Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

Good Evening OJ here in the MNL hutch as we await the 1st leg of the Elite Championship quarter final between the Devils and Steelers

My texters are on their way with their duties allocated

Score predictions as usual to

Gareth J sees a 4-2 victory for the Devils, a 2 goal cushion for Sundays game would be nice, 4 would be better

Still we mustn't be greedy

It will be interesting to learn whether tonights game ends up as a sell out

Stingrays holding out against Blaze - still 0-0 now in 2nd period

Stingrays are currently on a 5 on 3 pp

Simon in Plymouth sees a 4-1 for the Steelers

Steeler Dreamer calls a 4-3 win for Steelers and wishes me a good nighr=t at the game

Dreamer I am not at the game but in the MNL hutch, too many bailiffs looking for me and of course those warrants

Maybe I should send some warrants to Plymouth to lock Simon up

A big thank you in advance to me regular team of texters, Sharlene, Merthyr Devil, Devils2001 and Paul

And tonight the boss himself Chris S is on duty back home from Uni

Still 0-0 at Hull after 30 minutes

Where are the game predictions from Devils fans?

You can't all be going to the Tent

Have we got anybody from abroad with us, let me know at

A single two legged game to made the Chapionships Finals is rubbish in my view

The old system of 2 groups of four with six games to decide which four go to the Big Weekend was much better.

I know we only have 8 teams and they are all involved but they are anyway.

League positions 1, 4, 5 and 8 in Group A, 2,3,6 and 7 in Group B

You let intensity over post regular season that everyone looks forward to.

Furthermore it allows those of you who have only just started shaving an opportunity to get a Play Off beard

Phil calls a 5-1 win for the Devils and a Steeler free Championship weekend, wouldn't that be nice

Warm up has been completed

Very quiet from my texters, maybe they are resting their nimble fingers

People are having problems parking apparently due to a large crowd at the Tent

Blaze take the lead at Hull but Stingrays equalise 26 secs later

Best wishes to the Devils from Terry Miller, Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Tylor's parents Kim & George join us from North Bay, Ontario, they will be lucky to see Tylor this summer as most Devils fans want to lock him up in Wales for next season

Officials take to the ice at the Tent

Intro time

Its 1 1 at Hull after 2 periods, Blaze have to fight all the way

I must admit that Play Off time is what I miss most

Both teams are on the ice

Big crowd, no confirmation of a sell out

Its not as if they would turn anyone way is it

Ryan Finnerty is icing for Devils

Darnell is the man in charge

Anthem time

With City winning 2-1 today lets make it a double

Anthems done lets rumble

Devils start with Finnerty, Latulippe & Birbraer, Hartwick & Romfo

We are off

Verner in net for Steelers

Steelers come out hitting

No Adams with Finnerty icing

Good save Lyle

End to end

Vipers game at Belfast delayed 45 minutes

Steelers icing @ 2:49

Devils still to have a SoG

Devils under pressure

Finnert tussles with Talbot

Puck out of play @ 4:02 after shot by Hill

Michel, Towe & Hill line

Smith shot saved

5 minutes gone already

Birbraer has shot saved

Devils coming more into game but Steelers look dangerous going forward

Verner giving up rebounds

Devils struggling to set up in Steelers end

Verner in Steelers net there for the taking if we plant someone in his face

Birbraer nails Dagenais

Voth through on goal, fans shot

Good Verner save @ 9:02

Steelers icing @ 9:35

Darnell not calling anything despite plenty of niggles going on

Steelers icing @ 10:22

Lots of effort being put in by both teams

Well if they can't do it in the play offs they should take up knitting

Smith goes close then Birbraer on the rebound - no goal sadly

Steelers penalty

Delayed penalty

Maybe a 2nd delayed penalty


Devils 1st goal scored by Phil Hill

Devils goal timed @ 12:35 scxored by Hill assist Jarvis

2nd assist to Latulippe

Awesome save by Verner from Voth

Chambers give Blaze a 2-1 lead at Hull

I am getting trexts from everywhere

Its all Devils now says Paul, long may it continue

Handbags @ 14:40 pens coming

Devils penalty @ 14:40 - Richardson - hooking

Double save by Lyle

Steelers goal @ 15:18

Steelers 1st goal scored by Sgroi

Assits Zion & Talbot

Steelers icing @ 15:34

Hewitt gives Finneret a shoulder as he skates off

Devils penalty @ 16:26 - Finnerty - slashing

A retaliation yet again

Puck out of play @ 17:11

Steelers penalty @ 17:43 - Talbot - interference

Devils return to full strength

Pp for 1:17

Verner saves from Jarvis

Verner save @ 18:48

Final minute of 1st period

Steeler kill penalty

end of 1st period DEVILS 1 Steelers 1

Looks as MNL is the only game in town ih-update blank

Devils have to set up in front of Verner in the Steelers net, too many times they are behind the net and not getting that telling pass in

Blaze win 2-1 at Hull

Panthers leading 2-1 against Capitals

Game in Belfast delayed further due to late arrival of Newcastle Vipers, fo now planned for 8pm at the earliest

Devils are not flying to Sheffield tomorrow are they

And I hope they don't take a ferry on the canal to Sheffield

Devils need to put together 2 high class periods if they want any chance to go to the Finals and thereby protect their record as the only club to make the Elite League Championship Final each season

Ice is ready

Officials are out for 2nd period

Both teams back on the ice

Here we go for 2nd period

Devils start slowly again Lyle has to make 2 saves in first 20 seconds

Hubbauer knocks Lyle over

SoG for 1st eriod Devils 8, Steelers 10

Devils net off its mooring @ 21:09

Gametime 22 minutes

Steeler ends in Lyle's net at 22:15

Steelers putting pressure on Devils

It takes the Devils 3 minutes to register their first SoG of 2nd period

Very good save by Verner @ 22:59

Steelers icing @ 23:26

Talbot moaning all the time, give im a slap

Handbags in front of Verners net - they are learning

Gametime 23:49

Towe takes a shot to back of leg, limps off

Towe gone to dressing room

Steelers penalty @ 24:30 - Bolibruck - delay of game

Steelers penalty - Talbot - hooking @ 24:48

Devils trying to set up Jarvis


Rebound netted by Smith at 25:24 ppg , assists Finnerty

Devils still on pp

Steelers return to full strength

Towe is back

Michel nails Hubbauer

Devils icing @ 27:29

28 minutes gone

Voth wrist shot saved by Verner @ 28:31

Voth & Dowd slash each other - no penalties called

Lyle save @ 29:40

Sgroi having a good game apparently

Getting heated out there

Steelers out in front, tip goes high & wide

Out of play @ 31:28

Steelers have upped their game

Steelers icing @ 32:05

Steelers breakawy but forgot to take puck with them

Verner flapping but D help out and clear puck off goal line

Devils offense starting to get their act together

Too many mistakes in our zone though

Steeler takes a dive

Handbags @ 33:58, Hewitt dives now captaind talking to ref

No penalties called

Gametime 34:05

Smith break saved

Lyle save @ 34:27

Puck out of play @ 35:21

35 minutes gone

Birbraer beats Verner but hits pipes

Farmer goes after Finnerty

Hewitt & Miller tangle

Voth & Bolibruck

Fights they vwere @ 36:11

To be honest none of them turned out to be fights just pushing & shoving

Voth stepped in after Bolichuck went after Finnerty who was mouthing off at the Steelerts bench

Steelers end up on a 2 minute pp

Steelers penalties - Hewitt, Farmer & Bolichuck - roughing minors

FOUR minors for the Devils hence Steelers PP

No news on Davils penalties yet, game going on

DEVILS GOAL - Birbraer

Wristed shot to top corner

Devils 3rd goal @ 38:30 scored by Birbraer, assists Richardson & Smith

Devils off side @ 39:50

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Steelers 1

To clear up those FOUR DEvils minors @ 36:11 - Jarvis - holding; Voth, Miller & Finnerty - roughing

Chris says Devils have woken up but Steelers still dangerous

They have now played 1 period at Belfast no score

I am told its Capitals 4 Panthers 4 but no confirmation sorry

2 minute warning for 3rd period

Confirmation Capitals 4 Panthers 4 - final score

Officials back on ice

Both teams back

Come on you Devils big effort for this period and a good nights sleep ( for us all)

Don't forget clocks go forward tonight, so get to bed early

Summer statrts tomorrow, we will see

Just spoken to my brother in law in Ottawa where its been sunny in that day and -20 at night

3rd period underway

Puck out of play @ 40:27

Steelers icing @ 41:17

Steelers trying to make sneeky line changes when they ice the puck but Darnell is on to them

Devils offside @ 42:05

Sgroi goes after Finnerty

Puck out of play @ 42:30 after Birbraer beakaway

Steelers icing @ 42:38

Steelers desparate to start a fight with Finnerty

Phillips throws puch at Romfo

Voth almost nails Phillips with a huge hit

Devils icing @ 43:59

Another Devils icing @ 44:08

Steelers offside @ 44:29

Devils are being pushed off puck to easy

Sgroi wants a piece of Finnerty for sure

Puck out of play @ 45:02

Lyle save @ 45:20

Maybe we need some cage fighting training for the Devils with Heavey

Lyle saves from Talbot @ 45:49

An awesome save says Chris

Devils penalty @ 45:56 - Jarvis - holding

Shorthanded break by Miller comes to nought

Steelers penalty - Sgroi @ 46:42

Roughing was the call

4 on 4 for 1:15

Vipers take a 1-0 lead in Belfast

Puck hits Richardson who goes down

Steelers fans chanting "give his an oscar" as Richardson is helped off ice, they what do you expect from Steelers fansa

Devils return to full strength and go on pp

Verner save @ 48:26

Steelers return to full strength

Hill hits pipes @ 49:04

Gametime 50:03

Giants equalise

Miller shot saved then Finnerty is pushed into Verner by Bolibruck

Verner save @ 51:39

Verner doesn't look 100% - very slow getting up

Sgroi has turned his attention on other Devils, hes gone off Finnerty

Puck out of play @ 52:23

Sgroi and Hill having words

Gametime 54:01

Devils icing @ 54:26

Dowd levels Michel

No shifts for Davies & Hayes so far, Symmonds appeared in 1st not seen since

Puck out of play @ 55:48

Good save from Lyle

More handbags after Lyle save @ 56:05

Latulippe and Phillips copme together

Will one of the ladies in the crowd give Sgroi a handbag


Awaiting details

Scored by Brad Voth, Sgroi goes after him

Correction Devils 4th goal scored by Finnerty assist Voth & Miller @ 56:55

Verner save @ 57:13

Steelers offside @ 57:42

Final 2 minutes

Devils icing @ 58:37

Sgroi going mental on Steelers bench

Steelers 2nd goal @ 58:53

legue , assist Bolichuck

Steelers offside at 59:54

Final score DEVILS 4 Steelers 2

Gareth J you werre spot on with your prediction

No shaking og hands, a wise decision by the look on Sgroi's face

New Devils owner (CEO) saying a few words to the faithful

Thanks Matt Burge for doing a fine job etc

Steelers MoM - Zion

Devils Mom - STEVIE LYLE

Fans player of the year awards


Cardidd Devils Supporters Club player of the year that is TYLOR MICHEL

BRAD VOTH doing an extra lap of honour on his own

Read into that what you want

Our thanks go to Sharlene, Paul, Merthyr Devilsd, Devils2001 and Chris S for tonight coverage

Join me OJ for tomorrows 2nd instalment on MNL

Until tomorrow good night from MNL