Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 2 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

Chris here, hosting MNL and as always, I can be reached before/during the game at

First prediction of the night is in, Ruth saying/hoping Devils will end up 2-3 winners...

I wonder if the surprise attack horse image could help lead us to victory/a draw again tonight?

As Andydevils put on the forum, it's supposedly Carson reffing tonights game...

I'm not sure if that's good or bad?

Sounds like the Devils block could well be full in the Skydome, with Bob taking a coachload up they're sure to be in fine voice :D

Uh oh, seems we've got problems already!

Warmup can only just have started, and Myers has taken a puck to the face!

Ger-Devils says an ambulance has been called, i'm not sure if he's off the ice, but lets hope it's not too bad!

Not really sure how that will effect us tonight, do we need a netminder on the bench during the game? If anyone knows what will happen now, please give me a shout -

Sounds like Myers has left the ice after being hit, but not sure what happens now

Sounds like we can still play with only one netminder tonight, phew...

Sounds like a sellout up in Coventry, but problems with the ticketing and the way it's being allocated, no more seats being sold outside of the away block no matter what circumstances...

Seems we only need to worry about the netminding situation if Lyle picks up an injury, then a 3rd netminder has to be produced within a reasonable time...

Myers didn't look too good going off the ice...

Russky predicting a Devils victory, entirely because Hicks isn't ref :)

Just over 5minutes to go until we start

Derek going for a Devils 2-4 victory!

Intro time in the skydome

Anthem time!

Players lining up for the faceoff, come on Devils!

Birbraer, Matzka and Pelle start for us, not too sure what the defensive pairing is...


Devils hit the pipe!


Blaze goal at 0:57 :(

Blaze first goal from Fulghum, not to sure about the assists. Timed at 0:57 though :(

Devils penalty, Davies 2mins for hooking at 1:18 :(

Seems Myers is sat on our bench, so that initial puck incident can't have been as bad as originally reported/thought

Devils kill the penalty as Blaze chance is saved by Lyle

Devils called for icing, not sure on the timing of it though...

End to end at the moment, but Blaze have had more chances

Devils turn to create some chances

Despite the seating problems earlier, there seem to be plenty of free seats in the skydome...

Roughly 6mins gone, end to end as before

At least Carson hasn't gone ape yet!

Matzka having a better game than last night it would seem

And now he's picked up a penalty, fantastic...

Oh no wait, the penalty is now against the Blaze?


Blaze penalty at 7:05, Zanon 2mins for tripping

Apologies for that :)

Apparently the clock at the skydome is kaputt

Clock has managed to fix itself, panic over :)

Not too sure on our Defense yet Stephen, we've conceded a goal already though :S


Devils 1st goal timed at 8:34. Birbraer from K Smith and Matzka

I guess our first goal was a powerplay

Blaze penalty, Cruickshank 2mins for slashing at 9:35

Surely that should have been a 5+game!?

Devils hit the pipes!

Just over 1min to go with the powerplay, another powerplay goal would be good :D

Lee crosschecks Macrae infront of net, Carson watches and does nothing...

Devils passing all over the shop, Matzka gifts the puck to the Blaze whilst we have the man advantage...

Finnerty breakaway, but he can't get the shot off and Jaeger saves :(


Selmser v Finnerty

Fight is going on just after the Blaze penalty was killed

Devils fans giving the victory to Finnerty :D

Lets hope we don't fall apart with Finnerty in the penalty box again

Devils penalty, Finnerty gets 2+10 for instigating +5mins for fighting...

Blaze penalty, Selmser gets 5mins for fighting

Both penalties timed at 11:46

Devils fans at the game saying Selmser instigated that with the initial crosscheck

But somehow we end up with the 17mins of penalties :(

Blaze offside at 13:42

Devils back to 5 skaters

Terrible pass from Richardson gifts the Blaze a chance


Devils 2nd goal at 14:46, Birbraer from Pelle

Birbraer gets into the Blaze zone, passes but the rest of our team are back on the bench...

Jaeger save from Adams, must be just under 5mins to go?

Additional assist on the Devils 2nd goal, should now read Birbraer from Pelle and Richardson at 14:46

There's either plenty of empty seats in Coventry, or the Blaze fans are doing the Sheffield trick of dressing up as blue chairs :P

End to end again, Devils creating chances though

Oooof, Blaze very close

Devils penalty at 17:53, M Smith 2mins for slashing

Selmser returned for the Blaze as Devils took that penalty

Just over 1minute go

Final minute in the 1st period

Lyle save at 19:14, 39seconds of pk to go!

Devils kill the penalty, but that's the end of the first period

End of the first period, Blaze 1-2 Devils :)

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10minutes of period break gone, is it 12 or 15minute breaks in Coventry?

15minute breaks, enough time to get another drink :)

1minute go to till we're back, hopefully we can keep this up!

And hopefully Carson won't lose his mind

Both teams back out, not long to go

Shots on goal for the 1st period, Devils:15, Blaze:9

And we're off!

Blaze win the opening faceoff and Lyle forced to make a save just seconds later

Matzka close, but Jaeger makes the save :(

Devils creating lots of chances, but now called for offside :(

I think Finnerty will be back at about 25mins, but don't quote me on that!

Blaze called for icing

Afraid i'm not getting any times through from my texters, so not sure how far we're into the game

Good save from Jaeger on Hill

Michel shot saved from Jaeger, 24:20

Can't be long till Finnerty returns

Devils offside, Blaze win the faceoff

Devils penalty, Matzka 2mins for hooking at 25:30

Blaze all over us on this powerplay

Lyle makes a save and the players trade handbags

Sawyer and Cruickshank discussing the merits of each others accessories

No penalties :)

Blaze close

Devils get a chance shorthanded, but we go offside :(

Another Devils penalty coming :(

Devils penalty at 27:25, Michel 2mins for interference :(

5seconds with a Blaze 5on3...

Matzka back, 1:55 of pk to go

Blaze hit the pipes!

Blaze penalty coming!

Blaze penalty, Cruickshank 2mins for roughing at 28:12

so 1:13 of 4on4, and then Devils have a powerplay for 47seconds

hopefully :)

Devils back to full strength, and out comes Finnerty :D

Jaeger makes a save as we came back to full strength

Devils on the powerplay now!

Blaze back to full strength, 30mins gone

Owen very very close, good save from Lyle

Devils called for a hand pass, play returns to the Devils zone

Devils creating a lot of chances, 3rd line playing well again

Texters report there's more noise in a library :)

Blaze close again, and that finally spurs the home fans into making some noise

Blaze Smith absolutely nails Finnerty

Sawyer trying to get Smith to fight, but denied!

Sawyer skates around calling Smith a chicken :)

No penalties from those incidents

Big save from Lyle denies Chambers

35mins gone, one team attacks, lose possession, other team attacks, lose possession...

Pelle very close!

Sawyer and Smith having a discussion again

Hill and Smith collide, game getting scrappy now

Last stoppage was at 36:33, not sure what happened though

Blaze penalty coming...


Blaze penalty, Chambers 2mins for handling the puck (???) at 37:28

Devils 3rd Goal, Pelle from Matzka!

Fantastic goal from Pelle :D

Devils 3rd goal timed at 37:43, Pelle from Matzka - powerplay goal :)

Puck is cleared into the Blaze bench, Blaze appeal for penalty, Carson says no :)

And that's the end of the 2nd period, Blaze 1-3 Devils

Sawyer came very close at the end of that period

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4minutes to go till we come back out!

I think both teams must be back out?

Symonds has seen a little ice time tonight, not much but he has at least stepped on the ice during the game

And we're off with the 3rd period!

Shots on goal for the 2nd period, Devils:15, Blaze:11


Pelle adds a 2nd goal!

Seems Blaze had a penalty timed at 40:00, Zanon 2mins for delay of game

Devils 4th goal, Pelle from Birbraer at 40:28

Another powerplay goal for the Devils

Texters seem to think Adams is icing as a forward at times...

Pelle nails Soderstrom behind Jaeger, but the puck is cleared

Big hit between Fulghum and Hill

Blaze penalty coming, hopefully another goal coming!

Blaze penalty at 43:05, Smith 2mins for tripping

Devils fans the only ones making any noise

1min of penalty gone, not really any chances created so far

Blaze have another penalty coming!

Blaze penalty at 44:42, Lee 2mins interference


Another powerplay goal!

Pelle gets the hat trick!

I hope the people over the pond in Rhode Island are celebrating :)

Devils 5th goal, Pelle from Birbraer and Matzka at 44:39

Is that 3+1 for Pelle now, 2+2 for Birbraer?

Good save from Jaeger denies the Devils a 6th goal

Our 4th and 5th goals have of course been on the powerplay :)

Devils still on the powerplay, can't be long till Lee returns

Jaeger getting fustrated, takes it out on Pelle i think?

Sawyer still trying to get Smith to fight

Blaze back to full strength

Matzka was trading punches with Soderstrom, but Carson didn't call anything

Another good save from Jaeger

That Jaeger save came at 47:01


Michel absolutely kills Farmer

There was chaos behind the Devils net, puck was cleared and then Farmer and Michel fight infront of Lyle

That was well and truely a victory for Michel

Smith and Sawyer having words again :)


Sawyer v Smith

Smith trips Sawyer to start, but Sawyer gets back up

Ok, the Michel Farmer penalties are...

Michel, 5mins for fighting

Farmer, 2mins for illegal equipment plus 5minutes for fighting

Devils fans calling Sawyer the victor

Smith is helped off the ice after landing awkwardly on his ankle/knee

Sawyer and Smith both get 5mins for fighting at 47:49

Jaeger makes another good save

With Sawyer now sitting out for 5mins, this is where we really need another D man

It's been a Devils powerplay, that must be from Farmers 2min penalty

Blaze back to 5 skaters

Good save from Lyle, must be maybe 50mins

Big save from Lyle denies Cruickshank!

Hopefully Symonds will be getting some ice time now we have Sawyer out for 5mins

Just under 52minutes gone, come on Devils!

Blaze score :(

Blaze 2nd goal at 51:44, Fulghum from Chambers and Lee

Come on Devils!

Great save from Jaeger denies Pelle a 4th!

Birbraer very close

Jaeger save came at 52:53, Devils came very close through Pelle and Birbraer

Another big save from Jaeger

Lyle save and we have more handbags!

Didn't realise, but Michel, Farmer, Sawyer are all back

Another big save from Jaeger denies Matzka

Matzka save came at 53:42

Blaze getting back into the game, Lyle makes 2 big saves

End to end once again

55mins gone, come on Devils!

56minutes gone, Blaze have managed to find something somewhere

Devils penalty coming :(

Devils penalty at 56:16, K Smith 2mins for slashing

Blaze offside

Blaze taking a few shots on this powerplay!

28minutes gone, final 2minutes!

Devils penalty at 58:08, Matzka 2mins for slashing

come on Devils!

Devils back to 4!

Lyle making save after save

Final minute!


Lyle save at 59:16

Jaeger save denies Birbraer a 3rd :(

Devils win!

I think it's fair to say Hicks maybe affected the game yesterday!

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Just waiting on the man of match texts... :)

Ok I have no idea who has man of match for either team, i'll post something up on the forums later!

Thanks for joining in everyone :)

Chris out.