Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 6 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Well, 30 minutes to go, I only have 1 texters number and no idea if another has made the journey up, could be an interesting night I suppose :)

Chris here and as always if you fancy giving me a shout -

Confirmed the Steelers are missing Clark and Sarich along with the dodgy looking Campbell

Another text from Ice Sheffield, that makes a grand total of 2!

As everyone suspected, Voth not icing for the Devils...

slightly concerned that only one of my texters appears to be alive, another refuses to reply to his texts and a 3rd is just awol...

Well I have a texters number, but no replies, i'll have to keep everyone entertained with my rubbish sense of humour :S

Seems we have a 15minute delay to face off, which is good, give me 15 minutes to hassle someone who offered to help :)

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Looks like the totally unbiased Carson is the ref for tonight, prepare for mega penalties against the Devils :(

Stuart predicting a Devils 3-4 victory :D

Derek saying we're going to win 2-4, hurrah :D

The texters are alive, that's a relief :D

5minutes till face off and Ruth predicting a 1-3 victory \o/

Any/many people alive out there?

Team intros time, obviously our players just look embarrassed at how rubbish the Steelers intro is

Although the Steelers players probably just laugh at our intro video consisting largely of 3 or 4 players in the gym...

Turns out Clark is playing for the Steelers...

Now it seems Sarich is playing...

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Anthems done, almost time to go, about 30 devils fans made their way up!

And here we go! I actually have no idea who is icing for the Steelers

Birbraer gets absolutely nailed by someone, unsurprisingly dirty Carson doesn't call a penalty, 31seconds in...

Well, that's a shock...

Steelers score :(

Still waiting on goal details, but that's another goal in the opening minutes of a game :(

Steelers 1st goal at 1:34, Globke from Simon :(

Steelers have a penalty! Carson has temporarily lost his mind!

Steelers penalty at 16:24, Munn 2mins for hooking

That time should indeed read 3:36, texters are doing the times the other way around :)

2nd assist to the Steelers first goal, should now read Globke from Simon and Clark


That's right, the Devils have scored another powerplay goal!

Devils 1st goal at 5mins exactly, Matzka from Richardson and Birbraer :D


Well worked goal to back post so says a Steeler fan helping out, great success \o/

And now the Steelers score again :(

Steelers 2nd goal timed at 8:10 :(

Time of goal should read 7:10 sorry

Steelers 2nd goal at 7:10, Globke from Clark and Bolibrook :S

Apparently Lyle stood no chance with that one...

Sheffield called for icing at 9:53

2 goals in 7mins suggests someone needs to floor Globke...

It's gone awfully quit



If the updates are sticking, hit f5, i'm not technical enough to know why it's happening though

Devils 2nd goal has been scored though :D

Devils 2nd goal timed at 11:13 apparently

everyone is texting me different times and information!

Devils 2nd goal was scored by Pelle :D

No assists for the 2nd goal yet

Devils penalty at 12:10, Finnerty 2mins for holding

And now we're back at full strength...

I have random information coming at random times, still at least it's fairly exciting!

Another Devils penalty coming for Finnerty :(

Devils penalty at 14:27, Finnerty 2mins for tripping

Seems the PA at ice sheffield has broken, this is going to be fun...

Devils pk appears to be working...

Or not, Steelers score on the powerplay

Steelers 3rd goal at 15:37, Simon from Talbot and Globke - powerplay goal

Assists for the DEvils 2nd goal go to Matzka and Birbraer

Steelers have spotted Lyle leaving the back post open and are continually hammering it, 3 goals and countign so far :(

Devils penalty at 18:02, Hill 2mins for roughing...

Seems Steelers may have scored a 4th :S

Yup, Steelers score a 4th goal on the powerplay :(

Steelers 4th goal timed at 18:39. Simon from Legue and Talbot :(

Into the final minute of the 1st, that's 2 goals each for Globke and Simon already in the 1st period :(

Devils D were too interested in taking the man, not the puck for the Steelers 4th goal...

Steelers 4th was of course another powerplay goal for them :S

But that's the end of the 1st period, Steelers lead 4-2 :(

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First period was pretty free flowing, Steelers making the most of our weakness and loving Lyle leaving a massive hole infront of the net :(

I'm trying to find out if Symonds is icing this time, seems a bit pointless to keep him on the bench all the time...

Must be almost time for the 2nd period to start, hopefully the texters are alive again

Seems we're off, what fantastic timing from me :D

Change to the Devils 1st goal, seems Richardson scored, not sure of assists though!

Steelers haven't managed to sell out Ice Sheffield, despite the capacity only being roughly 1500?

Shots on goal for the first period - Steelers 10, Devils 12

ok, the capacity for Ice Sheffield is bigger than I thought, but texters say it's no where near a sell out...

It's very quiet i'm afraid...

Infact it seems nothing at all is happening...

I can only come to the conclusion that the puck is stuck in the neutral zone and no one knows what to do

Turns out i'm spectacularly wrong, which happens surprisingly often, the game is fast flowing and end to end!

Devils offside, not sure what time this has been called, but the Devils fans disagree with the call :)

Steelers penalty at 25:19, Domish 2mins for delay of game

Hopefully we can magic up a 2nd powerplay goal...

Seems both teams created a lot of chances during the opening 5minutes of the 2nd period

Steelers back to full strength :(

Devils powerplay was ok, but not as great as against the Giants last weekend, puck going straight to Steelers netminders chest :(

Steelers penalty at 28:06, Munn 2mins for hooking

Maybe we can do something this time!


Devils score a 3rd goal, and it's on the powerplay!

Devils 3rd goal timed at 28:40, Matzka from Birbraer and K Smith :D

3rd goal was indeed a powerplay goal!

Devils penalty at 29:01, Finnerty 2mins for roughing :(

Devils PK works, we're back to full strength!

3rd goal took a deflection on the way in and found matzka at the back post, wherever the hell that is :)

Steelers penalty coming, they try to sneak 6 or 7 men onto the ice, what a bunch of...

Steelers trying to dispute the call, but Carson consults with the linesmen and they manage to count to 6

Steelers penalty timed at 31:04, bench penalty for too many men, Dowd gets to sit the 2mins

Seems it took all 3 officials to count to 6, but the Steelers have killed the penalty anyway :(

But they have another penalty :D

Steelers penalty timed at 33:09, Bolibrook 2mins for delay of game

Come on Devils, make this powerplay count (again) :D

Steelers creating more chances shorthanded than the Devils...

I can't understand how we sometimes fall to pieces with the man advantage :(

Ooooooooooooh! Devils hit the cross bar :(

Devils powerplay not so great, Steelers back to full strength

36:30 gone, seems it's end to end again, 1 more Devils goal this period would be good :)

*hint hint*

Devils penalty at 38:29, Davies 2mins for hooking :(

Seems Carson decided against calling the dirty cheating scumbag Steeler for tripping our player, but Davies gets a penalty, brilliant

And the Steelers score a 5th :(


Steelers 5th goal timed at 39:45, Talbot, assists unknown...

Assists to Domish and Tait :(

At least it's the end of the 2nd though, Steelers lead by 2 goals once again, 5-3 :(

Steelers 5th was a powerplay goal, 2nd period was quite open and even, Devils playing ok but lacking team work at times...

A valid suggestion via email from Dom - When we get a penalty can't we just give them a goal and get on with the game 5 on 5? It seems they always score on the PP anyway!

Seems pretty reasonable to me :)

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Thanks to Wannabe2 who's offered to chip in 20, much appreciated :)

Text from another Devils fan who's braved the Sheffield mob - we were the better team in the 2nd but dodgy calls and bounces costing us :(

Must be almost time for the 3rd period, hopefully Devils can somehow find a way to win this :(

Shots on goal for the 2nd, Steelers=10, Devils=10

Anyone have any idea why the DEvils no longer read these out in the tent?

Here we go with the 3rd anyway, come on Devils!

Steelers DJ only has 1 cd to last the night, it's on repeat already :(

Or not, we have a delay to the 3rd period starting, a small swimming pool has formed in one corner of the rink

Where are the fire extinguishers when you need them...

Wonder if Ben Simon will be moaning about the Ice Sheffield rink, or will uncle Bobs media restrictions stop that happening? :)

Now we're started :D

Texters aren't sure if this is a swimming competition or an ice hockey game!

Steelers score a 6th :(

Brilliant start to the 3rd period :(

Steelers 6th goal at 41:18. Legue from Phillips and Munn...


Devils score a 4th!

Devils 4th goal timed at 41:19, Michel from S Smith and Macrae :D

Our 4th goal could be timed at 41:49, 41:19, or 41:39, please take your pick

4th goal confirmed at scored at 41:49 :)

Devils called for icing, that's not going to get us a 5th, 6th and 7th goal!

It's gone very quiet again, 45minutes have passed though, 15 minutes to score 3 more goals...

Seems it's end to end again...

Steelers miss an empty net after Lyle makes a spectacular mistake...

Lyle went behind the nets very slowly, Clark steals the puck and then misses empty new, phew!

This is the best image I can find to illustrate the fear the Devils fans just had -

Nevermind the surprise horse attack!


Devils score a 5th!

Devils 5th goal timed at 48:40, Hill from Matzka and Richardson!

Steelers penalty at 48:32, Hewitt 2mins for hooking :D

come on DEvils, make the powerplay count!

Devils offside, play resumes in Devils zone, how the heck does that work!?

Davies comes very close!

Steelers make the save though, roughly 50mins gone

Steelers back to full strength, Devils powerplay not too shabby

Steelers penalty at 51:37, Thomas 2mins for delay of game!

come on Devils!

Steelers going offside, but the completely unbiased and knowledgeable officials aren't calling anything

Now the Devils take a penalty...

Devils penalty at 52:15, Birbraer 2mins for roughing

Devils fans are completely unsurprised to see the Steelers not get a penalty for roughing

Steelers are going to have 38seconds of powerplay when they kill their penalty :(

Steelers back to full strength, come on Devils :(

Devils back to full strength! Come on!

Steelers make a save at 54:48 and we have handbags!

Somehow Carson forgets to make up a call for the Devils, everyone escapes for free!

Steelers offside at 55:19...

It's gone awfully quiet again :(

I wonder if we'll pull Lyle to try and rescue 1pt from this game if we don't manage to find a 6th soon?

Steelers penalty at 56:18, Thomas 2mins for slashing


I'm getting rather nervous here...

Sheffield PK working well, Devils not getting a lot of chances

Must be close to the final 2mins by now

Yep, final 2mins...

Steelers back to full strength :(

Steelers netminder makes a save and we have more handbags...

Roughly 58:30 gone, Steelers yet again escape the wrath of Carson...

Into the final minute, Lyle still in nets

Seconds counting down, texters can't see us scoring...

Devils call a timeout with only seconds to go!

Devils timeout at 59:42...

Lyle pulled...

Seems we actually called a timeout with 24 seconds left?

Lyle comes back out...

Timeout finishes, we still have Lyle in net!





just incase you didn't see that



Devils 6th goal timed at 59:45, Pelle from Matzka!

Steelers penalty at 59:50

Munn 2mins for high sticks i think

Pelle scored the 6th from the blue line!

If you didn't get all the goal ramblings, press f5 :D

How can a man so short score so many goals!?

But that's the game over, Steelers 6-6 Devils :D

I'll take a point after that :)

Shots on goal for the 3rd period, Steelers=19, Devils=5...

No wait, Devils had 19 shots, Steelers had 5

Devils man of the match goes to Matzka :D

Steelers man of the match goes to Globke

Well, that was certainly exciting :D

Off to the forums to have a chat now :)

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Chris out!