Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 4 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL for the eagerly awaited 1st leg of the Challenge Cup Final

OJ here in the MNL studio

As you are aware Face Off has been put back until 7pm although I have had unconfirmed reports that it will be 7:30 pm or later.

In the meantime send me you score predictions to

My texters are eager to report but Tent doors are not opening until 6pm

No score predictions to date, everybody must know of the delay

This delay will mess up my Canada v USA watching

Don't worry I will not give any scores out and PLEASE don't send me any as I will have to open mail throughout the night

Score predictions for Canada v USA are welcomed

I had intended to break my absence tonite but MNL comes first

I might see the Devils in Belfast on 12 March as I have business in Belfast that weekend

I have been watching the M4 cameras all afternoon - no sign of a Zamboni though

Texters now in the Tent - news soon I hope

Zamboni has arrived

Zamboni wilkl do a dry cut followed by resurfacing

MNL is getting technical

Thank you David a 4-2 Devils victory would do very nicely

Both teams on the ice

Warm up that is

It looks as if we will get under way shortly after 7pm

A full Tent must be a hell of a sight

I will never forget a game against Medway in 1988 at the WNIR when you couldn't move I think unoffically it must be the biggest crowd to attend a hockey game in Cardiff - and that was before the Balcony extension.

Stephen is very confident predicting a 4-2 win for the Devils at the very least

Have we got anyone in Canada with us before their big game?

Have we got anyone in Canada with us before their big game?

I am sitting on the fence as far as Canada v USA is concerned as I have family in both countries.

Last 5 minutes of warmup

My texters are limbering up as we speak

Stephen sees a Canadian win by the odd goal in 5

Any goals odd or not will be welcomed by tyhe Devils tonight

Ice being prepared for this epic game

Its a race against time - will I finish my tea before the puck is dropped?

Even the overflow carparks are full

Very big crowd, well it is a sell out, crowd noisy and the Zamboni is from Peterborough not Basingstoke as we all assumed

Derek wants a 4-1 win for the Devils

Crowd in chant mood already

Waiting for the teams

Mexicam wave time

Intro time

Atmosphere is ACE

Panthers come onto the ice

Welcome onto the icxe _ YOUR CARDIFF DEVILS

We have a record attendence at the Tent - no figure given

Too many from Llanishen in Tent

Baze V Giants tied at 2 2

Anthems done & dusted

Devils start with Miller, Finnerty & Voth: Hartwick & Romfo

Puck is dropped

Shot by Panthers saved by Lyle

Finnerty nails Clarke

Player down think it is Voth

It is Voth, he was punched, he's helped off the ice

Panthers penalty @ 2:28 - Bergin - roughing

Voth 2 minutes for elbow at 0:38

It was Miller that was punched

Both penalties were @ 0;38

Voth is back and takes his place in box

Devils icing @ 1:42

Lyle save @ 1:48

Devils pen @ 1:55 - Hartwick - hooking

Bergin & Voth return

Panthers pp

Panthers penalty @ 3:11 - bench minor - too many men

Panthers penalty @ 3:29 - Mann - high sticks

4 on 3 then 1:20 of 5 on 3

Birbraer celebrates but St Pierre save

Gametime 4:37

Panthers kill penalty

Panthers return to full strength

Mann misses a sitter as penalty ran out

Devils Penalty

At 5:52 - Hartwick - holding

Lyle saves a shot from point @ 6:16

Handbags after Miller pushed St pierre @ 6:41

Panthers penalty @ 6:41 - Mann - hooking

Apologies that was Lever not Mann

Devils offside @ 7:22

Easy savyle @ 7:46

Devils back to full strength

Devils offside @ 8:05

some big saves from Lyle

Mann, it was him after all back

Devils played 30 secs with only 4 skaters on ice

Panthers offside @ 10:34

Panthers penalty @ 11:13 - Meyers - hooking

2 on 1 for Panthers, shot saved

Another big save from Lyle @ 12:02

Panthers kill penalty

Panthers icing @ 13:28

Panthers net off at 14:12

Devils creating lots of chances but St Pierre playing well

5 minutes left in 1st period

Jarvis shot deflected out of play @ 15:54

Remember now not Olympic Final scores on e-mails, I want to watch it later

I will deal with e-mails in the break

Save by St Pierre @ 16:32

Play concentrated in Panthers zone

Jarvis breakaway, weak shot

17 minutes gone

18 minutes gone

Lyle is having a stormer, in fact both netminders are

D'Armour upsets Voth

Devils penalty @ 18:34 - Finnerty - tripping

Last minute

Birbraer goes close

Panthers offside @ 19:10

Gascon beats all Devils skaters but Lyle saves

Awesome saves by Lyle

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

Devils will start 2nd period with 35 secs of pk

Rhi & Darren in the USA go for a Canada and Devils double

General view is that the Devils looked stronger for most of the period but the Panthers came good at the end

Crowd is noisy but not really loud, they need a Devils goal to get them going

Two fantastice saves from Stevie Lyle late on in 1st period kept us aflot

4 minutes to go before start of 2nd period

Just a mention for my army of texters - Paul, Sharlene, Nia, Devils2001, MerthyrDevils, Chris S, Wildthing keep it ging lads & lasses

2 minute to go before Devils go for that goal

What is it like outside, I feel I have been in the MNL hut for days?

Players back on the ice

Here we go

Devils back to full strength

Voth having words with D'Armour

Puck out of play @20:49

Devils icing @ 21:11

Hill wants a piece of Meyers - no pens

That episode of handbags was @ 21:17

Miller goes close

Good save by St Pierre from Miller @ 22:03

Devils icing @ 22:58

Network playing up for some, I am having texts for the 1st period, luckily I have doubled up

Devils penalty - Symmonds 2+10 - check to the head @ 23:20

Towe sitting minor

Panthers icing @ 24:32

Panthers icing @ 24:32

Panthers offside @ 24:48

Devils return to full strength penalty killed easy

Crowd pretty quiet which is a pity

Devils offside @ 25:54

Davies playing with Michel & Latu;ippe: Towe with Smith & Birbraer

Panthers offside @ 27:08

Davies nicks puck off Lee @ 27:20

Panthers hit pipes

Devils penalty @ 27:49 - Jarvis - interference

Panthers offside @ 28:33

Panthers pp in 1st gear thankfully

Devils return to full strength

30 minutes gone

Panthers goal @ 30:30 - Richardson - slap shot

Assist goes to Gascon

Lyle save @ 30:57

Come on u DEVILS give us a GOAL

panthers goal came from nothing, Devils going up ice, turnover, slap shot Bingo

Panthers penaltry @ 31:13 - Meyers - delay of game


A pp goal for Devils @ 31:25 - Michel, assists Jarvis & Latulippe

Crowd finally comes to life

P:anthers penalty @ 31:47 - Meyers - interference

Lets have another one Devils

Lets keep that pp in overdrive

Jarvis pings crossbar

St Pierre save @ 32:52

Handbags Voth & Neilson

More handbags between Voth & Neilson @ 32:58

Pasnther kill penalty

PP wasn't so good that time, get the recipe book out

St Pierre save @ 33:51

Voth & Neilson still having words

Romfo nails Levers

Neilson gives Miller a smack after Miller collided with St pierre

Devils hit pipes

Symmonds returns after next whistle

36 minutes gone

Clear chance for Devils, shot goes wide

Big Lyle save @ 37:12

Miller check leads to more words betwen Neilson & Voth

Symmonds returns

Panthers icing @ 37:41

Birbraer looks hurt

Holding his wrist goes stright to dressing room

Gametime 57:52

Panthers offside @ 38:43

Now its Devils turn to be offside @ 38:53

Last minute of 2nd period

Panthers penalty @ 38:58 - Neilson - slashing

St Pierre giving up some juicy rebounds

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Panthers 1

Devils penalty @ 40:00 - Miller - slashing

Apologies for delay with that last penalty as my texters thought it was against Panthers

All to play for , TWO unanswered goals in this final period will do nicely

Both team back on ice

SoG Devils 8 + 10; Panthers 12 + 4

WE are away for the 3rd period

Devils icing @ 40:09

Pathers back to full strength and go on pp

Lyle save @ 41:18

Devils back to full strength

Jarvis turns puck over but Lyle saves

That Lyle save was @ 42:32

St Pierre save @ 42:51

St Pierre save @ 43:55

Game has slowed down

Panthers offside @ 44:06


Devils 2nd goal @ 44:44 scored by Michel assists Hill & Latulippe

Devils penalty @ 44:56 - Miller - slashing

Rubbish call by all accounts

Lyle save @ 45:17

Latulippe goes to dressingroom!!

Devils penalty @ 45:24 - Latulippe - roughing

Latullippe was bleeding apparently

Ice being cleaned

Miller & Latulippe both got high sticked - no penalties from Carson

Lyle save @ 45:43

46 minutes gone

Lyle makes double save @ 46:20

Latulippe returns after jersey change we believe

One penalty killed by Devils

Devils back to full strength

Birbraer is also back

Panthers goal @ 47:50

Onetimer from Levers, assists Gascon & Richardson

Devils hit pipes

Panthers throwing their weight about, come on Brad we need you

Panthers icing @ 49:47

Devils keep dumping puck

Panthers 3rd Goal @ 51:10

Cascon, assists Henderson & Lee

Hartwick lost his man who skated in and wristed it past Lyle

Momentum gone from Devils play

53 minutes gone

Devils passding is now awful and all energy expanded

St Pierre save @ 53:20

Lyle saves after Jarvis turnover

54 minutes gone

Devils making mistakes due to Panther pressure

Panthers penalty @ 55:14 - Neilson - high sticks

Last penalty corrected to elbows

Devils 55:28

Devils offside again @ 55:43

Powerplay non existent


SHG @ 57:06

Devils time Out

Meyers with shg

Panthers penalty @ 58:13 - McAslan - tripping

Devils looking for opportunity to pull Lyle

Devils offside @ 58:51

Final minute

Final score DEVILS 2 Panthers 4

Panthers MoM - Marty Gascon

Devils MoM - Tylor Michel

Our thanks go to our texters at the Tent

Thats all from me OJ until the next time