Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 2 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Just over an hour to go until the game starts, but all our texters are currently sitting in traffic on the M5 and M42!

Chris with you tonight and as always any emails for me can be sent to

Word from Coventry is that face off has been delayed until 8pm, i'll try and get confirmation on this though...

Face off now put back to 8:30pm, seems the weather is causing a lot of chaos!

1 hour till the new faceoff time, I believe the team coach is very close close now, not sure about our texters though... Warmup due to commence at 8pm

The Devils have arrived, after what sounds like a nightmare journey the players have finally stepped out onto the ice \o/

Texters are finally beginning to arrive in Coventry, weather is absolutely crazy by all accounts

First (and only) prediction in so far from Russky, Blaze 2-3 Devils :D

Ruth predicting 1-3 Devils :D 10minutes to go!

Gareth also predicting a Devils 1-3 victory \o/

Blaze's Bison line has replaced Chambers with Stewart

Weather has affected the size of the Blaze crowd for tonight, maybe just over 1000 according to one texter

Hicks the man in charge tonight, Devils out and waiting for the Blaze to be announced

Anthem time at the Sponsordome

About 20 or so Devils fans have survived the journey tonight, I know a couple of people had to turn back because of weather and traffic so that's good going!

Stephen predicting a 2-4 Devils win!

Carlo's ruined the atmosphere and predicted a Blaze win, booooooooo

And now Dan has predicted a Blaze win, blasphemy!

Texters slowly trickling in, almost time to start!

Another 2minute delay to face off, the snow is delaying everything tonight!

but we're finally off, gooooooooooo Devils!

Devils penalty at 1:26. Miller 2mins for interference...

Seems Miller tried to horribly murder poor old Hirsch

or he just accidentally collided with him

Devils kill the penalty without problems

Devils started fairly well

Gone quiet on the texts...


\o/ /o/ \o\ \o/

Devils 1st goal at 5:11. Miller from Michel and Finnerty!

Devils goal was on a delayed penalty, woop woop

Devils penalty at 6:37. Smith 2mins for hooking

Blaze fan seems to think the Blaze touched the puck on the delayed penalty goal, but Hicks forgot to whistle

Maybe he decided to let us have a goal and then call another penalty :P

Devils playing very well so far

Whatever Adams said last week has hopefully fired them all up, the bunch of slackers!

Blaze penalty at 7:35. Cruickshank 2mins for slashing

So that's a Devils powerplay for 1:58, should be another goal in that time :P

Unfortunately though, the Blaze kill the penalty...

Devils penalty at 10:14. Bench penalty for too many men on the ice...

trying to find out who's sitting the penalty for us....

Devils penalty at 10:35. Hartwick 2mins for tripping.

Blaze have 1:39 of 5on3 :S

Symonds is sitting the bench penalty for the Devils

Symonds penalty killed, 5on4!

Wahay, Devils kill both penalties and the game returns to 5on5, but for how long...

Lyle had to make a couple of saves so far, but nothing too troubling

Oooooooooh, Smith hits the pipes and the Blaze have another pen

Blaze penalty at 13:27. Cruickshank 2mins for cross checking + 2mins for roughing

Devils fans calling for a 2+10 for Cruickshank :)

Hill was the player viciously attacked by the dirty Blaze player!

Devils playing well on the PP, first 2mins over


Robinson v Voth, waiting for more texts...

Rubbish fight by all accounts, but Voth got the takedown, no idea what started it

Devils penalty at 15:54. Voth 5mins for fighting

Blaze penalty at 15:54. Robinson 5mins fighting + 2+10 for instigating

Robinson nailed Hill and then went for Voth it would seem...

Devils breakaway shot goes high, Devils still playing well though \o/


Devils 2nd goal at 17:26. Miller from Birbraer and Smith. PPG

Seems to be some confusion from texters, Jarvis and Miller scored that 2nd goal...

Devils 2nd goal came with 2 seconds left on a 3on5 for the Devils :D

Blaze back to full strength now though

But that's the end of the 1st period, Devils lead 0-2 :D

Hicks gave the 2nd goal to Miller, but apparently it was clearly Jarvis who scored...

5minutes till we start the 2nd period and score some more goals :P

Devils started the game the better team and were at the Blaze from the first whistle, Blaze look like they've been stuck in traffic for hours rather than us :)

Another texter confirms we're playing well, recyling the puck well and making a nuisance of ourselves in the Blaze zone

2mins till we start again!

Players back on the ice, joined shortly afterwards by our brilliant officials *cough*

Shots on goal for the 1st period, Blaze:5, Devils:8

And we're off with the 2nd period, come on Devils!

Devils penalty at 20:27. Hartwick 2mins for delay of game

And the Blaze score a powerplay goal :(

Blaze 1st goal at 20:32. Fulghum from Weaver and Carlson :(

Blaze penalty at 21:22. Stewart 2mins for slashing

Campbell following Voth around the ice...

Blaze goal came straight from faceoff, good shot from Fulghum though according to texters

Sodastream gets nailed by Voth, Blaze fans go wild, someone tell Voth you're not allowed to hit the poor Blaze players!

Fulghum shorthanded breakaway hits the crossbar...

Campbell goes after Miller (maybe he's scared of Voth)

Hill hits Campbell, Weaver hits Hill...

Voth thrown out with 5+game for the hit on Sodastream...

Ok, penalties are...

Blaze penalty at 23:15. Weaver 2mins roughing

Devils penalty at 23:15. Hill 2mins roughing, Miller 2mins roughing, Voth 5+game for elbows

Miller penalty was actually 2mins for slashing...

Blaze had/have a 5on3

Now the Devils fans are going spare at Hicks for calling the Voth penalty so late

Devils penalty at 25:35. Finnerty 2mins for tripping

I guess Blaze are still on a powerplay, possibly still 5on3 as well...

Devils losing their cool big time, Blaze call a timeout

I have no idea how many players we actually have on the ice, but we need to sort our penalties out

Well, Blaze score at the end of their powerplay...

Lyle has made some good saves, but all the penalties we're taking are costing us now...

Blaze 2nd goal at 27:20. Lee from Cowley and Stewart. powerplay goal

Devils are now back to full strength, probably for about 30seconds

Michel trying to nail everyone not in a Devils jersey

Hope he comes back to us next season!

Devils penalty at 31:26. Davies 2mins for interference

Well we were at full strength for 3minutes and 6seconds \o/

Texter confirms that we are spending more time in the bin than Oscar the Grouch

A visual representation of our penalty exploits can be found here

Devils penalty kill back to working \o/

Hirsch making some good saves so far tonight, no blunders yet :P

Robinson returns to the Blaze bench :/

5mins left in the 2nd period, Blaze outplayed the Devils so far

Devils fans go nuts, Hicks calls another rubbish penalty on us

Devils penalty at 36:44. Finnerty 2mins for tripping

Devils kill the penalty, much to the annoyance of Hicks...

Final minute of the 2nd period

Miller collides with Hirsch again, no doubt trying to murder him

Cruickshank jumps Miller, Miller refuses to fight, Cruickshank decides to punch him anyway

Blaze penalties at 39:17. Cruickshank 2mins for roughing, Sodastream 2mins cross checking

Devils penalty at 39:17. Miller 2mins for roughing

Brilliant call Hicks...

Campbell throws a tantrum and snaps Millers stick as he leaves the ice, can we invoice him for that?

Hangbags at buzzer, probably releating to Campbell being a big baby

Defintiely handbags at end of the 2nd period, not sure why though. Almost certainly Campbell tantrum related, penalties coming at start of 3rd...

Changes to our goals, 2nd was now scored by Jarvis with additional assist to Romfo

Both teams back on the ice, let's hope it's the 1st period teams that return!

Lots of penalties from the end of the 2nd period...

Blaze penalties at 40:00. Cruickshank gets 2mins for roughing + 2+10 for attempted butt ending. Campbell gets 2mins for roughing + 2+10 for stealing Millers stick and breaking it. The big crybaby :D

Devils penalties at 40:00. Miller 2mins for roughing, Birbraer 2mins for roughing...

And we're off in the 3rd!

Birbraer got 2minutes for trying to get Campbell to give Miller his stick back by forcing him to eat his glove

Miller got 2 minutes for forcing campbell to eat his glove after stealing his stick

We should invoice Campbell for 1 stick and 2 pairs of gloves now

Blaze back to 4 skater apparently

Good save from Lyle


Devils 3rd goal at 43:39. Smith from Finnerty and Jarvis

I'm quite enjoying tonight :)

We might break the 29,000 mark for MNL hits tonight as well, big numbers :)

Hicks ignores 2 blatant interference calls on Davies!

Shots on goal for the 2nd just announced, Blaze:10 Devils:9

Blaze shot cleared from the line, good save by lyle

Brilliant save from Hirsch denies Miller a breakaway goal

Quite a return to form Mr. Miller has had!

49minutes gone

It's gone quiet...


Devils 4th goal at 50:59. Hill from Towe and Latulippe!

Matt Towe, proudly sponsored by The-Inferno and it's members of course :)

Devils penalty at 51:48. Miller 2mins for tripping

Hicks must be annoyed we scored again :P

Hills goal came from a rebound Weaver didn't manage to clear \o/

Couple of emails asking if we can keep the score like this, it's not good enough for me we need a couple more goals :)

I've just been notified that there has been a Michael Hicks appreciation society setup, money to be split between a guide dog and more training :D

Devils back to full strength \o/

55minutes gone, come on Devils!


Looks like Angela is going to win the prediction competition, 2-4 Devils :)

Campbell and Cruickshank have returned, watch out for more crybaby tactics!

Stephen also predicted a 2-4 win, my bad :)

Blaze penalty at 56:05. Carlson 2mins for hooking!

Another powerplay goal please :E

Birbraer checked to head, Hicks calls nothing

Unsurprising I guess

57minutes gone, getting nervous!


Blaze back to full strength, come on Devils!

Devils penalty at 58:49. Hartwick 2mins for tripping


Hirsch pulled!


Devils 5th goal at 59:10. Jarvis from Romfo and Lyle

We're gonna win

Devils ENG from Jarvis from behind our own goal!

Devils score their 5th and Campebll is madder than a sack of angry hormonal badgers

He gets ejected from the game for being an angry little man at 59:15 :D

Cruickshank gets thrown out for being an angry big man

Thompson possibly bursts a vein in his head on the Blaze bench for being so angry

penalties being sorted now, I don't know if it was a bench clearance or just a line brawl, all I know is we're going to win :D

gloves and helmets litter the ice, blaze players are left sobbing uncontrollably on the bench

that last part may or may not be true

Just incase you missed the youtube link and you're not sure - we're gonna win

Blaze fans leaving, Devils fans dancing and mocking, penalties still being sorted!

The forums are always so damn quiet after a win

Loads of penalties, Cruckshank and Campbell given Match though

Richardson for Devils had 2+2, Symonds had 2mins both for roughing at 59:15

Cruickshank match+2+game. Campbell 2+match

I think that's what the text reads anyway, Robinson maybe also had 2mins for roughing

But it's all over, the Devils have won!

on the road no less!

Devils man of match goes to Jarvis \o/

Still not sure who Blaze man of match is, they have about 600 sponsors at the end of each game in the Sponsordome!

Blaze man of match goes to Carlson...

That's all from me though, Chris out :D