Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 2 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Giants for the 2010 Championship title

OJ here in the MNL studio with less than 2 hours before face off

Checked out my texters to ensure they are fit and proper to bring us MNL

I can report that they are although after a late start this morning.

The big advantage for me is that with the game on a Sunday my texters, in the main, have to lay off the sherbert to drive home tonight.

Chris S is my big worry he is on his way already but he is unlikely to pass any pub full of Devils fans, so what state will he be in when he gets to the NIC

It is brilliant to have a Devils v Giants Final at Nottingham

This has upset all the plans for an all Midland Final with the Blaze and Panthers biting the dust yesterday.

The Steelers gathering rust at home

Remember score predictions plus any other comments to me at ASAP

Keith in Aberystwyth has to miss the game as he is off to work, we will do our best for you

Russky calls it 3-2 Devils

We have close of 150 e-mails yesterday and we have had 8 already

In the very first email PAK2305 wishes the Devils the best of luck, is this a good omen as he did the same yesterday

Harry thinks the Panthers supporters should support us and think that the Giants are Steelers in disguise

Proposals for a donkey santuary at the NIC for the day are unconfirmed says Harry

Harry we don't say nasty thing about our Celtic cousins on MNL

If any of my regular texters read this get in touch

At the moment we have Chis S, Devils2001 and Gerr on duty in Nottingham

Others will come out of their drunken stupor before long

Had my lunch going for my pudding

I am back refreshed

Warm up about to begin

Both teams on the ice

Welcome to the Romfo & Birbraer clans who have joined us on MNL

Janet no you can't get Sky on broadband outside UK & Ireland, I hasd the same problem when I lived in Tenerife

No sign of the Michel and Miller families yet

Most users of MNL are fortunate today to have the game live on Sky but for those of you without Sky or living abroad we will try and bring our usual MNL service to you.

My friend in the Fire Service helped us put of the Blaze yesterday today hopeful Dewi the Dragon will see off the Giants

7 minutes of warm up left no scratching we believe for either team

Michel family have joined us

Regular MNL users will know about our growth over the last year, well we need 250 unique users to tune in today to break 40,000 for the season

Warm up completed, which is a bit early for a 4:15 face off

Moray Hanson is the referee

Teams have agreed for video replays with 4th Official

Devils win - "last off the ice"

More Devils fans have made their way to Nottingham

Vipers mascot wearing a Devils sweater

Marc calls it 3-1 Devils

Officials take to the ice

devils being announced onto the ice, Stevie Lyle first

Giants take to the ice

On days like this you feel as if you want to get back on the bench again

Paul Sullivan sings the Welsh Anthem

Vinnie the Viper now in amongst the Devils fans leading the chants

Devils start with Birbraer, Smith & Latulippe: Hatwick & Romfo

Face off delayed for TV

2 minutes I am told

This is going to be nail bitting

Lets get that 1st goal U DEVILS

Puck dropped

Devils fans in full voice already

Play in Devils end

Saves from both netminders in opening minute

Miller, Finnert & VOth on 2nd line

Giants offside @ 1:54

Devils 3rd line - Towe, Michel & Hill

Puck deflected out of play @ 2:45 from Giants shot blocked by Hartwick

Giants started stronger

Murphy save @ 3:33

Now a Blaze fan leads Devils chants

Gametime 4:01

No radio coverage that I know of, try BBC Belfast

Latulippe goes close as Devils create chances

Gametime 5:02

Devils getting into game

Giants icing @ 6:16

Murphy save @ 6:20

Another Murphy save 8 secs later

Finnerty hits cross bar

Gametime 7:03

Both teams playing well

8 minutes gone

Birbraer nail Johnson

Mid way thriugh 1st period Devils have upped their game but some lose passes

Smith showing his class

Puck out of play @ 11:35

Thornton & Finnerty have words

If there is anyone on the i-phone at Walkabout let us know at matchnighlive

Referee has no pea in his whistle

Giants penalty @ 12:23 - Johnson - high sticks

Devils go close on pp

Some stick work from Giants

Devils icing @ 13:30

Giants back to full strength

Devils pp poor compared to yesterday

Gametime 15:05

Giants icing @ 15:48

Devils penalty @ 16:31 Miller - roughing

Lets kill this penalty Devils

Very stupid penalty under nose of ref Hanson

Half penalty killed

Lyle save @ 17:45

18 minutes gone

Devils return to full strength

Lyle save @ 19:04

Giants penalty @ 19:18 - Cheverie 2+2 for accidental high sticks

Lets get that pp into overdrive DEVILS

In the excitment of the double minor I missed a minor to Miller @ 19:27 - interference

Very poor call on Miller apparently

Devils will have to wait until 2nd period for pp

End of 1st period Giants 0 DEVILS 0

2nd period will start with 4 on 4 for 1:27 then a Devils pp for 1:51

Atmosphere not as good as yesterday, I suppose like the team the fans are nervous as well.

SoG for 1st period 7 by each team

Devils we are proud of you whatever happens so come out and play your normal game, don't worry about mistakes everyone does them

Does anyone know how many are at Walkabout

3 minutes to 2nd period

Officials back on the ice

Teams back on ice

Simon says Scoot Romfo have a brilliant game

Puck dropped

Lyle save to start 2nd period

Giants offside @ 20:57

Devils icing @ 21:14

Goal Giants

Giants goal @ 21:21 scored by Bendedict, assists Phillips & Walsh

That was a 4 on 4 goal

Devils now on pp

Far too many mistakes by Devils

Finnerty goes close @ 23:04

Giants return to full strength


Giants icing @ 24:24

Murphy save @ 24:56

Giants goal seems to have spurred on Devils

The off season is long when you lose a Championship Final

Michel nails Phillips

Giants icing @ 25:22

Another Giants icing @ 25:40

Lyle save following a Giants 3 on 2 breakaway

Gametime 26:22

Fantastic Murphy save @ 26:39

It seems that it will need something special to get past Murphy

Gametime 18:44

Sorry 28:44

Hanson is turning a blind eye to most things

Murphy save @ 28:52

Chris S the impovrished student did not win 50/50

Gametime 30:06

Devils are marginally on top but cannot get biscuit past Murphy

31 minutes gone

Its good to have two British netminders of the top class.

Devils penalty @ 31:18 - Miller - interference

Lyle saves @ 31:25

I will never forget when I told Lyle he was playing in the European Cup, he was just 13 years of age

Giants 2nd goal a ppg @ 31:38 - Awada, assist Cook


1st Devils goal @ 32:04 scored by Birbraer assists Hartwick & Latulippe

Murphy save @ 33:13

Giants icing @ 33:21

Devils fans have woken up now we are on scoreboard

For those of you who don't know Stevie Lyle was voted top netminder in that European Cup

34 minutes gone

Another thing three out of 4 netminders on duty today are Welsh

Lyle save @ 34:40

Nathan Craze for Giants and Lyle & Michael Crisp for Devils

I am rabbiting on as I am nervous

Devils icing @ 35:08

Jeff Smith has a lot to answer for with all these Devils produced netminders trying to emulate him.

Murphy (not Welsh) saves @ 35:31


Giants Penalty - Cheverie - slashing @ 36:18

Boarding was the call not slashing

Talking of Welshnetminders where is Clarkson these days, I tried to look him upin Lake Placid a couple of years ago

Gametime 37:02

DEVILS GOAL a ppg I believe

Scored by Birbraer @ 37:39 assist Richardson

All to play for now

Lets keep rolling on U DEVILS

Devils offside @ 38:04

Finnerty nail Cheverie

Final minute of 2nd period

Corey NEILSON Gassed at Nottingham

Rumour not confirmed by official sources

End of 2nd period Giants 2 DEVILS 2

Wildthing says all momentum is with Devils out working them all over the ice, DEVILS must get next goal

For those of you in North America I believe you can get the game on Search for hockey and you find Sky Sports 2 Try it

Devils out shot Giants 17 8 in that period Is the link to the Sky transmission

2 minutes to go before 3rd period

Everyone back on the ice

Waiting for TV

Let me know if link works

We are away for 3rd period

Devils icing @ 41:06

Un confirmed runour that Jason Stone won 50/50

Puck out of play @ 41:24

Giants penalty @ 41:52 - Phillips - hi stik

Voth goes close on pp

Lyle's net off @ 42:16

1 minute of pp left

Giants back to full strength

Gametime 44:03

Gametime 45:03

Giants in control

Poke check by Stevie Lyle

Giants offside @ 46:09

Gametime 46:28

Towe sets up Hill save Murphy

Giants icing at 47:26

Lyle save

Handbags @ 47:56 no penalties

Gametime 48:02

Momentum now with Giants

Gametime 49:04

Devils have to survive this pressure and then go for winner

Gametime 50:27

Devils have been penned in their zone for 5 minutes

Devils Penalty @ 51:15 - Towe - slashing

Lyle save @ 51:53

Gametime 52:04

Gametime 52:35

Devils return to full strength

54 minutes gone

55 minutes gone

Gametime 56:05

Gametime 56:48

57 minutes gone

Murphy save @ 57:27

Final 2 minutes

Lyle save @ 58:26

Last minute

Hand pass in Devils end

Gametime 59:26

End of regulation Giants 2 DEVILS 2

10 minutes O/T of 4 on 4

Ice being resurfaced I think

No resurfacing SKY delay O/T

Devils start with Smith, Birbraer, Hartwick & Romfo

WE are off for O/T

1 minute of OT gone Murphy save

Latulippe & Hill were second shift

Save Lyle @ 62:03

Gametime 62:37

3 minutes of OT gone

Gametime 65:01

Both teams on their knees

Save Murphy @ 66:04

Gametime 67:07

Finnertty shoots high

Save Lyle @ 67:39


Gametime 68:03

Its end to end shot after shot in turn

Gametime 68:25

Last minute

Miller goes close

Save Murphy @ 69:43

Its penalties to decide

End of O/T Giants 2 DEVILS 2

Unlike last nite theuy are preparing ice for penalties

Ice ready

Smith misses hits post

Cheverie misses

Jarvis misses

Walsh misses for Giants

Smith misses, 1st pen was Birbraer

Sxwez misses, Lyle saVE

bBirbraer misses

Cheberie scores

Belfast win

Final score Giants 3 DEVILS 2 after penalties

Congratulations to the Belfast Giants

Our thanks go to Chris S, Devils2001, Merthyr Devils, Wildthing and Simon our texters at NIC

Good safe trip home to all the fans in Nottingham

Game SoG Giants 38: Devils 36 - that shows how close it was


Giants MoM - Brandon Benedict - should have been Murphy according to texters

Matt & Fleur Burge on the ice

Thats all from me OJ I hope that you have enjoyed MNL all season as much as I have enjoyed being your host. Next season is only 5 months away with a beautiful summer (you can but dream) to look forward to. OJ