Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 2 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for episode 1 of Devils v Panthers

OJ here in the MNL hutch for tonights league gam at Nottingham

Any predictions to before FO please

Both teams are out for the warm up at Nottingham.

I am expecting to bring you updates on the crucial ENL game at the tent between the Devils and Invicta those updates will be preceded by #

Chris S is in place at NIC ready to bring us updates

No missing faces at warmup

No predictions so far

I stll have had a correct answer to the question I posted at the last Hull game which was " Which mid season Devils signing was forced to miss his debut game ( v Seahawks) because the BIHA had messed up his registration?"

About 20 or so Devils fans at NIC

Tonite I suppose is like a "Stag Nite" before the real thing tomorrow

Warm up over

No prediction but PAK hopes Devils won't get too tired, keep it for tomorrow

Blaze have a battle on their hands at Hull as Stingrays tie up game at 1-1 mid way through 2nd period

Where are all the e-mailers gone, very quiet tonite

NEWS FLASH fromm AA & RAC No breakdown cover for the next 2-3 hours due to major call out for broken down Chariots

GREEN FLAG wouldn't attend anyway

Mark you are a traitor, he calls it 2-1 Panthers after a quiet game

At leat Tom Mooney sees us getting 1 point after a 5-4 loss on penalties

Team news from NIC Stone & Adams not icing for the Devils: Panthers missing Meyers & Toneys

Andy Carson has the whistle

Yes Marc winning away is a nice habit to have so roll on

Still 1-1 at Hull after 2 periods

If there is anyone out there with contacts at the Tent e-mail me and I can give them the MNL number for updates

# Decent crowd at the Tents for ENL Devils v Invicta Dynamoes

Team intros at Nottingham

Three blind mice take to the ice

The THF forum thinks MNL is childish , well there is hope for ice hockey in the UK with so many children tuning into MNL every game

Keith wanr=ts Brad Voth to keep his head at least until tomorrow and that no Game Penalties are called tonight

The exitement is killing me

How will I cope tomrrow night I ask?

We are under orders at Nottingham

Slight delay for some unkown reason

In their excitement to get on with the game they forgot the Anthems

Starting lines line up for a 2nd time

We are off

Devils start with Miller, Finnerty & Voth: Hartwick & Romfo

Panthers icing @ 0:13

Panthers go close at 40 seconds

Big save from Latulippe @ 1:02

Panthers icing @ 2:03

Panthers penalty ' 2:26 - Clarke - slashing

# Game started at Tent

Smith hits pipes

Half pp gone

~# Good start by ENL Devils

Devils offside @ 3:45

Panthers back to full strength

5 minutes gone


Devils 1st goal @ 5:07 scored by Birbraer assists Smith & Towe

Fantastic goal by all accounts

# ENL goal @ 2:29 fisher assist Manson

# ENL Devils 1 Invicta 0

Michel goes close after some Panthers pressure

8 minutes gone Devils playing well

Devils offside @ 8:06

Michel nails coach Corey

Update - Devils now playing VERY WELL

Devils penalty @ 9;46 - Richardson - hooking

Lets kill it Devils

Lyle save @ 10:23

Devils PK is a shade too offensive

Half way thru PK

Devils back to full strength

Now Michel hits pipes

Panthers penalty @ 11:55 D'Armour - high sticks

Overdrive with pp Devils

This is getting out of hand - Miller hits pipes

St pierre saves from Smith @ 12:43

Another St pierre save @ 13:29


Devils 2nd goal @ 13:51 scored by Smith, assists Latulippe & Romfo - ppg

Brilliant save by Lyle from a 2 on 0

15 minutes gone

Another Lyle save @ 15:59

Devils penalty @ 15:59 - Birbraer - hooking

Lyle save @ 16:15

Devils halfway thru pk

Romfo floors Bruce Richardson

Devils return to full strength

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period Panthers 0 Devils 2

I am trying to get an update from TENT but they seem to be more interested in what is happenning in Nottingham

+ Game very physical & dirty but with some nice hits

# End of 1st period ENL DEVILS 1 Invicta Dynamoes 0

Thats put the cat amonst the pidgeons - Blaze lose 2-1 at Hull

Both team back on the ice

SoG for 1st period Devils 11 Panthers 9

We are off for 2nd period

Panthers icing @ 20:46

Lyle save @ 21:15

Devils are playing some nice hockey according to Chris S

Devils icing @ 21:58

Now Hill hits pies after combining with Michel on a breakaway

End to end at NIC

Devils penalty @ 23:24 - Romfo - hooking

That was a dive by Clarke

Puck out of play @ 23:46

Panthers icing @ 24:16

# 2nd period underway at Tent ENL DEvils 1 Invicta 0

Panther go close on pp

Ace save by lyle @ 25:00

# Goal for ENL DEvils scored by Dixon, assist Fiaher ppg @ 20:36

Devils kill penalty

# ENL Devils 2 Invicta 0

Devils under great pressure

Devils have barely touched the puck for 2 minutes

Panthers icing @ 27:02

Another Panthers icing @ 27:41

Big save from stevie Lyle on Panthers breakaway @ 28:07

Both teams suffering from turnovers

# Invicta Goal @24:19 ppg by Andrews

# ENL DEvils 2 Invicta 1

Gametime 39 minutes at NIC

# Invicta 2nd goal @ 24:47 now 2 - 2

Panthers penalty @ 31:10 # D'Armour - interference

Devils pp sucks

Panthers have a sh breakaway but luckily hit the crossbar

Puck out of play @ 32:55

Panthers kill penalty

Devils icing @ 33:47

Puck out of play @ 34:01

Good save by Lyle from Clarke

# Devils will be lucky to have ice at the Tent tomorrow it might have melted as ENL game getting a bit hot

Devils penalty @ 34:23 - Romfo - holding

35 minutes gone

# 3rd ENL Devils goal @ 29:18 - piggott assist Fisher ppg

Devils back to full strength

# ENL Devils 3 Invicta 2

Towe & Symmonds playing well

38 minutes gone

St pierre save @ 38:14 from Richardson

Final minute of 2nd period

St pierre save from Hill @ 39:44

Panthers penalty @ 39:52 - Neilson - roughing

End of 2nd period Panthers 0 DEVILS 2

CORRECTION - Devils 2nd Goal assist goes to Towe not Latulippe

# ENL Devils lead 3-2 @ 32:24

# ENL Devils 4th goal @ 34:43 scored by Burrows, assists Hart & Deacon

# ENL DEVILS 4 Invicta 2

Both teams return to the ice

SoG in 2nd period Devils 6, Panthers 8

Devils start 3rd period with 1:52 powerplay

So lets have a Goal you DEVILS

Devils offside @ 40:06

Is there anyone out there - no emails

Devils pp consists of 4 forwards and 1 defenceman - the jury is out

Panthers penalty @ 41:35 - Lee - tripping

17 secs of 5 on 3

Neilson is back now a 5 on 4 pp for Devils


St Pierre save @ 42:50

45 secs of pp left

# all quiet at the TENT

St Pierre save @ 43:40 followed by handbags

No penalties called

Best of luck fron us all at MNL to Aaron Ramsey after his horrific injury today

Towe playing on a line with Birbraer and Smith

Panthers offside @ 44:45

Devils penalty @ 45:18 - Voth - tripping

# End of 2nd period ENL DEVILS 4 Invicta 2

Devils penalty @ 46:17 - Hartwick - high sticks

Panthers time out @ 46:17

Panthers will have 1:01 of 5 on 3

Voth returns bring Devils up to 4 skaters

59 secs of Devils pk left

48 minutes gone

Devils back to full strength - WELL DONE

Awesome pk says Chris S

# 3rd period starts at Tent

Richardson floored

# Rember its ENL DEVILS 4 Invicta 2

Panthers goal @ 49:51

Defence went AWOL

Panthers 1st goal scored by Richardson, assists Clarke & Galbraith

Richardson given too much time his shor went over Lyle's shoulder

Panthers icing @ 51:11

Panthers very stick happy

Puck out of play @ 52:01

Devils penalty @ 52:30 - Michel - charging

Lets kill it DEVILS

St Pierre big save from Birbraer on sh chance

53 minutes gone

Lyle save @ 53:31

Carson not calling much

54 minutes gone

E-mail at last including RR IN Barrie - whats occuring Richard

54 minutes gone

Panthers goal @ 54:31 scored by Clarke assists Galbraith & McAslan

# Incicta 3rd goal at 47:01 now 4-3

56 minutes gone

Both Panthers goals score over Lyle's lft shoulder

Devils penalty @ 56:11 - Michel - charging

Lyle save @ 56:47

57 minutes gone

1 minute of PK left for Devils

Lyle save @ 57:26

Last 2 minutes

Devils return to full strength

St Pierre save @ 58:42

Final minute

End of regulation Panther 2 DEVILS 2

Its into O/T we go

Devils start O/T with Birbraer, Smith, romfo & Hartwick

61 minutes gone

Over 5,000 at NIC tonite

Jarvis goes close, travelling fans thought he had scored

Devils offside @ 61:37

More chances for Devils

Gametime 62:11

Miller hits pipes on 63 minute mark

St pierre save @ 63:42

Final minute of O/T

Panthers seem happy to run clock down

End of O/T Panthers 2 DEVILS 2

Penalty shots here we come

Devils - Birbraer - scores

Panthers - Clarke - misses

Devils - Jarvis scores for 2-0

Panthers - Galbraith - scores - 2-1 Devils

Devils - Smith - saved - still 2-1 Devils

Panthers _ MacAslan - saved

Devils win after penalties

# Gametime at Tent 58:00

Devils MoM - Max Birbraer

Final score Panther 2 DEVILS 3 after O/T + penalties

Panthers MoM - MacAslan

# ENL DEvils 5th goal @ 59:11 scored Fisher, assists Brabon

# ENL Devils 5 Invicta 3

# ENL Devils 5th goal was an ENG

Our thanks go to Chris S at the NIC for his updates

# Awaiting confirmation of a 6th ENL goal @ 59:49 then bench clearance

# Confirmed it is now ENL Devils 6 Invicta 3

Sog for 3rd period Devils 12 + 3 in O/T Panther 12 + 4 in O/T

# They are trying to determine penalties at the Tent

# Final score ENL DEVILS 6 Invicta Dynamoes 3

Our thanks to Geraint and Diafol for the updates on the ENL Devils

Thats all from me until tomorrow night when we have the first leg of the Challenge Cup Final, so if you can't get to the game join me OJ here on MNL