Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 5 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me OJ from 6:00 as we bring you our usual comprehensive MNL service of the Devils visit to Belfast

Elcome to MNL for the Devils visit to Belfast

Remember you can gain access to the game at the first period is freeview and you can purchase the webcast sp hurry up and get watching

Watching MNL at the sametine of course

Ruth calls it a 2-2 draw

Waiting for the MNL texters to log in from the O

Tonight we have Ger-Devils, James and The Stub on duty (if sober) along with David our regular Belfast based MNL texter.

I wonder if they allow chickens into the O

Scarlets won, Ospreys lost and now the Blues are losing 10-0 at home to Edinburgh

Megan & Donna in Bridgend hoping for a 4-3 victory for the Devils

So do I

Although any score will do me so long as the Devils win

Hi to Amy, Ben Davies' girlfriend

chicken is half way into the O

Warm up underway

The chicken has joined the 70 or so Devils fans who have made the trip over the Irish Sea

Carl also calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Disaster at the O for Ger-Devils - no cider

Keith calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Warmup completed

Zamboni speeding round the ice in double quick time

Officials on the ice

Devils take to the ice

Angela calls it 4-3 to the Devils

We are off

Giants exert pressure from the off

Lyle save @ 1:20

Giants Penalty

Hoffman slashing minor @ 2:00

Matzka hits cross bar

Murphy save @ 3:16

Giants kill penalty

Blues now winning 13-10

Good save by Lyle @ 4:46

Giants penalty @5:20 - Hoffman - elbows

Have not had any updates from the Tent re ENL Devils

30secs of pp left

Michel goes close

Murphy save

Giants back to full strength

Devils turnover gives Giants great chance

O is a Library is the Deviuls chant

End to end - chances for both teams

Devils icing @ 9:58

Good save by Murphy

Hill was the shooter

Game time 10:43

Blues score try

Devils penalty

Devils bench penalty - too many men @ 11:21

Birbraer sits benchh minor

Giants penalty - Hoffman again @ 12:12 - hooking

Correction - interference was the call


evils 1st goal scored by K Smioth assist Finnerty @ 12 :48

Phil Hill gor the 2nd assist on Devils opener

Devils back to full strength and go on pp

Giants back to full strength

Giants offside @ 14:38

Devils penalty

Devils penalty 2nd in secs

Macrae got 1st penalty Mark Smith the 2nd

Mark Smith penalty was x-checking

Macrae delay of game @ 15:33

Giants goal a ppg

Giants goal @ 17:28 scored by Hemingway, assistsd Shields & Cook

Devils return to full strength

Gametime 18:27

Last minute

The two quick Devils penalties were timed at 15:30 (M Smith) and 15:33 (Macrae)

End of 1st period Giants 1 DEVILS 1

SoG Giants 9 Devils 17

Blues won 18-16

Dean Smith is the referee it was amiss of me not to tell you earlier

*** ENL Devils losing 4-0

Nottigham 0 Sheffield 1 after 1st period

Teams return to the ice

Teams ready for 2nd period

We are off for 2nd

Giants icing @ 21:06

Damage to ice - game stopped

Water on ice

Gametime 21:13

Looking at the webcast if the ice is that bad re-surface

Thanks to giants tv

If you want to buy the webast go to

Repair! finished we are off again

Save Lyle

Gareth has his beer delivered to his seat in the O

Michel floors Hoffman

Devils icing @ 22:52

Sorry for that break major problems with PC

Devils penalty @ 25:03 - Finnerty - hooking

Giants penalty @ 30:29 C Hemingway

Slashing was the call

James says Macrae is playing a blunder


Devils ppg @ 32:00

Devils 2nd goal scored by Richardson, assist Hill

Plus assist for Michel

Giants Goal

Giants 2nd goal scored by Prudden @ 32:33 assist for Gleed

Un assisted that was

Good save by Lyle keeps Giants out

As I said apologies for the break in service my PC doesn't like the webcast for some reason

Giants icing @ 34:24

Giants icing at 35:06

Gametime 36:26

The game has been end to end so far, very open

Devils now under pressure from Giants

Devils penalty @ 37:03 - Adams - holding


Devils fans in good voice but getting drunker by the minute

Giants go offside @ 38:05

Punches being thrown

Just handbags really no call

Adams returns, Devils back to full strength

Last minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period Giants 2 DEVILS 2

Has anyone else had problems with the Webcast tonight or with the Firefox server

Devils are making a game of it at the O which is a godsend as otherwise all the fans would have been drunk already along with my texters

I would run a check on one of the goal judges as the SoG for 2nd are Giants 19 Devils 8

So after 2 periods there have been 36 shots at one end and only 17 at the other - all this in a fairly even game

Panthers losing 2-0 at home to Steelers, that will not go down well

Players back on the ice

My texters are on their staple diet beer & Crisps

If this goes into O/T I apologise now for the reduction in the qualitry of the MNL service

We are away for the 3rd period

Come on u Devils

A correction 99% of Devils fans are drunk

I will have to go to a game in Belfast, there wasn't a team there in my time

I spoke at a major conference at the O in 1999

Welch foul on Pelle is it called?

Yes it is

Giants penalty ' 42:22 - Welch - holding

Lets get this pp into overdrive u Devils

Giants back to full strength

Gametime 45:03

Devils penalty @ 45:08 - Adams - interference

Devils Kill

Lyle is keeping the Devils in the game according to James

Devils kill penalty

Giants penalty - Smyth slashing @ 47:15


Giants have Two breakaways but Lyle saves both

Giants return to full strength

Gametime 50:36

Gametime 51:58

Devils gave up too many sh chances in that last pp

James crying in his beer as he didn't win 50-50

Devils penalty - Michel @ 51:51:07 - interference

Finnerty goes close on sh breakaway

Gametime 53:35

Giants Goal

Devils messed up clearing their zone and gifted the chance to Giants

Giants 3td goal @ 52:50 scored by B Hemingway, assists Shields & C Hemingway

Come on u Devils lets get it back

Intensity has upped says James - its a bit late or is he referring to the drinking

Gametime 56:03

3 minutes left in game

Marked by Devils icing @ 56:57

Devils lines mixed up , now Birbraer, Macrae & Finnerty together

Followed by Matzks, Hill & Pelle

Giants goal

Giants 4th goal @ 57:56 scored by Brad Smyth assist Prudden

Devils icing @ 58:10

Gametime 59:20

Giants goal @ 59:56

An awesome goal by all accounts

Hemmingway assists Smyth & Prudden

Final score Giants 5 DEVILS 2

Final Giants goal scored by Cilin Hemmingway


Score flatters the Giants my sources tell me


SOG for 3rd period Giants 13 Devils 6

Out thanks to our texters in Belfast James, Ger-Devils and The Stub and a big thank you to our Belfast correspondent and Giants fan David

Thats all from me , Chris hopefully will be in the chair on Sunday when the Dundee Stars arrive in town. I 'm off racing at Ffos Las so until the next time its good night from me OJ