Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 0 Nottingham Panthers

Just under 1 hour to go till faceoff, hopefully the Devils can pick up the win!

Chris with you tonight and as always I can be reached before/during the game at

Only 2 leagues game left after this, Cardiff are firmly set in 4th place, but a win for the Panthers will keep them in contention to win the league

30minutes till faceoff, hopefully get some warmup info soon :)

Devils at full strength as expected

KSP not icing during warmup, I guess Woolhouse is in nets again then

Texters in place and expecting a Devils victory

Am not so sure myself, with the up by 2 goals against the Capitals, I expect the Panthers to come out all guns blazing tonight

So, is anyone actually alive out there?

Intro time in the big blue tent!

Hicks is the man with the whistle tonight

Panthers make their way onto the ice

Referee was guess from the way he skates, and everyone is correct :P

"no one glides quite like him"

Devils are out, wahay!

Carl way out west going for a Devils 3-2 victory, here's hoping!

If the Devils can win tonight, it'll top off a most excellent sporting day after Ferrari 1-2 in Bahrain :)

Anthem time in the big blue tent!

Anthem is done, almost time to go!

And here we go! Goooooooooooo Devils!

Woolhouse starting in nets for the Panthers again

I'd have said we should beat Panthers with Woolhouse in nets, but after last nights result i'm not so sure

Smith, Birbraer and Latulippe start for the Devils

Devils with the early pressure, Woolhouse making the saves so far though :P

Be interesting to see if we let Miller run the netminder tonight

and now Panthers launch an attack, good save from Lyle denies them though

Lyle save at 2:51, Panthers attack looking dangerous again

Very end to end at the moment with 3:54 gone, Devils have created more chances and our passing is good!

Lyle save at 4:53

Lyle saved the shot from Clarke, Panthers set up well but Lyle beat them :)

Panthers icing at 6:11, Devils all over them

Devils creating the chances, but are scrappy infront of net

Devils penalty at 6:39. Voth 2mins for hooking

Smith shorthanded effort saved well by Woolhouse

Panthers icing at 7:48

31 seconds until Voth is back, hopefully to kill someone!

Devils full strength, Panthers managed 0 shots on the powerplay!


Latulippe vs Clarke, seems to have been a bit of a nonevent :S

Texters saying Clarke edged it, but it wasn't much of a fight

No idea how it started...

Devils penalty at 9:35. Latulippe 5mins for fighting

Panthers penalty at 9:35. Clarke 5mins for fighting

No wait, Latulippe has picked up an additional 2mins

Adams and Latulippe have both gone ape, and i've still no idea what the extra 2mins is for

Latulippe penalty should read...

Devils penalty at 9:35. Latulippe 2mins roughing + 5mins fighting + 10mins misconduct



Latulippe still arguing with Clarke in the penalty box :)

Devils 1st goal at 9:55. Miller assist to Finnerty :D

goal was delayed penalty goal, but I guess it counts as shorthanded?

Devils penalty kill very aggresive

Millers goal was superb by all accounts, skated around the whole team, passes to Finnerty and then tips it in :D

Devils back to 5skaters, 15mins till Latulippe comes back :S

Texters still confirming how awesome Millers goal was

But also telling us Latulippe should have learnt to keep his mouth shut

Panthers penalty at 13:02. Toneys 2mins for cross checking

That's right, Toneys! Coach Corey has finally seen sense...

So we're gifted a powerplay and then we take a penalty...

Devils penalty at 13:28. Voth 2mins for charging

Neilson deserves an academy award for the dive though :P

Faceoff taken without the Panthers being involved, Neilson was too busy moaning

or maybe he was drawing with his crayons :P

Panthers back to full strength though

Devils back to 5

Lyle save at 15:33

End of the 1st in Coventrying, Blaze 4-1 Steelers...

reove the last ing on that, no idea what I was going to say :P

And that of course should have been remove, it's all going horribly wrong!

Panthers icing at 17:35, Devils still putting the pressure on

Miller playing very well so far, controlling the puck and causing the Panthers problems

Panthers look like they're on the penalty kill, icing the puck to get some relief

It's all gone quiet again though

Michel shot cleared from the line, woolhouse was beaten but some stinking panther cleared it!

Voth is throwing hits! It's a miracle!

But that's the end of the 1st period, Devils lead 1-0

Devils playing well going forward, more importantly the defence is playing rather well :)

Panthers are back out, boooooooooooooooo

Devils out, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

And here we go with the 2nd period, Latulippe should be back at roughly 27mins

Other scores so far tonight...

Blaze 4-1 Steelers

Giants 4-0 Capitals

Stingrays 1-1 Vipers

All at the end of the first period, so they might be different now

Panthers manage to score one of their own players, Lyle keeps the puck but someone has ended up in the nets

Timed at 21:27

Panthers seem to have started the second better than us

Panthers penalty at 24:11, Neilson 2mins for tripping

leading by example then :)

Panthers 2on1 shorthanded breakaway sees them balls it up and collide with the nets instead :D

Panthers kill the penalty, Devils not so great on the powerplay

Latulippe makes his triumphant return! \o/

Sorry it's so slow on the update front, not a lot happening it seems

Panthers don't appear to trust Woolhouse tonight, giving away soft defensive penalties

Panthers penalty at 27:40. Henderson 2mins for slashing

Panthers back to full strength, another weak powerplay

Woolhouse save at 30:22

End to end stuff at the moment, but the Panthers still look desperate in defence

Devils icing at 31:12

Lots of icing calls tonight, Panthers the culprit doing all they can to clear their zone

Where's our 2nd goal then damnit!?

Devils come close but woolhouse makes a good save to deny us :(

Someone run him!

Apparently it took Woolhouse 6 attempts to cover the puck

Not sure if that's good for him, or bad for us

Toneys hassling Michel, so Michel punches him, both get penalties :)

We still need official word on Michel coming back for next season!

Devils penalty at 35:07. Michel 2mins for delay of game

Panthers penalty at 35:07. Toneys 2mins for delay of game

Hicks inventing random penalties then :)

Birbraer takes a stick to the face, no call

Good Devils chance saved by Woolhouse at 35:52

About 1minute till Toneys and Michel return from their bizarre 'delay of game' penalties

I guess roughing is technically delaying the game, but still...

Both teams back to full strength, Devils looking good on the forecheck

Panthers penalty at 37:24. Bergin 2mins for hooking

Another soft penalty...

come on Devils, give us the 2nd goal!

With Giants having already won tonight and Blaze looking likely to be victors, if the Panthers lose is that their title hopes all over?

Puck out of play at 38:13

Devils creating chances on powerplay


Devils 2nd goal at 38:34. Latulippe from Miller and Hill.

Devils goal was of course on the powerplay :)

Devils penalty at 38:53. Romfo 2mins for elbows

Panthers penalty at 39:09. Neilson 2mins for hooking

4on4 until the end of the period

Good save from Woolhouse and then Neilson takes a penalty, way to go Coach Corey...

But that's the end of the 2nd period, Devils 2-0 Panthers

3rd period will start with 4on4 for 53 seconds, then the Devils have a powerplay for 16seconds

Both teams back out, almost time to go with the 3rd!

Come on Devils!

Shots on goal so far, 11 on Lyle, 26 on Woolhouse

Steelers have started their comeback! Blaze 4-2 Steelers!

shots on goal for the first were 7 for devils, 7 for panthers

shots in 2nd were 19 for Devils, 4 for Panthers


Devils penalty at 41:03. Hartwick 2mins for interference

4on4 for 6 seconds, then 1:54 of Panthers powerplay :S

Texters all say it was a stupid penalty for Hartwick to take, we're camped in Panthers zone and under no pressure :S

Panthers back to full strength

Penalty kill working well so far

Panthers first shot saved by Lyle at 42:58. 5seconds till Hartwick returns

Devils back to full strength

Panthers penalty at 43:20. Galbraith 2mins for slashing

Devils fans not happy at the slashing call, Galbraith fell over on his own accord so took his anger out on us

Panthers breakaway messed up by Gascon, good defensive work from Devils though

Panthers penalty at 45:10. D'armour 2mins for delay of game + 10min misconduct

D'Armour decided to slash a Devils player on the way to the box for his first penalty

Panthers are always rather stick happy :S

Galbraith penalty killed, Panthers back to 4

Panthers back to full strength, Devils powerplay didn't create much

Different report says lots of shots, just none in the back of the net

Awesome save from Lyle denies the Panthers, Hicks very slow with the whistle

Panthers penalty at 47:59. Lee 2mins for hooking

Come on Devils! Make this powerplay count!

Panthers getting riled at every shot

Panthers back to 5 :S

And it's all gone quiet

Lyle playing really well, making good save, Panthers starting to look desperate

Panthers penalty, details taking a long time to come through!

Seems there was a penalty called against Panthers, then we had some handbags involving Voth, not he's picked up a penalty

Devils penalty at 51:54. Richardson 2mins for roughing

Panthers penalty at 51:54. Henderson 2mins for roughing

Devils penalty at 51:54. Voth 2mins for roughing...

I'm not convinced these calls are right

ah, Richardson was Bruce Richardson for Panthers

so we have...

Devils penalties at 51:54. Hartwick 2mins for delay of game, Voth 2mins for roughing

Panthers penalties at 51:54. Richardson 2mins for roughing, Henderson 2mins for roughing

Hartwick took a penalty for bleeding all over the ice it would seem

Both teams back to 5 skaters anyway

Wonder if it'll all kick off at the end

Devils penalty at 55:00. Romfo 2mins for high sticks

How on earth can we get called for that but whoever hit Hartwick doesn't get a penalty

Why does this always happen vs Nottingham, in the CC final 2nd leg Latulippe took a stick to the face and ended up with a penalty!

This isn't rugby, we don't pretend to be bleeding!

Big Lyle save at 55:53, Panthers with lots of shots but Lyle playing well

Panthers trying to get the Devils to draw penalties, luckily we're not biting, despite Hicks not having a clue

Panthers penalty at 55:53. Mann 2+10 for checking to the head

Nottingham losing the plot?

Panthers penalty at 56:33. Gascon 2mins for boarding

Devils 5on3 for 1:20, give us a 3rd goal!

Blaze win 5-4 vs Steelers, with Nottingham almost sure to lose tonight, I think that's them out of the title race

Panthers back to 4 skaters, final 2mins!

Panthers back to full strength, come on Devils!

Woolhouse pulled, final minute!

we want an empty net goal!


or not :S

Voth tries to fight Bergin, but the linos are too quick for him and break it up before it's even begun

Bergin slashed Voth, then ran away to hide

Bergin slash being replayed on the screens, crowd go nuts

What on earth is it with the Panthers, stick happy *******'s!

Bergin and Voth get an early bath, penalties coming all timed at 59:16

Panthers call a timeout at 59:16, still waiting for penalty details

Devils penalty at 59:16. Voth 5+game for slashing

Panthers penalty at 59:16. Bergin 5+game for slashing

5on5 into the final seconds, perhaps someone should make the Panthers play without sticks...

Puck out of play at 59:32


We're gonna win!

But it's all over, Devils win 3-0, goal details coming

Devils 3rd goal was from Hartwick, no time details for some reason

last 30 seconds either way

A shutout for Lyle and the Panthers title dreams all over for another year?

Devils 3rd goal was at 59:51, Hartwick unassisted I guess

Panthers man of the match goes to Woolhouse

Devils man of the match goes to...

Lyle :D

Player of the month awards tonight...

3rd goes to Michel

2nd goes to Lyle

1st goes to Miller

if you can't see 3rd place, hit F5 :)

That's all from me though!

Chris out.