Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Hello, Abs here - I'm the new person. Apologies in advance if this goes horribly wrong!

Chris is on the text tonight and is on his way to the Skydome....

Texters have arrived! 10ish Devils fans and only couple hundred Blaze fans.

8 mins til face off. Chris is apparently booing the Blaze mascot....

Devils and Hicks on the ice

Lyle starting for the Devils

Blaze on the ice now too

Anthem time. Sodastream sporting a comedy black eye.

GOOOAAAALLLL Devils @ 16 secs

Pelle from Max and Matzka

Max on nice breakaway but deflected

3 mins gone end to end stuff but not very fast paced

Pressure on Stevie some good saves at 3.22 and 3.30

Weaver not icing for Blaze tonight

Blaze fans in tears as Michel nail Jaeger 3.56 inteference penalty

Devils and Hicks on the ice

Good Lyle save 4.29

Pelle 2 mins hooking 5.05

50 secs 5 on 3

Michel back

Texters loving Michel's work

Pelle back

Matzka shot deflected out of play 7.38

Jaeger save 7.55

Devils looking a lot quicker tonight

Finnerty 2 mins hooking

Devils creating lots of chances before the penalty

Devils PK looking good - Blaze can't get in our zone

Blaze offside 9.16

1.18 left of penalty

Good save from Jaeger 10.32 Finnerty back in 2 seconds

Voth penalty 11.53

Penalty for cross checking

Good Lyle save 12.21

1.32 of penalty left

Lee cross checks Max to the face. Hicks must have missed that though......

Penalty killed

Blaze looking tired tonight

Voth back good penalty kill

15 mins gone. Blaze throwing more hits than us and Michel just nailed someone

Chambers 2 mins hooking 16.02

Puck out of play 17.20 42 secs left of power play

PP over Devils icing 18.30

Final minute of the period

Lyle save 19.45 Sawyer and Cruikshank handbags... no penalties called

End of 1st Blaze 0-1 Devils. Devils not playing badly but neither team giving 100%

1 minute til 2nd period starts

Devils and Blaze back on the ice

Blaze fans should not be allowed megaphones apparently.....

Jaeger save 21.02

Another Jaeger save 21.10

Handbags 21.25 and a Blaze penalty

Blaze penalty was Selsmer 2 mins hooking and then Voth nailed him ha!

Jaeger save 21.54

PP over Lyle save and some more handbags 23.31

More handbags 23.58 Voth and Smith

Blaze penalty 23.58 Smith 2 mins roughing

Jaeger save 24.10

Puck out of play 25.24 more handbags. 34 seconds left of PP

Blaze back to full strength

Devils icing 26.15


Michel from Sam Smith

Blaze goal 27.40

Blaze goal Zannon from Carlson and Smith

Jaeger makes a save with his face 28.46

Penalties Devils Max 2 mins hooking and Blaze Owen 2 mins holding the stick for 4 on 4. Blaze fans going nuts

Blaze 2nd goal 29.54 Carlson from Lee

Penalties 30.54 Blaze Selsmer 2 mins holding Devils Hill 2 mins roughing

Max and Owen back

Lyle save 32.18

Devils penalty 32.36 Sawyer holding 2 mins

34.37 Swayer out of the box


Goal 34.43 Sawyer from Adams and Lyle

Scramble infront of Blaze goal but Jaeger saves 36.00 and Blaze penalty Chamber 2 mins hooking

Devils offside 36.12

Jaeger save 36.46 1.12 left of PP

Balze back to full strength. Fulgham misses on breakaway, good back check by Macrea

Crunching check by Voth on Lee

Final minute of the 2nd peroid

Blaze penalty 39.25 Selmser 2 mins holding

Devils icing 39.54

2nd period over

James is trying to befriend Dave Simms.... poor decision

Skippy's just licked James Pease.... You can't take Inferno mods anywhere... Let's hope Chris is keeping his hands to himself

Stripeys back out

Both teams back on the ice Devils have 1.26 of power play left

Sodastream looks like he's wearing eyeshadow

Here we go with the 3rd period

Jaeger save 41.13 12 seconds left on power play

Puck out of play 41.32

Michel Vs Blaze - skates round them all. Blaze fans crying

Max puts a big hit on Cruikshank and puck out of play 44.35

Michel kills Owen after Smith kills Macrae....

Blaze Smith, not one of ours

Devils penalty Hill 2 mins slashing at 45.25

Blaze hit the pipes at 46.30

Blaze fans think they've scored, Blaze players disagree. Blaze fans in near meltdown very funny for visiting Devils fans

Blaze fans suggesting Hicks favours the Devils and there are grown men crying... apparently

Jaeger saves shot from Voth 49.00

Jaeger save from Michel at 49.26

Max nails Smith

Devils creating lots of chances

Lyle save 51.14

Another Lyle save at 51.31

Blaze icing 52.21

Hill very close to scoring 54 mins gone

Smith with a weak check on Voth. Blaze fans celebrate like they've just won the Stanley Cup

Michel nails Sodastream 55 mins gone

Blaze penalty 55.33 Owen 2 mins hooking

Cowley pushed Hill into Jaeger. Magephone Blaze fan shouts some nonsense and Blaze fans back in meltdown. 56 mins gone

Lyle save 56.14 powerplay for another 1.20

57 mins gone

Blaze full strength Jaeger save 57.46

Devils shots on goal 11 and 14. Blaze shots 14 in both periods

Final 2 mins

Devils penalty Davies 2 mins delay of game 58.09

59 mins gone lots of pressure from Blaze

Fight at 59.05

Goal fracas Kenton Smith got some good punches in Nothing called 55 secs left Blaze call time out

Jaeger pulled 40 secs left

Wahey Devils win 3-2 woop!!!!

Devils MoM goes to Lyle

Blaze MoM is Carlson

That's all from me. Thanks for checking out Match Night Live. Big thanks to texters Chris, James, Skippy and Sami (via a Blaze fan - boo!) Bring on the Steelers!