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Sheffield Steelers 5 - 9 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the 2nd leg of the Play Off Quarter Final at Sheffield

No news yet on whether there will be a delay in Face Off as M1 North-bound is closed causing traffic chaos

The good news is that the team arrived early at 4pm

Will keep you informed of developments

OJ here in the MNL studio with Chris S and Paul our game reporters at Sheffield

If you haven't noticed we will have the aggregate score displayed this evening

Paul stuck in M1 traffic jam, but Chris is in Sheffield

Score predictions to

Does anyone know the score in Panthers v Capitals game. e-mail me

Russky calls it 3-2 for the Devils

PAK2305 wants another performance like last night

Teams take to the ice for warm up

Panthers winning 2 0 in 2nd period

David calls it 3-2 Devils

Does anyone know what has happenned to ih-update

Half way through warmup at Sheffield

Tom calls it 3-2 Steelers, that would do nicely

I am not greedy

3 2 is a popular score tonoght, Ruth sees it for Devils

Warm up in last 5 minutes

No scratched players for Devils - other than Adams on bench

Paul tells me that there are loads of fans stuck in traffic - Devils & Steelers fans

No news yet on whether face off will be delayed

Warm up finished

Marc calls a 4-4 game

Sharlene I assume you mean Panthers winning 4 0

Steelers fans stuck on M1 not very happy, neither would the Devils Red Army

Zamboni on, Arena pretty empty

We know where they are

Simon in Pentwyn also goes for a 3-2 win for the Devils

Nothing exciting happenned in warm-up says Chris S

What did he expect a love-in between Voth & Sgroi?

Gareth, who got the score spot on doesn't care about tonights score so long as the Devils win

Adams not icing for Devils, Sarich not icing for Steelers

Ice is ready

Officials on the ice

Andy Carson has the whistle tonight

Welcome on to the ice your CARDIFF DEVILS

Steelers take to the ice

Crowd of less than 3,500

Intro time

No atmosphere at Arena


Anthems completed

Devils start with Birbraer, Smith & Latiluppe; Hartwick & Romfo

Puck is dropped

Voth nailed a Steeler

No whistle yet

2 minutes gone

Steelers penalty @ 2:12 - Dagenais - elbows

A PPG would do very nicely, betterr than American Express


I am good at this

Devils 1st goal @ 2:48 scored by Finnerty, assist Richardson

Steelers penalty @ 2:57 - Farmer - high stick

Lets have another PPG you Devils

Lyle save @ 3:56

This pp is not as good as first

Verner save @ 4:49

Steelers kill penalty

Steelers penalty @ 5:17 - Dowd - slashing

Sgroi getting wound up already goes for Voth

Birbraer hits pipes @ 6:02

Puck out of play @ 6:23

And again @ 6:30

My 2nd texter - Paul has arrived at Arena

Verner save @ 7:10

I don't know where that Steelers goal came from, well they have not scored 1-0 Devils on night

Steelers penalty @ 7:53 - Hubbauer - holding

Verner save @ 8:03

Verner saves again @ 8:17

Poor pp from Devils

Dagenais down injured

He hurt himself hitting Voth @ 9:06

Lyle saves from Legue

Devils offside @ 9:34

Steelers return to full strength

Lots of Steeler pressure

Good save by Lyle @ 11:02

Devils wander offside @ 11:50

Michel floors Hewitt

Steelers Goal

Steelers 1st goal @ 12:30

Scored by Zion

Basiuk punches Finnerty after whistle

Devils penalty @ 13:16 - Finnerty - slashing

Devils have to pick up their game or we will be toast

Handbags at every whistle

Lyle save @ 13:37

Another Lyle save @ 13:48

Another Lyle save @ 14:08

1 minute of pk left

Steelers penalty @ 14:47 - Legue - roughing

Devils return to full strength

Devils pp for 1:31

Verner save @ 15:36

Steelers pk working well

Steelers return to full strength

Devils pp dire says Chris

Verner save @ 16:53

Steelers icing @ 17:03

Half of Devils bench seem to be absent

Devils penalty @ 17:32 - Towe - tripping

Panthers win 5 0

Steelers penalty @ 18:40 - Legue - hooking, Devils penalty - Latulippe - diving

Final minute

Towe back , now 5 on 5

End of 1st Period Steelers 1 DEVILS 1 - aggregate Steelers 3 DEVILS 5

Zion and Legue skate to Devils bench and offer abuse

I went to Sunday School there

Additional assist to Birbraer on Devils goal

Not a very good period by Devils but we come out of it as we were

Ruth I went to Sunday School as Zion Chapel

You BT staff are slow

Owen taken a bad knock to the knee in Blaze game that could be the season for him

Ask for explanation of "half bench missing" Well my texters tell me that only half the team seem to be up for this game

Around 50-60 of Red Army have made the trip

SoG for 1st period Steelers 11, Devils 8

I am suprised that I haven't heard any updates from the Tent

Steelers fans boo Carson as he returns to the ice

Everyone back on the ice

2nd period underway

ENL 2 Devils lost 3-2

20@30 more handbags

Lyle save @ 20:34

DEVILS GOAL ' 20:56 - Miller

Assist for Towe on 2nd Devils goal

Sgroi goes after Voth again

Carson has words with Sgroi

Sgroi desparate to get at Voth, who laughs at him

Devils penalty @ 21:46 - bench minor - too many men

Served by Ben Davies

Puck out of play @ 22:39

Half way thru pk

Lyle glove save @23:09

Devils return to full strength


Devils 3rd goal scored by Smith @ 23:48

Assists Romfo & Hartwick

Smith breakaway cool finish

25 minutes gone


Please slow down I can't keep up, NICE THOUGH

Devils 4th goal scored by Michel, assist Hill

Steelers penalty @ 26:31 - Bolichuck - tripping

Verner coughs up a rebound, but cleared by D

Devils pp much improved to Chris S satisfaction

Steelers return to full strength

Verner save @ 28:40

Gametime 30:03

Latulippe misses a tap in

Verners nets off its moorings @ 30:43

Devils playing much better have silenced Steeler fans

31 minutes gone

Giants win 6-2

Lyle save @ 32:06

Smith breakaway , save Verner

Birbraer levels a Steeler, everyone piles in

Smith it was not Birbraer

Sgroi at Devils bench in a mad moment

Smith get=s 2+10 for a check from behind @ 32;21

Davies sits minor

What does Sgroi have to do to get a 10 minute misconduct

Sgroi will snap soon

Romfo hit in the face - no call

Devils penalty - Hartwick @ 33:37 - hooking

Steelers time out

5 on 3 for 44 secs

Survive this one and we will break them

Steelers 2nd goal scored by Talbot @ 33:50

A ppg

Assist Zion

Devils penalty @ 34:08 - Romfo

Romfo penalty - slashing

Lyle save @ 35:01

Devils return to 4 skaters

Devils return to full strength

Verner saves @ 36:24

Devils all over Steelers when 5 on 5

37 minutes gone

Voth misses a hit

last 2 minutes of 2nd period

Verner save @ 38:25

Bolichuck elbows a Devil in front of refno call

Steelers icing @ 38:43

Last minute

Verner hit on mask @ 39:35

End of 2nd period Steelers 2 DEVILS 4 - aggregate score Steelers 4 DEVILS 8

Chris S is a greedy monkey he wants another 3 Devils goals in 3rd

Ruth thinks Ben should get some icetime

Well now is the time to use him to check the Steelers in their own end, hard skating for 30 seconds then off

do we have any proud family members in Canada, e-mail me at

Phil your best chance is to post on forum and they will tell you which blocks the Devils will occupy at Nottingham. Unless of corse someone out there knows. We arn't there yet

Score fist this period Devils and re;eave the pressure we are under

Ice ready for 3rd period

Everyone present & correct

20 more miles and we are there

3rd period starts

Blaze winning 4-1

Steelers offside @ 40:28

Miller & Michel families in Canada are with us

Steelers offside @: 41:53

Network issues, texts from 2nd period now cominh thru

Slow start to 3rd period

Devils have blocks 9 & 10 I believe

Devils on pp

Trying to find out what penalty was called

Steelers back to full strength anyway

I believe it was a tripping minor on Legue

evils are playing "keep the puck hockey" running down the clock

Devils icing @ 45:23

Devils playing a dangerous game

Devils icing @ 45:23

Welcome to families in the US as well

Devils have a 3 on 1, weak shot saved

Gametime 46:35

Lyle saves a Zion wrist shot @ 47;20

DEVILS GOAL - Smith @ 47:27

Breakaway again, fires the biscuit thru 5 hole

Assists for Birbraer & Latulippe

50 strong Red Army in full voice taunting Steelers fans, - can we play you every week etc

49 minutes gone

Lyle save @ 49:55

Steelers penalty @ 50:17 - Basiuk - interference

Lyle save @ 51:11

Verner poke checks a Devils 2 on 1

Steelers penalty killed

Devils icing @ 52:28

53 minutes gone

gametime 53:49

Birbraer shots wide after being set up by Latulippe

Lyle save @ 54:33

Steelers fans leaving

55 minutes gone

Steelers penalty @ 55:24 - Farmer - roughing

No shifts for Ben, sorry Ruth

Texter though Steelers might rough it up

Still time I suppose

Devils penalty @ 56:31 - Romfo - hooking

I recall what Lawless used to tell me when he thought it might get rough, send the youngsters out and keep that door shut

Steelers penalty killed

Gametime 57:28

Steelers Goal at 57:28 - Hubbauer, Assist Basiuk

Last 2 minutes

Devils offside @ 58:04

Verner save @ 58:18

Final minute

Steelers offside @ 59:03

Lyle save @ 59:11

Gametime 59:40

Final score Steelers 3 DEVILS 5 giving Devils a 9-5 aggregate win

Semi final here we come

Most Visited

That confused you didn't it - over excited

Devils MoM - Ryan Finnerty

We now play Coventry Blaze in the semis

Steelers MoM - Hewitt

So semi-final line up is Blaze v Devils: Giants v Panthers

Our thanks to Chris S and Paul our texters at Sheffield

Thats all from me OJ, join me at MNL on Saturday if you can't get to Nottingham