Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 5 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Nottingham to take on the Panthers

OJ here in the MNL hutch in Cardiff waiting for your game predictions, comments to

Keep those predictions coming - Ruth gets in early with a 3-2 win for the Devils

Waiting for my two texters to report in from the NIC

Carl you are an optimist if nothing else with a 4-3 win for Devils

Carl, has it rained much today down west. I am at Ffos Las on Sunday and want to look at the going before I put my early bets on. My sister who normally gives me the inside on the weather around Ffos Las is away for the weekend

Any tips to

One texter in position, other most probably in the pub

Warm up in progress

No Henderson for Panthers: No Voth for Devils

Rhodri calls it a 3-1 loss for the Devils but argues that when he predicts a Devils loss the team excells itself just to prove him wrong

Thanks Carl for the weather update, but Ruth it doesn't always rain in S Wales, that is Manchester

Marc Levers also missing from Panthers lineup

Darnell has the whistle (less pea we hope)

a pealess whistle, there must be a market for one in the Uk

Alternatively give every referee a dummy to suck on

Warmup over

Russky you of little faith - he has Panthers winning by 1 goal

Both my texters have wound up their mobiles and are awaiting the teams

It will be interesting to find out how many Devils fans have made it to NIC

Donna & Megan in Bridgend calls it 4-3 Devils

Bobs coaches have taken a few to Nottingham

Dave coaches was going but Nessa didn't fancy it

Tony calls it 7-1 Panthers - I wonder who he supports

Latest count on Devils fans at NIC - 30

Plus 2 Blaze fans as Paul picked up his brother on the way.

Officials take to the ice

Correction on referee I am now told its Andy Carson

Fan count now 45

Keith sees Devils losing 4-2

rickilee Rogers sees Devils winning 4-3 after trailing 0-2

We shall see

Tony says he is a Devils fan, well I never went into a game thinking we were going to get trounched

Nottingham announcer thinks its Sunday, so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel if the Panthers team went to the same party

Confirmation referee is Carson

Darnell is in Sheffield and Hicks in Belfast

Rememberance for 9/11

Now ready to start

We are underway

Devils icing after 9 secs

Gareth calls it a 3-2 loss for Devils

Devils hit pipes with a slap shot from point with net minder beaten

Panthers Goal @ 1:18

Fight Sawyer & Penner

Penner landed more punches but quality punches came from Sawyer

Pathers goal scored by Ryan

Penalties - Sawyer (Devils) & Penner (Panthers) - 5 minute majors for fighting @ 2:12

Panthers penalty @3:10 Norton - Hooking

Goal was 2:12 not 1:12 scored by Ryan assist Neilsen

Devils breakaway - Panthers save

The fight was at sametime as goal 2:12

Devils pp is awful

Panthers return to full strength

*** ENL Devils winning 1-0 at Isle of Wight after 30 minutes

Sawyer & Penner return

My texters tell me the fight and goal was @ 1:12 not 2;12

Gone very quiet from NIC

Gametime 8:59

Panthers netminder deflects all shots into neeting leading to whistle and face off

Good save by Lyle

Panthers penalty @ 9:37 - Beareguard - slashing

More penalties for Panthers

Panthers penalty @10:42 - Neilsen - holding

Make that x-checking

Devils cannot keep puck in Panthers end

Panthers back to 4 skaters

Make this pp Pay u Devils

Kowalski saves from Richardson

Panthers back to full strength

Panthers offside @ 13:09

** ENL DEvils winning 1-0 at end of 2nd in IoW

Panthers penalty @ 13:49 - Sproat - hooking

Panthers look dangerous when sh


Devils 1st goal a ppg scored by Hill @ 14:46

Assists for Finnerty & Michel

More penalty trouble for Panthers

15:38 Meyers - hooking

Boarding was call against Meyers

Devils penalty coming

' 16:21 - Lyle - interference

Adams serving Lyle penalty

Panthers penalty killed they go on pp

Michel blocks slap shot

Lyle saves from Lepine

Devils return to full strength

Last minute of 1st period

Lyle indicisive in net

20 secs to go

End of 1st period Panthers 1 DEVILS 1

Devils will have to up their game if they want to stay in this contest

No Keith that wasn't bad but by all accoubts Devils are struggling with Panthers pace of transition

Nobody has sent me any tips for tommorow at Ffos Las, and there was me thinking of letting you in on the next betting coup

A friend of mine's horse ran in the St Leger today

Dandino it was called

The only problem is that it has 20,000 owners in the syndicate

At least I own a leg or two with mine

*** ENL DEvils now drawing 1-1 at IoW after 45 mins

Steelers 3 Dundee 0: Giants 1 Blaze 1

*** IoW take a 2-1 lead after 48 mins

SoG in 1st period Panthers 12: Devils 14

SoG should be 12 by Devils 14 by Panthers

WE are off for 2nd

Pelle scores for DEVILS at 20:12

It was 20:14

Puck dumped in Pelle goes after it and wrap around


Devils 3rd goal scored by Hill at 21:38

Assist for Finnerty

Pelle goal was unassisted

2nd period Devils 2 shots 2 GOALS

big hit by Birbraer on Beareguard

Penalty coming, fans booing Carson

Panthers penalty @ 24:05 - Lepine - boarding minor + x check minor

Devils on 4 minutes pp

Devils hits post, Panthers netminder didn't move

They call the Panthers goalie K-wall so they must use a L instead of a c in Nottingham

2 minutes of pp wasted

Devils penalty' 26:31 - Michel - kneeing

Penalties @ 28:13 - Birbraer (Devils) & Lee (Panthers) - roughing minors

*** ENL Devils now losing 3-1 at IoW

Panthers penalty - Penner - holding @ 29:58

Panthers kp

**** ENL Devils lose 3-1: ENL2 Devils lose 5-3

Panthers penalty @ 34:31 - Penner - slashing

Penner went mad with Carson

Jono72 at TCW live not impressed with Carson

Panthers fire puck at Devils bench

3 on 1 breakout bt Panthers missed

Panthers kp

Pretty even game butPanthers still managing to get quick breakouts

Last minute of 2nd period

Shifts are too long by Devils

End of 2nd period Panthers 1 DEVILS 3

Devils win period 2-0, well they won 1st 98 secs 2-0

Devils much better in 2nd period according to Sparsky, Pathers fans not happy with Carson - what losing team every is

We are off for the 3rd period

SoG for 2 periods Panthers 20 Devils 29

Ruth yes Ben is getting loads of shifts even on pp

Devils penalty @ 41:20 - Sawyer - holding


Clarke has clear chance but puts it wide - what a shame

Devils back to full strength

Panthers goal @ 43:33 scored by Beareguard

Assist: Lee

Panthers goal - Clarke @ 44:09

Devils defence gone AWOL

Devils penalty - Michel @ 44:04 - Charging

Panthers 4th goal a ppg scored by Clarke

Devils timeout

Clarke assisted by Glabraith & Zion

Devils have imploded

Devils 2 0n 1 breakaway - saved

Devils continually win face offs but then lose puck

Apologies if we have missed any assists but this period has been hectic

Michel flatens Penner

Michel was like an exocet missle gone wild, Penner held on to puck and got put on his arse

Checking my texts = Panthers 2nd goal scored by Beauregard assist Myers and Lee

Myers crunches into boards and is down

Now being helped off

Myers seemed to fall over and go into boards feet first

It was Meyers not Myers

Devils penalty @ 49:46 - Finnerty - slashing

Devils penned into their end zone

More penalties against Devils

Sawyer @ 51:31 - holding

Maybe Carson is trying to even up penalty count

Devils kill first penalty

Panthers now on 5 on 4 pp

Bearegard with lots of space and time - Lyle saves

Panthers penalty @ 52:34 - Myers - slashing

Devils penalty @ 52:57 - K Smith - interference

Panthers time out

Play resumes

One penalty killed

Devils penalty @ 53:38 - Michel - interference


Devils 4th goal scored by Richardson

Goal time 54:10

Assist to M Smith

Panthers offside @ 55 mins

In case you missed it the Devils 4th goal was a SHG

Panthers goal @ 55:38 a hattrick for Clarke

Slap shot from point into top corner

That was a ppg

Assist for Zion on Panthers go ahead goal

Richardson is nailed after he has passed puck

He is still down

Panthers penalty = @ 56:04 - Spoat - boarding

He gets a major for boarding

Devils on pp until end of game - slo long as they stay out of the sinbin

PP is crap

That is a texters description

Last 2 minutes

Call against Sproat was 5 + Game for boarding

Lets get that goal and at least a point u Devils

Lyle pulled

Panthers miss un guarded net

Game over Panthers 5 Devils 4

Devils MoM - Pelle

Panthers MoM - David Clarke

Our thanks go to Luke and Paul our gallant texters at the NIC

Thats all from me OJ until the next time, Chris will be in the MNL box on Sunday as I shall be racing and hoping to bag a few winners