Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Coventry Blaze

Nott Simpson reporting for duty

City couldn't do it so come on u Devils

Lets hope the Devils don't give the Blaze a 2 goal start like the Bluebirds

One thing for certain the referee will not be Dean Smith as he is doiung the Bison v Vipers game

It looks as we will have Nigel Boniface in charge tonight, waiting confirmation

Very cold at the Tent

Boniface confirmed as referee

Many young (& not so young) DEvils fans in fancydress

Blaze on the ice

Remember if you are out there let me know

Devils take to the ice

We have Ruth & Chris on rapid finger duty tonight with me OJ in the MNL studio

Rink about 3/4 full, with I suppose some on the way from Nonian Park

Blaze fans murdering the English National Anthem

Puck is dropped, game on

Devils starting line was Silverthorn, Campbell & Hill

The bickering has started

Devils penalty Latulippe @ 0:49

Blaze goal @ 1:23 ppg

Latulippe penalty was for slashing

Blaze goal scored by Deschatelts, assists Kelman, Carlson

Blaze penalty Jamieson interference minor @ 2:47

Campbell and MacIver been throwing big hits

Lets see how the powerplay unit is going to function tonight

Blaze scored their goal after Aubry made a save but lost sight of the puck in his crease

Powerplay effort weas much better than in the past, sog no goals though

Campbell has great chance, best of the game so far @5:30

7 minutes of first period gone

Fast open game by all accounts

Good save by Perras @ 8:52

Devils pressurising Blaze

Mid way through opening period

Aubry makes save @ 10:40, Blaze run net, penalties possible

Penalties Jarvis, Devils, Lewis, Blaze minors for roughing @ 10:40

Blaze Goal @ 11:11

What did I say about not giving them a two goal start

Blaze 2nd goal scored by Cowley, assits O'Conner, Weaver on delayed penalty

Devils force Perras to make a save @ 11:36

Prpiich does everthing except score with two brilliant attempts in a matter of seconds

More saves from Perras

Back to 5 on 5

Devils ice puck @ 13:09

14 minutes gone

Handbags behind Blaze net

Penalties Latulippe, Devils; Soderstrom Blaze roughing minors @ 14:46

Aubry deflects puck out of play @ 15:51

Blaze Penalty O'Conner holding minor @ 16:10

DEvils get a goal for Martyn who has joined us from Japan

Perras saves @ 17:02

Puck goes hopping over the glass @ 17:36

Another un-productive powerplay

Perras makes cracking save from MacIver @ 18:02

Devils penalty Jarvis hi stix minor @ 18:45

Tyson goes close @19:11

Penalties Silverthorn (D) tripping minor; Calder (B) diving minor @ 19:24

Aubry makes a good save @ 19:52

My texter in chief along with proibably everyone else at the Tent is still trying to get his head around those last penalties, clearly Silverthorn either tripped Calder or Calder took a dive. It can't be both

End of first period Devils 0 Blaze 2

Devils seem to be matching Blaze on 5 on 5's but can't deal with Blaze pp

Both team back on the ice

In our Prediction Stakes Devils goals is likely from Campbell, Prpich or Voth

2nd period starts

Lewis hits the Devils post

Devils Penalty - Aubry triupping minor @ 21:04 Hartwick serving penalty

Aubry makes save and then fight in crease or is it handbags

Aubry taking shot after shot making save after save

Last Devils penalty changed to Hartwick not Aubry

Blaze Penalty Cowley hooking minor @ 23:31

Perras saves from Campbell @ 23:58

Blaze players complaining over Devils goal

Goal stands, Voth had pushed Blaze skater into Perras as puck went in the net

Devils goal scored by Prpich @ 24:24 ppg

Blaze outshot Devils 16 - 12 in 1st Period

Devils penalty - Bench minor too many men @ 25:24

Aubry saves @ 27:11

Devils kill penalty

28 minutes gone

Devils making one pass too many in front of Blaze net

Why doesn't Silverthorn shot more

Penalties MacIver (D); Lewis (B) both get 120 minute misconducts for handbags

Chris wants Dean Smith back

Perras saves @ 30:27

10 minute misconducts @ 28:50

Puck goes out of play @: 30:27

They must be playing with a tennis ball, as puck goes out oif play again @31:21

Devils Penalty Towe delay of game minor @ 31:21

The call for the return of ref Smith is official

Aubry saves at 32:40

33 minutes gone

Devils kill penalty

Boniface has called 14 penalties in a clean fast open game

Perras saves @ 33:55

Are there any Blaze fans out there tuned into MNL let us know

DEVILS Goal scored by Tyson Teplisky @ 34:48 unassisted

Teplitsky bullet shot

Aubry makes save from Deschatelets @ 36:06

Another Aubry save @36:23

Devils penalty Campbell elbows minor @ 36:43

Hill it was with the elbows penalty

Aubry called upon to make save after save

Devils Goal @ 39:12

SHG goal after Prpich had Hi stix minor @ 39:22

Devils shg scored by Silverthorn unassisted @ 39:48


Third Devils goal scored by Jarvis @ 39:12

Network playing up texts coming out of sequence from different networks

Francis said something to Perras who then slashed him and Blaze come storming onto the ice, HOLD THE FRONT PAGE

Still waiting for news

It was Campbell not Hill called for elbows

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Blaze 2

Blaze cleared bench in frustration at end of period but not a Bench Clearence as the buzzer had gone to signify end of period

SoG for 2nd period Devils 12 Blaze 17

Penalties - MacIver (D); Lewis (B) 10 min misconduct + Game @40:00

Why Perras was not called for his slash on Francis is a mystery but then with Mr Boniface what else can you expect

Devils Penalty Aubry - slashing minor @ 40:00

Its more baffling by the minute

Devils will have to kill a 5 on 3 for 1:22

Third period starts

Cowmeadow sits out Aubry's slashing minor

Blaze Goal - Weaver @ 40:16

Fist shot of pp

Assists on Weavers goal go to Deschatelets, Calder

Voth goes close at 41:01

Aubry's net come off, 14 seconds of pen kill left

Devils kill penalty

43 minutes gone, Latulippe's shot is deflected wide

Campbell throws MASSIVE hit on Deschatelets

Penalties Stone (D) holding minor: Stewart (B) 10 min misconduct @ 44:53

45 minutes gone

No info on what happenned with Stewart except it was at the Blaze bench

Blaze penalty Leclair - holding stick minor @ 46:28

DEvils have 1:20 pp


Devils Penalty Voth slashing minor @47:37

49 minutes gone

Aubry saves : 49:20

Blaze Goal Calder @ 49:23

Calder assisted by Carlson

Boniface calling random penalties on both teams

Blaze penalty Weaver tripping minor @ 50:36

Weaver tripped Latu;ippe on breakaway

4 on 4 electric at Tent

Devils go close @ 51 mins

Have you noticed that all four Devils goals are unassisted and all four Blaze goals are PPG

52 minutes gone

Aubry saves on Blaze breakaway

Another Aubry save @ 52:52

Blaze shoot high & wide @ 53:20

54 minutes gone

Blaze penalty Perras roughing minor @54:51 being served by O'Conner

Perras saves @54:59

Blaze net comes off @ 55:35

Campbell puts another big hit on Leclair

Good crown in the Tent tonight circa 1,500

Devils penalty Voth slashing minor @ 56:04

Worst call of the night apparently

Boniface has ruined a good game for everyone

Perras saves @ 56:35

%7 minutes gone, Devils on penalty kill

Final 2 minutes

Apparently there are "Player of the Season so far" awards tonite, are they awards for gassed imports

Devils Penalty Hartwick - delay of game @ 59:47

What a rediculous penalty to call in last 30 seconds of a game

Into O/T we go

Its 3 on 3 for O/T

Perras (B) had tripping minor @ 60:00

Devils will have 12 secs of pp when Hartwick returns @61:47

Crowd on their feet for O/T

Perras saves from Caampbell

4 on 4

Puck out of play @ 62:08

Silverthorn shot defelected off target

Aubry saves @ 62:48

Perras saves @ 63:08

Perras saves @ 64:04

3 seconds left

Penalties to decide game

O/T finished Devils 4 Blaze 4

B Deschatelets misses

D Latuliuppe misses

B Calder Aubry saves

D Silverthorn misses

B Weaver Aubry makes save

D Teplitsky Perras saves

B Deschatelets Aubry saves

D Latulippe Perras saves

B Calder Aubry saves

D Silverthorn Perras saves

B Weaver misses (hits pipes)

D Teplitsky Perras saves

B Deschatelets Aubry saves

D Latulippe Perras saves

B Calder scores

D Silverthorn Perras saves

Final score Devils 4 Blaze 5 (after O/T & Penalties)

Brilliant game despite Boniface

132 Penalty minutes in a fair competitive game is he real or what

Blaze Mon Cowley

Devils player of the month (October) 3rd Jarvis 2nd Latulippe 1st Aubry

Devils MoM Teplitsky

If the England 20/20 team want to win MILLIONS they better buy Lottery tickets as they are 60/7 after 14 overs

Thanks to Ruth and Chris our texters this evening

Its good night from me Nott Simpson and good night from him OJ