Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 3 Edinburgh Capitals

Just under 20minutes until game time and certain victory :)

Chris with you again tonight and as always I can be reached at

Derek predicting a Devils 4-2 victory!

Gareth going for 3-0 Devils victory to keep Lyles home shutouts going :)

Ruth going for a 4-3 victory, it's going to be close because we're so tired after beating those self important Blaze lot :P

Intro time at the Big Blue Tent!

Keith predicting another 4-0 Devils win, here's hoping!

Hicks in charge again tonight :(

Seems a lot of people are stuck in the queue for next weeks CC final tickets!

Devils are out \o/

A good showing from the Capitals fans who've made the journey down!

Miller announced as...

Matt 'The Killer' Miller :D

Anthem time!

The main man himself, Lawless is in attendance and gets a standing ovation for ceremonial faceoff!

It's likely that Hicks is wearing his Edinburgh kit tonight Ruth :P

And here we go!

Hill, Latulippe and Michel are the starting line tonight, Hartwick and Romfo in defence to kill anyone that crosses our blueline...

Caps fans making a lot of noise :)

Capitals penalty at 1:05. Beynon 2mins for interference!

Carl with a late prediction of a Devils 6-0 win!

1min of powerplay gone, no chances yet

Oooooooooh, fantastic save from Rudkowsky denies Birbraer a goal

Capitals back to full strength

No sign of ol Sharpy mcsharpy yet, not sure if he's even on the bench

So much for turning him into an actual player...

Capitals penalty at 4:13. #11 2mins for slashing

Jarvis fans on 1on1 opportunity :(

2on1 even!

Apparently Devils had a penalty at 1:48, Finnerty 2mins for hooking

Both teams are now at full strength however, apologies for that

Capitals playing their useful 1man on the blue line tactic, Devils coping so far though

Smith and Birbraer looking sharp, just over 7mins gone

Capitals called for icing at 7:35

Devils leaving a player back to mark Capitals lone blue liner so tactic isn't working too well

Capitals offside at 9:46

End to end stuff at the moment, Devils creating lots of chances but Rudkowsky standing on his head

Uh oh, Capitals shot cleared from line, somehow went under Lyle but didn't go in



Capitals players stood in awe of Matt 'The Killer' Miller and watched him score :D

Miller won the puck in neutral ice, skated in and scored \o/

Devils 1st goal, Miller from Richardson and Jarvis, am trying to find out time details

Devils goal was timed at 11:15

Handbags after Finnerty viciously trips a Capitals player

Amazingly Hicks didn't call a penalty

On the other hand, Miller kills Rudkowsky going for a 2nd goal

Capitals penalty at 11:47. Smith 2mins for slashing!

Devils goal disallowed at 12:51, net off its moorings

Fans go ape at Hicks, Finnerty with the slap shot that should have been a goal!

Now the goal has been allowed!



Rudkowsky has a tantrum and throws the net off its moorings!


Voth went nuts at the goal being disallowed :D

Rudkowsky doing the 'no goal' dance, Michel mocks him and makes him even angrier :D

I've yet to get proper goal details, but game is back underway :D

Devils 2nd goal timed at 12:51. Voth from Jarvis

Seems to be a bit of confusion about the goal that was, then wasn't and then finally was

Capitals penalty at 14:55. Rudkowsky 2mins delay of game

Voth mocks Rudkowsky for having a go at Michel :D

Texters think Capitals on the verge of imploding

Rudkowsky has already brust a vein or 2 by the sounds of it :E

Miller is a on a mission tonight, playing superbly by all accounts

Linesman just took a puck to the arse :D

Capitals penalty killed

Capitals mess up a chance infront of nets

Devils penalty at 17:39. Smith 2mins for slashing

Devils penalty killed

and that's the end of the 1st period, Devils lead 2-0 :D

2nd goal details changed, scored by Finnerty, assists to Voth and Jarvis

Jarvis is a points machine at the moment

Seems goal details were actually changed to...

Finnerty from Voth and Smith, fans convinced it's the wrong way around, goal should be awarded to Voth

Rudkowsky and the Capitals still complaining about the Devils 2nd goal

Capitals looking quick on the ice though, outplaying our physical game with their passing

Both teams back on the ice for the 2nd period!

Come on Devils!

Here we go with the 2nd period!

Devils called for icing at 20:07 :E

all gone quiet :S

Probably that 2nd period lull we always seem to get

Devils penalty at 22:36. Voth 2mins roughing

Devils penalty kill very aggressive, Capitals can't get set

but then they score :(

Capitals goal timed at 22:59. Powerplay goal

Not sure who scored unfortunately :(

Capitals 1st goal at 22:59. Garside from Cingel and Smith. PPG

Puck was hit in from midair, good shot from a rebound

Devils penalty at 23:54. Smith 2mins for high sticks

Texters report Hicks has donned his Edinburgh shirt for this period

He's doing a Hanson :P

Capitals offside at 25:31

Devils back to full strength, penalty kill good

Capitals icing at 26:43

Lots of icing from the Caps as the pass misses the man they keep leaving on our blue line

Another big save from Rudkowsky denies the Devils, good play though, shame about the end result :P

Seems Towe was the man with the plan, he reached rebound first but it hit pipework :(

Devils called for icing at 28:37

End to end stuff at the moment, both teams playing well and Caps player left on our blue line causing trouble

Apparently i'm being too biased towards the Devils... :D

Capitals penalty at 39:26. Hay 2mins for hooking

Lets get that powerplay in gear Devils!

Devils struggling to get setup on the powerplay, come on Devils!

Capitals penalty killed, Devils powerplay stuttering tonight


Woop woop :D

Lovely setup from the Devils leads to our 3rd goal :D

Devils 3rd goal timed at 31:39. Miller from Latulippe and Hill

Goooooooooooooooooo Miller!

Big save from Lyle at 33:23. Devils playing well and creating chances :D

Millers goal came from rebound he collected and had all the time and space in the world to do something with :D

Towe getting lots of ice time tonight and playing really well according to texters

Miller kills Rudkowsky again... Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

Devils penalty at 35:49. Jarvis 2mins for cross checking

A good call from Hicks, my texters have clearly lost their minds!

37:51, Rudkowsky comes out to blue line to stop a Voth breakaway, and we have handbags!

Devils back to full strength, no pens after Voth tramples over Rudkowsky :)

In news from other games, looks like we're on the verge of at least a line brawl in Sheffield, if not a bench clearance!

Devils penalty at 38:14. Miller 2mins for slashing

That's what happens when you score goals against the opposing team, Hicks calls a randomly generated penalty on you :P

Big save from Lyle at 39:02

Caps working hard but Devils surviving the penalty kill so far

End of the 2nd period, Devils lead 3-1 \o/

Devils will start the 3rd with 15seconds of penalty killing to do, then they'll resume scoring :P

Just under 2minutes until the Devils return to win :)

Both teams back on the ice

Here we go with the 3rd, Gooooooooooo Devils!

Smith penalty killed, 5on5 :)

Capitals icing at 41:00, pass misses the high man *again*

Hicks has lost his whistle :(

And the Caps score :(

Shot from Blueline, Lyle thought he had it but puck was lose and goal mouth scramble saw it knocked in :(

Devils players not very happy

Capitals 2nd goal, Fussey from Welsh and O'Connor

Not sure what time :S

Caps 2nd goal maybe 43mins in

Devils penalty at 43:12. Miller 2mins for roughing

Seems Miller decided to punch someone whilst they were fighting for the puck :(

Capitals camped in Devils zone :S

Capitals powerplay looking good :S

Penalty killed and Devils clear from the line *again*

Capitals 2on1 saved, phew

All gone quiet again :(

Both teams really going for it

Capitals called for icing *again* at 49:37

Capitals icing *again* at 51:12

You'd think they'd have this passing lark sorted out by now

When the Caps aren't icing, the floating forward is turning every clearence into a breakaway :S



Devils 4th goal at 51:52. Jarvis from Miller and Finnerty

Devils 4th goal came on delayed penalty :D


As the block 2 boys are no doubt chanting, USA USA USA :D

Devils 5th goal at 52:36. Latulippe from Hill and Michel

Rudkowsky has been lying on the ice for the last 3 Devils goals, may as well give us an empty net :P

Devils penalty at 53:19. Symonds 2mins for cross checking

3 goal lead too much for Hicks to handle :P

Devils penalty at 53:38. Hartwick 2mins for delay of game

1:41 of 3on5, Hicks must be trying to even things up :)

Caps goal :(

Capitals 3rd goal at 54:14.

Capitals 3rd goal, Fussey from Lambert and Welch

Capitals still on the powerplay, maybe 1min left

Devils offside at 55:17

Devils back to full strength \o/

None of my texters appear to have seen Sharp get 1 shift :S

Devils still looking for another goal by the sounds of it :D

Final 2minutes

Christiansen getting a plan together, he's got his crayons and colouring paper out

Devils penalty at 59:32. Finnerty 2mins for holding

Capitals call a time out, Christiansen shows off his pretty picture :P

Seems Devils penalty was actually 58:32

Timeout over, Rudkowsky pulled!

empty net goal time!

Oooooooh, Devils hit the pipework!

Miller misses empty net!

And another miss!

Miller ended up with puck after bad pass from Capitals player

30seconds left!

And the Devils miss the empty net again!

Latulippe pulled down when clear on net, penalty shot I hope!

No penalty shot, damn you Hicks!

Capitals penalty timed at 59:41.

Beynon the rotten scoundrel who denied Latulippe a goal, called for hooking

But it's all over, Devils win 5-3 \o/

5 wins in a row!

Capitals man of match goes to Garside

Miller gets man of the match for the Devils

Thanks to all our texters tonight, another glorious victory :)

Don't forget to join us for the all important league game against the Panthers on Saturday and then the 1st leg of the CC final on Sunday!

Chris out.