @ 11:47

Vipers goal scored by Dan Speer

Assist for Schwarz

Devils have now shot a puck into the roof and it has stayed there

Vipers absorbing a lot of Devils pressure and hitting us on the break

Gametime 13:50

Vipers hit post @ 15:30

Now Vipers miss empty net @ 16:03

Viprs have come alive maybe the bus legs from Newcastle to Whitley Bay

One moment of madness by Devils D has let Vipers back into game

Brad Voth is taking his regukar shifts

Devils penalty

K Smith - slashing @ 18:49

Last minute

Vipers Goal a ppg

Vipers 2nd goal @ 19:"( scored by Forsbacka

Vipers Goal

End of 1st period Viper 3 DEVILS 1

Devils fans are shell shocked they should be ahead not 2 goal down

3rd Vipers goal @ 19:45 scored by Sibley

Both those Vipers goals were un-assisteed which tells you a lot about the Devils performance.

Probably turned over twice and paid the price

Devils piled on loads of pressure but the old trouble returns - too many loose passes in open ice.

It will be a long journey home unless you get your act together u Devils

Anyone at the ENL game watching this

Teams are back for 2nd period

SoG for 1st period Vipers 8 Devils 12

2nd period starts

*** ENL devils 1 Romford 0 after 17 mins

Vipoers goal now credited to Hartmanis assist Sibley

Vipers penalty @ 21:23 - Stewart - hooking

*** ENL Devils 1 Romford 1 end of 1st period

Vipers penalty @22:02 2+2+10 - check to the head

Penalty was against Schwarz

Viper penalty @ 24:54 - Stewart - roughing

Get that pp into gear u Devils


Devils 2nd goal scored by Phil Hill a ppg

Assist Pelle

Time of goal 24:12

Apologies Stewart penalty was @ 23:54

25:41 Devils offside

Vipers return to full strength

Devils offside again @ 26:14

There seems to be a doubt whether Schwarz got a 10 minute misconduct in addition to his 2+2

Gametime 26:14

Symmonds takes a big hit

No 10 minute misconduct for Schwarz texters used his number (10) instead of name

Vipers offside @ 27:18

I don't blame them for using numbers

Vipers penalty

Lyle goes to bench

Delayed penalty

Brad keep out of it your hand is still not 100%

Vipers penalty @ 28:21 - Sample - hooking

Tyler Michel has woken up and is all set to floor a few

Devils penalty @ 30:14 - bench minor served by Davies

Devils kill penalty well

*** ENL Devils 2 Romford 1 after 2 p

Devils offside @ 32:56


Devils 3rd goal @ 33:13 scored by Michel assist Finnerty

Mr Voth looks fit by all accounts

Vipers offside @ 34:22

Devils look as if they want the 2 points says Derek

Devils penalty @ 36:00 - K Smith

Holding was the call

ih-update just gave a minor penalty to Justin Sawyer - bless them

Gametime 37:53

Devils penalty @ 37:54 - Adams - slashing

5 secs of 5 on 3 to kill

Devils back to 4 skaters

Last minute

** Apologies for earlier ENL score it is now ENL Devils 2 Romford 2 after 33 minutes

11 secs left in 2nd period

Lets avoid a closing minute disaster this time

End of 2nd period Vipers 3 DEVILS 3

** ENL DEVILS regain the lead now 3-2

Hill is hit after the buzzer, Finnerty has words

I don't belive the SoG for 2nd period Vipers 23 Devils 13

They can't be aggregates as it would mean Devils only had 1 SoG in 2nd - they scored 2 goals

The Save% netminder stats in this league are not worth the paper they are written on

They say they are combined SoG for 2 periods

Public address system is pants and with the seagulls getting free entry you can't hear a thing

*** End of 2nd period ENL DEVILS 3 Romford 2

Latest count of Devils fans at Whitley Bay is a massive 12

Come on u Devils give your loyal fans something to ease the trip home

Devils areplaying well just that final pass is letting them down

Brad Voth seems to be back fine and well

Teams are back for the 3rd period

Just had a look at the Forum - it is very quiet

Haven't had any emails for sometime where are you

Off for 3rd period

20 more miles and a quick get out and on your way to a warmer climate

Michel attemots wrap around :@ 40:33

Lyle save @ 41:07

Gametime 42:49

Tylor Michel goes close again


Scored by Michel @ 43:10

Assist for Sam Smith

Game getting heated as predicted by Glynne

Big hit by Voth

Devils penalty @ 45:20 - Macrae - slashing


I am glad to see that Glynne and Keith are still with us

Vipers offside @ 46:02

Devils kill penalty

*** ENL Devils 3 Romford 3

Voth breakaway @47:40 shoots stright at netminder

Never mind its the thought that counts but you better score next time

** Romford take 4-3 lead over ENL Devils

Lyle save : 49:23

Do you know I haven't seen a live hockey game in this country for 8 years


Devils 5th goal @ 50:47 scored by Michel assists to come

I willhave to chexck assists as 19 is a retired number

Assist goes to no 18 - Macrae

Gametime 52:22

We must thank out texters for waking up Tylor

Birbraer fluffs a clear breakaway chance @ 54:30

At Whitley Bay they are now trying to give assists to Sawyer

Devils fans (all 12 of them) in full voice

I wander if any of the lads in Newcastle for my sons stag nite made it to Whitley Bay

Gametime 56:03

Gametime 56:47

Gametime 56:47

Gametime 57:24

*** ENL DEVILS Romford 5 after 54 minutes

Gametime 57:36 - Vipers icing

Pocket rocket on the charge @ 58:19

Vipers pull netminder


Vipers harass refere e after goal

Pelle eng @ 58:22

Vipers penalty Stewart 10 minute misconduct @ 58:22

Last minute

** ENL DEVILS 3 Romford 6

9 secs left

Final score Vipers 3 DEVILS 6

** Now ENL Devils 4 Romford 6

Viper MoM - Dan Speer


Our great thanks go to Derek and Devils2001 our texters at Whitley Bay tonight

A safe journey home to all fans

** ENL Devils 5 Romford 6 - final minute

** Romford score to lead 7-5

*** ENL Devils 5 Romford 7 - final score

Thats all from me OJ why not join me tomorrow night when the Steelers are in town