Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Belfast Giants

Good Evening welcome to MNL as the Giants from across the Irish Sea venture into the Tent

OJ here in the MNL control box, any game predictions as usual to

Waiting for my band of texters to report their arrival at Tent

Where is everyone - no e-mails - no texts

Someone must have a prediction for tonights game?

Thank you Carl at least there is someone out there

Carl calls it 4-3 to the Devils

I think I would agree with Carl, we are in for a close game

Yes Philip a 4-2 win for the Devils would do nicely as we try and get the team to gel

Anyone going to Sheffield for Wednesdays game who can help with MNL get in touch, Chris will be here on Tuesday and I shall be back next Sunday as the Clan come to town

Simon sees it as much closer with the Devils winning 5-4 in O/T

I assume warm-up is done and dusted but total silence on text front

Michael Hicks is the referee

No abuse please from you lot, he reads MNL you know or someone reads it for him due to his eyesight problems

Ice is painted but regrettably its condition lloks the same

Stephen calls it 5-3 to the Giants but his heart says 5-4 Devils

Giants on ice - intro time

Derek calls it 4-2 Devils

Dissappointing crowd for tonights game

Anthem time

Benedict not icing for Giants: Voth absent for Devils

Derek sees Sawyer & Hoffman coming to blows

Delay to game, repairs to door at benches

Its fixed double quick

Here we go

Devils start with Matzka, Birbraer, Pelle, Richardson and Sawyer

Giants penalty at @ 0:37 - Shields - interference

Murphy save @ 0:41

Giants kill 1 minute of penalty

Devils offside @ 1:49

Matzka goes close

Gianrs kill penalty

Murphy save @ 2:33

Gametime 3:08

Davils go offside @ 3:08

Ben Davies was on pp

Devils pp was good by all accounts

Giants breakaway during Devils line change but the shoot wide

Devils penalty @ 4:09 - Pelle - slashing

Lyle save @ 4:32

Devils 2 on 1 puck put thru Murphy 5 hole. hits post

That was Richardson

Devils offside @ 4:26

Or even 5:26

Devils return to full strength

Giants appealing for penalty shot after a Devil covered puck in crease - nothing given

It was Sawyer who was lying on puck

Its end to end at the Tent

Good save by Murphy @ 7:01 from Birbraer

Devils penalty @ 7:26 - Sawyer - delay of game

Giants cannot penetrate Devils zone

1 minute of penalty killed

Devils return to full strength

Game time 9:02

Giants penalty @ 9:27 - Welch - hooking

Devils pp good but not testing Murphy

Gametime 10:03

Michel goes close

Gleed flattens Finnerty

Giants goal @ 11:59

That was an error by Adams

Scored by B Hemingway, assists C Hemingway & Cook

Devils penalty @ 13:01 - Macrae - slashing

Giants goal

Massive cock up by Lyle

2nd Giants goal @ 13:47

Giants ppg scored by Hoffmann

Assists fir C Hemingway & Seeley


Scored by Sam Smith

Rebound from Murphy buried by Sam Smith

Goal was @ 15:28 assists for Macrae and Michel

Well done to Sam Smith - his first Devils goal

High sticks blown no penalty

Michel nails Mason

Giants ice @ 17:41

Matzka goes close @ 18:03

Devils icing @ 18:58

Final minute of 1st period

Devils wander offside @ 19:54

Too eager to get to dressing room maybe

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Giants 2

Even period but 1st line is not functioning well at moment

There will come a time when other combinations will have to be tried

David, if you have a new phone do you have a new number, text me

Ice is ready

1 minute left on clock

Both teams return to the ice

Here we go for 2nd period

Tylor Michel has Chris' MoM vote already

A false start that would have called in racing

Hicks makes them line up again

Giants penalty @ 20:58 - tripping minor - Bayrack

Giants pk unit not stretched by Devils

Murphy save @ 22:25


Devils 2nd goal scored by Pelle @ 23:47

Correction goal was @ 22:49 scored by Pelle assist Matzka a ppg


Devils 3rd goal @ 24:04 scored by Finnerty assists Michel and M Smith

Devils icing @ 24:52

Devils penalty @ 25:01 - Richardson - interference

Pelle goes close on a shg

Murphy saved from Pelle @ 25:37

1 minute of penalty killed

Now Birbraer has a shorthanded breakaway, misses

Devils return to full strength

Awesome save by Lyle @ 27:10

Another Lyle save @ 27:21

Giants pressing

Devils icing @ 28:12 to relieve pressure

Giants all over the Devils

Hold on lads it will soon blow over

Devils penalty @ 28:43 - Sawyer - high sticks


Giants pp not in fine tune thankfully

Giants passing letting them down

Giants penalty @ 30:25 - Mason - tripping

Puck out of play @ 30:41

Devils penalty killed they go on pp

Devils offside @ 30:52

Lyle covers puck @ 31:02

My apologies that was Murphy who covered the puck

Devils icing @ 33:01

Disregard that icing call

Murphy easy save from Richardson @ 32:21

Giants return to fulkl strength

Lyle save @ 32:33

Giants hit cross bar

Gametime 34 minutes

2 good saves from Murphy to deny Hill and Finnerty

Devils starting to get back into game

The Giants storm has blown itself out - lets hope so

Devils camped in Giants zone

Gametime 36:03

Michel flattens a Giant @ 36:14

Murphy having repairs dine

Murphy sorted - play continues

Giants offside @ 36:20

Murphy saves from Michel @ 36:40

Giants dump puck and Lyle covers @ 36:59

Giants offside @ 37:14

Prudden goes offside and moans at linesman @ 37:20

Lyle save @ 37:56

Both teams dumping puck - not entertaining hockey

Murphy save @ 38:10

Last minute of 2nd period

Giants have adopted a shot on sight policy

Hill rattles pipes

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 2

Thats a much better period from the Devils, theu weathered the Giants storm and came back in the last section of the period to dominate

5 minutes left on interval clock

Mobile service back to the old problems, I am know getting texts referring to incidents mid way thru 2nd period

Its been a massive problem tonight as some texts are cominhg thru on time whilst others are delayed.

I hope that it hasn't spoiled the coverage for you. Thankfully the texters are on a range of networks

Both teams return to the ice

We are away for 3rd period

Hicks drops the puck this time

Birbraer breaway from opening face off, Murphy saves

Devils have a number of chances as game flows end to end

Gametime 42:02

Pelle goes close after a 2 on 1

Puck out of play @ 43:01

Devils icing @ 43:15

Finnerty floors Peacock @43:43

Giants penalty @ 43:53 - Gleed - interference

Devils on pp

Welsh is floored by a Devil

Giants return to full strength

Giants penalty @ 46:18 -Seeley - x-check

Devils shooting from distance on pp hoping for rebounds

Few handbags after Devils crash net

Murphy save @ 47:08

Murphy save @ 47:34

Pelle wrists one, saved

Devils icing @ 48:10

Giants kill penalty

Lyle save @ 48:34

Gametime 50:04

Both teams employing a dump and chase tactic

The hectic pace has slowed down considerably

10 more miles to the promised land

Giants seem to have upper hand again

Devils time will come

Glled smack Macrae in back in front of Hicks - no call

Gametime 51:43

Giants penalty - @ 52:48 - Hemingway - slashing


Devils 4th goal a ppg scored by Pelle

Time of goal 53:10 assists for Birbraer and Macrae

Blaze pull net minder and tie game at 3-3

Birbraer throws a massive hit on a poor Giant

It was Mason who got flattenned

Michel offers Seeley - no response

Devils penalty @ 55:00 - Michel - interference


1 minute of penalty killed

Time out Giants

Murphy pulled

Lyle save @ 56:45

Murphy returns

Devils icing @ 57:34

Murphy pulled again

Gametime 57:40

Pelle misses empty net with backhander

Final 2 minutes

Giants pressure, Devils happy to clear it

Last minute


Waiting for details - texters excited - bless them

ENG at 59:02 scored by Matzka assists Pelle and Birbraer

Final 30 seconds

Devils icing @ 59:52

Its over Final score DEVILS 5 Giants 2

Giants MoM - Murphy

Devils MoM - Jon Pelle

Others thanks and gratitude go to our texters at the Tent - Sharlene, Paul, MerthyrDevils, JohnWildthing and Chris

Thats all from me OJ hope you can join me next Sunday when the Clan are in town. We are hoping to run MNL on Wednesday for the Devils visit to Sheffield when Chris will be in the chair.