Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 3 - 3 Cardiff Devils

OJ here in the MNL box hoping to bring you coverage of the Devils visit to Hull

We are indebted to Hull fan Keith for tonights coverage

Hull start their season with the visit of the Devils for a Challene cup game

Queues report at the Hull rink a rare sight in recent years

Both teams out for the warm up

Game predictions as usual to

Very quiet on the e-mail front

I suppose everyone is watching the Ryder Cup

Well todays play will finish soon and you can all join me here on MNL

Carlo joins us from New Delhi

Carl calls it 6-2 Devils

It looks as if face off will be delayed at Hull

Andrew also calls it a 6-2 win for Devils

Carson has the whistle

Calum is shouting for the Stingrays, bless him

PAK2503 wants a load of goals like Thursday

For the Devils I assume

Carl calling for 7-1 is greedy but nice

Both teams are on the ice

Decent crowd, well done they deserve it

Game prelims coming to an end

As was reported on Forum it will be a limited MNL tonight as we only have 1 texter

Christian Boucher in net for Stingrays; Stevie Lyle on duty for the Devils

If you are aware of anyone at the game who can help e-mail me at

We are off

Devils have a clear chance after 8 seconds

Devils penalty - Sawyer

Penalty @ 0:54 - interference

Devils have a clear sh chance which they missed by shooting wide

Good save Lyle

Both teams keen to show their handbags early on

Devils kill penalty

Sean calls it 4-1 to the Devils

Ruth calls it 5-2 to the Devils

Donna & Megan in Bridgend calls it 8-2 to the Devils

Keith wants a 5-2 Devils win

Good save by Boucher @ 4:02

That was from a 2 on 1 Devils breakout

Hull repeat the breakout leading to a Lyle save

Devils penalty - Symmonds - hooking @ 5:25

Devils PK working well

Devils back to full strength

Its end to end

Stingrays fans show their appreciation for the return of EIHL to Arena

Hukk penalty - x-check

That Hull penalty was to Mitchell

Devils penalty - Matzka - slashing @ 10:21

The Mitchell penalty was at 9:50

Boucher called upon to make 2 saves as Devils go close sh

Gametime 12:11

Good game for no goals by all accounts

Devils had successfully killed penalty

All the predictions are for a heavy Hull defeat but whewre are the Devils goals

Boucher saves from Matzks @ 13:45

Hull penalty coming

Mitchell @ 14:53

Slashing was the call

Hull penalty - C Mitchell

5 on 3 for Devils

That was slashing as well

Hull sinbin renamed Mitchellville


Scored by Michel @ 17:24

Assists go to Finnerty & Birbraer

Apologies Devils goal was @ 16:33

My subtraction from 20:00 isn't what it used to be

That of course was a ppg

Hull hit penalty trouble two penalties in a matter of seconds give Devils another 5 on 3

Hull penalty @ 18:13 - Cloutier - slash

Boucher called uoon to make save after save in the Hull net

The other Hull penalty was @ 18:17 - Dulle - high sticks

End of 1st period Stingrays 0 DEVILS 1

Can't complain about the efoort being put in by the Stingrays but the Devils look in control

Devils will start 2nd period with 13 secs of 5 on 3

SoG for 1st period: Hull 9 Devils 24

Our forwards need a talking to if they can only score 1 goal from 24 shots on net

Or maybe Christian Boucher is a top netmninder with a 95.83 save%

Both teams return to the ice

We are away fir 2nd period

Hull back to 4 skaters

Now 5

Great save by Lyle from L Mitchell

Quiet start to middle period

Save by Lyle fron Malmikov

Devils penalty

Sawyer @ 22:52

There was also a Devils penalty at 22:44 - Smith - slashing

Now 5 on 3 opportunity for Hull

Sawyer penalty was also slashing

Penalties seem to go in pairs tonight

Devils kill 1st penalty

Devils penalrt - Adams - slashing

That last penalty was in fact Mark Smith, Kenton took the earlier penalty

Devils pk unit in top form tonight

Penalties killed

To sort out any confusion those three penalties were all for slashing


2nd Devils goal @ 27:21

Devils penalty @ 28:02 M Smith

Devils 2nd goal scored by Sawyer asist Finnerty

Mark Smith penalty was hooking

Hull goal @ 29:11 ppg scored by Uusivarta

Top shelf shot beat Lyle

DEVILS GOAL - Pelle @ 29:46

Assists on Hull goal go to L Mitchell & Lake

Assist for Hill on Pelle goal

Full line scuffle or is it a shuffle

For those who missed it Andy Carson has the whistle

Correction to Devils 2nd goal now credited to Hill not Sawyer

Devils penalty Sawyer 5 + game @ 29:57

Esders minor for Hull

Davies serves Sawyer major penalty

Hull go close on pp

Sawyer penalty was at 31:57

Lyle save @ 36:02

Devils return to full strength

I have never seen a 5 minute major for misconduct

That what was announced for Justin Sawyer

Misconduct penalties I thought were personal to an individual player not to a team so why were we killing a penalty for 5 minutes

Gametime 38:42

Angela I don't know what Sawyer did, all my texter said was that he was suckered into it

End of 2nd period Hull 1 DEVILS 3

Reported that Sawyer major was for attempted to injure

Apparently Sawyer target was Jason Silverthorn

Lets put this game to bed u Devils and get on the road home.

With all this rain Offa's Dyke is getting wider by the minute, Wales will be an island soon

We must acknowledged that our sole texter at Hull, Keith is doing a great job on his debut for MNL

Ice ready for 3rd period

Sog 2nd period Hull 9 Devils 11

Who is Keith? Ruth

Reports that Capitals iced with just 9 skaters against the Blaze tonight

SoG now corrected to 11 each

Teams back on the ice

That was a long break they must have had a late tea as well

3rd perid underway

Hull penalty

I don't know what that text was about

Ruth maybe 3 of the Capitals have sought political assylum in Wales

Devils are in control although Hull putting in a big effort

Hull's big D are doing a great job clearing the crease

Gametime 45:04

Boucher save @ 45:46

No Voth for Devils, well I haven't been told he is playing

Hull are trying but struggling to create chances

Hull Goal

Shows what I know about hockey

Hull 2nd goal scored by Lake @ 48:20

Gametime 48:58

Hull 2nd goal was unassisted

Hull exerting pressure


Hull equalising goal @ scored by Cloutier unassisted

Hull goal was at 50:13 and there were asists to Lake & Silverthorn

Hull penalty

hooking minor - Sladok @ 51:00

Boucher makes some great saves as Devils go on pp

Hull Pk also come good

Gametime 54:01

Disagreement whether Lake or Tendler hads 2nd asist on 3rd Hull goal

Gametime 55:03

Come on u Devils get that winner

Hull go close

Capitals 4 Blaze 6 and the Caps only had 8 skaters for the last 2 periods

Last 2 minutes

Hull penalty @ 58:50

Uusivirta - interference

Devils Time out

Hull go close whilst sh

Devils penalty K Smith

@ 59:20 - slashing

Hull looking for that winner

Final score Stingrays 3 DEVILS 3

A good game says Texter Keith

Mark Smith took a puck to the face late on , nose bleeding

MoM - Hull - BOUCHER; Devils - FINNERTY

Our thanks to Hull fan Keith who did a brilliant job for us.

Thats all from me OJ until the next MNL