Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 5 - 4 Cardiff Devils

D Day has arrived as the Devils have a chance to turn this into a winning season by capturing the Challenge Cup

Oj here in the MNL dtudio waiting for your game predictions (

I am also waiting for my texters to report in from NIC

Thats the attitude Gareth J all we want is 3 goals more than the Panthers whether it be 0-3 or 31-34

PAK2305 wants a repeat of Sundays game, well at least 3 periods like the third period on Sunday

Come on you Devils you can do it

There are hundred, no thousands out there egging MNL on for that famous victory, some of them on their sick beds or huddled together in groups watching a small computer screen

As Marc says the first goal is crucial, he's sees us winning by 2, going into O/T and getting the winner

We even have non Devils supporters wishing us well, they said they were from Sheffield, no names tho

Rebecca tells me that there are people in Belfast wishing the Devils well

Rhiannon in Ohio is tuned into MNL on her computer

Looyd sees a 4-1 or 3-0 in for the Devils

Rebecca in Belast sees a 2 goal victory for the Devils, which means O/T

Derek sees the Devils nicking the Cup in Panthers bad yard

Even back yard

Warmup has finished

Devils missing Stone & Adams

St Pierre didn't have a very long warmup at all

Thank you for your kind comments Susie, yes to carry on from where we left off in the 3rd period on Sunday would do very nice

A large contingent of Devils fans have made the trip to Nottingham

A win tonite will round today off very well after the conviction today of Kevin Foster of KF Concept fame

Devils fans are in fine voice

Almost time, lets hope that right Devils team has made the trip to NIC

Moray Hanson has the whistle

David suggested that I should put up 4 2 before we start

Score is after 1st leg, I will maintain the accumulative score

Diafol is in his element, he has just been interviewed by Lisa Rogers for BBC

Devils on the ice

Panthers on ice

No Toneys for Panthers

Some Devils fans are still bombing it down the M42

Charlotte calls it 3-0 Devils

Anthem time

Anyone not at NIC tell them MNL is the place to be

Russky goes 4-1 Devils

Anthems done

They are being loaded

Devils start with Voth, Miller, Finnerty , Hartwicj and Romfo

Hare is running

Puck is dropped

Lyle save @ 31 secs

Goal Judge put his light on

Chances for both teams in first minute

Michel shot out of play @ 1:36

KSP save at 1:46

Miller nails Clarke

Great Lyle save @ 2:27


Devils 1st goal @ 3:24 _ Michel

Assists Towe & Hill on Devils goal

KSP save @ 4:09

Followed by handbags, no pens

Puck out of play @ 4:20

Another KSP save @ 4:56

Panthers offside @ 5:05

Reprts that Devils are up for this game, long may it continue

Hanbags after late hit on Michel

Panthers are rattled

Panthers offside @ 5:40

Hanson letting the game flow

Lyle save awesome

Panthers shor deflected out of play @ 7:36

Penalties @ 7:36 Bergin (P) & Finnerty (D) both for roughing

Smith nails Neilson

Lyle save @ 8:56

Panthers now creating most chances

Devils in WHITE, Panthers in Red

Devils icing @ 9:12

Both teams back to full strength

Good save by KSP off Hill @ 10:23

Now Michel goes close

11 minutes gone

Birbraer looking good says Chris S

Voth nails lee, Finnerty nail Neilson

Panthers penalty @ 12:03

Henderson - elbows

Engage overdrive on the pp and lets go DEVILS

Panthers score but there was a delayed penalty against them

Now 5 on 3 for Devils

2nd penalty was against Mann @ 12:12 - elbows

12:03 actually

I can imagine how wound up the Panther fans are after that

KSP save @ 13:53

Hayes playing with Voth & Finnerty

Lyle save @ 15:14

Miller nails Clarke

Panthers return to full strength

Puck out of play @ 15:30


Scored by JARVIS

Devils penalty @ 15:59 - Miller - tripping

2nd Devils goal was an error by KSP

Finnerty breakaway @ 16:24 - shot deflected out of play

Devils penalty @ 16:19 - Hartwick - slashing

1:18 of Panthers 5 on 3

Panthers hit pipes

Panthers goal at 17:47 - ppg

Panthers goal scored by Neilson assist Mann

Panthers still on pp

Lyle save @ 18:43

Devils back to full strength

Panthers penalty

18:47 - Levers - high sticks

Lets get that goal back Devils

End of 1st period its Panthers 1 DEVILS 2 making it 5-4 to Panthers on aggregate

Apologies about lack of details on some events but apparently it is very noisy in NIC and texters are finding it hard to hear

To make things worse Chris S texts are coming out of order and some are delayed up to 5 minutes

Devils are very much in this game so long as we stop taking stupid penalties

a 4 on 5 sh is bad enough but to give them a 3 on 5 is over generous and stupid

Carl I am with you, the stupid penalty disease was back with in after we had done so well to wipe out the 2 goal deficit

Still win each period by a single goal and the Cup is ours

SoG for 1st period Panthers 9 Devils 10

Devils will start 2nd period with a 47 secs pp

Russky want we want is a welder to weld the sinbin door so they can't go in there

The welder might as well do the bench door as well considering how many too many men bench minore we have had this season

I need a win tonight as the only winners I could find yesterday at Ffos Las were 3 to 1 on

3 minutes before play recommences

The players will have finished their tea soon and will come out of the pavilion

Both teams back on the ice

2nd period underway

Panthers return to full strength

KSP save @ 20:56

Followed by handbags

No penalties called

Hanson not impressed by handbags he is or was a Chef

Devils icing @ 21:50

Devils chanting " More noise at Vipers rink"

Voth nails Mann @ 23:02

End to end at the moment

Play whistled down for high sticks @ 23:19

Two ace saves by KSP, 2nd @ 24:09


Waiting for details

Max Birbraer unassisted

Devils icing @ 25:08

Its the Devils fans that are to blame for my texters missing some of the announcements - they are too noisy

Jarvis nails Richardson

Panthers goal @ 26:22

Scored by Gascon


Voth nails Galbraith

28 minutes gone

Panthers goal @ 28:09

Devils time out

Levers with the 3 Panthers goal of the night

Assist Galbraith

We are giving Panthers too much space

KSP save @ 29:13

Now 3 -3 on the night

Panthers ahead 7 -5 on aggregate

Finnert goes close

Panthers Goal

Panther 4th goal @ 30:28

Scored by Clarke assist by Galbraith

Devils game has collapsed, Lyle has no protection whatsoever

Panthers penalty @ 31:28 - Bergin - slashing

DEvils offside @ 31:39

When the Devils game goes down hill what comes next?

Dump & chase

Gametime 32:08

Penalty killed

Devils did have a couple of chances on pp

Devils icing @ 33:50


Thats one of them

Birbraer @ 34:48

Assist Latulippe

Panthers offide

Lyle save @ 34:40

Panthers hit pipes

Network is horrendous

Lyle save @ 35:50

Devils D are not clearing Panthers in front of Lyle

Devils showing first signs of tiredness

37 minutes gone

Game has opened up, there wiull be more goals

Lyle sdave @ 37:38

Stevie is keeping us in this game

Devils icing @ 38:01

Michel nails Neilson

Another Devils icing @ 38:23

Puck out of play @ 38:49

Final minute of 2nd period

Gametime 39:22

Finnerty shot deflected wide @ 39:50

End of 2nd Period Panthers 4 DEVILS 4 - aggregate score - Panthers 8 DEVILS 6

We are giving Panthers tto much time in front of our net, defence fell apart and Panthers score 3 quick goals

Fingers crossed everyone and lets hope we have a repeat of Sundays 3rd period

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 12, DEVILS 10

Our star imports are blowing hot and cold

Apart from Michel nobody are throwing good hard hits

Derek remind me what games the Devils have this week? I know they are in Belfast on Friday night as until this morning I was going to Belfast to see some family that were flying in from USA for St Patricks Day next week, But I now have to stay in Cardiff

Thanks Derek I suppose they will travell from Edinburgh to Belfast by ferry

Ice is ready for 3rd period

Both teams back on the ice

here we go for 3rd period

Devils go close @ 40;31

Panthers penalty @ 40:53 - Galbraith - holding

Devils creating chances on pp

KSP save @ 41:59

Penalties @ 41:59 - Miller (D) diving = Panther player - roughing

4 on 4

44 minutes gone

Matt Burge at game sitting in fron of texters

Chis S is questioning Devils commitment

Devils offside @ 44:59

Brits push forward, no support, we lose puck

Lyle making save after save

Devils offside @ 46:26

Finally Voth puts a big hit on Lee

Puck out of play @ 46:36

Devils penalty @ 46:39 - Miller - intefference

How Lyle is stopping these shots we don't know as more often than not he is screened

48 minutes gone

Devils return to full strength

That was a good pk

KSP save @ 49:03

Now Birbraer nails McAslan

50 minutes gone


Lyle save @ 50:20

51 minutes gone

Chris S says only certain players look botherted,

I am sure he will tell us sometime who

Devils penalty @ 51:37 - Finnerty - slashing

Panthers time out

Puck out of play @ 52:24

Where is a SHG when we need oine

Panthers penalty @ 52:50 - D'Armour - holding

4 on 4 for 46 secs then Devils pp

Lyle save @ 53:09

Finnerty out of naughty boys room Devils on powerplay for 1:14

Panthers kill penalty with ease

5 minutes left

Not once during that pp did we have someone in front of KSP


Devils 5th goal of night scored by Smith @ 55:52 , assist Towe

That Devils goal was scored on a delayed penalty against Panthers


KSP save @ 56:35

57 minutes gone

Terrific atmosphere at NIC

Final 2 minutes


Devils offside at 58:11

Force an icing off the Panthers come on

Final minute

Lyle pulled

Game over DEVILS win 5-4 but lose 7-8 on aggregate

So near, good effort

Team did us proud according to Diafol

Jury still out with Chris S as defence went AWOL in 2nd operiod and we coughed up 3 goals in 4 minutes

A good game by all accounts

Devils MoM - Mark Smith

Panthers MoM Mcaslan

Thats all from me Oj, see you all on Friday night for the Devils visit to Belfast