Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Belfast Giants

Good Evening - OJ here at MNL HQ to bring you the first home league game of the season

Early signs are that there will be a reasonable crowd at the Tent tonite

Game predictions as usual to

Ruth the eternal optomist calls a 1-0 win for her beloved Devils

Full team of texters making their way to the Bay

Got my team list for the Devils handy, now looking for the Giants team list

Warmup in full swing

5 minutes of warmup remains

England have a battle on their hands at the SWALEC Stadium

That bring back some great memories of the SWALEC Devils

Angie Mac calls it 2-1 Giants

All the usual Devils fans must be at the game

Giants fans galore joining us at MNL

Tylor Michel took part in the warmup

Smith is the referee

Surprisingly not many inside Tent although busy outside

England doing better now 99/5 chasing 127

Ice being prepared for game - we can but live in hope that we get a surface fit for hockey

Where are my e-mailer tonight, very quiet

I wonder if the families of our new recruits have found us at MNL yet. If you are out there e-mail me at

England now 112/5 just 15 more runs

Maureen calls it 5-0 Giants but what does she know as she was soe=rry she wasn't with us in BRISTOL

Crowd dissapointing by all accounts

Its amazing how 2 different texters views differ

Giants take to the ice

England won by 5 wickets

WE need to win tonight if only to upset the Giants fans tuned into MNL

Brad Voth going to get his ass kicked - that what they are saying

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Confirmation - Tylor Michel is icing

How can anyone called Jones be supporting the Giants against Devils

Anthem time is here

THe hare is running and the puck is dropped

Voth line starts

Voth, Finnerty, Hill, Richardson & Sawyer


Goal was on a delayed penalty, waiting for details

Giants goal @ 0:45 scored by Gleed assists B Hemingway & Shields

Devils offside @ 1:30

Handbags between Michel & Welch

Lyle save @ 2:02

Murphy save @ 2:13

Devils penalty @ 2:59 -= Sawyer - inteference

Hill crunches one of the Hemmingways

1 min of penalty killed

PK unit doing well

PPG for Giants

Time of goal 4:58 scored by Garside, assists Benedict & Hoffman

Devils offside @ 5:34

Lyle save @ 6:02

Ruth its 2-0 Giants

2nd Giants goal should have been saved by Lyle, puck went stright thru him

Giants leaving a man high

Devils had the same problem last year with Edinburgh

Good save Murphy @ 7:19

Leaving a man high is DC game ploy

Birbraer breaks, feeds Natzka who shoots wide

Finnerty goes close

Gametime 8:30

Finnerty floors B Hemmingway

Murphy denies Pelle @ 9:00

Devils are playing much better than last night but can't put the puck in the net

Giants penalty @ 9:37 - Cook - interference

Now lets get a ppg u Devils

Pelle hits pipes


Giants back to full strength

Murphy save @ 12:28


evils 1st goal @ 13:42 scored by Birbraer, assist Matzka & Pelle

Devils penalty @ 14:07 - Hill - hooking

Good goal by all accounts

Lyle save @ 15:13

Another Lyle save @ 15:40


Its killed

Lyle busy with another save @ 16:19

Sawyer & Hoffman chatting!!!!

Smith misses open net

Rory thinks the Giants D are quick we will see

Gametime 18:03


Devils 2nd goal @ 18;40 scored by K Smith, assists Finnerty & Hill

Puck out of play @ 18:55

Giants penalty @ 19:00 - Shields - hooking

End of 1st Period - DEVILS 2 Giants 2

After they woke up when 2 goals down Devils have played well.

Devils will start 2nd period with a 1 minute pp

Interesting Carl will try and find out if there is a problem

2nd underway

Giants return to full strength

Shields hits pipes @ 22:00

Devils icing @ 22:30

Gametime 23:30

Giants have started 2nd period in top gear

Devils in 1st gear

Ben on 2nd line instead of Voth

Murphy save @ 24:17

Delayed penalty against Devils

Devils penalty @? 24:43 - K Smith - tripping

Giants offside @ 25:19

Puck deflected out of play @ 25:43

Penalty killed

Gametime 27:03

No Voth this period so far

Murphy sav @ 29:10

Giants penalty @ 30:24 - Seeley - holding

Lyle save @ 30:56

Giants back to full strength

Lyle save @ 32:36

33 minutes gone

2 on 1 chance for Giants, Lyle saves

Finnerty breakaway, shoots high & wide

Devils penalty @ 34:39 - Finnerty - interference

Voth is dressed and talking to fans

Goal disallowed - kicked in

Giants goal that never was

Giants goal @ 35:22 scored by Cook, assists Benedict & Shields

Lyle save @ 36:15

Puck hit Kenton Smith in face then against crossbar and in

Devils icing @ 37:13

Giants go offside @ 37:45


An awesome goal says one texter

Devils 3rd goal @ 38:20 - Adams unassisted

Last minute

Carl what does your contact tell you now?

End of 2nd period - DEVILS 3 Giants 3

Brad Voth is out of the game, trying to get confirmation of what I have been told

2 minutes to go before re-start

Unconfirmed report on Voth include a suggestion he has a broken hand

Play restarts

Puck out of play @ 41:27

Giants penalty @41:43 - Hoffman - roughing

Devils hit pipes on pp

Murphy save @ 42:50

Rumours galore at Tent re Voth

Another Murphy save @ 42:43

Giants return to full strength

Handbags @ 44:02

Giants player down injured, Hoffman charges in and gets a penalty @ 44:02

Cardiff penalty - Birbraer - Elbows, Hoffman - Charging

Mrphy under pressure in Giants net

Murphy save @ 45:10

Devils offside @ 45:37

Giants turned over but Murphy saves

Birbraer nails Hoffman after leaving sinbin

Its end to end

Gametime 47:05

Giants hit pipes

That near miss was @ 47:30

Murphy save @ 48:03

Devils icing @ 48:13

Another Giants turnover for Devils but Murphy saves again

Giants Goal

Giants 4th goal @ 49:12 scored by Gleed, assists Bayrack & Prudden

Goal mouth scramble leads to Giants ggo ahead goal

Murphy save then Lyle saves @ 50:06

Lyle coughs up bad rebound but luckily team mates got there first

Giants offside @ 51:12

Gleed floors Ben Davies

52 minutes gone

Lyle save @ 52:40

Michel puts a big hit on Hoffman @ 53:30

Murphy save @ 53:53

Ben Davies doing well on 2nd line

Puck out of play @ 54:08

Puck out of play @ 54:35

Coach Adams has found a wicked shot since last season

Giants icing @ 55:43

Come on u DEVILS lets have a goal

Devils icing @ 56:02

We need 2 goals in 4 minutes, no time for overtime as Andy Murray has just gone on court

Lyle save @ 56:16

Does it hurt your eyes to watch 4 screens at the sametime

Fog appearing at rink

Devils go close and then ice puck @ 57:04

Its boiling inside the Tent and it looks more like a swimming pool than an ice rink

Last 2 minutes

Devils are creating chances that OK but we need a goal now

Final minute

Lyle pulled, 45 secs left

Giants miss empty net

Thats it Final score DEVILS 3 Giants 4

Giants MoM - Benedict


Ben fully deserved his MoM according to Chris

Our thanks to our bands of texters at the Tent - Sharlene, Paul, JJohn Wilding, Simmon, Merthyr Devils, Devils2001 and Chris

Thats all fropm me Oj until the next MNL