Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 12 - 4 Edinburgh Capitals

Sorry for my late arrival at the MNL booth

OJ on duty tonight as we welcome the Capitals to Cardiff Bay

Any game predictions as normal to

Warmup completed

No predictions so far its very quiet out there, but I suppse its mid week and everone making their way home or to the Tent from work etc

I hope I don't have the same problem with texts arriving out of order tonight, it is very confusing.

Will bring you team news as soon as I have any

If there is anyone out there with access to the Dundee v Coventry score drop me updates at

Lets have a good perfrormance from the Devils tonight to keep that momentum going

Capitals take to the ice

10 was the latest count for the Capitals

Capitals are in fact icing 12 skaters + 2 netminders

Brad Voth the only scratch for the Devils

Madsen & Perrault (imports): Dolman, Hay and Steel (Brits) not icing for Capitals

Kike Sahaw a Capital fan calls it 5-1 to the Devils

We are off for the 1st period

Devils have called up Burrows from the ENL Devils

Dean Smith has the whistle tonight

Dundee new defenceman Zarb icing tonight

Capitals penalty @ 1:53 - Schafer - tripping

Come on u DEVILS we want a PPG


Devils 1st goal a ppg scored by Ben Davies

Assist Hill

Time of goal 3:16


Devils 2nd goal scored by Matzka @ 5:50

Assists to Birbraer & Pelle

Devils penalty @ 6:38 - Richardson - holding

Devils looking dangerous on pk

Rebounds galore coming from Capitals nm

Paul text me "This is awful"

Capitals are looking tired already, Devils all over them on pK

Gametime 10:03

Keith I think you should revise your 4-2 Devils win prediction


Scored by Michel @ 11:56

Drilled thru 5 hole

Assists go to Finnerty & Symmonds

Keith now says 8-2

Burrows getting ice time

Dundee are 2-0 up against Blaze

Devils penalty @ 15:39 - Sawyer

Capitals goal a ppg

Capitals goal @ 14:09

It was not announce what penalty Sawyer got

Apparently Sawyer penalty was 2+2 - roughing

Capitals penalty @ 15:39 - Lomas - boarding

Capitals goal scored Taylor assists Cingel & Kim

Devils penalty @ 18:35 - Birbraer - hooking

Capitals now on pp

Last minute

Now 2-1 at Dundee

End of first period DEVILS 3 Capitals 1

Sawyer penalty was after Pelle got hit by a cheap shot and he jumped in

So please don't criticise him for protecting our valuable snipper

end of 1st period Dundee 2 Coventry 1

Who needs ih-update when we have MNL

Blues 16 Connaught 3 - half time

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Stephen - Devils should win by a country mile, reports that Capitals look tired allready

Sog for 1st period Devils 13 Capitals 6

2nd period starts

Devils return to full strength

Here's a first for you my texter at Dundee happens to be the dad of Capitals D #22

Devils are sitting back too much and cruising letting Capitals to get back into game

Capitals 2 on 1 goal


Devils 4th goal scored by Michel assist K Smith

Capitals 2nd goal scored by St Jaques, asists Taylor & Nicholson @ 22:59

Devils goal timed @ 22:59

Devils bench minor - too many men @ 25:59

Davies serves penalty

Capitals goal was at 22:29, Devils at 22:59 - apologies

Capitals ppg @ 26:33

Capitals penalty @ 26:46 - Fanto - hooking


Devils 5th goal scored by Hill a ppg @ 28:40

Assists to Davies & M Smith on Devils 5th goal

It is getting heated out there

Sawyer wants to go Hutchins doesn't

In case there is confusion Devils 5th goal was scored by Phil Hill, assists Ben Davies & Mark Smith

Save by Caps nm @ 31:48

Michel creams Nicholson @ 33:20

I won't tell his dad

Devils icing @ 34:22


Devils 6th goal scored @ 34:36

Scored by Birbraer assists Matzka & Pelle


Devils 7th goal @ 35:40 scored by Miche;, assiusts Macrae & Symmonds

Tylor Michel's hat-trick goal scored on a delayed penalty

Devils penalty @ 36:51 - K Smith - roughing

Dundee go ahead 3-2

Michel breakawy, he misses

Ailsa - Willie Nicholson took a hit hit from Devils runaway train Tylor Michel

Capitals have a clear 3 on 1 breakaw which the cock up

Devils penalty @ 39:46 - Birbraer

End of 2nd period DEVILS 7 Capitals 3

Penalty for Birbraer @ 39:46 was for goalie interference

He can be arrested for that you know

Capitals net minder also drew a penalty for roughing at 39:46

Penalty being served by Fanto

Ailsa he just took a big hit, hasn't missed a shift after

Dundee 3 Coventry 2 after 2 periods

Both teams back on the slippery stuff

We are off for the 3rd period

Caps icing @ 32:06

Capitals seem to have a shorter bench this period only 11 skaters

Ailsa don't worry Willie is on the ice, we are trying to work out who is missing

Gametime 43:03

Nothing much happenning other than John Wildthing thinking of picking up a Chinese on the way home

Meal that is

Devils offside @ 43:50

Richardson takes a huge elbow no call

If it was huge it must have been a Shannon Hope elbow

Puck bounces over Birbraer's stick on a 2 on 1

Its now 3 - 3 at Dundee

Capitals penalty @ 47:32 - Horne - hooking

G is playing Keith, he's travelling to Aber after the game and wants you to row him across

Capitals kill penalty

Capitals icing @ 49:46

Devils should have scored on that pp

The bog snorkling team from Llanwrtyd Wells have been called up for the Ryder Cup after a severe weather warning

Capitals Goal

2 on 1 led to Capitals 4th goal @ 51:40 scored by Kim, assists Taylor and Cingel


Devils 8th goal scored by Finnerty @ 52:36

Assists on Devils 8th goal go to Davies and Hill

Are you sure that there is no fix on this game, Capitals score then Devils score immeadiately

Looks like spot fixing to me

Caps offside @ 53:23


Devils 9th goal @ 53:38 - scored by Mark Smith

Assists to Pelle & K Smith


Devils 10th goal at 54:55

Lyle off for an early shower

Devils 10th goal scored by Hill, asists Finnerty & Davies

Blaze take 4-3 lead at Dundee

Last 2 minutes


Scored by Tylor Michel

Devils 11th goal at 58:46

Assists for Macrae & Sam Smith


Devils 12 goal scored by Pelle @ 59:53 assists Birbraer and Matzka

12-4 this is like my era

Final score DEVILS 12 Capitals 4

Capitals MoM - Adam Taylor

Devils MoM - Tylor Michel

Our thanks to our texters at the Tent - Sharlene, John Wildthing, Merthyr Devils and Paul

Dundee 3 Coventry 4 - final score

Our special thanks to Willie Nicholson Snr for keeing us up to date with events at Dundee whilst Willie Jnr played for the Capitals. Many thanks

Thats all from me OJ until the next one, I am not sure if we have texters at Hull on Sunday, we will try our best