Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 9 - 0 Edinburgh Capitals

Good evening and welcome to MNL OJ

Tyson Teplitsky is warming up and wearing #81

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Devils are in Red, Capitals in White

Personally I believe that the Devils should play in all red with white with red flashes as the alternative.

No news on referee yet but William Hill is not taking any bets on it being Dean Smith

Dean Smith is the referee, what a surprise

Thye lights are down, wating for the teams

Big crowd for Tyson's return by all accounts

James & Chris will keep us informed tonight along with any other mystery texters

Voth, Prpich, Latulippe start for the Devils up front

Puck ios dropped


Voth & Stefishen

More of a dance to be honest

Capitals penalty Stefishen fighting major

Voth gets 2+10 for instigating and major for fighting

That's Voth out of the first period

Fight was in front of Capitals bench

Devils Goal - Jarvis

Penalties were at 0:53

Devils shg scored by Jarvis, assist Towe @ 2:32

Jarvis scored from the blueline with a crap shot, but we will take it

Robinson in the Capitals net saves from Francis @ 3:56

Robinson doesn't seem to have much confifence in his defence corps

MacIver dispatches one of his big hits and Capitals # 17 goes off injured

Ross Dalgleish that was (#17)

Prpich goes close @ 6:51

Brilliant check by Campbell on Rajcak

Capitals penalty - Stefishen hooking minor @ 8:18

Devils on pp

Capitals penalkty - Cingel slashing minor @9:13

Devils 5 on 3

DEVILS GOAL - Latulippe

Goal by Latulippe @ 9:41 assists Prpich, Campbell

Aubry saves @ 11:07

5 on 5 for a change

Towe seeing icetime with Silverthorn and Prpich

Robinson makes save @ 11:58

13 minutes gone, Chris predicts a Cowmeadow goal before the end of the night

Devils Penalty - MacIver interference minor @ 13:52

15 minutes gone

Coach appears to be experimenting as there are odd lines being iced

Not a very exciting game.

I hope someone wakes up Voth in the Devils sinbin

Voth has returned

Final minute of 1st period

Devils Goal - Jarvis @ 19:59


Goal stands, Jarvis frrom Voth & Latiluppe

At end of 1st period DEVILS 3 Capitals 0

Sorry no SoG to bring you, they seem to be deemed secret at the Tent thesedays

Tyson having a quiet game, which is not a surprise as he has not played much since last season

2nd period about to start

Tyson had oine shot in 1st period that went high & wide

We are in play for 2nd period

Capitals have started this period much better

Prpich makes Robinson make a good save @ 23:16

Capitals Penalty - Stefishen hooking minor @ 25:52

Lets see how the Devils pp unit works

Not a productive pp so far

Capitals kill penalty with ease

28 minutes gone

No atmosphere at the Tent tonight

Nothing to report at least it allows Ruth to get on with some work

Aubry makes a save @29:30

Something needs to happen, some fans are taking bets on two streams on condensation coming down the walls of the Tent

Tyson lets one go from the blueline, Robinson saves, best chance oif 2nd period

Very low key game, maybe fans are saving themselves for next SWaturday when the Blaze are in town

Capitals penalty - Stefishen roughing minor @ 31:30


PPG @ 32:07 scored by Voth, assists Prpich & Latulippe

Rajcak hits pipes for Capitals

Devils put puck in net but goal dissallowed

Prpich scored no explanation why it was wiped out

35 minutes gone

Dump and line change ie no chase

Why don't they use the Russian system

Robinson makes a cracking save fronm Hill @ 36:45


MacIver v Stefishen

Thats woken everyone

Stefishen is thrown out of game - 2nd fight of the night

Fight was at 37:37

Someone hit Prpich who went off hurt, handbags behind Capitals net turns into fight

Stefishen was the player who hit Prpich

Prpich OK back on ice

Stefishen gets 5 +5 + Match

MacIver gets 2+5 +10

Stefishen got major for fighting and major for obsene gesture


Goal by Hartwick @ 38:07

Assist on Hartwick goal for Prpich

Capitals pull Robinson aftewr Deviuls 5th goal

Back up netminder in for Capitals don't know his name sorry

End of 2nd Period DEVILS 5 Capitals 0

Third period underway

Lets see if we can put on a show for the fans in this period

Its gone vey quiet


Goal by Francis, assists Cowmeadow & Teplitsky @45:04

DEVILS GOAL - Cowmeadow

Goal scored by Cowmeadow @ 45:57 unassisted

3rd line very productive and Cowmeadow goal forecasted by Texter Chris. Thats the service you get from MNL

Devils Goal Latulippe assistes Prpich & Hartwick at :48:27

Half way through final period it is DEVILS 8 Capitals 0

Moore in the Capitals net saves @ 51:52

Devils penalty - bench monor too many men @ 52:50

Devils bench minor being served by Voth as he doesn't need SATNAV to get there

Devils Penalty - Prpich slashing minor @ 54:03

5 on 3 for 30 seconds for Capitals

MacIver back in the game

Devils Penalty Jarvis tripping minor @55:51

Correction kneeing minor for Jarvis

Maybe Devils are trying to gift Capitals a goal with all these penalties

Three minutes left in period

Final two minutes of game

Devils Goal Latulippe (hat-trick)

Latulippe goal @ 58:10

Assists on 9th goal go to Jarvis and Voth

Moore saves @ 59:10

Final score DEVILS 9 Capitals 0

Capitals MoM Taylor Christie

Devils MoM Wes Jarvis

Our thanks go to Chris and James our texters at the Tent tonight

That all from me OJ until the next one next Saturday when the Coventry Blaze will be put to the sword