Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 8 - 0 Edinburgh Capitals

Welcome to MNL for the final league game of the season as we welcome the Edinburgh Capitals to Cardiff Bay

OJ here in the MNL hutch as we get with 1 hour to go before face off.

Game predictions as usual to

Lets make it a bit mpte interesting can we have predictions of the aggregate goals scored and penalty minutes in the game. ie Total Goals : Total penaltiy

David if your goals prediction is 8 what is your PIM

By all accounts a bumper crowd at the Tent is expected tonight

David prediction is 8:42

That could be the time of the first goal, although I doubt it

Our band of MNL texters are making their way to the tent as we speak

Can I thank my texters in advance, that is Sharlene, Paul, Devils2001 and Merthyr Devil, Without their efforts (and others) week in week out the wouldn't be MNL

Ceri suggests 10:8

Marc has 7:20

At least the Bluebirds fans will be happy after their 3-1 win over Watford

I am happy as well, didn't have a winner at Cheltenham until the last day when Imperial Commander got me out of jail, yesterday at Ffos Las I picked up a nice treble.

Very quiet on the predictions front

Confirmation that Finnerty is not icing but G is

Loads of traffic hampering ravel to Tent

I suppose City v Watford only finishing 40 mins ago doesn't help

Maybe all my usual e-mailers have gone to the game

Just announced that Devils play Sheffield on Saturday at the Tent, so it looks as if Steelers got their way

Looks as if we have a big crowd tonight as my texters are having problems parking

Face off delayed at the Tent due to large walk up

5-10 minutes is the estimated delay of face off

Lets hope the Devils put on a good show tonight and we have a sell out next Saturday for the 1st leg of the Playoff quarter Final

My idea of trying to get more e-mails has fallen flat on its face

Our favourite referee, Michael Hicks has the whistle tonight

Crowd not as big as was anticipated outside

Holland in net for Capitals

Steelers have scored at Hull

We are off


Devils goal scored by Smith @ 0:26

No assists on Devils 1st goal

Those of you up north will be pleased to hear that the Devils 2nd SoG didn't go in

Voth now icing with Davies & Hayes

It looks like an open game with a bucketfull of goals

All Devils so far

Capitals have make a couple of attempts to go up ice but easily stopped by the Devils

Gametime 9:29

Apologies for delay in updates, just had a text saying Devils had scored but it concerned the 1st goal scored at 0:26

Icings are being waved off

Sharp getting a few shifts, he will probably pick on Ben Davies

Birbraer slapshot saved @ 10:45

Easy save by Lyle following a 2 on 1 break @10:58

Birbraer hit in face by puck, goes stright to dressing room

Jarvis wrist shot saved

Finally an icing @ 14:36 against Capitals

Maybe Hicks wants to get home before its dark

Lyle save @ 15:03

Romfo shoots wide

Miller shot saved

Capitals reverted to their "high man" game plan


Seemed to go thru Holland 5 hole

Devils 2nd goal @ 15:46 scored by Smith

Assists for Latulippe & Miller

Goal was at 16:46 not 15:46

Holland saves from Hill @ 18:20

Holland coughing up rebound after rebound

Devils penalty @ 19:35 - Miller - roughing

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Capitals 0

For those of you that didn't catch it before the game 1st leg of play offs v Steelers will be at home next Saturday

Ruth this game will have to wake up if your prediction of 10:35 is to come good

Finally we get assists on Devils 1st goal - scored by Smith @ 0:26 , assists Birbraer & Hartwick

Sog Devils 14; Capitals 5

Birbraer re-appears for 2nd period

2nd period underway

Devils return to full strength

Lyle save @ 24:14

Devils offside @ 24:24

Holland saves from Symmonds @ 25:00

Gametime 25:30

Hayes shoots wide

Devils putting a lot of pressure on Caps

Adams shot hits Holland on mask @ 27:14

Typical end of season game, no hits etc

Symmonds, Davies & Hayes getting plenty of icetime

Perkins attempts a big hit on Miller, who doges it leaving Perkins to slam into boards

Voth could have scored a hat-tricj in 5 secs

Puck out of play @ 30:47

Caps penalty @ 30:47 - O'Connor - delay of game

Devils having no success on pp

Holland hit on mask a 2nd time

Caps kill penalty

Caps offside @ 32:55

Lyle save

Latulippe shot saved, Voth gets rebound, shot saved @ 34:10

Birbraer shot saved @ 34:36


Timed at 35:02 scored by Symmonds, assists Towe & Michel

Wrist shot from Symmonds

Devils player high sticked no call from Hicks, at least he is consistent

Devils are in total control of this game

Last minute of 2nd period

Garside nutmegs Devils D but Lyle saves the day as usual

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Capitals 0

Symmonds loses goal - Devils 3rd goal now given to Hill, assists Symmonds & Michel

Unlike ih-update MNL can make corrections

We are off for the 3rd period


Devils 4th goal @ 40:40 scored by Jarvis, assists Davies & Hayes

Caps icinf @ 41:28


Scored by Jamie Hayes I believe

Devils 5th goal @ 42:27 scored by Hayes, assists Jarvis & Latulippe

Caps icing @ 44:41

Devils icing @ 45:35

Another Devils icing @ 46:10

Gametime 47:14

devils icing @ 48:01

Nothing being called, roll on play offs for real hockey say texters

devils up their game

DEVILS GOAL scored by Latulippe

Devils 6th goal at 50:46 scored by Latulippe, assists Hartwick & Smith

Latulippe scored from a rebound from Holland

Devils hit pipes @ 52:07

No SoG announced for 2nd period - sorry

Sharp jumps a Devil

Adams was the victim

Adams checked Sharp who responded by punching G

Sharp ejected

Adams wins fight

Adams was punched a few times before he was forced to respond

Sharp gets a 5 for fighting and 2+10 for instigating

Adams gets 5 for fighting @ 54:09


A pp goal for the Devils @ 55:23 scored by Hill, assists Latulippe & Smith


Devils 8th goal scored by Miller

Devils 8th goal timed @ 59:12 scored by Miller, assist Jarvis

Final score DEVILS 8 Capitals 0

Capitals MoM - Holland

Devils MoM - Jamie Hayes

Junior Devils player of the year - 3rd - Miller; 2nd - Voth; 1st - Michel

Thanks to our texters - Sharlene, Paul, Merthyr Devil, Devils2001 and Wildthing

Thats all from me OJ until the next one which will be next Saturday night for the home leg of the play off q-final against the Steelersa