Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Dundee Stars

Good evening everyone!

Chris here tonight, if it goes quiet it means my internet has imploded again, so lets hope that doesn't happen!

As always, I can be reached before/during the game at

First prediction of the night in, Jed in Jordan predicting a win, no score just a win :)

I wonder if that's our furthest viewer tonight, anyone out there further away than Jordan?

Kevin and Beth predicting a Devils victory but only by 1 goal!

After the Stars lost to the Capitals last night, a team we demolished 12-4 at home, i'm kind of hoping we demolish the Stars as well :)

In the pregame interview, Francis has said they'd rather see Mcmorrow on the ice, I assume that's because he's next to useless...

Keith from way out west is predicting/hoping for a 7-1 victory :D

10minutes to go till we start, I have no idea who the ref is though!

5minutes to go and it's very very quiet :S

Seems there's not a great crowd at the tent either, so where the heck is everyone!?

Both teams are out, and all my texters are alive, panic over :D

Hicks with the whistle tonight, could be worse, could be Carson and his nervous twitch that results in match penalties :E

Seems we have a lot of Guildford Flames and Basingstoke Bison fans at the game tonight...

And the Bison mascot for some reason :)

Anthem time at the big blue tent!

Seems Mcmorrow hasn't travelled with the Stars for this game

Fans in tears that they won't get to see Mcmorrow dancing on the bench

or not :P

Well this is going to be interesting, some texters are no longer texting and others are telling me the game has started :E

Michel has gone close, I have no idea what time though

The one time I say we don't have problems with coverage, everyone has gone awol

So, no one is replying to anything, I don't know what's happening in the game or how long we've been going for :(

Apologies to everyone if this goes from bad to worse, not had these problems for a while :(

Not quite sure whether it's worth carrying this on to be honest, not getting anything through about the game :(

Ok, seems the texters are alive

Sorry for the delays :)


Devils 1st goal scored at 6:09, Macrae from Davies and Adams

Devils penalty at 6:57, Michel 2mins for roughing...

Devils Gal Macrae

That has to be a joke? Since when has Michel been known to try and rough up other players?

Big save from Lyle at 7:03!

I'l leave it to you Chris OJ

Birbraer nails someone mid ice, not sure who

It was a Dundee player though :)

And now it's gone horribly quiet again :(

Devils back to full strength

Devills penalty

Michel roughing @ 6:57

Stars aren't playing like a last place team according to one texter

A pretty boring encounter so far it would seem, lots of stoppages as the puck keeps leaving the ice

Lyle has to change his mask after a direct hit

7:20 left in the first period...

Oj here in the Cardiff MNL studio, Chris is having problems with his internet connecxtion so I will take over

Texter being told to text me instead

OJ is taking over for me, afraid my internet keeps packing up :(

Just incase the game does get exciting, it's best for OJ to run this!

Lyle called upon to make a smart save after M Smith broke his stick

Gametime 15:44

Game much slower than last night

Dundee penalty

Dundee hooking penalty At 17:26 # 37

Cartwright that was

Get that pp into gear u Devils

Dundee back to full strength

Dundee penalty @ 19:27 - x-check

Suderman that was going to the sinbin

End of first period DEVILS 1 Stars 0

We should be OK for 2nd period I now have a Stars team roster

SoG for 1st period 8 each

Not a very exciting game by all accounts

Hardly any hitting although Max had a massive open ice hit on an unlucky Star

Ice ready

Reasonable crowd (C1700) at the Tent but they are vey quiet

Both teams return to tyhe ice

THey took their time I must say

More 2nd gear hockey on the way according to The Stub

we are off for the 2nd period

Stars reurn to full strength

Stars icing @ 21:28

Lyle save afte some nice play by the Stars

I cannot repeat what my texters are saying about the quality of this game

Kaufman save on a Sam Smith breakaway


Devils 2nd goal @ 26:25 scored by Adams, assist Finnerty

Hill with 2nd assist


Scored by Michel assist Macrae @ 27:29

Maybe this will wake up the crowd

Sam Smith given an assist on Devils 3rd goal

Capitals 2 Stringrays 1 latest score from MNL Edinburgh reporter

Stars penalty @@ 29:22 - Cartwright - slashing

Stars major penalty slashing on Finnerty

That was Zarb 5 + Game @ 29:56

Zarb had stood out as the Stars best player now he's gone for the night

Lets have a couple of goals on this 5 minute powerplay

It pays to be greedy

2 minutes of pp gone - nothing to show for it

Capitals 2 Stingrays 2 after 2 periods

Stars back to full strength

What a pathetic effort on pp

Big punch up

Symmonds led to sinbin, more to follow

More of a hug than a fight says The Stub

Waiting for details of penalties

Don't know which Star player fought Symmonds but Symmonds dropped him

Satrs McLean and Nebus get minors for roughing @ 35:28

Symmomds minors for boarding & roughing

That doesn't make sense if two Stars players are done for roughing in an encounter with Symmonds surely one is Third Man In

Our pp was Sh**e on the 5 minute major

5 on 5 is the message I am getting


Devils 4th goal scored by Sam Smith assists Macrae & Michel

Time of goal 38:23

Sam was alone at the back post for a tap in

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Stars 0

Don't believe what ih-update tells you

Hull take a 3-2 lead after 45 minutes

Call on Zarb maybe a bit harsh but it was a clear 2 handed slash

Ice is ready

Hull score a SHG to lead 4-2

Teams back

We are off for the 3rd period

Video evidence shows that Pelle scored when the puck went through the net and nobody claimed it

That was before Devils 3rd goal

Devils penalty @ 40:28 M Smith - boarding

Lyle called upon to make a series of saves

34 secs to kill

Stars Goal

Lyle makes save and is pushed out of crease and puck goes loose

Stars penalty - Hughes - tripping

Penalty was at 43:18 for clipping not tripping

Stars goal was at 42:27 scored by Cartwright assist Ceman

Get that ppg u Devils


A bullet from Kenton Smith I believe

A ppg

Timed @ 44:29 assists Birbraer & Pelle

Capitals claw 1 back with a ppg now Caps 3 Stingrays 4

The games you can't get on ih-update you can on MNL

Gametime 50:04

Devils fans taunting Makaway for some reason

Capitals 3 Stingrays 4 - result

Devils fans taunting Makaway for some reason

Gametime 50:04

My texters tell me that the Capitalks werre a much better team than the Stars

Gone very quiet

Suderman battered Birbraer

Stars penalty @ 52:45 - Suderman 5 minutes fighting and 2+10 for instigating

Devils penalty - Birbraer - 5 minutes for fighting

Gametime 53:12

Stars Goal a SHG

Scored by Ceman

Goal timed at 53:31

Gametime 55:37

Devils return to full strength

Max fughting a big D, still he's big enough to look after himself

Narrow win for Suderman say the judges

Stars penalty @ 59:34 - Makaway - x-checking

Thats it folks DEVILS 5 Stars 2 - final score


Devils MoM Stuart MACRAE

Our thanks to our gallent texters Sharlene, The Stub, Andy Blaze and John Wildthing in Cardiff and Willie in Edinburgh

Join us again next weekend as the Devils have back to back games against the Blaze

Thats all from me OJ until the next MNL production