Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 5 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Glad to see we are ready for our first competitive game - OJ

Less that 2 hours to go before the seasons opener, remember to send you score predictions to OJ

PAK2305 wishing the team best of luck for tonights encounter in the House of Rust

My texters are slowly making theur way to the House of Rust

This will take some time - too many pubs on the way

OJ here on duty in the MNL studio, cobwebs brushed out earlier

Tonight I hope to bring you updates from Bristol as the ENL Devils start their season (FO 6pm)

Still haven't mastered the use of colours yet so ENL updates will have the prefix ***

Ruth (in Cornwall) calls it 2-1 Devils, Stadium House must have moved

Game predictions, comments and abuse to me at

*** Goals at Bristol in first 6 minutes of opener

Chris has landed at Sheffield Arena

Wildthing and Devils2001 also in attendence

Both teams on the ice for warm up

As expected no Campbell or Globke for Steelers

Not surpising as far as Campbell is concerned if the UK Border Police don't want him to enter UK

The long wait is almost over we will be underway for another season in just over 30 minutes

** Fiesty game at Bristol; with punches being thrown

Steelers have 13 skaters and 2 netminders

Devils have full squad of 16+2

Derek calls it 4-1 Devils after emailing MNL from his pie encrusted PC

Hope you have all had a good off season, I have had a good un with plenty of winners on the geegees. Long may it continue.

That reminds me to tell Chris I can't do MNL next Sunday as I shall be at Ffos Las

Very few e-mails tonight,

I wonder how many at Sheffield

Reports of 50+ at Bristol

John Wildthing impressed by Steelers net minder, lets hopes he uses up all his good saves in warm up

*** Still 0-0 at Bristol as 1st period comes to an end

At leasat 70 Devils fans have made it to Sheffield, still coming in

Carl calls it 3-2 Devils with goals from Matzka, Pelle and Michel

In less than 3 hours we will know Carl

Stay out of the Gym Ruth it can damage your health

*** ENL Devils take the lead in closing minute of 1st period, scored by Dixon

Devils2001 says the new guy on the mike at Sheffield is as annoying as the departed DS

*** Eruptions at Bristol at Buzzer to end 1st period with ENL DEvils winning 1-0

It only over keeness after a long off season, they will soon outgrow it

I have been practising the names of the new players. How can Matzka play for a Welsh team as there are no z or k in the Welsh alphabet

Pelle is balls in Welsh

15 minutes to face off and hardly any Steelers fans present

MacRae is OK as I like his kippers

Mystery at Arena as Campbell is named as playing but there was no sigbn of him

I wonder if Smith in Canada is like Jones or Davies in Wales or Patel in India

Carson has the whistle

Devils take to the ice

Devils fans in fine voice

Steelers onto the ice

Keith joins us from sunny Aberystwyth


It might be sunnier in Aberystwyth that Cornwall but Ruth says the srumpy is better there

Enough of this nonsense lets play hockey

Confusion now over referee, it might be Darnell not Carson

Anthem time

I have made a policy decision, no scores from the Panthers Giants game will be given on MNL as there are people who have recorded the game and tuning in to MNL on the ipods etc

Congratulations to Carl and his girlfriend - baby due in February. Make sure its born in Gods country Sir Gar

Here we go with Pelle, Birbraer, Matzka and the Smith duo on D

Puck is dropped

Save by Steelers nerminder @ 0:13

Michel nails Bolibruk

Handbags @ 1:54 between Adams & Clark

Devils are playing shorthanded for no reason

Steelers goal

Steelers goal @ 3:40 - Tait unassisted

Assist given to Simon

Delayed penalty goal

Devils icing @ 4:52

Steelers scored after woeful defending by Devils

Steelers being made to look good by Devils mistakes

Domish floored

Gametime 6:17

All Steelers so far

7 minutes gone

*** 2nd period underway at Bristol

Birbraer put on his backside by Munn

Steelers creating chance after chance

Steelers penalty @ 8:20 - Legue - hooking

Devils pp promising

Steelers save @ 9:23

Stllers netminder saves with his mask

7sec of pp remaining

Devils penalty @10:16 - Finnerty - interference

Steelers return to full strength and go on pp

Devils pk looking solid

Devils return to full strength

*** ENL Devils 2nd goal scored by Burrows , now 2 - 0

Steelers penalty @11:35 - Hewitt - slashing

*** Now 3 0 ENL Davils 3rd goal by Dixon

Michel goes close @ 13:09

Another Steelers save @ 13:17

Steelers penalty @ 13:46 - Bolibruk - interference

Devils have 5 on 3

Steelers back to 4 skaters

58 secs of 5 on 4

Lyle makes an awesome save on a 2 on 1 breakaway @ 14:44

Sheffield penalty @ 15:39 - Clark - hooking

Only 3 secs of 5 on 3

Get that pp into gear u Devils

Devils retain possession whilst on PP but cant bury the biscuit

Matzka goes very close

Steelers back to full strength

Lyle hit on mask no whisdle

Final minute, Davies now goes close

Puck out of play @ 19:35

*** Deacon scored ENL Devils 4th un-answered goal

Most of Devils chances/shots are from outside the zone

End of 1st period Steelers 1 DEVILS 0

Devils are creating chances with rebounds galore from the Steelers net minder but Devils not quick/sharp enough to bury the puck.

I have refrained from trying to type in the Steelers Netminder name - Mustukovs. Surely he must have a nickname? We call call him Mus

Ice is ready - awaiting teams

Devils on ice

Steelers back and we are off for 2nd period

*** End of 2nd Bristol 0 ENL Devils 4

False start at Sheffield game delayed

Finally we start

Devils icing @ 20:24

Whats the furtherest our Devils fans have wandered, Ruth in Cornwall

Let me know =

Devils penalty @ 20:40 K Smith - hooking

PPG Steelers @ 20:54 scored by Talbot assist Tait

Steelers have had 4 good chances and converted 2

Devils icing @ 22:32

Steelers creating havoc in front of Lyle

Mus save at 24:05

We have to move those bodies in front of our net

Serious handbags between Sawyer & Hewitt

Penalties coming

Steelers penalty Munn - holding minor; Devils penalty Sawyer - roughing minor - both @ 24:34

Michel down hurt

Steelers penalty @ 25:13 - Bolichuck - interference

Devils have 1:21 pp

Devils penalty @ 25:34 - K Smith - hooking

1 minute of 3 on 3

Devils penalty @ 25:54 - M Smith - interference

You can work this out as good as me, we start on 3 on 3

Devils icing @ 26:17

Devils have 3 import D in sinbin

Mus saves from Finnerty

Save was at 26:31

Steelers go on pp

Steelers back to full strength

Devils facing 23 secs of pk

Sorry that should have red 21 secs of 3 on 5

Devils back to 4 skaters

1 minute of pk for Devils

Devils penalty @28:31 Sawyer - holding

Devils back to 4 skaters again, why can't we have 5

Lyle save @ 29:47

Steelers penalty @ 29:49 - Dowd - interference

4 on 4 for 31 secs

What is the betting that Devils actually go on pp

Mus save @ 30:10

WELL DONE Devils go on pp

How did we get out of that with conceeding a ppg

Devils icing whilst on pp @ 31:29

Steelers kp

32 minutes gone

Hewitt takes cheap shot on Pelle

Steelers 3rd goal disallowed as refereee was slow in calling the penalty

This happenned at 32:22

Steelers penalty @32:22 - Hewitt 5 + Game - slashing

Devils penalty @ 32:22 - Peele - slashing minor

Dowd sits Hewitt major

Lets hope that the linesman called that minor, they don't use that power often enough

Steelers 3rd goal scored by Donish @ 32:40 - unassisted

Devils penalty @ 33:05 - Richardson - holding

Steelers all over Devils

Pelle back for Devils who now have 3 minutes of guaranteed pp

That is of course if they stay out of the sinbin

Steelers penalty @ 34:34 - Sarich 2+10 - boarding

Correction - check from behind

*** Now 4-2 to ENL Devils at Bristol

Time Out Devils

Lets hope it not to decide between Burgerking, MCdonalds of Chinese

Steelers break out at speed which Devils find hard to repell

Devils offside @ 36:15

Steelers return to 4 skaters

Steelers at full strength

Gametime 37:34

Steelers penalty @ 38:09 - Dowd - slashing

Dowd must find the sinbin seats comfortable

Puck out of play @ 38:15

Mus save @ 39:01

Ruth - Steelers 3 Devils 0

Gone very quiet not heard anything from Sheffield for minutes

End of 2nd period Steelers 3 DEVILS 0

Our senior players haven't turned up tonight, they are not standing up against Steelers

Defence all over the place

And we are SLOW

Keith suggests that the team bus leaves now and they walk home

*** At least good news from Bristol ENL Devils win 4-2

ih update is a joke

Tony asked what MacRae and Voth were doing - not very much

Both teams return to the ice for 3rd period

Devils start 3rd period with a 10 second pp

Steelers kill penalty

Mus save @ 30:33

Lets call the Steelers netminder Musty from now on - thanks Carl for that

Steelers goal no 4 @ 41:00 scored by Legue

Assists Talbot & THomas

Cut thru entire team like a knife thru butter, correction it was easier than that

Devils penalty @ 31:23 - Symonds - interference


Devils shg @ 41:48 scored by Matzka, assist Pelle

Lyle save @ 42:52

31 secs of pk left

Devils kill penalty

Puck out of play @ 44:31

It would seem that the Devils have woken up at last

Devils offside @ 44:58

Good save Stevie Lyle

Puck out of play @ 45:57

Devils penalty @ 46:38 - Birbraer - hooking

Sarich returns after 2+10

Lyle save @ 47:08

BP spotted at Arena

1 minute of pk left

48 minutes gone

Welsh Border Control on high alert in case he tries to enter

Devils kill penalty

Gametime 49:03

Steelers in total control of game

Steelers offside @ 50:14

Gametime 50:40

Gametime 51:05

Game tettering to a quiet conclusion

Steelers penalty @ 51:37 - Clark - boarding

Another Devils player nailed but no payback


At this rate it looks were were lucky to finish 2nd

Puck out of play @ 52:49

Finally Hill nails Sarich

Musty saves @ 53:27

Steelers kp

Devils icing @ 54:48

There is no icing on my cake

Devils icing @ 55:17

FIGHT - Voth v ? Voth wins

Voth v Clark @ 55:33. Clark refuses to take helmet off, Voth hits him

Voth batters Clark, blood all over place. Clark started fight

Penalties Voth and Clark get minors for roughing @ 55:33

Zamboni on to clear ice

My texter Joihn Wildthing losing it with a Steeler fan

Stay cool JW

How you get minors for a full blown fight I don't know

Game restarts with 4 on 4

Gametime 55:44

56 minutes gone

Everyone confused about minors for roughing when it clearly was a fight

Steelers penalty @ 56:44 - Phillips - high stick

Musty save @ 57:09

Devils 4 on 3 for 24 secs

Musty save @ 57:29

Voth & Clark return

Devils still on pp

Final 2 minutes

Steelers shg @ 58:40 - Dowd

Another cock up by defence and Stevie

Steelers kp

Final minute

Devils offside @ 59:43

All over

Final score Steelers 5 DEVILS 1

What a load of s***

Don't think Michel iced after getting hurt in 2nd (or was it 1st)

Devils MoM - Jon Pelle

Steelers Mom - - Musty ie Mustukovs

Our thanks to our texters - Chris, John Wildthing and Devils2001 and a safe trip home to all those fans who travelled

That all from me OJ join me for tommorrows game when the Giants visit the Blue Tent