Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Sheffield Steelers

Welcome to MNL for the visit of the Steelers to the Tent

OJ with you again, Chris is tied up with his Uni work so I have come off the bench tp hopefully see us to another league win

An 8th league win on the bounce it will be.

Andy, making his way to the game predicts a 5-2 win for the Devils

Any score prediction to

Anne sees it as a 3-2 win for the Steelers lifting them to 5th place

Vey quiet as my texters make their way to the Tent

Warm up has started

Marc calls is 6-4 Devils

I don't think we will see 10 goals tonight

Totally off topic were any of you bombarded by Microsoft to make IE your browser last week. I was but it died all of a sudden when the EU Directive came into being on Monday.

Long live FIREFOX

My aplogies Marc, it will be the 7th league win on the bounce not 8th

Lewis sees the Devils winning 5-2, thats more like it

I hope the mobile networks don't play up tonight, I was getting text updates of Sundays game on Monday afternoon

Un confirmed reorts of 2 fughts in warmup - Voth & Sgroi and Finnerty & Legue

Smith is the referee

Steelers take to the ice

Can't have been much of a rumpus not like Devils @ Romford in 1988 when John Burnicle had a big fight in warm up with both teams forming a ring for them to fight, ref & linesmen come oup of dressing room and watched.

Not much of a crowd in tonight

Another texter thinks its a decent crowd for a mid week game

You can't win when our texters cannot agree

Anthem time

We are off

Devils penalty @ 0:12 - Jarvis - delay of game

Lyle saves at back post

Half pk done

It was an awesome save by Lyle

Devils kill penalty

WJohn Wildthing wants to know where have all the fans gone since Sundays sell out

Verner saves a Latulippe slap shot @ 3:52

Its end to end

Ben Davies on top line with Smith & Birbraer

Birbraer sets up a good chance for Smith, save Verner

Verner told to stick his shirt in

Smith fails to score after being set up again, by Hill this time

Birbraer nailed

Referre on his backside in Steelers end

First whistle for 5 mins as Verner covers puck @ 7:50

Verner saves from Hill

Birbraer goes coast to coast, save Verner

Game time 8:50

Devils mounting continuous pressure on Steelers

Devils camped in Steelers end

Hardly any stoppages just 3 whistles so far

Steelers dumping & chasing

Steelers pewnalty @ 11:26 = Phillips - hooking

Devils pp poor

Jarvis falls over, Steelers brak, Lyle saves

Devils pp is awful

Steelers return to full strength

Verner goes walkabout, but gets backj to save from Hartwick

Verner covers puck @ 13:51

Jarvis slapshot goes wide

Nichel tips a shot, puck goes missing, it is under Verner

Easy save for Verner @ 16:11

Plenty of shots from Devils tonight

Wrist shot saved by Lyle

Devils icing @ 17:14

Verner messes up a save but no goal

Devils are not clearing their zone as quick as they should

Symmonds especially dwelling on the puck too much

Hilltipped shot goes wide

Steelers penalty @ 18:47 - Bol;ibruk - interference

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Steelers 0

Devils had the better chances in that period but have nothing to show for their efforts

Steelers back on ice

Officials are out so are the Devils

47 secs of pp for Devils as 2nd period starts

Steelers kill penalty

Its all one way traffic but no Devils goal

Lyle covers puck @ 23:16

Sgrpi goes close for Steelers at 23:54


Goal at 24:25 scored by Birbraer assists Romfo & Richardson

Steelers offside @ 24:55

Latulippe and Legue having a slashing contest mid ice

Devils penalty @ 25:57 - Symmonds - holding

STeelers Goal ppg scored by Sgroi @ 27:01

Assists for Jegue & Sheppard

Sgroi was camped infront of Lyle and was not moved

Verner save from Hill @ 28:43

gametime 29:03

The smaller crowd is making more noise thaan the sell out on Sunday

Devils GOAL

Scored by Smith, assists Birbraer & Davies

Steelers Goal

Devils 2nd goal timed @ 29:25

Sheffields 2nd goal @ 29:50 scored by Hubbauer, assists Sgroi & Dowd

Steelers penalty @ 31:06 - Hewitt - hooking

Voth messes up on Devils pp, Steelers clear zone

Verner covers puck, 10 secs left on pp

Devils must make use of the rebounds from Verner

Steelers kill penalty

Gametime 33:35

Devils can't get out of theur end when on pp

Top class save by Verner off Smith, who is working his socks off

Sgroi picks on Michel

Both take a penalty

Devils penalty @ 34:45 - Michel - roughing similar penalty for Sgroi


Assists Miller

A heck of a slap shot

Goal timed @ 35:21

Steelers offside @ 36:40

Paul tells me Devils goals 1 & 3 were identical, slapshots from face off circle

Sheffield Goal

Error by Symmonds behind net leads to Steelers 3rd goal @ 37:22 scored by Hunnauer assists Dowd & Basiuk

Last minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Steelers 3

Ice is ready for 3rtd period

3rd period underway

Devils offside @ 40:34

Verner knocks off net @ 41:10

Devils wander offside @ 42:25

Miller breakaway comes to nothing

Birbraer misses empty net

DEVILS GOAL scored by MICHEL @ 44:39

Assist Symmonds

Don't let them score as you have all night after you have scored

Lets have another one DEVILS

All Devils at the moment, Steelers can't put 2 passes together - we know the feeling too well

Ben Davies must be on the same juice as Mark Smith as he is all over the ice

Puck out of play @ 49:36

Steelers have a 2 on 1 , Lyle saves

Devils icing @ 50:50

Steelers offside @ 51:22

Game has gone scrappy

Don't care so long as Devils win

Andy says Smith is Devils MoM by a country mile, we will see

David wants a 6-4 scoreline for Devils, I don't as before the game I said I couldn't see 10 goals being scored

Devils penalty Hartwick -= cross check @ 54:42

STEELERS ppg @ 55:33

You take dumb penalties you get scored upon

Steelers 4th goal scored by Legue


Sloppy defence for both those goals

5th goal for Steelers @ 55:45 scored by Talbot assists Phillips and Thomas

Assists on Steelers 4th goal go to Zion & Talbot

Steelers all over Devils

3 minutes left

I know that I will get flamed but this is a poorly coached Devils team

Gametime 56:23

Devils Penalty - Birbraer @ 59:00 - X Checking

If the wheels keep coming off than the Bench crew must put it right

Devils penalty @ 59:10 - Miller - tripping

A gift wrapped 2 points for the Steelers

Devils implode - not my words textters

I will add AGAIN

Final score DEVILS 4 Steelers 5

Devils threw it away, worst defeat he had witnessed, Adams clueless

These are the words of a supporter of many years who studies the game

Another texter says "That was awful, to lose when you had the majority of the play, Hartwick should get MoM for Steelers"

Steelers MoM - Hubbauer

Devils MoM - Ben Davies

Thanks to my texters:- Sharlene, Hana, Paul, Andy, John and Devils2001

Thats all from me OJ until the next MNL