Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 4 Newcastle Vipers

Just over an hour to go until the Devils face the Borecastle Vipers at home, hopefully picking up a win after 3 defeats!

Chris with you again tonight and as always I can be reached at

Texters are checking in, 30mins till game time!

If the score is still displaying 4-3 for anyone else, give it a few minutes i'm trying to force the damn thing to sort itself out

I think MNL hates me tonight :(

no wait, it works! \o/

David in Belfast predicting a Devils 6-2 victory, gosh I hope you're right :E

About 10minutes to go I guess, texters very quiet tonight :S

Not a big Devils crowd, but a minibus of Vipers fans have made the long journey down

Intro time in the bay, come on Devils!

Devils confirmed at full strength

Vipers have only 2 lines worth of players, but i'm not sure who they're missing

I guess Longstaff is still out

Anthems are done, it's almost time to win!

Anthems are done, it's almost time to win!

Voth, Latulippe and Miller start for the Devils tonight

And we're off, Thompson in charge for tonights sideshow of 'look at me, i'm a ref'

Hill, Towe and Michel on one of our new lines

could it be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, that's the question :)

Vipers penalty at 1:49. Domish 2mins for delay of game

Voth and Laulippe both come close

Vipers kill the penalty, back to full strength

amazingly that's 3minutes without a penalty for the Devils

Vipers icing at 4:14

4minutes without a penalty, a new record?

Vipers goal...

Somehow, the borecastle Vipers have scored first!

whoever got the goal dumped the puck in and somehow Lyle didn't manage to stop it sliding in


Vipers 1st goal at 4:43. Kralj from Tinsley and Jorde

Robinson playing very well so far,

Vipers called for icing at 7:53, lots of Devils pressure

Oooooooooooooooooh, Birbraer hits the pipes, Devils fans thought we'd scored

Robinson saves the followup shot with his face at 9:02

Towe nailed by a shot from one of our own players, heads straight to the bench...

texts very slow coming in tonight, nothing ever seems to happen when we play Borecastle :(

Devils camped in the Vipers zone, everytime they manage to clear the puck Devils are straight back in

Vipers finally manage a line change

Romfo nails someone and he's down hurt...

Tjechma was the player nailed, has got back up and headed to bench

Vipers on the attack now...

Good save from Lyle at 13:20 to make up for the 1st goal

Good setup from Smith sees Robinson just make the save, Smith playing well by all accounts

Devils looking dangerous but Robinson standing on his head

Towe back on the ice, incidently we sponsor him :)

Another Lyle save at 14:57

Vipers score another...

This is either going to go very badly, or be another of 'those' games

2nd Vipers goal came after Romfo lost his footing and Vipers collected, Lyle stood no chance

Vipers 2nd goal at 15:27. Hughes from Longstaff and Salem

and there was me thinking Longstaff was injured

Vipers offside at 16:15

2 goals in 4 shots for Vipers...

Devils have had all the possession but can't score, Vipers rarely touching the puck but 2 goals in 2 chances

Vipers offside at 17:49

Robinson save at 17:56. Birbraer with the shot

Devils not screening Robinson enough

Vipers penalty at 18:04. Domish 2mins for delay of game

Another big save from Robinson

And another save at 18:37. Devils have no one infront of Robinson, he can see everything

Devils called for icing at 18:54. Pass goes horribly wrong

And we're into the final minute of the 1st period

Robinson dives across the crease to deny Michel

And another big save

Robinson on top form tonight

And again, another save at 19:44

But that's the end of the 1st period, Devils 0-2 Vipers...

Francis has just said on DevilsTV that the players need to crash the net more, create some traffic - all the texters agree and wonder we weren't doing it anyway...

officials back for the 2nd period

and here come the players

Here we go with the 2nd period

a very unexciting start to the 2nd period

Vipers called for icing at 21:01

in exciting news, 15mins till my quiche is ready :D

Devils all over the Vipers but Robinson still standing on his head, Vipers continually icing the puck

Vipers icing at 22:16

Robinson save at 22:32

Devils fans have given up, abolsutely no atmosphere in the tent tonight

Devils penalty at 22:52. Romfo 2mins for delay of game

Lyle save at 23:46

Maybe we'll score now we only have 4 players?

Devils penalty at 24:11. Finnerty 2mins for slashing

42seconds of 3on5...

Romfo penalty killed


Devils 1st goal at 25:15, shorthanded!

oh wait, that's not very helpful

Turns out it was the Vipers who scored :E

so, if it's still showing the score as Devils 1-2 Vipers, do a refresh and it'll go to the right, but horribly disasterous score of 0-3

Vipers 3rd goal at 25:15. Berry from Mahrle

powerplay goal :E

Symonds floored at 26:13, blood on the ice

game delayed as we try to figure out who gets a penalty and for what

ell, no penalties called, game back on

and Devils get another penalty...

Devils penalty at 27:06. Jarvis 2mins for high sticks

Vipers come close as Lyle goes too far out of nets and Richardson forced to sit in nets

Devils clear the puck from the line, this is going from bad to worse!

Vipers called for a man in the crease at 28:40

Devils kill penalty without conceding somehow

Vipers called for icing at 29:29

Texters really not happy with tonights performance

open net for the Devils but Longstaff throws himself across the line to deny us a goal

Vipers defneind hard in centre ice

Vipers penalty at 31:14. Berry 2mins for high sticks

Another big save from Robinson

In desperation Voth tries to head the puck in, misses and scores himself instead

Crowd getting majorly fed up with Devils play

Vipers looking happy to sit back and defend

Symonds back on the ice wearing a blood jersey, #2 is the new number

Robinson save at 36:33

PJ Blaze thinks our defensive pairings might have changed, Romfo and Jarvis playing together now

Vipers win the faceoff in their zone, Jarvis stands still and lets the Vipers through, Lyle saves...

Lyle going nuts at our defence...

Another 2on1 for the Vipers, what on earth is going on tonight!?


This time it's true :P

Devils 1st goal at 38:43. Birbraer from Latulippe and Smith

Vipers penalty at 39:19. Hughes 2mins for hooking

Vipers clear from crease before Devils can reach rebound

Vipers clear but that's the end of the 2nd period, Devils 1-3 Vipers

Devils to start the 3rd period with 1:20 of powerplay remaining

Texters really not impressed with the Devils so far tonight

Officials are back out

And here come the teams...

no one cheers...

Here we go with the 3rd!

Devils only the powerplay for 1:19


Devils icing at 41:21, still waiting for goal details

Devils 2nd goal at 41:08. Michel from Jarvis and Latulippe


Michel with the 3rd, coast to coast!

someone give that man a contract for next season!

Devils 3rd goal at 41:36. Michel from Towe and Romfo

Devils 2nd goal was a powerplay goal incase anyone forgot :E

And now it's gone all quiet...

Michel hits the pipework and then Robinson saves, can't be long till he gets a hattrick :E


Devils 4th goal at 44:31. Finnerty from Miller and Voth

Michel getting a round of applause everytime he touches the puck!

Vipers on the attack now

Devils penalty at 46:09. Jarvis 2mins interference

apparently Jarvis was at least 3feet away from the Viper who fell over of his own accord

slapshot from a Viper takes Lyles mask off...

penalty kill working well for the Devils

Devils all over the Vipers on the powerplay

Devils back to full strength

Symonds loses his stick, Michel hands him his and continues to play for over 1 minute without a stick, more applause :)



Texters wondering where this team was 2 periods ago!

Devils 5th goal at 49:16. Miller from Voth and Finnerty

Vipers goal :(

Vipers 4th goal at 49:31. Kralj from Domish and Berry

Devils dumping the puck at Robinson who almost spills into his own net :E

51:21 gone, Devils hammering Robinson with shots

Vipers icing at 52:08

Vipers crash the Devils net, they're desperately looking for a 5th goal!

Devils icing at 52:57

Vipers attacking, but Devils counter attack looking good

Another Devils icing at 54:07

55mins gone, both teams looking for another goal



Devils 6th goal at 55:03. Hill from Smith

lovely setup from Smith saw the puck cross the crease to Hill who nailed it home \o/

Devils offside at 56:21

it's all gone very quiet again...

Vipers still attacking

wonder if they're likely to pull Robinson with such a short bench?

Lyle save at 57:52

Devils icing at 58:02

That'll be the final 2mins then :)

Robinson pulled!

Vipers almost score an own goal after pass goes wrong!


in the final min, Devils score their 7th goal :)

Devils 7th goal at unknown, but Smith scored it

Devils 7th goal at 59:49. Smith from Birbraer and Latulippe

and it's all over, Devils win

Apparently Lyle came very close to scoring an empty net goal :D

Kralj man of the match for the Vipers

Devils man of the match goes to...


Well, that's all from me, back to coursework :(

Chris out.