Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 3 Braehead Clan

We extend a big welcome to Braehed Clan on their first visit to the Tent

OJ here in the MNL shed waiting for you game rediction s + any other rubbish to

warm up underway as we wait for the remainder of my texters to join Chris at the Tent in the Bay

Lets hope for another top performance from the Devils tonight

I hope it doesn't go down to the wire as it did on Wednesday night

Chris has been lying down ever since

No score predictions - you cannot all be going down the Bay

Nice to be back with you missed Wednesdays game as I was on the road.

Went racing at Chester yesterday - very posh indeed

Back to normal tomorrow as I go racing at Ffos Las

Then is golf. golf. golf

It will be nice to have some hockey action

Nice to hear from you Michael what about sending us the first prediction from a Clan fan

Devils fans are shy tonight

Warm up drawing to a close

Stehen calls it 6-2 Devils I assume

Michael won't give us a score as he is hoping for a thirsd Clan away win

Those cynics amongst you will say it took the Devils two seasons to get 3 away wins

Gareth calls 3-2 to Devils

No Stephen no tips for tomorrow, I have looked at the cards yet, At least I shouted home a winner for Her Majesty yesterday

Tamburello Carlo joins us from a cleah hotel room in New Delhi

He wants a Devils win to take his mind off his Delhi Belly

Clan take to the ice

Devils missing Brad Voth - no other team news

Devils take to the ice

Michael Hicks has the whistle

Chris nor impressed by the Clan sweaters

At least they are not wearing kilts instead of hockey pants

Crowd looks on the small side, but they are still coming in

Anthem time

Playing Braehead reminds me of the Devils first ever game in the Premier when we played Ayr at the Summit Centre in Glasgow in 1989.

When we came out of the dressing room to be greeted by close on 500 fans from South Wales who had made the trip to Scotland

We drew 5-5 and the beat Murrayfield the following night

We are off for the first period

Devils icing @ 0:36

Lyle save @ 56 secs puts puck out of play

Davies o Devils 2nd line

Clan go close

Easy save for Perras from Sam Smith @ 2:09

Clan icing @ 2:30

It was amiss of me not to welcome Clan fans to the MNL - enjoy

Pelle goes close @ 2:22

Devils offside @ 3:06

Clan penalty

Penalty @ 3:48 - Chaumont - slashing

K Smith goes close @ 3:52

Save by Perras denied K Smith

One minute of pp remaining

Puck out of play : 5:02

46 secs of pp left

Pelle misses rebound chance

Clan kill penalty

reasonable pp by the Devils creating some chances

Devils offside @6:29

Michel floors Mather

Devils offside @ 7:29

Too keen by half

Clan penalty @ 8:04 - Phillips - interference

Penaly was hooking not interference

Devils go close on pp

That was on their ony visit to Clan zone

Devils offside @ 9:45

Clan return to full strength

That Devils pp was poor, very poor

Puck out of play @ 10:12


Lyle save @ 10:48

Sawyer and Bruce compared handbags nothing called

Lyle save @ 11:45

Clan look a good unit

Pressure from Clan

Sawyer breaks pressure and goes close

Its very scrappy with both teams making mistakes

Gametime 15:01

Perras saves from Finnerty

Macrae goes close as Perras spills the biscuit

Symonds getting a regular shift

Devils penalty @ 15:25 - Symmonds - holding

What a pity

Clan pp not much better

Devils pk doing well

Devils return to full strength

Lyle save @ 17:32

Perras save @ 17:48

Birbraer slap shot goes wide

Last minute of 1st period

Birbraer goes close again

Clan goal @ 19:35

Devils Goal

We will get the times and scoers to you

Clan goaled scored by Campbell, assists Cook & Wathier

Devils goal @ 19:53 scxored by Miche; assists S Smith & Macrae

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Clan 1

Clan goal follwed an error by Hill

Some strong words being used in the Devils camp I am told

Team accused of playing like a scratch team that were strangers to each other

Both teams back on the ice

The hare is running

We are off for the 2nd

Clan icing @ 20:07

Clan Goal

Clan 2nd goal : 20:21 - Cook, assist Campbell

Devils penalty @ 20:35 - Hill - tripping

Devils D as usual gone AWOL

Luckily Clan pp is very poor

Devils kill penalty

Couple of easy saves by Perras

Clan icing @ 23:43

Devils penalty - Symmonds - roughing @23:49

That is a rediculous penatly, Clan player shot puck after whistle Symmonds jumps in

No penalty against Clan - no justice

Gametime 25;02

Clan offside @ 25:40

Devils return to full strength

Perras save @ 26:04

Lyle save @ 26:33

Most pressure coming from the Clan

Clan penalty @ 27:08 - Noel - hooking

Get that pp into gear u Devils

Half pp gone

Clan penalty @ 28:33 - Richardson - roughing

5 on 3 for 36 secs


Devils 2nd goal a ppg scored by Matzka at 29:10

Assists for K Smith & Pelle

That 2nd goal for the Devils was a 5 on 4 ppg

Gametime 30:03

Perras makes good save @ 30:40 from Michel

Devils keep passing the puck yo the front of creae but no one at home

Devils icing @ 31:31

Devils lucky to avoid too many men penalty - sloppy line change

Devils icing @ 32:28

Devils are creating chances but what good are they if there is nobody burying that puck

Game has suddenly become more physical

Perras save @ 33:58

Perras saves from Hill @ 34:02

Symmonds now paired with M Smith on D

Landry goes coast to coast @ 35:05 by Clan skater goes offside

Puck out of play @ 35:18

Clan offside @ 35:23

36 minutes gone

Devils goal disallowed - kicked in by Matzka

Clan penalty @ 36:27 - Cook - tripping


Is this one going to be disallowed as well?

No it isn't Devils 3rd goal a ppg @ 37:04 scored by Hill, asists Finnerty & Richardson

Devils offside @ 38:34

Final minute of 2nd period

Devils penalty @ 39:33 - Michel - roughing

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Clan 2

3 minutes on interval clock

Hurry up with that cup of coffee for me

Both teams return to the ice

3rd period starts

33 secs of Devils pk left

Devils return to full strength


2 on 1 leads to Devils 4th goal @ 41:55 scored by Finnerty, assists Davies & Hill

Awesome shot by Finnerty by all accounts

Michel goes close

Clam member floored

Its end to end stuff but its the Devils creating clear chances

Pelle hits pipes

Don't do that it will arouse the Clan

Gametime 46:04

47 minutes gone

Perras has to cover the puck as Birbraer advances on net

Clan icing @ 47:23

That icing was after Pell and Matzka go close

48 minutes gone, Devils camped in Clan zone

Devils icing @ 49:02

No sign of a fight so far

50 minutes gone

Still end to end but Devils in control

Perras saves from Davies @ 50:52

Hicks letting the game flow for once

Devils penalty @ 51:08 - interference - Sawyer

Clan Goal @ 51:30

Another scrappy goal

Scored by Cook, assists Campbell and Landry

Come on u Devils get your act together

Matzka goes close on a wrap around @ 53:02

Clan icing @ 53:38

For those of you interested the Clan's 3rd goal was of course a ppg

56 minutes gone

Hicks must be going somewhere as he is letting everythng go tonight, not like him

Puck out of play @ 55:19 after Birbraer and Matzka go close

Puck out of play again @ 55:27

Gametime 56:03

Clan all out for equaliser

Lyle saves following Clan breakaway

Clan time out

Devils penalty @ 57:45 - K Smith - hooking

Perras not pulled yet

Final 2 minutes

1 minute of pk left

Perras pulled

30 secs left

Devils kill penalty


Devils 5th goal an ENG

Final score DEVILS 5 Clan 3

Devils ENG scored by Pelle, assists for Richardson & Lyle @ 59:55

Clan MoM - Campbell

Devils MoM - Phil Hill

Stars of the game for Chris were Finnerty, Michel and Pelle

Big thank you to our texters - Sharlene, Wildthing, MerthyrDevils, Devils2001, Paul and Chris

Join us on Thursday when the Capitals come to Cardiff Bay

Thats all from me OJ until the next MNL